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Silver medal T.png
The Explosive
Walking Arsenal
Doll in her heavy armor.
Super Group
The Prometheus Union
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
NA-M3-005 (Nobel's Android, Model 3, Number 5)
Ame Violet, Number Five, Ame Nobels, Fetishbot
March 24, 2008
Millennium City, MI
American (limited)
Millennium City
Millennium City
Robotics and AI specialist
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Several Android Sisters (001-004), Dr. Friedrich Nobels (accepted as father, deceased)
Physical Traits
Dr. Friedrich Nobels
Model 3, combat android
Apparent Age
Early 20s (Actual age five years)
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Pure white, slightly fake looking skin. Violet dots on cheeks. Pupiless eyes.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Body contains several high grade weapons with self replicating ammo. Super strength, highly durable, able to communicate with machines and other devices.
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Built in understanding of robotics and AI technologies.


Doll is 5'9", has porcelain white skin, pupiless purple eyes and dark purple hair. She is heavier than her appearance suggests, but not as much as one would expect given her origins. She generally wears clothes in shades of pink and purple.


A brilliant scientist named Dr. Friedrich Nobels years ago was suffering from something that could easily be called mad scientist syndrome. Despite his work in the fields of robotics and bio-mechanical technology he was thought of a crackpot because of his radical ideas. He believed that humanity would be, and should be, replaced by cyborgs and androids (a majority of which, would be of his own design, of course). After being driven out of the mainstream scientific community he decided he would create a squad of beautiful android assassins that would show them all! They would pay for calling him mad!

This project proved to be expensive and Nobels ended up being forced to work with shady characters such as supervillains and groups such as ARGENT. In time he finished his bio-mechanical android assassins and would have unleashed them on those that had mocked him if he hadn't been having trouble with their AI. He wanted them to be able to think for themselves, improvise and adapt quicky but still be loyal. Worst of all was NA- M3 003, which was calling herself Midnight Blue. He didn't get a chance to fix this problem as his lab was raided by law enforcement, which had been tipped off on his location due to two of his clients (a cyborg pair named Nuts and Bolts) being captured. He released his M1 and M2 cyborgs and robots to try and hold them back, forcing law enforcement to call in superhero back up before heading further into his lab.

During the chaos he unleashed his Model 3 assassins, only to have four of them not activate. The one that did activate was 005, who would later call herself Doll. She was suffering programming errors caused by her containment pod being damaged during the raid (and having been sabotaged earlier by Midnight Blue). Frightened and confused she escaped into the city. There, she began to build a personality of her own from watching the people living there. She was especially interested in superheros and eventually decided it was something she wanted to do with her "life". After going through the proper channels to have herself recognized as a citizen and fully functioning AI she set out to become a full time superhero!

During a recent raid on a supervillain's base, Doll was badly injured and the heroes Azunai, Riptide, Sparrowhawk, and All-Star ended up working with her incarcerated creator to find his notes on her model's construction and AI programming. After a battle with the deranged NA -M3-001 and her horde of combat androids the group was successful and with Sparrowhawk pulling a few strings Dr. Nobels was allowed to repair his 'daughter' and patch a few holes in her damaged AI. Not long after this incident, Dr. Nobels was to be released for his exemplary behavior but was killed by a high powered rocket not long after living the prison grounds.

The murderer still remains at large...


Little remains of Doll's assassin programming. She is cheerful, friendly and easily excitable. She loves pink and purple, cute animals and is highly emotional for an android. Her life experience is very limited, as she lost a good portion of her programming and has only been outside of Dr. Nobels lab for a year or so, and she can be seen as somewhat naive.

She is also brutally honest and can seem to be shallow at times. However, she doesn't like to hurt anyones feelings and is constantly apologizing to people she accidently hurts. When in combat she is all business, letting her combat protocols take over.

Doll has recently received an upgrade to her AI, allowing her to more easily absorb and sort information as well as aiding her in building her own personality.

Powers & Abilities

-Walking Weapon: Despite her size, Doll boasts an impressive arsenal. Her wrists contain rapid fire bolters, her shoulders contain a minigun with armor piercing ammo and a rocket launcher, and her back and chest contain mini rocket pods. All of these weapons create their own ammo inside her body.

-Armored and Dangerous: Doll is also amazingly strong. Her skin, though made to mimic the look and feel of human flesh, is able to shrug off attacks easily and her body is made of a flexible metallic alloy that has 'memorized' her form, allowing her to repair herself when damaged. Her relatively light weight body is also capable of lifting several tons.

-Machine Connection: Doll is able to access the internet, communications devices and interface with other machines and AIs. She has a built in knowledge of robotics and AI systems as well. Doll has an understanding of robotics and AI technology built into her. She knows how to repair certain machines and is capable of syncing up with them, communicating with them as if she were a machine herself.


-Brand New: Doll is still building her personality through her adaptive AI sysem. She is a little naive and tends to have poor social graces. She's prone to making mistakes in situations that call for tact and her combat programs are not terribly flexible.

-Android: Though her countermeasures are fantastic Doll is vulnerable to things a machine would be vulnerable to. Electric and electro magnetic surges, viruses and possibly even override commands. Her body is also highly complex and it would take some serious work to get her fixed if she ever sustained an injury her flex metal body couldn't recover from normally.

Important NPCs

-Dr. Friedrich Nobels: Doll's father, an eccentric engineering genius and AI programmer. Nobel's work is closely entwined with that of fellow android builder Dr. Roger Court (RoboClone) and it's believed the two shared a lot of their design work. He is currently believed to be deceased after being assassinated on release from Wardhill Prison.

Friends & Allies

-Azunai: Doll has shared information on her creator with Gabe and has worked to improve the Prometheus Union's communication devices as well as petitioned him to keep updated health records on it's members. He does not approve of Doll's desire to integrate new technology that would make her more human.

