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The Vigilant
Violet Mask
Violet's original look.
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Moonlighters, Citadel
Real Name
Violet Halford (Yang)
Purple Pugilist, Violent Mask, Sunshine.
Jan 30, 1995
Oswego, New York
Millennium City
Millennium City
Legal Status
No criminal record
Marital Status
Dating (Drake Firson, Mr. Blank/Swordsaint)
· Known Relatives ·
Rachel Halford (Mother, Deceased), Vince Halford (Father, Deceased), Cuifen Yang (Adopted Mother, Golden Dragonfly VI)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Athletic, lean
Blonde (dyed green)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Multiple facial and body scars, multiple ear piercings, lip piercing, green hair.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
· Equipment ·
Various shurikens (explosive, high explosive and regular), flash and smoke bombs, dual reinforced batons, various knives, Boomstick, grappling hook.
· Other Abilities ·
Trained martial artist and acrobat. Skilled in stealth, breaking and entering and explosives handling.


Violet is 5'5", has short dyed hair and cold, piercing blue eyes. She has recently changed her uniform to a dark purple military style jacket, tight pants, armored boots and bracers with purple tinted goggles and a simple, filtered mask. She has a scar hidden by her hair on the right side of her head where she was shot, one through her right brow and another down through her lips on the left side of her face. Her body has several prominent scars, mostly across her arms and torso.


Violet Halford lost her parents when she was six in a car crash that killed them and two of their friends. It was two years before Golden Dragonfly, looking for a challenge and desiring a worthy heir for her legacy decided to adopt the sad little blonde girl after a few months of searching. Though her parenting skills left something to be desired, Golden Dragonfly was a rather good teacher and trained the girl for several years in the style she took her name from as well as in less savory criminal arts. She even took the girl on several 'missions' during this training, giving her a taste of the criminal lifestyle she was to inheret.

Violet's training was quite brutal as well. Dragonfly had no room for mercy and felt things like social interaction and a general education would be a distraction. After all, it was how she was raised and she turned out fine. The few people Violet interacted with during her chiildhood were Dragonfly's colleagues and goons, people a young girl would have no interest in. Dragonfly also neglected to take care of her obvious emotional issues as well, instead forcing her to focus her efforts totally on her training.

In the years that Violet knew Dragonfly she had time to grow to be unimpressed with her. She was lazy, arrogant and overly prideful. Despite her skill she frequently took jobs that seemed beneath her and had a habit of letting her greed get the better of her. Violet contemplated leaving her to strike out on her own and become the opposite of everything she was when... she vanished, apparently having to go on the run to avoid some other criminals she had screwed over over the years. She found that she hadn't just grown to dislike Dragonfly... she had come to hate her and everything she stood for. Violet immediately went out on her own and began a hero career as a rather violent vigilante.

In her short time as a 'hero' she's attracted little attention but what she has gotten is negative. She has a habit of badly injuring criminals and doesn't seem to have any guidance. Some have suggested that she just wants to hurt people and they might not be too far off. When she was seventeen, Violet was recruited by Mr. Blank to join the Moonlighters. This group has not just given her focus, it's also given her a group of people with similar goals to interact with and people that can lend her support. Over time, she's finding that there's something more than her life of constant training and crime fighting.

After Moonlighters dissolved she became a part of a few other groups (the most important being Citadel) before going off on her own again. She drifted a bit, relearning some bad habits while trying to branch out a bit more. She's recently run into an old ally who's offered her a spot with his group. Only time will tell what this new team has in store for the young vigilante.


Violet is not well socialized. She rarely speaks, but when she does she uses short sentences with few words. She doesn't like others getting close to her and especially dislikes people touching her. She is also barely literate and in a city of super geniuses often feels embarassed by her lack of formal learning.

She is slowly overcoming her various social issues and phobias thanks to her teammates.


-Golden Dragonfly: Violet is trained in the Golden Dragonfly style, which focuses on fast, brutal strikes involving knees and elbows and making use of batons or knives. This style is practiced only by Golden Dragonfly and members of her legacy and is somewhat infamous. It is designed to kill and maim, but Violet has done an admirable job adapting it to be less lethal.

-Intense Training: Violet is a skilled acrobat, trained in the use of stealth and breaking and entering. She also has some skill setting and disarming explosives. These skills were all part of Golden Dragonfly's efforts to make her a worthy successor to her legacy.


--Violet carries a variety of equipment with her. This is a short list.

-Shurikens: These come in several different flavors. Standard explosive, high explosive (brick busting), flash bang, sonic burst, knock out gas, smoke.

-Spheres: These little purple orbs carry a similar payload to the shurikens and are used in situations where they would be more appropriate.

Violet, new uniform and hairstyle.

-Grapple Gun: Pretty standard for a vigilante. You have to get to those rooftops so you can brood somehow. Violet has used this device offensively from time to time.

-Listening Device: An earpiece used to picking up distant conversations. The device focuses in the direction Violet is looking through a link in her goggles and has an auto dampening feature in case of sudden, loud noises.Most of what she picks up is recorded.

-Goggles: Violet's goggles are flash resistant, durable and linked to her listening device and a recording device.

-Distance Scope: A long range scope that fits over her goggles, it has night vision, thermal and UV features.

-Tonfas: Violet's tonfas are heavily reinforced so she doesn't break them on harder targets and well balanced so they aren't unwieldy.

-Pellet Bomb: A new device. A large purple bomb made to explode and launch high velocity, armor piercing pellets with intent to distract or cripple rather than kill. The pellets are made to lose penetration power after breaking through a hard surface so they don't punch through the softer targets underneath.

-Clinging Smoke: This bomb releases a chemical that, while harmless to most organic material, is capable of slightly expanding and hardening inorganic material to the point it will become brittle. This works especially well on most conventional firearms and renders armor heavier and less flexible.

