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Player: @Aerostream
"There's a bad omen in the air, tonight."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Myrymma Selxin'drae
Known Aliases: Myr
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Ethnicity: Drow (Dark Elf)
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millenium City, Michigan
Relatives: N/A (All deceased)
Age: 27
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 87 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: White
Complexion: Dark, smooth
Physical Build: Athletic, thin
Physical Features: N/A
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 9
Citizenship: U.S.
Occupation: Freelance Vigilante/Spy/Infiltrator/Engineer
Education: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Inherent magic
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Orion & Taurus (twin pistols); The Nine Hells (knives); Numerous technological gadgets
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

A surface-born drow raised among an elite assassin's guild, Myrymma left when her parents died on a botched mission, seeing nothing left tying her to the guild. A few years later, she's learned the concept of morality (to a degree), and has slowed down on the killing, but still maintains her assassin's mannerisms and tendencies. Even though she works on the side of good, now (or maybe because), as a vigilante and "freelance employee", she's still heavily paranoid and isn't above fighting dirty and using tricks, traps, and poisons to capture and disable her opponents.



Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Born July 8th, 1987 to a pair of drow who were exiled from their underground homes and found a new one in a mysterious assassin's guild, Myrymma was raised to be a silent killer from the moment she could remember her lessons. As Myrymma grew, it became quickly apparent that she was not only naturally suited to the skillset of a stealthy assassin, but that she also had a genius-level intellect, and the group's tech expert took it upon himself to teach her as much as he could about machines and engineering.
"The world will be your playground, its people... your toys. And they will learn to fear your name... 'Crow'."
By the time she was 16, she was already one of the guild's most skilled assassins, combining her marksman and martial arts skills with her gadgets to be an incredibly effective murdering machine, and she had even garnered a nickname in the criminal world of the "Crow", due to the way she operated. At this point, however, after a few incidents involving her seeing the lives of her targets and the consequences of her actions, she began to believe the life of an assassin was not for her.

Free Bird

To Myrymma, the deaths of her parents on a botched mission was a sign that this wasn't her destiny, to live out the rest of her life as an assassin, a tool to carry out the black desires of someone else's heart. She left shortly after, leaving her former life behind. However, with her new-found freedom, she didn't know what to do. She had no goals, no contacts, let alone any money. For now, she decided, she would become a bounty hunter, and hunt down criminals fleeing the law for money, and the name "Crow" once again resurfaced in the whispers of the criminal underground. She traveled the country, eventually finding her place in a group of like-minded individuals who eventually called themselves "The Blackbirds" after Myrymma's nickname, and they became a very effect group of bounty hunters, taking on some of the largest marks in the country. With her new sense of camaraderie among this group of people, Myrymma believed she had finally found her place in the world. That is, until the actions of a traitor 6 years later tore it all apart.

A Black Omen

Serena Alders, one of the Blackbirds Myrymma was closest to, as well as being her lover, led the Blackbirds to another job. For the small ragtag group of bounty hunters, it seemed easy enough. That is, until Serena turned the tables on them by revealing it was all a trap. Myrymma herself fought Serena, though due to conflicted feelings, she found herself unable to fight at full potential while her allies fought Serena's backup by themselves. In the end, the ambush was fought off, and Serena retreated, but the battle left Myrymma badly injured alongside a few other companions and most of the Blackbirds were killed in the fight. Deciding this was the end of their tirade as a bounty hunter group, and rumor spread that Crow had died in the ambush. While this is not 100% true, and many still believe the former-assassin still stalks the shadows, the general consensus is that Crow no longer operates as either an assassin or a bounty hunter, dead or alive.


Myrymma is, first and foremost, quiet, taciturn, and stoic. When she does speak, she does so quietly and nearly in a monotone due to her sensitive ears, her upbringing as an assassin and the way her brain operates, which has made her passive due to years of following orders. As a result, she disdains the responsibilities of a leader and much prefers to follow. She also prefers her presence in an area to be as small as possible out of habit and paranoia. While she doesn't necessarily believe everyone is out to get her, she trusts no one until they've proven themselves over time, which, depending on the person, could take anywhere from weeks to months and even years. While Myrymma comes as emotionless at first, she is far from it, and though she is trained to keep herself calm, restricting extreme bouts of emotion, she is easy to irritate, disappoint, or amuse due to her elven nature. In a similar vein, despite her heavy preference for analysis and patience on the battlefield, during every day life she tends to be aloof and act on impulse. Posessing her own, unusual (and sometimes dark) sense of humor, Myrymma will often find the strangest things to be worth a smirk or chuckle, and tends to make jokes that few, if anyone but her, understand.
Now, Myrymma watches over the city as one of its many protectors.
Despite her dark upbringing and less-than-friendly disposition, Myrymma is not a bad person, more than willing to help people outside of her paycheck. Even then, she tends to help for less than offered. One major aspect to her personality is her inability for social conflict; she is literally incapable of being "catty" to someone, and is not capable of arguing. This does not mean everyone she talks to likes her (quite the opposite), it's just that arguments tend not to last around her. She also prefers the non-lethal approach to crimefighting, even though she herself admits that it would be much easier for her to just kill every criminal or villain she comes across due to her skillset, though there are rare exceptions to this. Even with all of these observations, much of Myrymma's personality remains a mystery, even to those who have known her for an extended period of time. It isn't uncommon for her to act or react in a completely different manner than expected, and no one can claim to truly know the inner workings of the ex-assassin drow's mind.

Powers and Abilities

Skills and Abilities

Myrymma was very good at what she did. And still is.


Myrymma is a highly-skilled and trained marksman, whether with her twin pistols Orion and Taurus or her sniper rifle, Heracles. Possessing 120/20 vision in each eye, she can see incredible distances while maintaining normal sight at short ranges, making her an excellent shot, even at great distances. This is assisted by her almost computer-like brain, which can calculate proper changes in windspeed, bullet fall, and trajectory in merely a few seconds. In addition, her elven dexterity and reflexes make even moving targets easy shots for her.