-Riptide: Met at the bar while practicing her social interactions, Riptide is now a teammate in the Prometheus Union. Doll has become very close to Riptide, seeing him as a big brother.

-Lycan: Another friend from the bar. With her love of fuzzy animals, she finds Lycan quite charming even if he is somewhat silly.

-Anahasa: On learning that Doll was interested in experiencing dreams, Anna put together a device to make it possible. Doll has since integrated the technology and had her first dream... one in which her male allies stole her clothing and dressed up in her outfits.

-Alex Henderson: The two have met a handful of times. Alex seems a bit jealous of the level of tech used to put Doll together. Not that the android herself would notice.

-Mr. Indomitable: A newer member to the Prometheus Union. He has recommended one of his friends if she's interested in upgrading her shell and AI.

-Myriad: Doll has spoken to this fellow AI a few times recently. He seems interested in learning about Doll's technology.

-Knox: Another ally in the Prometheus Union. Doll seems to get on his nerves.

-Ashanti: Doll has worked beside her once and talked with her a few times. She seems confused at her high level of scepticism given the world they live in and her own unusal condition.

-Sparrowhawk: Dependable and professional, Doll owes a lot to Sparrowhawk. It was through her hard work and dedication that she was able to get her current personality upgrades and have her arm repaired after a terrible injury. She doesn't feel she can ever really repay her.

-All-Star: Despite his tendency to call her a robot, Doll likes All Star. He's shown genuine concern for her well being in the past despite her being just a machine and that's definitely a way to get on her good side.


Midnight Blue- NA- M3 003 does not like anyone or anything. Despite Dr. Nobels best efforts he could never get her personality right. She always ended up twisted, greedy and spiteful. When he activated his M3 androids to protect him, Midnight Blue pretended to be inactive because she saw no reason to help him. When the commotion died down she escaped the lab by killing anyone that got in her way and slipping out.

She hates Doll more than anything else. As to why, not even she knows. It's possible she was damaged during the raid, much like Doll was. It's also possible she is just hateful and learned how to be worse from the outside world. She works tirelessly either kill or corrupt her "sister". Either one is fine with her.

Viridian- One of Doll's other sisters, also called NA- M3 004. Viridian is quite entirely mad, especially by android standards. Recovered and released by Midnight Blue, she was abandoned almost as soon as her obvious flaws were discovered. Without correct programming or any form of guidance she quickly made a nuisance of herself. She has taken to harassing Doll after seeing Midnight Blue's interactions with her, though her intentions are nowhere near as sinister. She just wants to have fun and annoy Doll and maybe indulge in a little bit of mayhem in the process.

Scarlet Red- NA-M3 002 is out for herself. She's become a mercenary with a small force and hires herself out to other villains. She tends to be professional, gruff and commanding. She loves her work and seems to devote little time to anything besides commanding her troops. Because of her mercenary work Doll has run into her or at least her minions a few times.

Pure Silver- NA-M3 001 seems to be a bit off. She claims to serve Dr. Nobels to the fullest of her abilities and is disdainful by the lower model androids, seeing them as unworthy. When Doll was broken she had no sympathy for her, believing she was obsolete anyway and would be better off being recycled than repaired.


-Doll's AI was recently upgraded and she tends to act much more human than she used to. She's also had modifications to her body and face that allow her to be more expressive.

-Doll prefers to go by the name Ame Violet Nobels, but at times will refer to herself as NA-M3-005.

-Since Doll has no need to sleep (beyond a one hour "rest" period once a month for a system diagnosis), she often wanders around a lot and leads a very active "life". When she needs money, she offers her services in dealing with computer and robotics systems in the city.

-Has recently gained the ability to dream thanks to her teammate Anahasa. She finds the experience confusing but overall is happy with the results. She is also looking to do more upgrades that will make her more human.

-Doll seems to want to be human. She's constantly talking about human experiences she would like to try and does her best to at least seem human. Her odd mannerisms and appearance make it difficult for her however. Even though it would make things easier for her to look more human, she has a tendency to be offended by people saying she should paint her skin or alter it, especially after the death of her creator.

-Is a country music fan.

RP Hooks

-Doll's creator is a brilliant man, possessing either extremely high intellect or some kind of metahuman knack for robotics and AI systems. He is currently in prison for various crimes but is being considered for early release as he seems to be reforming.

-Doll has a few sisters that are a constant pain. For whatever reason, they don't share her friendly personality and are outright hostile at the worst, dangerous at the least. They all also look a lot like Doll...

-Microforges that crank out ammunition, flex metal weaponry and regenerating skin. Doll is a wonder of science! One that might be of interest to other heroes! She's always looking for some way to bypass the restrictions her 'Father' has put on her programming and the boobytraps he's planted inside her body.


-What people think about the artificial hero-

"Her skill set definitely makes her beneficial. Who doesn't want someone who can process a million equations, link up with a computer and fire off pre targeted rounds at the enemy all at once watching their back?" - Sparrowhawk

"Apparently there's a difference between a robot and an android. Is it, like, racist or something if I accidentally call her the wrong one? Because I've done it a lot." - All-Star

"Crossed paths with this one a few times. For someone so small, she's got a lotta fight in her." - C.O.P.

"Doll crept me out at first. She reminded me far too much of things back home I'd sooner forget. Things have changed, though. Grown on me. It's easier to be around her now, and sometimes I even forget what she is. She's bright, she's friendly, and she's more emotive than some actual humans I've run into in my time on Earth. Heck, she reminds me of my sisters. Maybe that's why I'm more comfortable with her." - Riptide

"Only met her a couple times, the little tincangal. She's pretty tough, though I can't really get a grasp on her obsession with clothes." - Atrix

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