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"ALWAYS STRIVE TO DO YOUR BEST." Musicthemeicon.png
PLAYER Pallaslogo.png
Super Group Protectorslogo102119777.png
Rank Founder/Leader
Current Affliations
PRIMUS, UNTIL, UNITY, Circle of Justice, Secret Protectors
Former Affiliations GLOBE, Rising Force

Real Name Alexandra 'Alex' Harper
Known Aliases Numerous Assumed Identities, 'The Boss', 'Mother Goose'
Gender Female
Species Human (Genetically Engineered)
Birthdate Jan 2nd
Place of Birth New York, NY
Current Location Millennium City, MI
Relatives Alan Harper (Father)

Apparent Age Early to Mid 20s
Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Complexion Slight Tan
Build Athletic
Notable Features Attractive

Identity Secret
Citizenship US Citizen w/ No Criminal Record
Marital Status Single
Occupation Inventor, Investor, Shareholder
Education College


Mental and physical abilities at the zenith of human potential. Can process/ learn information at a highly accelerated rate. Possesses a functioning 'sixth sense' that acts like precognition when in combat, allowing her to effectively stay one step ahead of opponents. Sparrowhawk is an extremely versatile polymath with a wealth of skills at her disposal, most notably mastery in martial arts.
Battle Uniform - Bio-Electric Batons - Razor Discs - Mother Interface, Mk 2 - Force Field - Psionic Scrambler - Black Valkyrie Pistols - Night Bird (Gravity Bike)

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Alexandra 'Alex' Harper is the heroine SPARROWHAWK, one of the world's most deadly combatants as well as a master in a multitude of skills. She was born to Alan Harper, a high ranking official of UNTIL who also was secretly involved with a shadowy organization known as the Apotheosis Project. Its purpose was to design and create superior human stock as a result of genetic engineering in order to rid the world of super human influence. Gifted with exceptional physical abilities, a mind that could recall things flawlessly as well as a talent for learning things quickly and effortlessly, Alex spent her childhood training under foremost experts in various fields of study. By adulthood Alex was poised to take a role in UNTIL, her father grooming her to eventually join his subversive cause. Alan's abduction by ARGENT changed this path and caused Alex to assume the guise of a masked hero in order to rescue him from their clutches. Alex remained a costumed crime fighter and chose to work beside the very heroes she unknowingly was raised to eliminate. After learning of the true reasons behind her birth, Alex denounced her father and had a direct hand in crippling the Apotheosis Project. Traveling the globe both as a solo operative as well as the leader of the Protectors of the World, Sparrowhawk wages war on injustice with unwavering perseverance.


Alan Harper, one of UNTIL's most decorated top field agents, led a double life. He was one of many who had a role in the Apotheosis Project, a coalition with members spread across the globe designed to rid the planet of super powered individuals and their influence over world affairs. To that end, Alan and nine other prominent families were selected for a very special purpose within the organization. Each man's wife, unaware of both the affairs of the Apotheosis Project and each other, were lied to. Each was told they could not bear children without in vitro fertilization when it was proposed by their husband's they wanted to have a child with them. Their ten embryos were taken and enhanced via positive genetic engineering then implanted all on the same day. Its purpose was to create offspring that were purely human in a technical sense while showcasing the actualized full potential that humanity was capable of. Nine months later, all on January second, the women gave birth in various locales across the United States to healthy and 'perfect' children. Tragedy struck when Alan's wife, Daphne, suffered complications during the childbirth and died. Though nearly inconsolable, Alan realized at least he still had his child and the promise of a new world before him. Naming his daughter Alexandra, meaning 'Defender of Man', Alan joined with his nine colleagues in setting out to raise an exceptional child with even more than exceptional abilities.

At an age many young girls were content to play with dolls and stuffed animals, Alex's days were filled with gun ranges, martial arts lessons and forensics studies. While most would be broken physically and mentally by this, Alex strove to live up to her father's very strict and domineering expectations. With incredible awareness and a maturity exceeding anyone of such a young age, the young girl excelled at any task laid before her. Alan realized quickly that her talents surpassed that of the other children which were born into the Apotheosis Project. She displayed uncanny physical and mental abilities that were far beyond the norm. Ready to begin her second phase of training, Alan contacted several individuals by way of his years with UNTIL. He started calling in favors... it was time for her training to get serious.

Much of Alex's life growing up was spent primarily traveling about the globe. Each stop was an excursion filled with intense training in a myriad of different skill sets by some of the world's greatest experts in various fields. Her father always supplied the false pretense to any who might ask she was studying abroad at various girls' academies, with forged paperwork to vouch for such tales. He would always refer to these weeks long periods spent in one location as 'vacations' when discussing them with his young daughter. A 'vacation' in Thailand supplied her with the knowledge of the Silat Patani. Another 'vacation' in Guatemala enabled her to learn about munitions and explosives. Yet another 'vacation' spent in Australia allowed her to understand various poisons, how to apply them and their effects on the human body. Four full years were spent at the ancient and mysterious Yengtao Temple. This was home of some of the most legendary martial artists and where she mastered several esoteric forms of combat. Alex was undaunted in her pursuit to be the best at whatever she put her mind to. Perhaps it was a desire to earn her father's love, or perhaps it was just her perfectionist attitude... either way, Alex learned an incredible amount about a great number of things in her formative years.

At eighteen years of age her 'vacations' subsided and Alex was allowed her first taste at a normal life in the United States: college. She struggled to fit in during those years though she did her best at participating in whatever she could. Though spending time with others her own age was in theory good for her socially she realized quickly she had nothing in common with them. She had a tendency for looking down upon her peers and not exactly endearing herself to anyone, be it fellow classmates or her own professors for her know-it-all and condescending attitude. None of her experiences during this time interested her and it lacked the intensity of her youth. College was finished in only two years with Alex tackling an exceptionally large workload and still managing to earn magna cum laude within her school.

At the young age of twenty and with her formal education secured, Alex was offered a position within UNTIL as a junior agent and finally fulfilled her father's dream of having her follow in his footsteps. It was no surprise that Alex displayed a strong need to prove her worth and excelled in any task she was presented with. With relative ease due to this drive (as well as a father with good connections) she assumed a place within UNTIL as a full agent after only months of her joining. With the vast array of skills at her disposal due to her intensive training growing up it was a natural fit for Alex to take on more covert operations for the agency. She found this quite fulfilling as she once again was able to traverse the world while facing off against a myriad of new challenges. In her off time she found herself adding more skills to her repertoire from mentors located in areas which she worked.

Shortly before her third year with UNTIL while abroad in India, Alex received word that her father Alan had been abducted by ex members of the typically white collar crime organization known as ARGENT. She was distraught because she knew that UNTIL policy was quite clear: they would not be negotiating for Alan's release. This meant that her father was far from safe and his life was sadly expendable. Alex pleaded with her superiors to do anything but it fell on deaf ears. It was readily apparent that UNTIL would not be assisting in ensuring her father's safety. Never being one to sit idly, Alex began to formulate her own plan. She quickly charted a plane and made her way back to the United States.


Alex chose to approach her good friend and UNTIL contracted agent and inventor, Simon Reynolds, for help. Simon gathered for her a number of items that she would need to undertake a personal mission. These devices included a flight disk, a pair of prototype bio electrical battle batons, a force field projector and several other devices he had been working on. The only thing that Alex still required to pull this off successfully was anonymity. It was a necessary measure in order to create a disguise to hide her affiliation with UNTIL as one of its agents. Taking inspiration from the colorfully named heroes that she sometimes worked alongside who had affiliations with UNTIL, Alex decided upon the nom de guerre Sparrowhawk. Staging a rescue at what was believed by most an abandoned ARGENT facility, Sparrowhawk successfully saved her father and delivered a severe beating to the perpetrators. Returning to UNTIL she was troubled by the events of her father's kidnapping. Alex realized was able to accomplish much more being slightly outside the law than constrained by it. In addition, the rush of battle was exhilarating in a way that her UNTIL missions had never fully been to her. Realizing that much more good could come from her maintaining this new identity she decided to continue as Sparrowhawk.

Alex left UNTIL shortly after her decision to carry on as Sparrowhawk, much to her father's ire and displeasure. She felt that this new life as a costumed crime fighter much more liberating than an agent, which she viewed as simply a cog in a larger machine. Using money she had gained from her time with UNTIL and already having secured a lucrative amount of funds due to shrewd investments, Alex relocated to Millennium City to start a new phase in her life. Using her formidable intellect and intuition she spent a short time amassing even further funds. It was not long before she went from merely 'comfortable' to 'extremely well off' financially, enabling her to then promote all of her energies into pursuing crime as a masked hero. This allowed her the time, money and focus to upgrade the items Simon Reynolds had given her as well as work on entirely new inventions to add to her arsenal.

During her early adventures Sparrowhawk crossed paths with a group known as the Silver Age Sentinels and it was through them she established a relationship with the organization known as GLOBE. Working with GLOBE allowed her to function much in the same capacity as she did with UNTIL, though it gave her the freedom of operating independently as well. It was during this time she crossed paths with and fought villains such as Valak the Undying and the technological genius and madman known as M.E.K.K.A.. Other duties with them were more mundane, such as acting as a liaison between GLOBE and both the Sentinels and their more youthful counterparts in the Young Sentinels. After a few months of working closely with them, Sparrowhawk wished for other venues to explore to broaden her abilities and do more for a greater cause. Alex often felt as working within such confines posed no true challenge and that her own skills were not being utilized to their fullest. After an incident involving the Sentinels, GLOBE and the unofficial gathering of heroes known as the Circle of Justice led by the hero Thundrax, Alex struck out on her own. She was determined to take more of a proactive stance.

Sparrowhawk found herself quickly assuming a more aggressive presence worldwide. There were missions both abroad as well as within her home of Millennium City. This placed her squarely within the super heroic community as Millennium was teeming with caped individuals. This was often a source of consternation and annoyance for her. She quickly realized how many heroes, though registered with PRIMUS, were without decent training or skills to aid them properly. Over time she did meet others whom she thought were capable in their crime fighting endeavors, at last making allies. Sparrowhawk grew close to Nate Carter, the United States agent code-named All-Star, and began working closely with him on a number of cases. She also drew closer to a smattering of other heroes, such as Dobergirl, Doll and Zelara, the Laser Knight. Within a relatively short time Sparrowhawk was a staple in the capes and tight community (much to the chagrin of some of them).

At the urging of All-Star, both he and Sparrowhawk joined the gathering of heroes named Rising Force. Up until this point Sparrowhawk displayed severe reservation directly dealing with large groupings of crime fighters so this was an emotional challenge for her. Rising Force's run was admittedly short and the team folded for undisclosed reasons mere weeks into its formation. A lesson was learned regardless and Alex realized that there was indeed a void that needed to be filled for being part of a group that could achieve things on a large scale. Her intellect and highly acute organizational skills coupled with considerable contacts within UNTIL gave her an edge in coordinating such a venture. A large step towards her personal goals of effectively tackling crime globally came together as she created the Protectors of the World. The Protectors were to be an UNTIL- affiliated team of super powered individuals who joined together to battle numerous threats no one hero could face. In it she recruited what she felt were the 'best of the best' of those whose paths had crossed hers since her own masked career began. They quickly grew a solid reputation with both the public and within the heroic community. Sparrowhawk continued to also operate on her own, primarily overseas, defeating enemies like Phronesis, Venus In Furs and the criminal empire built by the villain Strafe.