Elven Senses

Myrymma's senses of hearing, sight (especially her sight, as mentioned above), and smell are all leagues above a human's in terms of functionality, as not only does she possess the natural elven perceptive skills, but she has also honed them through years of training. She can hear things that even dogs would miss, see things out of the corner of her eye that others may not see even while directly looking at (and can see them in pitch-black darkness, lacking any light!), and has a nose like that of a bloodhound's. When she says she smells blood on you, hears the cry of a person three blocks down, or sees someone where you can't, chances are she's telling the truth.

Computer-Like Brain

Myrymma's brain works at the speed of a supercomputer, and even inputs (and outputs) information like one. Though most of the reasoning behind Myrymma's cold, emotionless behavior is a result of her psychological conditioning and training, another part is due to the way her brain handles data. To the few who open her up to them, this becomes far more obvious, as while Myrymma is perfectly willing to display emotions, they're still on a subdued scale. The sheer speed at which her brain processes all incoming information is so fast that it tends to overwhelm most psionics attempting to infiltrate her thoughts. In addition, she has an eidetic memory, though unlike most, she can actually choose to purposefully forget something, although the detail is lost forever if she does, much like an actual computer (unless, of course, she "re-learns" this data). This has lead to multiple rumors perpetuated by her colleagues and associates that she is, in fact, simply an android masquerading as a drow, for reasons unknown. This is, of course, false.

Physical Training

Despite her lithe frame, Myrymma is very strong for her size, easily reaching close to the peak of human physical fitness of a man twice her size. She can currently run up to 60 MPH, and can dead lift 800 pounds. Despite this level of fitness, she can't seem to overcome the elven natural fragility, and is still pretty easy to beat up and break, physically.
Myrymma is pretty darn agile.

Martial Arts & Chi Manipulation

Myrymma's focus on guns lead many to believe she isn't capable in close-quarters combat. This is far from the truth, however, as Myrymma is just as skilled in martial arts, even to the point of being able to manipulate her chi, or spirit/life energy. This comes in handy for speeding up her natural regeneration as well as suppressing her chi to help mask her presence. She often utilizes these skills paired with the bladed "bayonets" on her pistols or the Nine Hells, but she is equally proficient while unarmed. In addition, Myrymma can regulate her bodily functions to the point where she only needs to eat and sleep for a short period every few days. She must still intake water on a more regular basis to keep healthy, however.

Genius-level I.Q.

Possessing an I.Q. of 228, Myrymma is an expert in multiple fields due to her quick grasp of anything that interests her, from medical knowledge to gaming skills, supplemented by her brain's capabilities. This mostly shows itself in her amazing mathematical skills and engineering ability, which, aside from her physical abilities, are her greatest skill.

Hiding her presence allows her to sneak up even on wary psions.

Engineering Knowledge

Because of her genius I.Q., Myrymma is an engineering expert, able to craft things from weapon mods, gadgets, custom ammo and vehicles to custom appliances and computers. While she usually puts this to use for her own interests, sometimes these skills become necessary with certain jobs she undertakes, which usually involve repairs or disabling machines.

Medical Knowledge

Although for reasons other than healing the sick and mending broken bones, Myrymma has been extensively trained in medical practices and human (and humanoid) anatomy. This not only allows her to know what will heal what in the field, but also taught her where to hit someone and with what, giving her about a hundred different options to kill someone at any given moment. In addition, combined with her elven senses and martial arts training (above), Myrymma can even predict the movements of an enemy by listening to the person's heartbeat and breath, watching their movements, and reacting accordingly. Of course, this knowledge only applies to creatures with a similar biology to humans; aliens or animals with bizarre anatomy will be far less likely to being subject to Myrymma's knowledge.

Psychological Knowledge

Myrymma knows what makes your head tick. She knows what makes his and her head tick. She knows how you think, what you fear, and most importantly, how to exploit it and completely mind-fuck you. We're not talking phobias, or spiders, or thunder... We're talking the little, naggling fears in the back of your head, the ones that give you nightmares, that make you wish for death. And if she's resorted to these methods, chances are that's exactly what she's willing to provide. Who says an assassin can't be without some semblance of mercy?


While few would call it a skill, Myrymma has been conditioned to possess the patience befitting a legendary assassin. Combined with the ability to regulate her body functions (such as the need to eat, drink, and dispose of waste), Myrymma can literally sit and wait in one spot, not moving an inch, for days. This is exceptionally useful while waiting for a mark, as they may or may not pass by the expected position at the expected time. This also bleeds into social encounters, being perfectly willing to talk with an individual as long as is necessary to calm them down or deal with unwanted individuals.

Skilled Pianist

Myrymma knows how to play the piano. She's pretty good at it, too. Just so you know. 'Cause she is.


Detect Magic

Myrymma can passively detect any and all magic within 60 feet of the direction she faces that isn't behind a thick, dense obstacle, such as 6 inches of stone or a foot of wood. This ability can be mislead by various wards and other magical abilities, but otherwise Myrymma constantly detects magical energies via this ability.

Feather Fall

Myrymma can slow the descent of herself or a group of people nearby so that they fall at a slow 10 feet per second, which slows upon landing so that the subjects of the effect can land safely with no injury. The effect only lasts a minute and a half, however, so if, for whatever reason, the subject(s) do not land within the time limit, they will resume falling as normal.


On touching an object or person, Myrymma can cause the touched object or person to emanate a cloud of pitch-black darkness that extends out to 20 feet from the emanation point. This darkness is magical in nature and allows no light to pass through. Only creatures that can see in pure darkness (such as Myrymma) can see while inside the cloud. Since there is no light inside the cloud, devices such as night-vision do not function due to the lack of light inside it. Because of its magical nature, the cloud can be dispelled by magical means, otherwise the darkness lasts for 15 minutes.

"Just because I like guns does not mean I cannot kill you with my thumb."

Dancing Lights

Myrymma can create up to four lights that resemble lanterns or torches, casting the same amount of light, up to four glowing balls of light that resemble will-o'-wisps, or one, faintly-glowing humanoid shape. These lights, if more than one, must stay within 10 feet of each other and can move up to 250 ft. away from Myrymma. Because of their magical nature, the lights can be dispelled by magical means, otherwise the lights last for 15 minutes.