-Dummy Bomb: This bomb is a scare tactic and used for distraction. Once armed it makes loud, high pitched noises and on detonating it fires off a handful of small spheres that explode like small, mostly harmless firecrackers.

-Armored Uniform: Violet's uniform contains thin, flexible armor plates sewn inside. The amount of protection provided is rather small but it's better than nothing.

-Violet Mask: The current mask contains a simple filter in case of gas attacks.

Important NPCs

-Harvard Neely: Harvard is a part time superhero and weapons developer for defense contractor Altech Defensive Solutions. He supplies Violet with some of her more exotic equipment and the armor plating she uses in her uniform. They share a purely professional relationship and neither one knows much about the other.


Golden Dragonfly VI

-Golden Dragonfly: Cuifen Yang is the sixth Golden Dragonfly in a long line of criminal mercenaries and assassins bearing the same name. She follows admirably in the footsteps of her predecessors, using the Golden Dragonfly style for personal gain. Normally, this style and the training techniques that went along with it are passed down from mother to daughter but Cuifen was not interested in having a child herself so she searched for one to adopt. After a short search, Violet caught her eye. A quiet girl with cute blonde hair and sharp little blue eyes. One that she saw potential in and would be quite appropriate for the traditions she was breaking.

She trained the girl for over eight years in the Golden Dragonfly style before having to vanish. Several deals she had made in the past had fallen through and she owed several favors she couldn't repay. After taking care of these loose ends (by killing over twenty people over the course of two years) she is now looking for her wayward daughter...


-Despite her violent ways, Violet has never killed anyone. She has come close several times though and has pulled herself back from the brink each time.

-Violet doesn't seem to be afraid of many things (or at the very least she keeps them well buried), but one fear she is not very good at hiding is her fear of spiders.

-Seems to have no posessions that are special to her. She could easily uproot herself and leave if she needed to. It's unknown where she gets enough money to afford even the tiny apartment she lives in.

Thoughts on the Moonlighters

-Nightchild: "Not serious enough. Cut back on the jokes. Interesting background."

-Mr. Blank: "Strange man. Complicated. Believed in me."

-Ghost Owl: "Seems wise. Literally haunted. Good fighter."

-Panacea: "Useful powers. Good to talk to."

-Racer Red: "Big mouth. Doesn't seem like much. Possibly in for wrong reasons."

-Astraea Ling: "Professional. Maybe too much. Wants me to change."

-Swordsaint: "Passionate about the job. Interesting mask. Nice bike."

-Skywake: "Strange hair. Urban ninja."

-Censor: "Odd person. Very strange personality. Likes to talk. Good person."

-Optics: "Fool. Not half as good as she thinks."

-Lycan: "Strange dog. Noisy."

-Elegy: "Well dressed. Very talented. Useful powers."

-Ripclaw: "Loudmouth. Crass. No respect for him."

-Jiangshi: "Calls me Sunshine. Silly person. Could be more serious."

-Ul' Thurga: "Strange thing. Slow to react."

-Cobalt Crush: "Immature. Loudmouth."

-Chinook: "Too nice."

Other Friends and Aquaintances

-Anarchy: "Level headed. Good leader. Responsible."

-Nightwave: "Blank's old sidekick. Seems cocky. Never heard of her."

-Ophidia: "Fun person. Very unusual."

-Divael: "Ridiculously nice. Apparently part elf."

-Trouble Maker: "Friendly. Eager to teach. Impressive combatant."

-Renny Two-Hand: "Secretive."

-Crow: Quiet. More paranoid than me. Another elf..."

What Others Think About Violet

-What do other heroes think about the Violet Vigilante?-

Astraea Ling: "She is so full of anger: I am not sure if her spirit can remain free of the darkness she battles with on every night."

Mr. Blank: "Reminds me of myself when I first started. Not a good thing."

Fei Ling (Jiangshi): "I can tell something or someone hurt her a long while ago. She has a hard time opening up. And even if she's a little brutal in combat, she's still a good girl. Here's hoping she learns to smile more often."

Blue Freedom: "She looks like a fucking chia pet."

Anarchy: "Violet is someone I want to be there for, thick or thin. Her laugh is adorable and her smile is genuine to the point where its a little reminder that despite all the shit we get into, there's an enjoyment of the smaller things. I want her to have those moments and be able to savor them too."

Natasha Roy: "Violet seems a bit young to look so..." She pauses, eyes shifting as she searches for her words. "Jaded, I guess would be the term. It makes me unable to know how to approach at time, but I want to get to know her better. But at least, I'm glad she's making apparent efforts, socially speaking."

Reynold Graves: "Interesting kid. She has the skill and equipment that suggests a few more years of experience. Now, if only. She could stop. Talking like Shatner."

Arunee Prem: "She seems like a kindred spirit. There's hurt there. I know it. I'll be there for her."

Myrymma: "I do not know how much progress Violet has made in her life, but she is doing far better than I at her age. I will share what I know with her if it ever comes to the point that she needs guidance. For now, she is doing admirably on her own. She is a strong girl."

Victory: "I've only worked with her in the field a few times, against Jarl, but she's pretty good at what she does and doesn't waste any time with messing around. She kinda reminds me of Soldier Boy. Maybe a bit more violent, if that's possible."

Sparrowhawk: "One of Millennium City's better combatants. She could definitely use some work on her verbal communication skills. Violet has an interesting lineage. While we are by no means close I still find it prudent to keep an eye on her from a distance. To be honest I don't believe she's cut out for crime fighting, but she was raised from birth almost with a skill set to fight... So it's either going to work for hurting or helping others. I'm merely thankful she chose the latter."

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