It was not even a year into her team's inception that the Apotheosis Project finally chose to reveal itself. They felt it was time for their children to join them removing all super human presence upon Earth. Some were willing and complied while others were unaware of the fact their lives were meant to serve such purposes. The Project was prepared to wage an all out assault on those who maintained super powers and as such decided to finally call their gifted children home to assist them. Sparrowhawk found herself ambushed by her own father and a platoon of men under him. She was then tortured and surgically outfitted with a neural inducer that controlled her actions. The Apotheosis Project's next order of business was to jump start the latent DNA enhanced talents of their children above and beyond the already incredible traits they each displayed. Sparrowhawk, now fully under the control of the Apotheosis Project, was then made to speak out against heroes with superhuman traits posing as a fledgeling heroine called Virago in public addresses. She was also forced to turn on her allies in the Protectors.

An altercation was set up in Arizona where Sparrowhawk wounded several of the Protectors while stealing information on the villain Leviathan. Dobergirl was abducted by Sparrowhawk via members of the Apotheosis Project for testing of a 'gene bomb'. This device was designed to kill those with aberrant DNA which did not identify as human. Though herself a prisoner to the Apotheosis Project, Sparrowhawk was eventually able to shake off their mental control. Freeing Dobergirl and other heroes brought to a facility in South America, Sparrowhawk also retrieved information pertaining to the group's overall plan and primary members leading the organization. During this escape Sparrowhawk was almost killed from both the neural device implanted in her trying to wrest control mentally as well as a severe beating from another child of the Apotheosis Project, code-named Cassowary. Sparrowhawk fortunately recovered after being rescued by the Protectors and was hospitalized. Dobergirl's former mentor, assuming the guise Mad Dog, saved her when an assassin attempted to kill the heroine while recovering from her ordeal.

Sparrowhawk managed to rejoin her team just in time to lead a strike force to deactivate planted gene bombs which were located underneath Millennium City. They were successful, as failure would have resulted in the bombs wiping out and killing anyone with super human traits. This included the mass amount of heroes above the city engaged in battle with the villain Leviathan, who was released by the Apotheosis Project in order to force the heroes to fight. The events of this plot to discredit and kill meta humans as well as the ascension of the genetically enhanced children of the Apotheosis Project is widely known as The Eugenics War.

By the time the war was over, Millennium City was in shambles. The Protectors were broken both emotionally and physically, damaged by the events of the past few months. Sparrowhawk was viewed by a few on her own team as a traitor for her perceived transgressions while under mind control. Black Sigil was killed during a standoff against the Apotheosis Project in South America. Katsuo and Artifist were almost murdered by Sparrowhawk while under the thrall of the neural implant and C.O.P.'s processing systems were tampered with, forcing him offline. Razira had inadvertently been set up to unleash her full powers at innocents via post hypnotic suggestion by Sparrowhawk while under mind control herself. During the time Sparrowhawk was being brutalized and tortured while abducted, All-Star began an affair with the team's P.R. representative, Ada Clover. Assuming control of the Protectors and unaware that Sparrowhawk actually needed to be rescued, he even ordered the Protectors to kill Sparrowhawk, if found... resulting in many questioning his morality and fragmenting the team's loyalty. When she returned and was deemed fit for active duty, All-Star confessed his impropriety with Ada. He also stated that he thought it best for the two of them to separate. Sparrowhawk, who had for quite some time realized the growing cracks in the foundation of their relationship anyhow, agreed with him. With some wary of her leadership as well as the betrayal of the person she was supposedly closest to, Sparrowhawk decided to take some time away from the Protectors. Setting off alone, she continued to round up the remnants of the Apotheosis Project that still remained in order to allow the Protectors to heal without her presence.


Sparrowhawk decided a makeover was in order when she finally returned to Millennium City. Time was spent focused on upgrading her weapons, her costume and her gear for a new approach on crime. Her arsenal was not the only new thing that Alex had at her command, either. Though she was nearly killed by the machinations of the Apotheosis Project, there was something beneficial which resulted. During her time with them, Sparrowhawk's true genetic potential had been unleashed. While already extraordinarily gifted, this pushed her natural abilities even further. Her strength, agility and durability were increased tenfold, showcasing the true zenith of human development and eclipsing that of any normal person. Fortunately, the team accepted her back, welcome to have Sparrowhawk once more amongst their ranks.

Sparrowhawk continued unabated in her pursuits alongside the Protectors for some time, battling foes such as eco-terrorists GAIA, the Great Beasts of Greenland, the Children of Prajna with Shining Son and others. Her status quo changed once more while in Brazil toppling the vast criminal organization of Veronica Darver, the multiplicative mutant known as the Twisted Sisters. Sparrowhawk was notified that Nate Carter, her former crime fighting partner, was killed in an explosion while in action. While their relationship had cooled to merely a passing professionalism, she still felt an obligation to uncovering what actually transpired in his alleged 'last mission'. Handing over the team to her friend and field leader, Razira, Sparrowhawk left the Protectors' active duty roster to search for clues. Discovering the truth of what happened, Sparrowhawk found both peace and closure to their tumultuous relationship. It was at this time that she had a realization of her own and extended her leave with the Protectors. She had never fully dealt with the pain and fallout of losing her family and her former lover, not to mention the immense emotional, physical and psychological trauma she had incurred at the hands of the Apotheosis Project. She needed to find herself again and, like in her youth, once more began to travel.

Alex Harper began at the place she spent the longest stretch of her childhood at: Yengtao Temple. Once a majestic place where she had dedicated years of her life in order to become a living weapon, it was now reduced to ruins. She spent a great deal of time practicing amongst its rubble as well as in silent meditation. An ashram in Nepal was her next destination, living peacefully within its confines and reacquainting herself with former mentors. Her journeys brought her to Cambodia, Bolivia, Argentina, India, Thailand, New Zealand, Italy and Spain. It was always the same: moving somewhere, assimilating quickly with the locals and then after a few weeks continuing to a new destination. This time abroad allowed her to make a sort of peace with the past, although inevitably she continued to be drawn into the role as Sparrowhawk it seemed at every turn. No matter where she went, she was needed. She would always drift back to her role as a protector, leader and crime fighter.

Sparrowhawk's sojourn lasted nearly four months before she returned to Millennium City. Resuming her position within the Protectors, she once again opened the doors of the Barlowe Building to aid the world, bringing in more members to usher in a new era for them as a crime fighting unit. One such encounter found the team facing off once more against Cassowary, who was now joining forces with a number of villains to collect a reality shaping stone called the God's Eye. The Protectors, unprepared for the assault, found themselves defeated and would have been killed if not for the intervention of the heroine Tesseract. Realizing the potential for armageddon by their possession of such a relic, Sparrowhawk was forced to go undercover to attempt to retrieve it. Taking on the guise of a scientist within the fragmented but still viable Apotheosis Project, Sparrowhawk was able to infiltrate the group and discover the God's Eye's location. When she attempted to remove the artifact, Sparrowhawk was caught and captured, finding herself placed into a trial by combat which she had to face off against an army of mutated beasts. A final showdown with Cassowary within catacombs deep under Paris not only led to his defeat but also Sparrowhawk's acquisition of the God's Eye. The God's Eye was finally placed in a safe, secret location... away from the hands of anyone who might have designs on it with good or bad intentions, given the possible ramifications of such power.

While the Protectors carried on, Sparrowhawk began to focus her energies on something she had not been able to resolve: the loss of her team mate Tesseract. Tesseract had become lost in the time stream months earlier due her chronokinetic abilities adversely affecting her physical body. She became obsessive in her quest, finally discovering a plan by a villain named Rift who shared Tesseract's abilities and who also shared her condition. He had a plan not only was to find a way to spare him being lost in the time-stream like Tesseract, but in fact alter the time-stream itself. This ended up having him become a sort of deity in the future who masterminded the deaths of most super powered individuals on the planet. An alternate future version of Sparrowhawk, aware of Rift's ruse, gave the Protectors the tools they needed to stop Rift's use of his power, effectively giving the Protectors the upper hand in defeating him. During this battle, the heroine let loose, allowing herself to act in a way she had long held back. While she noted it was a time of war, her violent acts in order to secure and save the world were seen as overly brutal by some on the team. Nevertheless, the Protectors found success, not only stopping Rift and effectively restoring their timeline, but finding a solution for Tesseract to once again rejoin her team mates.

The journey to the future weighed a great deal on her mind once Sparrowhawk returned to the present alongside her allies. The formation of the Protectors was due to the heroine seeing a need for the world's greatest heroes to band together to stop menaces. Yet there were other dangers abound, villains whose methods differed from the four color world the Protectors often found themselves pitted against. Sparrowhawk's own moral philosophies differed greatly from most of the other Protectors, and while she needed to have a team to combat such menaces she quickly realized that her methods would put her at even greater odds with them... and perhaps even the public. Choosing to step down as leader of the Protectors, she passed the mantle to Thundrax. Given his own reputation as well as his decades of experience, she felt confident that he would continue to lead the team while she focused her attention elsewhere.

The result of Sparrowhawk's decision bore fruit in what she unofficially dubbed The Secret Protectors. Reaching out to dozens of individuals around the globe, she brought together a network of agents in a wealth of different skill and power sets. Their connection came in their mentality; all of them understanding that sometimes a firmer hand was necessary against the criminal underworld and that not all victories should be put in headlines for the world to see. Settling upon a group of 'core agents' with others in use as necessary and/ or needed, Sparrowhawk's new vision began in early 2018.

Sparrowhawk continues to wage war on evil, both alongside the Protectors of the World and the Secret Protectors, as well as a premier solo heroine in her own right.



Alex Harper would be described by many as a strikingly attractive woman who appears to be in her mid twenties physically. Her build is noticeably toned from intensive exercise but not overly so. She stands 5'8" and weighs around 140 pounds. An air of confidence exudes in the way she walks, talks, carries and composes herself which can be at times intimidating to others. She has shortish blonde hair which is currently worn in a messy pixie cut of sorts. It is fashionably tousled, lending itself to frame her face. Alex speaks with a somewhat deep, smoky voice and will often pause in her speech as if she is cautious of the words she chooses. The clothes she wears are generally in the latest trends and Alex enjoys paying a great deal of attention to current fashion. Rarely is she seen in very casual wear. She has a tendency to prefer more upscale attire due to her 'day job' as a crime fighter not affording her such luxuries.