Faerie Fire

Myrymma can cause a pale glow to surround one creature within her line of sight, approximately the same amount of light as a candle. This light penetrates darkness (even magical darkness, such as Myrymma's above-mentioned ability), and does not fade when the subject becomes invisible, is not affected by optical illusions (unless produced by a stronger magical effect than the faerie fire), or similar effects. Because of its magical nature, the glow can be dispelled by magical means, otherwise the glow lasts for 15 minutes.


Orion & Taurus

A pair of large pistols made out of the rare and normally-Atlantean metal Orichalcum, mysteriously colored black and gray, Orion and Taurus are both incredibly lightweight as well as incredibly durable. Featured in their workings are high-tech sound dampeners to prevent any possible damage to Myrymma's sensitive ears, as well as a hidden blade under the barrel, sometimes inappropriately called bayonets, which Myrymma has dubbed the "Crow's Talons", though she rarely calls them this out loud. The pistols are actually designed to fire .308 sniper rounds, and as such, cannot hold as many rounds as a normal pistol would, though this increases their firepower immensely. Because of their Orichalcum build, the guns can also store magical charges, allowing Myrymma to fire her innate magical abilities through them; for example, she can instead place the center of her Darkness ability on a building instead of next to her by firing a shot charged with the ability.

Even if it's not high-end, Myr's favorite gun store has everything she needs.


Heracles is Myrymma's semi-automatic sniper rifle, and while it isn't made out of Orichalcum like Orion and Taurus are, it is still well-made and has survived even longer than the two nigh-indestructable pistols, having been Myrymma's very first invention at the age of 8 and has been heavily customized and modified since. While it is just as capable of firing normal rounds at a much greater level of force than a normal sniper rifle, Heracles is also designed to fit multiple types of custom rounds, whether unique in design (such as squash rounds) or unique in function (such as her elemental-discharge rounds [see below]).

  • Elemental Discharge: When paired with special rounds constructed for this very purpose, Heracles can fire of incendiary, cryogenic, electrocution, and exploding rounds without ever changing magazines. With the help off an on-board computer, the gun injects each round with a special chemical depending on the type of round selected the moment before it's fired. As a downside, however, the rounds aren't nearly as effective as single rounds of the same type; for example, discharged incendiary rounds would only burn the target or set highly-flammable materials on fire, while normal incendiary rounds may set most anything flammable on fire.
  • Ammo Adaptation: Via the same on-board computer that regulate the elemental discharge, Myrymma can cause Heracles' barrel to adapt to various types of ammo that she owns depending on the type of power or piercing level she wishes to use. She can even fit custom rounds constructed by other people to fit Heracles.

A-102 Assassin's Armor

A prototype suit of combat armor Myrymma initially designed during her stint as an assassin, Myrymma has decided to resume her work on the armor. Its current functions include shock absorbers for covering for Myrymma's main weakness (her lack of physical fortitude), a rebreather for low-oxygen settings and poisonous environments, lead shielding for radioactive environments, and storage space for additional supplies in-field.


A knife resembling an ice pick, Avernus is small and Myrymma's most easily-hidden weapon of the Hells. Avernus is capable of piercing steel despite its size. Avernus is kept hidden in Myrymma's left sleeve.


An otherwise normal-looking knife with two blades on the same end. Cuts caused by this knife are very difficult to heal, both naturally (due to the nature of the wounds) or magically (due to an enchantment). Dis is kept hidden in Myrymma's left boot.


Hidden within the hilt of this large knife is a fine chain approximately ten feet long. When Myrymma doesn't have the time or ability to release her pistols from their mini-caps, she often uses Minauros to fight at a distance, or to strike an enemy at a distance with one of her knives without throwing it and possibly losing it. Minauros is hidden in Myrymma's left jacket pocket.


Built in appearance to a sai, Phlegethos nonetheless has a curved blade more suited for slashing and piercing. Phlegethos houses a poison that causes the victim's flesh to feel like it's on fire; the poison is released through the knife's blade by squeezing certain areas on the weapon's handle. Phlegethos is hidden in Myrymma's right boot.


A butterfly knife, Stygia houses a small bit of poison compared to the other poisoned knives - only enough for three uses. However, the poison inside, when it hits a person's bloodstream, quickly spreads, paralyzing the target within seconds. The poison lasts approximately three hours for a normal person. The poison is released when the blade impacts something. Stygia is hidden in Myrymma's right sleeve.

"It is when you believe you are safe that you are most vulnerable."


A swiss army knife, Malbolge has more unusual tools than a normal swiss army knife. Aside from the standard blade, Malbolge also houses a dispenser for tracking stickers, a miniature lock buster, a detonator for her caltrop and spider mines, and an extra dosage of Stygia's poison, just in case. Malbolge is kept in Myrymma's normal pockets, not necessarily hidden.


This knife houses two blades that split apart when revealed, setting the knife in a shape similar to a wingstick from RAGE. Indeed, this is the funciton of Maladomini, a boomerang-style knife with a homing computer, housing a powerful halluciongen poison inside its hilt. The poison is released when either of the blades impact something. Maladomini is hidden in Myrymma's right jacket pocket.


Serrated with very fine blades, Cania is easily Myrymma's most technological knife. Though it lacks a hidden poison, it contains a shock system that activates when a tugging motion is applied to the knife's hilt. In addition to the serrated blade, once Myrymma stabs someone with this knife, it's unlikely that they will be able to pull it out, unless they can resist the pain of the blades digging into their flesh, and the muscle-seizing shocks delivered by the knife. Cania is hidden in Myrymma's jacket, right over her solar plexus.


At a first glance, Nessus is a normal knife. However, the weapon is made out of pure Questionite, and hidden inside the hilt is a powerful, killing poison. The poison inside Nessus is some of the world's most lethal poison, asphyxiating the target within seconds, stopping their heart, or shutting down brain functions, depending on where it is released. As a result, Nessus is considered Myrymma's last-resort weapon. The poison is released when pressure is applied to certain areas in the hilt. Nessus is hidden in Myrymma's jacket, right over her heart.