Alex alternates between multiple uniforms in her guise of Sparrowhawk depending upon the situation and environment she finds herself in. The one she currently utilizes is a primarily jet black, skin tight light body armored suit with blue situated on its sides. A white belt sits low upon her waist which is decorated with numerous dark gray buckled pouches that house gadgets and assorted paraphernalia she makes use of while in the field. Two padded white and blue shoulder protectors adorn her upper body and offer her additional protection. Sparrowhawk often wears two tight metallic gauntlets which give off a faint blue light illumination at certain points. Sparrowhawk's mask is a pair of one way mirrored goggles which are blue in color and peaked with a white bar at the top. Secured about her legs are two holsters which hold her Black Valkyrie pistols. Upon her back a four and a half foot silver colored staff is secured to her, which can be removed and separated to create two escrima sticks. When activated, these weapons release a bluish light and crackle with electrical energy.

In addition to this main uniform, Sparrowhawk also has outfits for missions in outer space environments, snow, more 'battle durable' armor and even for deep ocean exploration. All of these pay homage to her main costume and are employed as necessary. Currently, Sparrowhawk often uses a sleeveless variant of her main uniform that has an armband for her Mother AI unit and a pair of wrist length black gloves.



There are two very different sides to Alex Harper, Sparrowhawk.

Alex Harper comes across as a very insightful, well-spoken, perceptive yet slightly aloof young woman to those who meet her. Often she can be found multitasking and it is not uncommon for others to notice her learning a new language, exercising and dealing with her business ventures all at the same time. Alex appears proper and polite to general acquaintances. Her speech can come across a bit stilted on occasion as though she reflects on each individual word, sometimes pausing before finishing a sentence. Alex has garnered a reputation as an 'ice queen' of sorts from most who casually know her. This is not entirely true and representative of her nature, however. Alex has a very dry, biting wit and an incredibly sarcastic sense of humor that others often see. She has attempted on numerous occasions to open up to her fellow team members with limited success and as such often operates with more of a supervisor - employee relationship with peers. Alex is considered by most to be very attractive though tends not to be exceptionally flirtatious given her business first demeanor. As far as actual romantic notions go, she appears to not have the time nor patience to be involved in a relationship.

When in action as Sparrowhawk, Alex shows a very different side of herself. Her demeanor becomes quite authoritative, often taking charge in situations. Sparrowhawk is very goal oriented and has a no nonsense approach to overcoming obstacles dealing with others. In fact, she can be downright aggressive and ruthless in her tactics at times, settling more in a 'gray area' of morals if that is what is required to achieve success. Her focus becomes almost obsessive and anything that disrupts it must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Early years alongside the super heroic community earned her some well deserved ire as she readily demeaned and belittled peers who were not up to her standards or way of thinking. Thankfully, this perception has lessened over time with close peers and Sparrowhawk has seen the value of others contributions, especially now that she leads her own team. This is not to say she has developed the patience of a saint. She is quick to be irritated by others (including friends), having a tendency to 'keep it real' which comes across as being exceptionally brutal and rude. Sparrowhawk is extremely confident in her abilities almost to the point of arrogance. This display of self- assurance often can be seen while she fights as she is quick to ridicule and belittle those she faces off against. Though she respects the law she also feels that sometimes certain rules must be bent or broken to achieve a victory. This ideology has put her at odds with others, including fellow Protectors, in the past. While Alex values the sanctity of human life and feels heroes should not kill, she also believes that sometimes the greater good means a life must be forfeit when left with no other options. Sparrowhawk's greatest failing is dealing with the concept of losing and takes such times extremely personal.

Both of these sides are due to Alex's unique and incredibly strict upbringing by her father, which accounts for the way she acts. From early childhood her life was spent across the world in the company of adults to be primed essentially as a human weapon. Denied the type of life most children have, Alex often fails to understand how to relax and take things casually. While trained to socially fit in, and can do very well, Alex herself is fairly introverted and uptight, even impatient. The majority of her free time is spent researching new things to add to her already impressive skills, training, or conducting business either as Alex Harper or as Sparrowhawk. Little to no time is left for social engagements and Alex struggles with engaging the Protectors in a non-professional manner. Needless to say, Alex has certain trust issues and is considered fairly enigmatic to even those who are her closest friends.



Sparrowhawk is the product of human genetic engineering to garner very specific traits alongside years of intense training. While she does not register as technically super powered, she is considered someone who would be considered the epitome of human physical and mental achievement. Her talents include:

  • Genius Level IQ/ Advanced Learning Ability/ Polymath: Sparrowhawk is gifted with a genius IQ that rivals some of the most intelligent humans on Earth. She is an expert in a plethora of skills that she has continued to expand upon since childhood. Her wide array of talents are the result of her ability to learn at an accelerated rate, mastering things in a fraction of the time others would normally be able to. What may take literal years of training or research for a normal person she can learn in weeks.
  • Hyperthymestic Memory: Sparrowhawk was born with hyperthymesia, a medical condition which allows an individual complete autobiographical memory. While those with eidetic or photographic memory often have to study something, use mnemonic tools, or even forget certain things as years go by, Alex has complete recall of her entire personal history. She can recite even the most trivial details from any part of her life, starting from shortly after her third birthday. This ability, compounded with her intelligence and quick learning, gives her the ability to take in, process and retain a great deal of information.
  • Physical Attributes: Alex's strength and dexterity are at a level of functioning at the zenith of human potential. Her improved musculature allows her to bench press approximately a half ton of weight (1000 lbs) unaided. She possesses the ability to run around forty five miles a hour, clear a running jump of roughly sixty feet and a running high jump of around twenty feet. Sparrowhawk is able to hold her breath for up to fifteen minutes (and around thirty minutes with pure oxygen beforehand). With a body and mind which work in tandem, Sparrowhawk displays instantaneous reaction time. Her mental chronometry is so astute it grants her a form of low level super speed in her actions. She can perform maneuvers such as dodging bullets at point blank range; to those with normal human eyesight, she is often little more than a blur while engaging a foe. Her body is more resilient to cuts, bruising, and breakage. Her heightened endurance allows her to fend off natural toxins that impair the body from fatigue, allowing her to fight at maximum efficiency for several hours without rest. Sparrowhawk's immune system is enhanced, allowing her to fend off most diseases, illnesses or chemicals that impair the body. While not as fancy or as powerful as some costumed heroes' regenerative abilities, wounds heal about three times as fast as an average human; for example, a broken bone can heal in roughly two weeks instead of six. All of Alex's senses have been improved greatly, giving her enhanced eyesight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Alex Harper has stopped aging physically as her cellular structure is no longer susceptible to damage over time, which puts her perpetually in her mid twenties. All of these physical abilities are the result of the genetic re sequencing Alex was forced to endure when kidnapped by the Apotheosis Project in early 2014.
  • Combat Abilities: Sparrowhawk's extensive knowledge in martial arts would most likely place her on a shortlist as one of the world's most highly proficient and versatile hand to hand combatants. Sparrowhawk has said in jest that she has mastered more styles in the martial arts than there are letters in the alphabet... but this is in truth no joke. Where a person can spend years just to excel in one form of combat, Sparrowhawk's ability at learning things quickly and flawlessly has enabled her to tackle dozens. Utilizing her batons, Sparrowhawk specializes in using Eskrima, Silambam, Bokator, Adi Murai, Kobudo and Kalaripayattu in combat. She has integrated numerous other forms into her fighting style as well, including Karate, Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Systema, Muay Thai, Jeet Kun Do, Jiu-Jitsu, Keysi, Shippalgi, Silat, Aikido and more. Sparrowhawk's abilities are further enhanced due to her knowledge of such esoteric techniques like Marma Adi/ Varma Kalai and Dim Mak. By understanding prana points and how to suppress and block the flow of chi in others, Sparrowhawk can incapacitate, disable or even kill by simple touch. This ability has allowed her on more than one occasion to best combatants who severely outclass her in sheer strength and durability. This intimate knowledge of a body's vital points also by the same means allows her to heal certain afflictions or wounds. Years of training has enabled her to be proficient in a vast array of weaponry, both standard and esoteric. A former Soviet spetsnaz agent trained her in a dual wield style of gun combat which she prefers to utilize and is considered a world class marksman.
Rsz 2syleesparrowchibi2019nobg.png
  • Chi Abilities: Sparrowhawk has learned to control and manipulate her body's chi, enabling her other abilities. By concentrating she is able to further enhance her dexterity, speed and other physical attributes in bursts to (low) superhuman levels. By channeling this chi, her strength can be multiplied exponentially, allowing her a short burst of strength that is the equivalent of bench pressing five tons. She can sprint at a speed of around 85 miles per hour for a limited time. Sparrowhawk's chi passively provides her with a functioning 'sixth sense'. This talent has allowed her to fight unaided in darkness, detect those who are invisible, or even anticipate incoming opponents in her immediate proximity. By having control over her body, Sparrowhawk can maintain her body temperature in extremely hot or cold environments if necessary.
  • Combat Assessment: Sparrowhawk has the ability to size up opponents, plan out the battle in completely in her head and execute a proper assault with frightening accuracy within seconds. Her enhanced physical and mental prowess, coupled with her martial arts abilities and understanding the flow of chi about her, effectively has given Sparrowhawk a form of precognitive awareness. This works far beyond just being able to read and understand an opponent's movements while fighting. Sparrowhawk can not only mask her own body language while in combat, feigning techniques before alternating styles on a whim, but essentially can see outcomes before they happen instinctively.
  • Skill Sets: Sparrowhawk's mastery of skills is virtually unparalleled due to her ability to process information quickly as well as her life long dedication to expanding on her her wealth of knowledge from childhood to the present day. Sparrowhawk has received training from individuals who are foremost experts, specialists and even super heroes in many fields of study across the globe. A fraction of skills she has mastered include: survivalist, detective, disguise artist, medic, escape artist, pilot/driving, historian, inventor, numerous fields of science, tracking and computer expertise/ hacking. Sparrowhawk is proficient in most known weaponry and is just as comfortable with her batons as she is a sword, bow or mace. Other, more obscure talents, are also known, such as hypnotherapy, knowledge in the occult and prestidigitation. Sparrowhawk constantly continues to work at building upon her repertoire of skills in addition to her crime fighting pursuits.
  • Expert Tactician: Sparrowhawk's incredibly sharp and focused mind as well as an unerring eye for detail lends itself to make her an amazing tactical leader. Aided by her keen perceptive abilities, she can process scenes quickly and coordinate multiple strategies in combat on the spot. It is in these times that Sparrowhawk keeps a cool, level head, aiding not only her but her team mates in getting through high stress situations.
  • Telepathic Resistance: Telepaths and those with psionic abilities have a difficult challenge attempting to breach her mental defenses. She has spent time with experts in such subjects on how to best prevent and avoid mental attacks. Her sheer willpower is indomitable, leaving few if any to be able to fully affect her.
  • Stealth: Sparrowhawk is a trained kunoichi. Among her talents is the ability to quickly blend in shadows and appear unseen to the naked eye and, in many cases, even to those with heightened senses.
  • Hyperpolyglot: Sparrowhawk displays an uncanny knack for speaking several languages. She is fluent in French, Italian, German, Bengali, Korean, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin and Hindi as well as being proficient in American Sign Language. Sparrowhawk can also speak several other languages conversationally.