Other Gadgets

Miniaturization Capsules

Myrymma's most commonly-used gadget, the Miniaturization Capsules (or Mini Caps for short) are capable of storing anything as large as up to 10 cubic feet in size inside their tiny, inch-long capsules. Myrymma commonly stores her pistols and rifle inside these capsules, and keeps others on hand for storing miscellaneous equipment she might need at some point. They can even store bodies and organic material, preserving them for up to one month before they begin to rot and go bad.

Net Balls

Inside these baseball-sized metal spheres are barbed nets, which Myrymma commonly uses to restrain her marks so they don't escape. The more the victim struggles, the deeper the barbs sink into their flesh, which usually discourages them to try and throw the net off, though it's still possible if they take their time and ignore the barbs.

  • Fake-out Balls: Myrymma also possesses multiple "fake" net balls for throwing people off guard. Instead of nets, these spheres often contain (usually) useless, distracting things, such as water, confetti, or even a teddy bear or two. Myrymma can distinguish these balls from the real ones by a very slight difference in size; normal Net Balls barely fit in the palm of her hand, while Fake-out Balls fit more comfortably.

Grapple Gun

A simple grappling hook launched by a pistol-like device. Nothing special, as this is Myrymma's usual mode of transportation in a big city when she isn't bothering to take her time and move stealthily.

Lock Buster

Myrymma's Lock Busters are devices that, when placed on a lock, will inject the keyhole with a special fluid that quickly corrodes and heavily damages the lock, making it useless from then on. Very useful for silently breaking into a locked area.


The Auto-Hacker is exactly what it says on the tin; a device that automatically hacks a computer or similar device. While certain levels of encryption may take it longer than Myrymma would, herself, it allows her to keep an eye out for anyone who might catch her in the act while the device does the work for her.

"Try and best me in martial arts. I will simply shoot you."

Constriction Coil

While the Net Balls are effective at capturing normal criminals, sometimes they aren't enough. Enter the Constriction Coil, a binding device specifically meant for restraining superhumans with increased strength and/or durability. The coils are made from a fine wire stemming from a small device. The device loops the wire around multiple times and tightens it firmly around the subject, an on-board computer calculating and adjusting the tightness according to how much the subject struggles. While the wire is tough to break, it can only handle so much, around 50 tons of outgoing force before it finally breaks.

Caltrop Mines

These small mines detonate on proximity rather than pressure, detecting large, sharp changes in heat in its surrounding area of about 5 feet. When they explode, the mines shower hundreds of small caltrops in a 10-foot area, which is meant to slow the progress of any possible pursuers or to discourage people from going down a certain path. Caltrop Mines have an adhesive backside, allowing them to be placed on floors, walls, and ceilings.

Spider Mine

Spider Mines are essentially moving, wall-climbing Caltrop Mines, meant to seek out and rain sharp, pointy pain on whoever they come across.

K.O.G. (Knock-out Gas)

Stored in small, medicine-like pellets, K.O.G. is normally a liquid that, upon contact with oxygen, diffuses into a clear, scentless gaseous state and is full of a neurotoxin that renders living creatures who inhale it to fall unconscious, the duration of unconsciousness determined by how much gas was inhaled. Myrymma often carries a satchel of 50 pellets on her at one time. Each pellet only contains enough gas to fill a 7x7 square foot cube before its effectiveness is diluted to near nothingness.

EMP Grenades

Exactly what it says on the tin - Electromagnetic Pulse Grenades used to disable electronic devices. One of the few gadgets Myrymma does not create herself, simply buying them off of the Black Market.

Sound Distorter

Myrymma makes use of this device during stealth moments when she feels the need to speak, but not give away her location. The Sound Distorter allows Myrymma to distort sound waves nearby her so they sound like they come from wherever she desires (within 25 meters); that cabinet across the room? Under that table? Or perhaps even the entire room itself?

Custom Ammo

Myrymma can't be a seasoned marksman without her very own set of customized ammunition for her guns!

  • Dryads: Special rounds designed only to work with Heracles' elemental discharge function (see above). For any other gun, they function as standard .308 armor piercing rounds.
  • Lightningbugs: Lightningbugs are rounds based off of All-Star's initial design, the Wallflies, that Myrymma had provided to her from Anarchy. Little else is changed about their purpose, instead modifying them to work with her Auto-Hacker.
  • Bloodhounds: Like with the Lightningbugs, the Bloodhounds are based off of the Greyhounds originating from All-Star, finding their way to Anarchy. Unlike the Lightningbugs, however, the Bloodhounds find themselves enhanced beyond the original capabilities of the Greyhounds, with a range of out to 300 feet. In addition, they interfere with any GPS signals that do not have a secret IFF code provided only to Citadel members.
  • Berserkers: Berserkers are infused with a special serum that, when entering the bloodstream or contacting the nervous system, causes adrenaline to pump throughout the subject's body, forcing them into Fight-or-Flight mode and interfering with their higher brain functions, effectively turning them into instinctual beasts that either flee for their lives or go into a frenzy with little thought to tactics.
  • Sleepy Boys: Flat, rubber-tipped rounds complete with needle and loaded chemicals, Sleepy Boys do as their name suggests; they are LTL (less-than-lethal) tranquilizer rounds. Impact may cause some bruising, but they are otherwise non-damaging. Each bullet is capable of taking down a full-grown man in excellent physical condition and otherwise act as tranquilizer darts.
  • Fat Mans: These are rounds Myrymma doesn't make very many of or use very often; the reason is simple - they are highly explosive rounds. Loaded with a miniature warhead, the tips of the bullets explode violently on impact, equivalent to a pack of C4. Most often used when Myr needs something out of the way and fast.
  • Stingers: Poisonous rounds used for delivering some of Myr's custom poisons, Stingers can possibly hold any of the poisons used in Myrymma's Nine Hells. On impact, they release the poison into the target.
  • Disruptors: Rounds that let loose minor electrical charges and re-route others while embedded in the target's nervous system, effectively throwing the target's movements with the target area out of balance. These rounds require extreme position, as they must be in contact with a person's nervous system (or a machine's circuitry/wiring!) to function properly.




There are very few people outside of former groups that Myrymma would consider friends, but those few unaffiliated with the same organizations as she are listed here.

  • King, Train, and Lily: Myrymma's pet dogs, King is a Black Labrador while Train is a Dalmatian and Lily is a Collie, and while King and Train are rather large for their size, Lily was the runt of her litter. Myrymma found King and Train on the street a couple of years ago after being left homeless for whatever reason, with King in Myrymma's custody two weeks before Train. King is a big softy and named so because he loves to be pampered and hides whenever he feels threatened, which is whenever a stranger is around (unless they're on a walk). Train, meanwhile, is far braver than his adoptive brother, but is also less attention-hogging. When Myrymma first came upon him, he kept attempting to tackle her in self-defense until he exhausted himself; Myrymma likened him to a train, and thus was his namesake. Lily was adopted when a colleague of Myrymma's put up their dogs' puppies for adoption, and was named after lily pads because she likes to sprawl out with all four legs out, as if she were a lily pad on water.
There was no job too difficult...

The Blackbirds

The former group of bounty hunters was Myrymma's first "real" family, though this was torn apart after 6 years by the traitor Serena Alders. Many of the group perished in the ambush, but a few still live, and remain in contact with Myrymma from time to time.

  • Trent Bolvenk: This Russian ex-KGB, disillusioned by his former group's goals and work methods, snuck into America and was hunted down by bounty hunters, himself. The CIA let him go in exchange for information and permission for him to be watched at all times. 7 years later, he became a bounty hunter himself, and eventually joined the Blackbirds. He was one of Myrymma's main influences that turned her away from killing due to his preference for diplomacy and non-lethal methods. These days, he serves as a personal trainer in New York, though he and Myrymma still keep in close contact.
  • Celia Graves: Trained by her military father at a young age, Celia practically grew up with a gun in her hand. She joined the U.S. Military as soon as she graduated, and was stationed in Iraq, where the true horrors of war were thrust upon her. She lasted 5 years before she resigned, and found herself jobless, idling time away at the gun range, where she was discovered by Myrymma and recruited into the Blackbirds. While she was incredibly reluctant, at first, the young woman eventually warmed up to the group. She was not present for the ambush that killed most of the Blackbirds, and she now works as a gun use trainer in Appleton, Wisconsin. She sometimes uses her contacts to supply Myrymma with ammunition when she cannot get it, herself.
  • Brendan Torque: A young man, only a year younger than Myrymma, Brendan was a young hunter who lost his father to a bear attack while the two were out hunting. He was saved by a passing Myrymma - who happened to be tracking a mark in that forest, and while she could not save his father, he joined up with the Blackbirds and quickly picked up the ability to use a gun in combat. Over time, he had fallen in love with the dark elf, but she was unable to return his feelings, discovering herself as homosexual. Even so, the young Brendan is still one of Myrymma's closest friends, and after the trap that killed most of the Blackbirds, Brendan decided to adamantly restore the group. He now leads the 20-something strong group of bounty hunters, and while Myrymma is no longer affiliated with them, she does offer her aid from time to time, which keeps the rumors that Crow still exists alive and going.
...or too dirty for Myrymma.

The Citadel

Shortly after the collapse of the Moonlighters, Myrymma was recruited into the folds of the vigilante group known as The Citadel, by Veronica Anne Arky, also known as the vigilante Anarchy. After a number of events, Myrymma has decided to place her trust in the organization, beginning to view it as another family of sorts.

  • Veronica Anne Arky: The leader of Citadel is Myr's first attachment to the group, and has become an important part of Myrymma's "true" family, and someone she trusts and cares for without question, the bond cementing itself after Veronica lost an arm and nearly dying to a telekinetic assassin, which Myrymma regrew that following night for Vivi, realizing how much she would hurt if Veronica died.
  • Reynold Graves: Yet another Citadelian whose past Myrymma can respect, she learned a lot about the man after the two chatted one night after Myrymma requested help in making a vehicle from scratch from him that she wouldn't have discovered through history files. In addition, learning more of Renny's background has had Myrymma sympathize with him greatly, and she will gladly offer her help to prevent him from walking the same road she did.
  • Natasha Roy: Although Myrymma is still reluctant to trust the half-elven healer, through Natasha's history (and experiencing her kind-hearted nature first-hand), Natasha is one of the few untrusted individuals Myrymma is willing to somewhat let her guard down around. With her furthered trust in Citadel as a whole, Myrymma will likely let the half-elf grow closer to her now.
  • Violet Halford: Another Citadel member Myrymma feels she can sympathize with, she sees Violet as a young woman starting to tread the edge of the path Myrymma herself once walked, and will do what she can to make sure Violet stays away from that path, or, if necessary, offer her support when she does cross the line.

[More to Come]



Anubis [Active]

"I am the one presiding over your death, Myrymma. You will die by my hand."
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Also known as Serena Alders, the woman who tore the Blackbirds apart with her betrayal and Myrymma's ex-lover, Anubis is highly skilled in martial arts and a an expert marksman, bordering on superhuman and nearly matching Myrymma in her abilities, the only limiter being her human body. The reason for her betrayal? A few of Myrymma's contracts back when she was an assassin essentially wiped out Serena's entire family. After being forced to retreat 3 years ago during the trap she sprung on the bounty hunters, Serena hasn't been seen since. However, her grudge is a powerful one, and it can be counted on for Serena to not give up until either she or Myrymma is dead.


The Broken Shards [Active]

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

The organization known only as "The Broken Shards" in the criminal underground, they are an elite group of assassins, infiltrators and spies, and are considered one of the most dangerous forces in the United States. The only thing keeping them from operating globally, it is believed, is their low numbers; they are so selective about their members that it is estimated they have less than 20 total operatives. This is the group Myrymma once belonged to, the one that trained her into the killing machine she once was, and the skilled crimefighter she is today. Even though Myrymma has kept her vow of secrecy, the Shards still deems her too much of a risk and sends assassinations out on her constantly, almost daily. These hits would pose more of a problem than an annoyance to Myrymma if it wasn't for the fact that the Shards' one weakness is their predictability (to someone who knows how they work). While most would fear for their lives knowing that this powerful assassin's group had him/her in their crosshairs, Myrymma simply sees this is a minor distraction, one that she can deal with easily enough. But all it'll take is one slip-up...