Sparrowhawk blasting off her Bio-Electric Baton at an enemy: easily the most important piece of equipment for today's crime fighting gal on the go.

Sparrowhawk carries a number of high tech devices in her war on crime. Some were culled from UNTIL's science division, a few were invented by her friend Simon Reynolds and some were even created by Alex herself. Alex has taken it upon herself however to learn how to create and repair these devices on her own should something happen to them. Much of Alex's own personal financial resources go into maintaining these items to assist in fighting crime. Her arsenal includes (but is not limited to):

  • Combat Suit. Sparrowhawk's original light armored attire was designed by Simon Reynolds as a prototype for specialized military use. The current version has been completely upgraded and redesigned by Alex Harper herself. While Sparrowhawk could utilize a suit of power armor like some heroes wear as her typical crime fighting get up, she vastly prefers the ability to move unimpaired by the weight, noise and bulk that it brings. This allows her to be as nimble and unencumbered as possible in order to make the most out of her particular skill sets. The combat uniform worn by Sparrowhawk is a skin tight bodysuit composed of a base material she created dubbed 'Spidersilk'. This semi-stretchy, artificially created polymer thread essentially replicates real spider's silk tensile properties and is ten times as durable as Kevlar armor. The suit's sleekness and innate light weight allows her maximized mobility on the field and in combat. The suit is further fortified by a coating known as Trilovex, a liquid armor also devised by her. Unlike standard Kevlar armor, the Trilovex liquid armor coating provides significant protection against slashing weapons such as swords and knives. Trilovex also assists in the dispersal of force from impact, so it does a far better job preventing bruising, internal organs being hurt or bones breaking during attacks than standard Kevlar armor. It is fire resistant and provides some protection against electricity and electrical energy. It can slightly adjust to account for warmer or colder temperatures, though not in extremes. The last protective measure on the outfit is a thin, layered graphene polymer plating across several areas of the bodysuit (such as the knees, upper chest and shoulders) for added defense. The combat uniform can withstand a grenade at close contact or even standard armor piercing bullets. A system of nanotech has been installed that aids in repair of the uniform should it become damaged. The mask piece is outfitted with goggles that can automatically filter light in a flashbang attack as well as provide the ability to view things telescopically, at night or in different spectra. The goggles also connect to the Mother AI system (see Mother, Mark 2, below) and can regulate others body systems and heartbeat, in essence functioning as a medical scanner or even lie detector when interrogating others.
  • Gauntlets. Sparrowhawk's uniform has two gauntlets which aid her in a number of ways. The gauntlets' blue hued, upper metal sections are composed of a Kendrium frame and a carbyne casing bonded with an experimental alloy to stabilize it, making them over four hundred times as strong as steel. Paired with her natural talents they can deflect bullets, knives and assorted other weaponry. The left gauntlet contains the Mother AI unit and force field generator. The right gauntlet houses a holographic scanner and relay (see Visual Holographic Camouflage, below) as well as a thread thin, retractable high tensile cable line of 100 feet/ 10 stories that can be deployed as a grappling hook or wire. The carbyne material is also embedded into the knuckles of her gloves, allowing greater impact in attacks.
  • Mother, Mark 2, a computer unit which links to Sparrowhawk's costume (housed in a compartment on her left gauntlet). Designed by Alex herself and set up by her friend Simon Reynolds, Mother is an Artificial Intelligence that serves as an ally of sorts. It assists her in hacking into mainframes, controlling items such as her tracking systems, assists in things such as on the spot fingerprint identification or blood analysis and even gives her access to a GPS system. Sparrowhawk can remotely utilize and run the Barlowe Building through her uniform should the need present itself. Her costume's lenses are also connected with Mother, giving her access to UNTIL and PRIMUS databases as well as recording data and the ability to run on the spot analyses. It also controls her vehicles remotely by way of verbal command, if need be.
  • Psionic Scrambler. This tiny, microchip sized device is housed in Sparrowhawk's goggles and activated by a release near the temple area. It is loosely based on specs of UNTIL's Advanced U-CFA Brainscrambler Psionic Disruption Pistol while being upgraded and highly modified. While the attack is effective against anyone with sentience it is extremely potent against those with telepathic or telekinetic abilities. To those in its area of effect it essentially disrupts the neural pathways of the assailant. This results in intense pain, loss of consciousness and even possible memory loss. Those with advanced mental powers and the like in addition are rendered powerless anywhere from several minutes to several hours based on the recipient's own mental fortitude/ strength. The device reaches out in a 90 degree area up to twenty feet in distance, not making this ideal as a long range target attack nor around groups of civilians.
  • Force Field Generator. Actually a modified and miniaturized Gadroon force field generator, it is controlled by the Mother unit on her left gauntlet via verbal command. This can create a bluish sphere of solid force around Sparrowhawk for approximately fifteen seconds before its energy is depleted. It then enters a recharge period of several minutes before it can be reactivated. While only good in short bursts, it is nonetheless invaluable in certain situations when she, her teammates or civilians are in immediate danger.
  • Visual Holographic Camouflage. This device, housed in her gauntlet, can take imagery of others and imprint an exact duplicate holographic overlay on top of Sparrowhawk. Sparrowhawk is then able to essentially appear as another person visually (even over things such as security cameras), though it cannot replicate voices. Quick movements will often create a subtle blur like effect over the hologram which allows others to realize it is fake, so it is not suitable in combat.
  • Black Valkyrie Dual Pistols. These are a pair of specially designed compact semi automatic guns kept in the side holsters of her belt. They are outfitted with a laser sight grip and silencer. Though quite small (only the size of a Boberg XR9-S Semi Automatic Pistol, with a 3.35" barrel) the Black Valkyries pack quite the punch. They typically utilize specialized rounds that can pierce through standard body armor. Some of the guns' more interesting ammunition include silver bullets, explosive rounds and locator rounds. The guns can even accommodate a specialized cartridge based on UNTIL's "Ghostbuster" Rifle, enabling her to shoot out of phase and normally intangible targets.
  • Miniature Rebreather. A small, three and a half inch sized rebreather that enables her to act in areas affected by gas attacks or in water for a limited time. Usually carries a spare as well.
  • Electronic Lock pick. The size of a mere USB memory stick. Typically carried in her gauntlet.
  • Graphene cable ties. Work like police zip tie cuffs.
  • Medical kit. A very combat ready and yet extremely compact field kit for emergencies.
  • Razor Discs: Sparrowhawk carries a few shuriken like weapons composed of aluminum-steel and housed in her belt.
  • Flashbang Micro- Grenade. A two inch long device which releases a 180 decibel sonic blast and well as a flash that causes temporary blindness.
  • EMP Micro- Grenade. A two inch long device that, when deployed, explodes and releases an electromagnetic pulse that temporarily disrupts or completely destroys nearby electronic devices.
  • Cryo Micro- Grenade. This small, two inch sphere can be thrown, and when activated essentially freezes whatever it strikes with a specialized cryogenic solution within a six foot area.
  • Homing Devices. These homing devices, no larger than a dime, that can be planted and traced via the 'Mother' computer unit.
Alex Harper, Sparrowhawk, unmasked and dressed to kill.
  • Bio-Electric Batons. Sparrowhawk carries upon her person two twenty four inch batons that can be combined to form a four foot long jō staff. The weapons are constructed from an inner frame of Kendrium and an outer carbyne casing bound by an experimental alloy to stabilize it. The batons' durability are over four hundred times the strength of steel, allowing them to go toe to toe against almost any known weaponry. Her body's own nervous system activate the batons, bathing them in a whitish blue light as they are charged up. This function allows them the ability to emit a high powered electrical attack in addition to standard use as a blunt weapon. The batons can also be used while being held to emit a long distance electrical blast. While used separately, the batons can be crossed, creating a near impenetrable 'hard light' electrical shield roughly five and a half feet in diameter to protect those behind it. These last two functions are used somewhat sparingly, as they quickly drain the charge from her weapons, forcing them to enter a 'cooldown' mode for several minutes.
  • Night Bird (Gravity Bike): After Sparrowhawk's original Night Bird was destroyed while fighting the demon known as Belphegor, she decided to create a better, stronger, more functional gravity bike. For a time this was the Red Kestrel until this vehicle was decimated by the vampire Adrian Arkwright during his war in Millennium City. The next step in the evolution of her gravity bikes comes in the form of an updated Night Bird. The chassis and body are Kendrium plated for better durability than both of her previous bikes. A gravity pulse which both immobilizes and incapacitates targets, plasma beams and sonic screechers are equipped on her gravity bike. It contains modified Gadroon force shields in addition to stealth capability that renders both the vehicle and its rider unseen to both the naked eye and sensor devices. An on board computer system and uplink to the Mother AI unit is on the vehicle as well as a bio electric defensive charge to those who are not given a command code. This vehicle, like the original Night Bird and the Red Kestrel, is also powered by photovoltaics, self sustaining solar energy. The Night Bird can also be remote controlled verbally by Sparrowhawk through the Mother AI unit in her costume. The vehicle can reach a top speed of 850 miles per hour, right above the sound barrier, while a thin ionized plasma shield about the vehicle offers protection to the rider from wind and other forms of damage.
  • Space Suit/ Stealth Suit/ Snow Suit: Sparrowhawk has alternate uniforms for various needs. She has a specially designed spacesuit for anything off planet, a stealth suit for more covert needs and a snow uniform that provides camouflage as well as better insulation than her typical uniform. In addition, she also has variants of her typical combat uniform, a sleeveless version and one with goggles and a jacket for when she utilizes the Night Bird.
  • Battle Buster Armor: Sparrowhawk has designed a specialized suit of combat armor when the standard battle togs simply will not cut it. The twelve and a half foot tall 'Battle Buster Armor' (as it has been dubbed) allows Sparrowhawk the ability of flight at Mach 3 speeds and possesses a multi- layered, dense carbyne casing over a titanium alloy reinforced frame that grants the suit massive strength capable of lifting several hundred tons. It possesses a complete sensor array and a variety of high tech devices (sonic emitters, plasma energy beams, even an ion cannon upon its left arm) which assist in combat. Sparrowhawk's armor works by way of reading neurological input which enhance the reaction time of this otherwise bulky piece of technology, allowing it to maneuver quite easier than one would imagine in combat. The suit is powered by photovoltaics just like her Red Kestrel gravity bike, giving it a form of self sustaining energy without the need for dangerous materials to power it. The downside is that the energy reserves are quickly drained (as well as requiring long times to 'charge up'), making it the optimum choice when something needs to be hit fast and hard. This is not her day wear... more the last resort when things need to be resolved with sheer brute strength, not merely intellect and cunning. The Battle Buster is located within the Barlowe Building's upper hangar area and currently responds only to the neurological functions of Sparrowhawk and her protege, Faith.
  • The Valravn: The Valravn is the Protectors of the World's main vehicle and is often piloted and utilized by Sparrowhawk. Its abilities can be located on the Protectors' PRIMUS Database page. Sparrowhawk is incredibly well versed in its use and is an expert at handling it in aerial combat.