Block [Captured]

"RAAAAAAGH! You're! Going! DOWN!!!"
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Conrad Helmsburg, also nicknamed "Block" by Myrymma for his "inability to think past a few syllables" as she put it, is a supervillain with standard "Brick" powers - superhuman strength, durability, and stamina. Unfortunately for him, he suffers from a very low I.Q., rarely thinks ahead nor learns from his mistakes, and (this one is subjective) is more stubborn than a mule. The number of times Conrad has been imprisoned and broken out can't be counted on one's hands and toes, and almost every time he has been captured by Myrymma, and every time she has outsmarted him easily, luring him into traps, exploiting his weaknesses, and one time even making him walk right back into his jail cell, all the while practically taunting him. As a result, Block holds something of a grudge against Myrymma and would love nothing more than to break her in half like a twig. Should he actually manage to catch her one of these days, that's exactly what will happen.


Seven-Shooter [Captured]

"What's better than a six-shooter? The Seven-Shooter holding it."
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Rudy Torinelli considered himself the best shot in the world, so much so that he could hit seven targets with a six-round revolver, hence the name. So, one can imagine the power trip he had when he won a large number of shooting competitions and promptly used the money to fund a nation-wide crime spree. One can also imagine the breakdown he had when Myrymma, still part of the Blackbirds, out-shot and captured him. He broke out of both his slum and prison and joined with the Smoke Knights (below) to get revenge on Myrymma, only to be swiftly defeated and returned to police custody.


Madame Smoke [Active]

"Please, sit down. Have some tea. Now, shall we... talk?"
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Madame Smoke, real name unknown, is currently Myrymma's most dangerous adversary. Aside from her own personal ability to turn into and create smoke, she possesses a genius I.Q. and leads the criminal organization known as the Smoke Knights. While most of their activities are done covertly, recently they have been found to be selling arms to the gangs of Westside - particularly military-grade weapons. Currently, Myrymma is fighting a war of attrition against her, as their previous, personal encounter brought to Myrymma's attention that her normal methods won't work. For now, she is devising a way to capture or kill Madame Smoke while fighting her organization on the streets of Millennium City.

The Smoke Knights [Active]

"We are but Smoke. Everywhere, tainting the world with our presence. We are what is leftover from the fires of War. We are the Smoke Knights."
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

The Smoke Knights, as mentioned above, are a criminal organization led by the mysterious Madame Smoke, specializing in drug trafficking, weapon smuggling, and even human merchandise. While most of their numbers are simply well-trained and well-armed humans, their officers are often metahumans or biologically-altered humans.

  • General Phosphorus: Madame Smoke's second-in-command, and the visible face of the organization, as Madame Smoke relays all of her commands through him; Phosphorus is the only one who ever directly speaks to Madame Smoke. Like most of the organization's officers, Phosphorus is a metahuman; his ability to change the molecular structure of inanimate matter allows him to virtually control the battlefield to his will as well as provide a reliable form of offense and defense in nearly any terrain. He is also highly-trained in military CQC and with many forms of firearms, so he is not completely defenseless without his powers.
  • Colonel Neon: Despite her name that may draw some conclusions about her ability, Neon is a very powerful woman. Besides the respect she commands among the Smoke Knights, Colonel Neon is a former biological-mutate imbued with the ability to control heat. Due to extensive training with her powers, this has an incredibly powerful effect, as she can not only increase or decrease the heat of various materials, she can even alter the weather via messing with warm and cold fronts. Paired with General Phosphorus, Colonel Neon can make a fight VERY difficult for her enemies.
  • Major Fluorine: Major Fluorine is old. Old enough to have served in both World Wars and Vietnam, yet at the same time, he looks like he's barely into his 40's. This is because he's the result of a secret super-soldier experiment in the 1920's, and the only subject to survive. While at first deemed a failure, Fluorine eventually gained his super-soldier abilities during World War II, spontaneously erupting within him during D-Day at Normandy. As such, he possesses not only peak levels of strength, speed, and endurance for a human, but he also has an enhanced healing factor.
  • Captain Chlorine: Captain Chlorine, at a first glance, appears to be incredibly clumsy and inept. However, this is just a guise used to cover up her abilities of Technokinesis. Or it may be that she's actually clumsy and is just incredibly lucky. Either way, her powers are very dangerous to those who use or rely on electronic gadgets because she will often turn them against their users or render them completely inactive, whichever proves more effective.
  • Lieutenant Nitrogen: Lieutenant Nitrogen only earned his current rank because of his dangerous powers; Nitrogen can cause any part of his body - removed or not - to violently explode without any harm to himself. In addition, this has rendered him immune to concussive force (although most other forms of kinetic force seem to affect him just fine). Unfortunately, he is a sociopath and has very poor leadership skills, leading to his low ranking among the Smoke Knights officers.
  • Sergeant Argon: Sergeant Argon is a strict, no-nonsense officer of the Smoke Knights, known for her ability to turn into an amorphous slime creature with an acidic touch. In this state, she is completely immune to physical force and psionic attacks, though she is slow, uncoordinated, and relies on her acidic properties to cause damage. Her intelligence is also reduced, meaning she cares little for strategy and will simply try to engulf her opponents, making what is, at first, a powerful ability into something far less threatening.
  • Corporal Hydrogen: Corporal Hydrogen doesn't possess any inherent powers. Rather, he has some tactical expertise, military experience... and a suit of power armor that makes him a deadly threat to anyone without high levels of technology or powers of some sort. Made from reinforced Kendrium with jets, rockets, guns, and other laser weaponry, Hydrogen is fairly intimidating... but hardly the biggest threat in the Smoke Knights.

Ratman [Active]

"I am throatscratch! I am the pants! I! AM! RATMAN!!!"
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Ratman is Crazy with a capital C. He is utterly unpredictable, as he may assault a bank simply to steal the plants, rob a grandmother of the candy in her purse, or steal someone's wig and run around wearing it, shouting at the top of his lungs. His behavior is so erratic that not even Myrymma, the elven supercomputer, can reliably predict his behavior. Were it not for the fact that he possesses absolutely no skills, powers, or technology (and gets away by either sheer luck or insane genius), he would be a far greater threat to both Myrymma and the community at large.


Kikyou Sakurai, the Martial Mage [Active]

"Is that really all you have to offer? Pitiful."
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Inheritor and current master of Sakurai Jiu Jitsu, Kikyou is a genius in her art. Sakurai Jiu Jitsu is known for fusing magic with martial arts to not only enhance the user's physical abilities but also add devastating effects to their attacks and defenses, from flaming punches to barriers. Kikyou herself has the capability to watch any spell once and replicate it perfectly, adding it to her already-large arsenal of magic. While not a supervillain, Kikyou's attacks on opponents she wishes to test her skills against has given her multiple charges of assault around the country. Fortunately for Myrymma (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), Kikyou is little threat to those she has already defeated, which has managed to somehow include Myrymma in the list.



"I really do never get a day off, it seems."

Main Theme: Light My Fire (M0M0KI/ShadowLink English Fandub) - Shakugan no Shana III

Casual Theme: Back in Black - AC/DC

Stealth Theme: Into the Machine (Sneaking) - Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

Battle Theme: Red Fraction - MELL (Black Lagoon Opening)

Close-Ranged Battle: Encounter (2008) - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

VS. Strong Enemy: Luffy vs. Ratchet Round 2 - One Piece Movie 7

VS. Anubis: Duel of the Fates - John Williams (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)

"Assassin Mode": Battousai Again... - Rurouni Kenshin

Trouble!: Kuroki Neko - Black Cat OST

Tense: Nyx - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3



  • Anti-Hero - Type III; she will use every means at her disposal to take down her enemies in a nonlethal manner, but if push comes to shove, she WILL kill you.
  • Contract On The Hitman - She's actually fighting a battle in the shadows with her former assassin's organization. Obviously, she's winning.
  • Dissonant Serenity - Myrymma doesn't just have the unusual ability to stay calm in a sea of chaos, but the ability to actually poke fun at it.
  • Double Agent - Myrymma is perfectly capable of pulling this off, and has done so multiple times in the past.
  • Functional Addict - She won't admit it, but she has gotten hooked on the cigarettes she smokes as a tribute to one of her closest friends. She manages to operate just fine without them, however, and can hold off the withdrawal for quite a while.
  • The Gift - It may be because she's an elf, but even though she's naturally gifted at plenty of things, she's fairly modest and quick to admit when someone's better than her at something.
  • Hammerspace - Myrymma often draws her Mini-Caps subtly, often leading to fits of "Where the hell did she get that?!"
  • Living Legend - The Crow. Myrymma herself isn't that well known, its the assassin/bounty hunter who is.
  • Must Make Her Laugh - Makes it all the more awkward when she laughs at something that wasn't intended to be funny.
  • Named Weapons - Orion, Taurus, Heracles, and each of the Nine Hells.
  • Nerves Of Steel - She'd probably stare down the apocalypse itself with a logical outlook.
  • Shrouded In Myth - Aside from her methods of operation, nobody really knows much about Crow, save for a select few.
  • Sorry I Fell On Your Fist - Back when she was Crow the bounty hunter, there were a select few baddies who actually apologized for her having to waste ammo or time on them.
  • The Dead Have Names - Myrymma keeps the names, faces, voices, even accomplishments of the people she's killed in her memory. Because, in her words, "if I were to forget those people who were such a large part of my life, I would be nothing more than a heartless monster".
  • Thememobile - As her motorcycle's maker named it, the "Myr-dercycle". Note that "Myr" is pronounced "Mur".
  • Trigger Phrase - You really think that a super-secret assassination organization wouldn't take any precautionary measures with their best assassin?
  • We Do The Impossible - Beating impossible odds is like one of her hobbies. She literally treats getting past normally-impossible barriers like a game, timing herself on similar obstacles.


  • And Some Other Stuff - Her paranoia means she rarely divulges the secrets of some of her gadgets and substances.
  • Angst? What Angst? - Myrymma has every reason to be depressed and angsty. Her response? ...Meh.
  • Being Personal Isn't Professional - On the job, Myrymma has no time for small talk or pleasantries. Do it, get it done, get out. Off the job, Myrymma is more than willing to chat with anyone who takes the time to talk with her.
  • Berserk Button - Using people as tools or insinuating she does the same. Also, do NOT threaten the few people she has placed her trust in - she values them more than her own life.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome - She has a tendency to do this while out and about. Good thing she doesn't ask for overtime.
  • Closet Geek - Would you suspect the former-assassin dark elf with twin pistols to enjoy playing Xbox and D&D? ...Well, maybe the latter.
  • The Cynic - It's not that Myrymma has no faith in humanity... It's just that looking at the world in a logical way tends to shell out observations of "Yeah, this world sucks".
  • Fear of Thunder - Yes, the killer dark elf is afraid of thunder. Now shut up about it.
  • Good Is Not Nice - She embodies this trope so hard that it even gets mentioned in her in-game bio.
  • Hates Being Alone - Despite being heavily paranoid about everyone she meets, she feels even less comfortable when she's all alone. ...Because then there would be witnesses if someone jumped her! N-Not because she gets lonely easily!
  • Jerk With A Heart Of Gold - Myrymma will save your life, but demean you for getting into this situation in the first place.
  • Kuudere - See "Sugar and Ice Personality" below.
  • Morality Pet - The surviving Blackbirds. If all but Myrymma died in the ambush, she might've just returned to the assassin's life.
  • Opposites Attract - She actually prefers outspoken women to introverted ones like her.
  • Pet the Dog - In no way related to the black labarador and dalmatian she has at home.
  • Properly Paranoid - Even if they don't know she's the former Crow, people send hits out on her all the time, whether because she was paid to double-cross them, messed with their plans on a job, or simply because she's a drow.
  • Sugar and Ice Personality - To those few who actually manage to gain her trust, Myrymma shows a much more light-hearted and smiley side.
  • Tranquil Fury - The result of hitting her Berserk Button above.
  • Who Wants To Live Forever? - Myrymma's pretty certain that once she reaches a certain age, she's going to commit suicide. Grim, yes. But she'd rather not outlive her friends and loved ones by hundreds of years.
  • Workaholic - Having grown up without much in the way of free time, Myrymma has a hard time breaking the habit of spending her entire day working.