Sparrowhawk, like most heroes, has her own weaknesses.

  • Memories. A side effect of Alex's incredible memory is that she constantly feels compelled to keep herself busy in order to not dwell on events in the past. Due to her hyperthymestic memory it is easy for her get caught up in experiences that may have happened years ago. In addition, many individuals with hyperthymesia tend to collect things. Alex purposely lives a lifestyle free of physical elements of her past and works at maintaining focus on the present.
  • Social Skills. While Alex has many allies, she has far fewer friends. Very dedicated to her work and duties, Alex maintains a business first attitude. While she can come across as extremely charming, friendly and kind during social engagements, much of this is trained behavior. In reality she has a difficult time relaying her own feelings and as such tends to keep others at arms length. Her issues with people extend to her work ethics fighting crime as well. Sparrowhawk has earned a reputation for being rude and demanding and many peers simply do not like her, regardless of her effectiveness. Changing the perception of others in regards to how they see her has been a continuous work in progress. It requires some effort for her to feel comfortable with most and she has more than once underestimated an individual's value in a team setting. Sparrowhawk also has extreme trust issues that take shape in her maintaining secrets even from her closest allies and friends that hampers her.
  • Superiority Complex. Sparrowhawk often feels that she is more capable and better trained than the majority of her peers. She can come across with a very 'holier than thou' attitude to other costumed heroes. This disposition takes the form of her talking down to others and being easily dismissive of their actions. While it is not as severe as it has been in the past, super hero gossip circles still speak poorly of her and there are many who go out of their way to avoid her presence.
  • Adrenaline Junkie. While many heroes are motivated by revenge, justice or simply being a paragon of good, Sparrowhawk's prime motivation is to find challenges that she is required to overcome (even though she would never acknowledge this openly). She relishes being the best at anything she puts her mind to, and providing herself with opportunities to prove herself by engaging in dangerous situations is a way to do that.
  • Overconfidence. Sparrowhawk does have a tendency to think she is able to do most anything by herself and her level of confidence goes nearly into arrogance territory. Her skills, while quite exceptional, sometimes lead her to being overconfident in her crime fighting efforts. She has gotten herself way over her head regarding trouble on more than one occasion believing that something would be far easier than what it actually was.

Newыы Canvas12.jpg


African Violet: One of the most quiet yet resourceful Protectors, African Violet is Sparrowhawk's 'go to' gal. African Violet is well known for her ability to go into volatile situations and still completely focus on helping the victims. Always putting others before herself, Sparrowhawk admires the South African heroine's approach to contributing to the Protectors. Sparrowhawk finds she often lets down her guard in Violet's presence.


All-Star: Sparrowhawk was both annoyed and in awe of All-Star upon their first encounter though somehow the two eventually entered into a romantic relationship. While a very close partnership at first, with All-Star even guiding her in the formation of the Protectors of the World, it eventually fragmented. Secretive natures, time away from each other and what she perceived as All-Star's increasing use of unnecessary (and at times, lethal) violence on the field ate away at the two. This culminated during the Eugenics War when All-Star advised the Protectors to kill a then minded controlled Sparrowhawk on sight. This order lead several on the team to question his morals and mindset. After the Eugenics War the two mutually agreed to end things romantically. While their partnership was over, the two remained on professional terms and All-Star served on the team until he staged his own death. Though the duo had a direct hand in each others early success in the crime fighting community, Sparrowhawk is more than content with leaving that chapter of her life behind her.

Ando Takashi (NPC): Ando Takashi is an UNTIL agent who worked for years with Sparrowhawk while she was an agent herself for the organization. Mostly stationed in Tokyo, Japan, Ando is in his early thirties usually dressed impeccably for a man in his position. He has a good sense of humor and likes to gossip a bit too much around the wrong company. Around Sparrowhawk he enjoys teasing her, often mentioning missteps she is responsible for or her frightening driving skills. Ando on occasion still works as a liaison of sorts and informant, setting up operations and allowing Sparrowhawk to finish the task.

Artifist: Sparrowhawk had known Artifist for quite some time as she was one of the first heroes brought into the Protectors. While immensely powerful, Sparrowhawk often went to others in the magical community for insight due to Artifist's youth and overall few years in her field of study. An already tense relationship was further tested after an incident where Sparrowhawk was mentally controlled and almost killed her. Unable to reconcile the fact that Sparrowhawk was not in possession of her own mind when this occurred, it created a huge rift between them. While serving for some time as a Field Leader, Artifist departed the team in early 2016.

Captain Adamant: Captain Adamant joined the Protectors via his working relationship in PRIMUS. Sparrowhawk instantly impressed with his demeanor and how well he meshed with his new team. Captain Adamant quickly became a reliable resource for Sparrowhawk to the point she appointed him a spot as a Field Leader, putting him in charge of the Protectors' Training Room. He now uses his skills to whip the team into shape in a variety of grueling training exercises. Though their crime fighting methods differ drastically, Sparrowhawk feels more than confident that, should the need ever arise, Adamant would make a fine primary leader to carry on the Protectors should something happen to her.

Cosmic Glory: Sparrowhawk invited Cosmic Glory to join the team after a few missions as a Honorary Protector, which culminated in the young heroine saving an entire city from the sky. Sparrowhawk quickly welcomed Cosmic Glory onto the Protectors, citing her powers and exuberance a boon to the team. As time has progressed, however, Sparrowhawk began to feel that Glory's personal outlook was incredibly naive and childlike, butting heads with the young heroine on more than one occasion regarding their own morals. This divide further intensified by the growing relationship/ friendship Glory had with known assassin and hero- killer Dr. Kaufmann and members of his entourage. Where she believes that Glory sees it as finding 'hope' within someone, Sparrowhawk's more pragmatic view on the world sees it as ignorant, dangerous and fraught for a worst case scenario. Needless to say, Sparrowhawk has outwardly shown a disdain for Cosmic Glory and publicly called out what she perceives as important issues that need addressed. Time will tell how this scenario plays out.

Dobergirl: A former member of the Young Sentinels, Sparrowhawk met Dobergirl while working as a liaison for the GLOBE peace keeping agency. She was quickly impressed by Dobergirl's tenacity and dedication to whatever fight is brought her way. Dobergirl and Sparrowhawk met up several times during her earliest adventures, garnering mutual respect for each others abilities. When the Protectors were formed, Dobergirl was the first person selected to represent the team. They shared a kinship in early days, one that was tested during Sparrowhawk's abduction and eventual mind control by the Apotheosis Project. Sparrowhawk was forced to kidnap Dobergirl, upon which the young heroine was subjected to harsh treatment and experiments to understand the nature of her DNA. After both were freed, Dobergirl spent less time with the Protectors, obviously hurt and distraught by the things that transpired as well as the anguish of her friend betraying her. Their relationship strained as Dobergirl was unable to reconcile with her, and to this day the demise of their friendship eats at Sparrowhawk's conscience.

Doll: In the times she has teamed with others, Sparrowhawk has enjoyed working with Doll. She knows what to do, how to do it and accomplishes goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Though they do not share much of a personal relationship, Doll represents to Sparrowhawk a good, solid working ethic on the field. She has seen another side of Doll as well, one that yearns to understand humanity. Sparrowhawk was touched by this and made it her cause to help Doll in her desire to be more than just wires and programming. Sparrowhawk eventually found a way to upgrade Doll's AI which gave her emotions much closer to a 'real' human.

Faith: Sparrowhawk was not looking to be a mentor to another hero, but life has a way of throwing curveballs. When the Progeny were suffering a number of team wide setbacks, including run ins with a gang of vampires and the sadistic Men in White, the Protectors stepped in to be of aid. Faith, acting at that time as the team's leader, garnered the attention of Sparrowhawk. Sensing a kindred spirit with many of the same personality traits to learn and excel, Sparrowhawk took Faith under her wing and began to train her not just to fight but to lead. Forging initially a student/ teacher relationship, it has segued into one of Sparrowhawk's few genuine friendships.

Keioisis: Sparrowhawk is not terribly close to Kara McKilroy, aka Keiosis, but has a working history of her dating back to her time in the Young Sentinels. She also knew her father, Keioseth, and realized the teen had a lot of potential to offer a team. Taking Kara under the wing of the Protectors she hoped to bring Kara's full potential as a global guardian to the forefront. After two and a half years, Kara left the Protectors for other ventures, but Sparrowhawk still thinks very highly of her.

The Peacemaker: An ally from her earliest days as Sparrowhawk, the Peacemaker was recently invited to join the Protectors. The two actually have a great deal in common which was a deciding factor for his entry to the team. Both of them are known for their brains as well as abilities while fighting. Peacemaker tends to be a bit more reserved and introverted than Sparrowhawk, though she undoubtedly enjoys spending time with him to discuss a myriad of 'nerdy' topics that would likely bore most on the team.


Psion: Psion is a friend of Sparrowhawk's from before she donned her familiar uniform and code name. Sparrow worked with both Psion and her now husband, Noble, when she was an agent for UNTIL. Finding someone just as determined and headstrong as herself gave the duo a friendly competitive relationship, sharing in a number of adventures across the globe. Though they drifted apart as Alex left her position in the organization and became a costumed heroine. In that time, Psion settled down somewhat, got married and even had a child. They eventually reconnected when Psion needed Sparrowhawk's assistance with her child (who was exhibiting super powers of her own) and re-entered the crime fighting community to train young heroes in the use of their powers. Psion's tenure at this endeavor was brief, though Sparrowhawk chose to approach her with a different venture... something that would put her talents to good use. Sparrowhawk tends to be more casual, light hearted and not so concerned about being authoritative around Psion as opposed to most others, a definite friend amongst co workers in her eyes.

Razira: Sparrowhawk had worked alongside Razira a few times before the inception of the Protectors of the World. In those times, the heroic wolf-woman more than proved herself on the field with a cool head and dogged determination. Sparrowhawk always kept Razira's name at the top of her list to join the Protectors. She was extremely happy when Project Firewolf acquiesced and Razira accepted the invitation to join the team as a member. Sparrowhawk got to know Razira much better in the next few months and the two developed a mutual friendship that was sorely lacking in her life. Razira constantly stood up to challenges alongside Sparrowhawk. She was one of the few who vehemently believed in Sparrowhawk's innocence during the Eugenics War when others sought revenge. Sparrowhawk sees Razira as the true 'heart' of the team which keeps them motivated and in many ways a true co-leader for the group she founded. Razira has been a true friend to Sparrowhawk in more than one instance, a fact to which Sparrowhawk is indebted to her.

Simon Reynolds (NPC): Former hero Technonaut, Simon currently works as a contractor for non-violent weapons design for both PRIMUS and UNTIL. Alex met Simon early into her job as an agent and the two hit it off. While never more than platonic friends, they do share a love for techno babble and are at the ready to assist the other should it arise. Simon has helped Alex on many occasions, often designing or repairing devices for her... and sometimes just to lend a friendly ear. Incredibly shy and soft spoken, Simon plays an important role behind the scenes for Sparrowhawk.

Tesseract: Tesseract is a chronokinetic as well as an expert computer hacker, both traits of which Sparrowhawk finds invaluable on the Protectors. Sparrowhawk sees beyond just the power set however and realizes that she has a great deal in common with Imani Abbot. Both of them are extremely passionate and do not mind bending the rules if necessary in order to ensure that justice is served to those who deserve it. While still new to the world of costumed crime fighting, Sparrowhawk sees a great deal of potential in Tesseract in terms of both the person and the powers.

Thundrax: Thundrax and Sparrowhawk have maintained a cordial friendship and working relationship for years, stemming back to her days with GLOBE. Thundrax accepted her offer to join the Protectors of the World as it was being formed, offering his physical strength as well as exemplary attitude and drive to succeed. While Sparrowhawk does not look at him with the revere most do, she highly respects and acknowledges his values, honesty and commitment to fighting the good fight. Thundrax is representative to what most heroes should strive to be in her mind. His very presence allows many a citizen in Millennium the ability to sleep well at night. Thundrax also tends to be a worthy verbal sparring partner, the two of them often trading sarcastic or cynical humorous views at the situations they find themselves in.

Voreen: Sparrowhawk chose Voreen to join the Protectors of the World given the alien heroine's impressive power set. Voreen has become a necessary part of the team rather quickly, not being embraced by the rest of the team but by Sparrowhawk herself. Sparrowhawk enjoys Voreen's interesting views on Earth culture and her rather subtle naivete that is off set by her knowledge of off planet lore. That, and she find's the alien's humor rather charming.

Zelara: Zelara, the Laser Knight and Sparrowhawk met while working briefly for the team Rising Force. There was apprehension at first due to All-Star's and Zelara's history together. Sparrowhawk was unconcerned, however, and treated the alien as a friend and equal. The two have worked off and on together, and for several years Zelara was a member of the Protectors, in fact being one of their initial recruits.


Boss Battle: Sparrowhawk faces off against Doctor Kaufmann and the Men In White.




Name: N/A
Abilities: World wide criminal organization

The Apotheosis Project is a group of politicians, scientists, soldiers and other people in places of power throughout the world with one common goal: the removal and extermination of super powered individuals in order to elevate and secure the standing of humanity. While no one is sure of its true origins, it is estimated that it was founded shortly after those with super powers started to become commonplace upon the planet. A network was devised to ensure that its members took high status positions in various fields. One of these was Sparrowhawk's father, Alan Harper. In early 2014 the Apotheosis Project attempted to start a direct war against super humans by devising a 'gene bomb' that would essentially kill only those with aberrant DNA. They also enlisted, willingly or not, the children who were gifted with advanced genetic abilities to assist in their plan. With the work of Sparrowhawk alongside the Protectors of the World, their plans were foiled and they were exposed to the public. While most were brought to justice, several groups still work covertly, hoping to one day bring their long term goals to fruition.

At Large



Name: Oleg Alesnarovich Primakov
Abilities: Super strength, Elemental/ Ice Control, Mystic Hammer, Magical Wolves


At Large



Name: Jason Mansfield
Abilities:Polymath; Genetically Enhanced Traits

Jason Mansfield's father, Jefferson, was a member of the Apotheosis Project and Jason himself was one of ten genetically enhanced offspring who was born to eventually help lead the group's plan of destroying meta humans to fruition. Gifted with physical talents beyond the norm and a genius IQ, Jason spent his early years like his genetic 'sister', Alex Harper, travelling the world in order to cultivate and train in a wide spectrum of talents. Unlike Alex, Jason was fully aware from a young age of his purpose in life and the part he was to play in shaping the Earth's future. The heads of the Apotheosis Project deemed Jason their choice to lead the organization when they relinquished their roles, giving him the code name 'Cassowary'. During the so-called Eugenics War in 2014, Jason led their armies and played the role of field commander and his actions caused the near death of two Protectors of the World. When Sparrowhawk and the Protectors thwarted the plans of the Apotheosis Project, Cassowary went underground with those left in the group who were not taken into custody. He became obsessed with finishing the task started by his father and killing Alex Harper in retaliation for her actions. Briefly incarcerated, Jason escaped and fled to Japan where he acquited a Muramasa sword, Daitengu, which possesses magical properties and has bonded to his very soul. It is only a matter of time before he clashes again with Sparrowhawk...

At Large



Name:Adetokunbo Ochieng
Abilities: Energy Manipulation and Transformation


At Large



Name: Rogue AI Program
Abilities: Various Technological Abilities


At Large



Name: Unknown
Abilities: Cybernetic Implants, Weapons Master

Kengou (Japanese for 'sword master') is a cybernetically enhanced martial artist and swordsman who specializes in fighting with two Questionite infused katana. Kengou appeared fighting for the yakuza around eight years ago, but before that there is no firm records of him nor is the background behind how exactly he received his cybernetic upgrades known. What is known is that he is vicious and sadistic, and he appears mostly to be motivated by being the best at his craft. His physical prowess has been enhanced with implants that improve his dexterity, coordination, reaction time and strength. His talent with the blade is so precise he can actually cleave an oncoming bullet in half with his swords. While conducting 'business' in Millennium City for his yakuza bosses, Kengou found that his blades were to be tested against the heroine Sparrowhawk. The battle continued to a standstill and was only forced to conclude due to the intervention of her partner All-Star, as he arrived on the scene to turn the tide of the fight. Intrigued by the woman and wanting to ensure that his skill was not in doubt, he received the blessing of the yakuza to remain. Granted a cadre of ninja assassins to assist him, he decided to stay in the United States to seek Sparrowhawk out for a rematch. He prides himself on being the very best, a trait also shared by Sparrowhawk, the difference being he will stop at nothing to eliminate anything he sees as competition.

At Large



Name: Erik Morrison
Abilities: Genius Intellect, Master Creator and Inventor

Erik Morrison is a technological genius and former inventor for VIPER who had his sights set on far more lucrative goals than carving out a non identity as a mere cog in the machine. Designing a sophisticated battle suit for himself, M.E.K.K.A. (Mechanical Energized Kendrium Killing Armor), Erik set out to establish himself. He wished to be active as both a villain for hire as well as continuing to create and supply his inventions to the highest bidder. During this time M.E.K.K.A. created a base of operations on the mysterious and ominous 'Monster Island'. He began to surround himself with robots and underlings of his own creation, gradually replacing the need for any human assistance in his forces. When an artifact of great but mysterious power came to Millennium City, Sparrowhawk was requested by GLOBE to guard it. This brought her into her first confrontation with M.E.K.K.A., and it began an ongoing war between the two. Sparrowhawk eventually sent him to Stronghold Penitentiary, where he spent two years there before successfully 'uploading' his mental faculties into cyberspace. No longer bound by flesh, his first order of business was to download into the planet- sized space vessel Avestus and almost succeeding if not for the Protectors of the World. His current location is unknown and it remains to be seen where he will show up next.

At Large



Name: Jiří Beck
Abilities: 'Dark Matter' Manipulation

Czech Republic villain, also known as 'Temnota' in his home country.

At Large



Name: Martin Hawke
Abilities: Cryokinesis

Martin Hawke was just one of the multitude of nameless thugs that made Millennium City their home. At one time he was hired muscle for Kevin Poe serving as a bodyguard. A few years ago he was tasked with eliminating Dr. Joseph Stang, a shady weapons designer who supplied equipment for numeous underworld rivals. Dr. Stang was working on a cryokinetic weapon when Martin broke in to attack him. In the ensuing fight, the weapon proved unstable and exploded. While Dr. Stang was killed from it, Martin Hawke found his body transformed. The power in the weapon actually infused within him, giving him the ability to create and produce ice and cold. Martin decided that fate allowed him to live and thus decided to use his powers, not for Kevin Poe's gang, but for his own selfish means. He became known as the assassin Permafrost. He sold his powers to the highest bidder for whatever was needed. Sparrowhawk crossed paths with him when he was working under the employ of one of his many silent benefactors. Permafrost was attempting to murder an envoy of foreign dignitaries at a summit held in Millennium City. She was successful in this pursuit, though it earned her Permafrost's hatred. This has led to him tackling high profile targets he believes might bring him into contact with her. Permafrost can create ice weapons (both melee and projectile), his touch can chill and immobilize and he has superhuman strength and durability. He also wears a specialized suit of Viperium Flex Armor that helps regulate and boost his powers.

At Large



Name: Dr. Arthur Pearce
Abilities:Telekinesis and Telepathy

Dr. Arthur Pearce of Australia was a foremost expert in the study of the human brain and specifically genetic mutations that affected the brain. His studies took a turn for the worst when he crossed the line by actually testing human mutants like guinea pigs to determine the cause of specific mutations. His operation was foiled by Sparrowhawk and he was sentenced to jail. In prison he crossed paths with the villain M.E.K.K.A., and the two of them staged a successful escape. Once freed, Arthur worked with the technological mastermind in creating a suit of armor that specifically enabled Arthur to use untapped portions of his brain, effectively giving him telekinetic and minor telepathic powers but at the cost of whatever sanity he had left. Phronesis staged a number of high profile attacks upon Millennium City for weeks, but Sparrowhawk managed to track him down in a safe house within the city's extensive sewer system. She was victorious, defeating both him and the gang he had surrounded himself with, known as the Brain Trust. Phronesis is currently incarcerated in Stronghold penitentiary. In there it was discovered that M.E.K.K.A. had done far too good of a job ensuring Phronesis' powers would remain with him. The removal of certain parts of his armor, it was determined, would result in his death as they were wired directly into his brain. A victim of his own obsessions, he is forced to essentially be a prisoner in his own armor.




Name: Carolyn DeCastro
Abilities: Enhanced Reflexes, Kinetic Energy

Carolyn DeCastro was from a wealthy family and had beauty, charm, men... but always wanted more. Carolyn was also blessed with powers. A mutant, she was born with hyper enhanced reflexes, slight super speed and the ability to control kinetic based energy. Yet Carolyn lacked remorse or a conscience. Yearning to find purpose and an outlet for her more sadistic side, Carolyn decided to take up crime. Intense training in combination with her powers led to her becoming an infamous European assassin for hire. She even formed her own team of female martial artists, known as the Red Blade, who terrorized Spain, France and Italy. Strafe herself is a master martial artist and marksman. She utilized dual guns with specialized ammunition. Aided by her kinetic abilities, her bullets could perform incredible maneuvers in regards to trajectories. Looking to expand her criminal network into America, Strafe hosted an underground fighting championship. Sparrowhawk went undercover, entering as the Silver Savate to expose Strafe and her organization. Strafe and her coalition of female mercenaries were finally stopped when Sparrowhawk rescued the a collection of missing and presumed deceased masked crime fighters from Strafe's clutches in an underground lair who were being forced to fight each other in illegal 'fight clubs'. Strafe currently is held in the female section of Stronghold penitentiary.