  • The Chessmaster - Given enough time and information, Myrymma can turn into this.
  • Double Tap - Paranoid, remember? Sometimes she'll use an entire clip to make sure something's dead.
  • Fights Like A Normal - Her innate powers are highly akin to magic. Her preference for science over magic, however, spurs her to use her tools over her powers.
  • The Gunslinger - A mixture of types A, C, and D when she ends up having to use her pistols.
"...They are all too big."
  • Hidden Supplies - You can expect Myrymma to have at least 12 different options to blow you to pieces, shoot you in the face, gut you like a fish, or bash your skeleton to pieces at any given time. And that's if she's caught unprepared.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills - Myrymma is fond of trick shots that shouldn't be humanly possible. Then people remember she's an elf.
  • Killing Intent - Averted. Despite being a former assassin, Myrymma has total control over her emotions and chi on the battlefield as a result of her training to completely nullify her presence.
  • One-Hit Kill - Myrymma's modus operandi. Well, lately, it's a OHKO (one-hit knockout).
  • Primal Fear - Myrymma is aware of everything that nearly every human is scared of. And she can ramp them up to 11.
  • Talk To The Fist - Myrymma doesn't see the point of letting her enemies jabber on.
  • Terror Hero - Type 2 and Type 5, but not all the time. In fact, if she has to resort to these methods, you know shit's gone serious.


  • Good Costume Switch - Averted. On occasion, she still wears her old assassin's outfit that she's worn since she left.
  • Legal Jailbait - She looks like she'd be 13 (maybe 16 or so). She's actually 25, and she's gonna look this way for the next few hundred years...
  • The Morlocks - Don't know what drow are? Evil elves. Usually.
  • Smoking Is Cool - Not the reason Myrymma smokes, but doing it makes her cooler, right? RIGHT?!



  • Myrymma's favorite genre of video game is, predictably, the stealth genre; among her favorites are the Splinter Cell and Tenchu series, though she's taken a liking to the style of Assassin's Creed. She's also fond of the FPS genre, though she disdains being caught in almost constant gunfights.
  • Despite the fact that she doesn't particularly angst over her past, numerous events have changed her personality over the time she's been absent from the assassin's lifestyle nonetheless. The death of her parents awoke her to emotion, the discovery of friends changed her perspective on the lives of others, and Serena brought the feeling of betrayal.
  • Despite popular opinion, Myrymma isn't actually anti-social. She's perfectly willing to talk, she's simply not confident about her ability to start conversations. She's the type to say what she wants to in as few words as possible, simply due to a need for efficiency. This often leads her to stop a sentence, only to continue her train of thought in a new one, as if she were somehow saving air.
  • She sometimes looks down on others as being stupid, completely forgetting most people don't think the way she does. She won't hesitate to apologize if she's insulted someone, however.
  • A common hobby of hers is people watching. Even if most people disappoint her or disgust her, she still enjoys seeing the varieties of personalities the world has to offer.
  • Myrymma's favorite brand of smokes are Marlboro Lights. While she doesn't particularly like the taste or feel of them, it's the brand her friend smoke, so she sticks to it.
  • She's actually somewhat susceptible to flattery. While the change is subtle, she becomes somewhat more polite and nicer to people who lay on the cheese. The change is slight and barely noticeable, however. She quickly tires if the person lays it on a little thick, though.
  • Despite possessing inherent magical abilities that would make her work infinitely easier, Myrymma prefers to utilize her gadgets and tools before needing to resort to these abilities, as she dislikes using anything she feels she hasn't worked for.
  • Myrymma speaks quietly not because she's an assassin but because of her sensitive ears. Most people talking at inside levels sound almost like they're shouting to her, so she naturally has a poor disposition towards those who like to speak a little too loudly.


  • Myrymma was actually a former drow rogue character in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons. Her build was based off of the light weapon / hand crossbow build for drows, leading to her preference for pistols and knives in Champions Online.
  • Myrymma is actually a strange fusion of the standard drow and drow noble races from Pathfinder, explaining her extraordinary abilities, as well as her natural magical abilities.
  • Her concept is partially built around Train Heartnet, a.k.a. the "Black Cat" of the manga / anime of the same name, who was an exceptional assassin that left to pursue his own desires, though his reasoning to do so is different.
  • Myrymma having played D&D and Pathfinder is a bit of a joke I made, to be honest. Come on, a drow playing D&D? Inception, much?
  • Punisher + Spider-Man (sans the snark) + Hawkeye = Myrymma

Comments & Opinions

Have something to say in-character about Myrymma? Put it here so she can overhear it - I mean... uh... Yeah.

"Defining my opinion of Myrymma is like asking me to define a never-changed standard. There's a lot of depth and layers about the woman that I both respect, resent, fear, and adore. I might be biased though, because it's because of her I still have a right arm to kick ass with." - Anarchy

"Elven duo of awesome, GOOOOO!" She coughs and clears her throat. "Aheheheh, heh... Ahem." Makes a serious face, blinking. "Yeah, I feel like I have to be silly for two persons because she's always so serious. Very different from the other Dark Elves I've met, which makes me ask myself more question about Myrymma. Though, I've noticed she's rather... Fragile, when it comes to working on the field. It's something I have to keep my eye on. But, she's good at what she does. The kind of training and conditionning she's went through tends to do that." - Natasha Roy

"She's smart and intimidating. I don't think it's a good idea to mess with her." -Day Nine

"Unusual person. Interesting background. Familiar, in a way." -Violet Mask