Abilities: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Shape shifting into marine life, Aquatic Abilities


At Large



Name: Veronica Darver
Abilities: Hive Mind, Duplication

Twisted Sisters are actually one person, Veronica Darger. Veronica has the mutant ability to create multiple clones of herself, each one able to read the others thoughts anywhere, anytime. This power has made her a unique assassin as well as allowing her to become a one woman criminal organization. It is believed that Veronica is actually able to release as many as one hundred duplicates of herself. She is a trained marksman and martial artist, and while she possesses formidable skills often depends on mass numbers acting in perfect unison to ensure her success. She maintains large armories across the world in several large cities which equip her clones with a variety of hi tech weapons and armor. Veronica's bodies are able to freely travel, completing assignments in smaller numbers while her main body is typically secured in a safe location. Sparrowhawk first tangled with the Twisted Sisters in Belize, where she stopped a drug ring which was coordinated by them. It was at that time she discovered the vast network run by this one woman and her multitude of bodies. Since then, Sparrowhawk has been diligently working about the globe in order to shut Twisted Sister and her organization of one down.




Name: Valak (?)
Abilities: Mystical Abilities, Superhuman Physical Abilities

Currently little is known about Valak's background. A demon of some sort, GLOBE was dispatched to a murdered coven of witches that apparently brought him to this plane of existence. Sparrowhawk soon faced off against the entity with the assistance of the magician known as Darkster. When he was slain during this encounter, Sparrowhawk took it as a personal vendetta to put an end to Valak no matter what the cost. Valak has shown control over darkness, elemental forces and magic. The demon has the ability to summon and control fire demons who unquestioningly follow his command and are capable of creating their own chaos. Valak's physical form was defeated by Sparrowhawk and several other heroes near Andrith ruins, his physical form consumed by volcanic lava in the battle. Valak has recently been sighted again, this time in Turkey as he had a hand in obliterating an entire city. It is with no doubt that he will once again find his power tested by Sparrowhawk, this time with the heroes of the Protectors of the World.




Name: Astrid Prock
Abilities: Illusion Casting, Mental Suggestion

Head of one of the largest human trafficking operations in eastern Europe, Venus In Furs also elects to kidnap and extort from many prominent families as a means of income. Astrid was born with mutant abilities that she learned to control and use to her own interests at a young age. These powers are the ability to enthrall others to her will by means of mass mental suggestion and pheromone control as well as minor illusion casting ability that can trick all five main senses in a human. While Astrid appears to be in her early twenties, she is actually in her early sixties. Her powers over illusion are often utilized for sheer vanity, such as maintaining a youthful appearance to others around her. It is also effective in combat however, which she will do when threatened. Astrid also surrounds herself with a number of hired muscle that she keeps enthralled under her will, a few of them possessing super powers of their own. Venus was originally owner in a German dance club called Die Peitsche ('The Whip') that catered to a very specific clientele of young, rich and bored twenty somethings. Sparrowhawk on one mission traveled to Germany, infiltrating her operations involving the human trafficking. She was successful at shutting both that down as well as the club itself. Venus, however, managed to escape by use of her powers. Venus attempted to move her operation to Millennium City but was again thwarted by Sparrowhawk. Though her operations were ruined, Venus escaped and remains at large.

At Large


"Al's perfect. There's no other way to describe her." - All-Star

"Sparrow is... uh, dedicated! She takes things very seriously and the way she fights is pretty cool too. Gives -amazing- massages. Seriously." - Dobergirl

"A competent professional and a good friend. I owe her a lot for getting me repaired when I was injured and for my personality upgrades. I don't know how I can ever repay her." - Doll

"Capable, professional, and principled. A really good teammate or someone to watch your back." - Thundrax

"I feel bad for snapping at her the way I did the first time I met her. She was trying to make sure the situation went as well as possible, and I let a bad attitude get in the way of that. I'll apologize the next time I see her - she deserves it." - Victory

"Sparrowhawk of the few people I have complete trust and admiration for. When I first saw her, I respected her attitude and professionalism, and the more I know her the greater that respect becomes, and yeah...I did have a crush on her. Either way, if there's anyone I'd want having my back in a fight, its her." - Nightstrike

"Skilled, but stubborn. Big ego. Doesn't know as much as she thinks." - Violet Mask

"A different sort of professional than I'm used to. It's nice working with someone that isn't all bluster and no bite, sometimes." - Riptide

"In one word - professional. No fuss and no mess either. She doesn't need any sort of fancy powers. She knows what's up and can hold her own in a fight - a very capable hero." - The Peacemaker

"She's almost as big of a bitch as my cousin is, and that's not easy to accomplish. Still, I guess she's alright at what she does, and that's probably what counts more." - Cardinal

Sparrowhawk alongside Captain Adamant and Thundrax

"Needs to work on her gahdamn first impressions an' she's got people skills that make me look like a motivational speaker. She knows what she's doin' though, I'll giv'er that at least." - General Freedom

"Terra is blessed to have her among its warriors; and I to have her as an example." - Zelara

"Nothing but admiration for her. While I've heard she's abrasive as all hell and is all business-first, she's decent behind her hardened exterior. Very resourceful, too. Guess it's in her family's legacy." - Skarius Snowtalon

"A very smart, solid, and capable leader. I'm honored to be a part of her Protectors of the World, and I know that while underneath her command, I'll be far safer than I ever was while working alone. A huge thanks to her for giving me that opportunity, and one that I'll find some way to pay her back for." - Razira

"All three of us think she was very courageous to come stand up against Belphegor like she did. It takes a lot of spirit to stand up to a creature like that when you're nothing but human." - Hailfire

"Uuuugh. She's so mean to me and I don't know why and I'm trying really hard! I think she just doesn't like cats. Or she just sucks." - Ada Clover

"She fought a giant evil bird with me and she's also a bird! Well, her name is. I thought it was funny at the time. She's kind of grumpy, isn't she?" - Impsblood

"I haven't worked with her much. But what I saw I liked. She's skilled, and a quick thinker. All the powers in the world can't make up for that." - Blockade

"What's done is done. Someone messed with her brain, and then she messed with mine. I can't say I'll ever fully trust Harper again, but I can forgive her." - C.O.P.

"I've never seen her in battle, but I hear she's dedicated with interesting gadgets, and a polymathic ability; keep up the good work. Show Injustice What It Deserves!" - Captain Justice

"Okay I'm not gonna deny it: This is one down ass chick. Although noticeably a bit compulsive obsessive she does get the job done and get the job done well. She's like Wu-Tang: Ain't nuthin' to fuck with. Get it girl." - SoulStar

"Just started working with her, but already I can tell she's a consummate professional at what she does. her no-nonsense style of leadership gets results and she gets into thick of the action as well. I can already tell she's got what it takes to be a great leader." - African Violet

"!!!! She is like totally AWESOME!!! You can't have a superhero better than Sparrowhawk.!!!! She's my hero. I love her totally. It's just so awesome being her sidekick! I'll never ever ever let her down." - Magpie

"Sparrow's one of a kind. She might not have any actual powers, but she's a born leader. And contrary to popular belief, she can actually be a nice person - when you aren't screwing up or being an idiot, that is. Kudos to her." - Black Sigil II

"I'll admit, she is a good leader from what I have heard." - Killer Spider

"A competent leader and hero in her own right, she has my respect. I will gladly follow her." - Fathom

"Like, how should I describe the Boss Lady? Think of like, a hurricane just that it's like Black and blue and blonde and not a hurricane but the Boss woman, and she like just swept right through and... Like, where was I going with this again? Oh right, Boss lady. She's totally awesome." - Stonemason II

"After getting more of a chance to work with her, my previous statement still stands: she's intimidating. I get why she has a reputation for being a hard ass too. But I also think there's more beneath the surface there. I think I'm going to be smart, though, and not push to get the story behind the attitude." - Tesseract

"Sparrowhawk's amazing at what she does and she keeps things running with a no-nonsense approach which I think serves the team well. Constructive criticism time: maybe she could use a bit more time to get to know her peers better on a personal level. Having co-workers is great but allowing friends into your life is always better. And hey, it's okay to smile!" - Aura

"Her skills put her on the same level of any super or meta I know. Truly, walking proof of humanities potential. I'm pleased to be a part of her team, and I look forward to my next mission with her." - Wildeye

"She's unflappable, I'll give her that." - Artifist

"Of all the costumed idiots running around Millenium City and making a mess out of things, Sparrowhawk is one of the few I'd actually describe as competent enough to be an actual challenge." - The Doctor

"While Mr. Nate, Rip, and Sunny all vouched for me, it was up to Ms. Alex whether I would move on from the Sentinels and Freelancers and grow as a hero. I will never be able to thank her enough for the words of encouragement, the tips and pointers, and just the opportunity to work with the Protectors. She's an amazing person and I love her!" -Keioseth II

"Sparrowhawk knows the score: failure is not an option. That kind of drive is rare, and those who possess it are worth following. I know I'm not the only one who thinks so." - Captain Adamant

"Incredibly effective and capable ally to have at your back. Her penchant for enjoying being surrounded by combatants is somewhat problematic, if her actions back in Budapest are any indication." - Psion

"She's amazing in any fight whenever I see her in Westside. She pulls off any good movements which impressed me really much, I love working with her in any mission she needs sometime. I love to work with her!" - Moth

"Alex is as professional as they get. But I'll never know what she saw in All-Star." - Thundrax

"Sparrowhawk is a good example of someone without powers being as dangerous as someone with powers. She's driven, but, man, She needs to learn to relax and smell the roses, she's always so tense." - Imp (Angel Anderson)

"I think Sparrowhawk has more than one biggest asset. I mean, I did put her in my comm under 'Titmouse' for a reason. Two reasons, actually. Maybe you shouldn't write this down... I kinda prefer eating without a straw." - Jinn

"Sparrowhawk is more than just a formidable fighter. She's intelligent, fast on her feet, and seems to know a little bit about everything. I'm honored she has chosen to teach me. Sometimes, however, I feel like there's no pleasing her. Not that I'm looking for praise, but I think those with less confidence would crumble under her tutelage." - Faith


RP Hooks


  • As head of The Protectors, Sparrowhawk often sends adventurers all across the world on adventures. She is always on the look out for new individuals to assist her in engaging in missions based on their areas of expertise.
  • Sparrowhawk was an agent of both UNTIL and GLOBE; as such she has numerous connections to a wide variety of organizations. Currently she often finds herself fielding and assembling missions and response teams for various crises about the world.
  • Sparrowhawk has a multitude of connections worldwide. From agents to super heroes to others in varied fields that helped train and raise her to become the heroine she is today. Pretty much whichever country she goes she is likely to have a connection of some sort from her past.
  • Sparrowhawk currently leads the Protectors of the World which is UNTIL affiliated. Sparrowhawk is one of the more prominent crime fighters and her high profile allows her to know a wealth of people.
  • With her combat training, Sparrowhawk makes for an excellent instructor or mentor. Having the skill sets she does she can provide a wealth of knowledge to anyone seeking to be a better and more proficient crime fighter. While not always around to assist, Sparrowhawk does allow certain people who are not Protectors charter members access to their Training Room.
  • Is more than willing to go on undercover assignments, as that was her forte while with UNTIL. As stated before, she is a master of assuming identities. One can never be quite sure where she might be at any time.
  • Due to her exploits often taking place outside of Millennium City, she can literally be found at almost any place on Earth.
  • If your character is a veteran hero or heroine (10-20 years or so) or has an UNTIL affiliation, Sparrowhawk may have trained under them in any number of fields.


Sparrow by gaivengainer-d90qnay.jpg

Sparrowhawk: Game On

Sparrowhawk learns that a little cosplay is more dangerous than the usual crime in Millennium City.


Sparrowhawk: Through A Villain's Eyes

A tale told between two villains in Stronghold prison regarding Sparrowhawk.

Sparrowhawk and All-Star: Love, American Style

A lovely morning for our heroine becomes a fight for her life against an old enemy of All-Star's.

Sparrowhawk: The Hand Which Strikes...

The hand which strikes also blocks. Sparrowhawk faces off against Blackward for the fate of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Sparrowhawk: Sparrow's Song

Sparrowhawk is forced to look back on the fallout of the events of the Eugenics War and the toll it has taken on her.

Sparrowhawk: Unmasked

While returning from an overseas adventure, Sparrowhawk discovers one of her Protectors' identities has been compromised.

Sparrowhawk: One Lucky Dog

When Thundrax entrusts Sparrowhawk with a bit of his legacy, it may pose her toughest (and most slobbery) challenge yet.

Sparrowhawk: Ghosts & Goblins, Smoke & Mirrors

After a famous stage magician is murdered, she is suddenly found once more... alive? Sparrowhawk finds herself on the trail of a cold blooded killer.

Sparrowhawk: Speed Dating

When Alex is told that she needs to find a man, the best she can do is find trouble instead.

Sparrowhawk: Extraction

Sparrowhawk and a mysterious young boy must outrace VIPER!

Sparrowhawk: Silent Night

A holiday visit to a family member is marked by questions of what the future holds.

Sparrowhawk: Futures Imperfect - Connecting The Dots

In the timeline of FUTURE IMPERFECT, Sparrowhawk realizes that for the future to survive, everything she loves must perish.


  • Sparrowhawk is an established international heroine, especially popular in Europe, parts of Asia and South America. She maintains a residence in Millennium City but her solo crime fighting escapades typically take place out of the country.
  • Sparrowhawk's forays into investments, stocks and patents have earned her a whopping 4.6 billion dollar fortune. She is exceptionally shrewd with money, especially with things like the Protectors' operating costs. She does not allude to her wealth more or walk in high society circles as she wants to avoid the undue attention it can draw.
  • Horribly overuses the words 'charming' and 'lovely'.
  • When she curses, it is often in foreign languages.
  • Sparrowhawk briefly owned a long haired German Shepherd she named Thunder. Thunder, originally called 'Hobo', belonged to the Canadian hero Thundrax and he temporarily resided with the Protectors in the Barlowe Building, serving as an unofficial mascot during the time Thundrax was believed deceased. Hobo's origin can be found in the short story Sparrowhawk: One Lucky Dog. Though Hobo has returned to Thundrax, she is still incredibly attached to him.
  • Has a penchant for older movies if she is ever in the mood. Enjoys films from the early to late 30s. Loves romantic comedies and Busby Berkeley musicals.
  • Prefers jazz and blues music. Fan of singers such as Billie Holliday and Bessie Smith.
  • Gives amazing shiatsu and Thai massage.
  • Often has her nose in a book or tablet researching something.
  • Defeated super villain Bulldozer in one punch (and one knee to the groin) which was recorded and went viral, garnering over one million hits in its first week.
  • Lives out of boxes, typically. Alex doesn't spend enough time at any one place to settle down and decorate.
  • The sheer amount of both trivial and practical knowledge she wields is stunning. Alex is usually the first pick in any game of Trivial Pursuit that the Protectors of the World play, even though no one really wants her due to her long diatribes over answers.
  • Is a closet conspiracy theorist.
  • Alex will at times complain of fake migraines. This is usually a sign she is getting annoyed or bothered.
  • Habitual eye roller.
  • Sparrowhawk suffers from perfectionism as well as light obsessive compulsive disorder. She displays at times neurotic behavior though she attempts to control it. Small inconsequential things like food labels facing forward at times grate her nerves far beyond what they should.
  • Due to her attempting to control some of the unsavory issues created by her hyperthymesia, Sparrowhawk does not hold onto items or collect them for sentimental reasons. Her room at the Barlowe is sparsely decorated and contains absolutely no mementos.
  • Alex is an extremely talented stage magician and illusionist. She was taught by the retired 1970s hero The Crimson Conjuror.
  • Alex is a huge racing fan and enjoys it herself on a non competitive level.
  • With the PR backing of Thundrax's Flux-Carson Enterprises, Sparrowhawk began The Justin Channing Foundation. This endeavor was to assist people legally, financially, and emotionally who have lost loved ones due to violent crime. Justin Channing was the son of Senator Oliver Channing from Texas and enhanced through genetic manipulation like Sparrowhawk was. Senator Channing was a head member of the Apotheosis Project and had a hand in inadvertently murdering Justin by submitting him to a neurological control device. Before he died, Justin Channing was able to help expose not only his father but several other members of the organization.
  • A good voice actress for Alex Harper would be Sharon Stone.
  • Sparrowhawk draws inspiration from heroes such as Midnighter, Ozymandias, Captain America, Black Widow, Black Canary, and Batman.
  • Sparrowhawk has her own HeroClix card and dial, courtesy of Calamity Cain!



Allergic To Routine - Constantly needing to stay busy, one thing Sparrowhawk ensures she lacks is boredom.

Attack Its Weak Point - Sparrowhawk can find weak points to exploit, allowing her to tackle things considered far stronger than herself.

Being Personal Isn't Professional - Sparrowhawk, even with her friends, isn't the most engaging person. She's incredibly focused on her job to the degree that her personal relationships often suffer because of it.

Combat Clairvoyance - One of her most handy abilities, Sparrowhawk can actually ascertain instinctively what someone will do in combat and react accordingly.

Combat Pragmatist - Sparrowhawk fights to win. Rules are great, but they aren't always going to turn the tide towards victory. If she needs to play dirty, she will without hesitation.

Consummate Professional - Because it's all in a day's work. Sparrowhawk has a no nonsense, can do attitude that always seeks results.

Challenge Seeker - This is Sparrowhawk's main driving force. She lives to find the next challenge to overcome.

Charles Atlas Superpower - Though essentially 'just a regular human', Sparrowhawk has abilities obviously above and beyond what any normal, real life human could ever have.

Crazy Prepared - Always believing that Plan A needs a Plan B and a Plan C because it never hurts, Sparrowhawk is crazy prepared for most anything. Her contingency plans usually have contingency plans at the ready... because you NEVER KNOW.


Defrosting Ice Queen - Sparrowhawk is extremely tightly wound. She's also not the friendliest to peers. She's slowly, very slowly trying to work on it. Really.

Femme Fatale - Who doesn't love a woman dressed in a skin tight black outfit?

Good Is Not Nice - In Sparrowhawk's case, it can be downright unpleasant.

Jerk With a Heart of Gold - While she can be extremely unkind to her peers, Sparrowhawk is actually one of the more empathetic and sympathetic heroes to those she protects and is usually the first to ensure their safety.

Jerkass Has A Point - Sure, teams may not like to listen to what she has to say, but Sparrowhawk is usually right. Not to mention that she often finds others defer to her tactical input in missions.

Hot Scientist - Sparrowhawk is well versed in the sciences.

Hyper Awareness - With her keen detective abilities and even her ability to locate weak points, Sparrowhawk is highly perceptive.

Improbable Age - She's mastered more martial arts than years she's been alive. Thank god for comics.

Master of Disguise - Sparrowhawk has been trained in disguise from some of the world's greatest. Something she used with UNTIL, she still employs it as Sparrowhawk in order to infiltrate organizations and gather information.

Muscle Are Meaningless - With her skill sets and amazing martial arts ability Sparrowhawk actually can go toe to toe with others that would be considered much stronger than herself. Sure, a big bruiser can lift tanks with his pinky... but she can knock him out with just one properly placed touch.

The Paralyzer - see 'Touch of Death'.

The Perfectionist - A perfectionist through and through. Though it may be a little too much, at times with Sparrowhawk displaying some rather peculiar OCD tendencies. She may be 'perfect', but she's also a little crazy.

Photographic Memory - While not actually a photographic memory, Sparrowhawk possesses hyperthymesia... perfect autobiographical memory. She can recall the smallest details of the majority of her life.

Pre- Ass Kicking One Liner - Every villain gets their own before a fight. You'd think she prepared cue cards or something beforehand.

Pressure Point - With years of specialized training under her belt, Sparrowhawk knows all there is about pressure points and their effects on the body. She can heal certain types of wounds or even kill just by simple touch.

Rapid Fire Fisticuffs - With the assistance of a little chi, Sparrowhawk can belt opponents in the face more than a few times before they even begin to raise their hand.

Renaissance (Wo)Man - Sparrowhawk knows a lot about a lot. She knows a great deal about important things as well as completely random things. Sometimes she comes across like a human Google by the sheer volume of information she possesses.

The Smart Girl - Sparrowhawk possesses a huge amount of skills under her belt as well as a membership to MENSA.

Spin To Deflect Stuff - Those batons are for more than just bopping people on the head. Sparrowhawk can actually use then, paired with her incredible reaction time, to literally deflect things like bullet fire that may come her way.

Surrounded By idiots - Sparrowhawk often finds herself easily annoyed by other super heroes, vigilantes and other interested parties who fight crime. She believes that many of them are not as prepared or well trained as they could or should be.

Tall, Dark and Snarky - Also Leggy, Blonde and Snarky. Sparrowhawk's good at what she does and she knows it. She also doesn't mind pointing out how others don't know as much as she does, much to their ire.

Touch of Death - Sure, Sparrowhawk may lack a fun regenerative healing power, super strength, controlling the elements or even the ability to turn into a werewolf, but she has mastered martial arts that literally disable or kill by simple touch. Not exactly a bad trade off.

Theme Music


Poison Lips
Electric Six
Danger High Voltage (Soul Mix)
Army of Me
Kish Mauve
Lose Control
Daft Punk
End of Line
North Star
Le Matos
Playtime Is Over

Art Gallery

Sparrowhawk's Uniform: 2012-2014

Sparrowhawk's Uniform: 2014-2016

Sparrowhawk's Uniform: 2016-

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