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A collection of villains and sort of villains for our amusement. Format shamelessly stolen from @swixer.

Aldrog, Living Weapon


Powers/Abilities: Super strength, enhanced durability, regeneration, self induced stasis, impossibly ugly.

Occupation: Weapon of mass destruction.

Likes: Destroying things, throwing things, punching things.

Hates: Intact buildings, unbroken bones.

Aldrog was created to turn the tide in a bloody civil war on a distant planet. Created from the DNA of powerful meta-humans and given advanced cybernetics it was just powerful enough to destroy the opposition... and certainly powerful enough that it couldn't be stopped. It's mind was unstable from the moment it was created and it would not stop and could not stop until everything and everyone was destroyed. In a desperate move, its creators gathered who they could and escaped before blowing up their own planet.

It didn't work. Aldrog went into stasis while drifting in space and eventually landed on Earth and was unknowingly taken in by the Aegis Society, an American supergroup. Aldrog was initially confused and child like on awakening, but soon enough went back to its old ways after witnessing the violence Earth had to offer. With the combined efforts of the team, they were able to force him to go back into stasis but not before he caused several billion dollars in damage and critically injured several members of the team.

PRIMUS currently has him locked away somewhere secret, kept in a deep, deep sleep...

The Ancient Wolf


Powers/Abilities: Demigod status grants high levels of strength and durability, high levels of regeneration and access to powerful magic. Has control over wolves and the ability to transform other living beings into demonic wolves or werewolves. Immune to flea bites.

Occupation: Demigod

Likes: Devouring, tearing down civilization and bringing about a time of eternal night where only the fittest survive.

Hates: Meddling mages and mortals, his rebellious daughter, baths.

The Ancient Wolf is believed to be a powerful aspect of gluttony, a being that revels in feeding its appetites and devouring the weak. It has always been interested in Earth, sending its messengers and servants to hunt the night and bring it food. Its attitude and eating habits have often brought it to the attention of heroes, especially the mystic community in recent days and it finds itself frustrated. And that just makes it hungrier.

The fact that his daughter, the 'villain' turned hero Barghest, has defected and chosen to live on Earth is a great injury to its pride and it fully intends to right this terrible wrong by destroying and maiming anyone that gets in the way of its wrath. This especially includes the Ultima King, a mystic hero who regularly faces such threats.

Armor Breaker


Powers/Abilities: Possesses a power armored suit loaded with anti-armor weaponry, able to carry an enormous chip on his shoulder at all times.

Occupation: Unemployed power armor developer.

Likes: Proving how powerful his armor is, destroying other power armored users.

Hates: Being defeated by other armor users, power armor that looks like tights.

Irving Colver knew his armor was the best. The problem was... he was the only one that knew it. Though initially his dream of creating and working on power armor for the military and private citizens went well, his constant tirades and manic attitude tended to turn people away. Losing his business was the final straw. He built the Armor Breaker suit and set out to prove that his armor was the best. Whether people wanted him to or not.

He has clashed with several power armored heroes AND villains in the past and it's very easy to get him worked up. Some of his favorite targets are UNTIL and PRIMUS armors and he seems completely unable to let go of his petty grudges against all power armor developers. He especially dislikes his ex-wife, Red Hawk, who took one of his best armors in their divorce.



Powers/Abilities: Highly skilled mercenary, trained in killing hand to hand combat and an excellent marksman. Expert weaponsmith. Looks like Mr. Clean under the mask.

Occupation: Mercenary

Likes: Getting paid on time, high tech gear, shooting people that don't pay him on time.

Hates: Sloppy work, energy weapons, dull razors.

Armsman is a man that began popping up on the radar in the early 90s. He's a skilled and efficient and very, very clean. He leaves behind very little trace after an effective job, shell casing, grenade fragments and other disposable bits tend to dissolve after use thanks to whatever highly secret process he uses to make them. The only thing left behind are bodies and burning or demolished buildings.

He's been shown in the past to be unscrupulous, unfriendly and uncompromising. He's killed several employers who couldn't, or wouldn't pay him after his jobs and has shown very little compassion for anything besides animals. There's very few jobs he won't take.

Bad Cat


Powers/Abilities: Cat like speed, agility and grace, distracting attire.

Occupation: Joke villain.

Likes: Fish, annoying Ada Clover, whining.

Hates: Ada Clover, people mentioning Ada Clover, people not thinking she's a threat.

Poor Kali Koler. Since she was a child she wanted to be famous. Famous for being a cute cat girl, no less. However... someone was in the way. Ada Clover. That scene stealing tramp! When Ada lost her show and became a hero... Kali knew what she had to do. Put on a daring and villainous outfit so she could become her opposite! A foul villain to strike fear in the hearts of do gooders!

That was the goal at least. Her villain career has been much like Ada's hero career. Spotty at best. She knows she's become something of a joke, but her pride keeps her from quitting.

Bad Medicine


Powers/Abilities: Experienced medical practitioner with access to minor healing magic. Bears an enchanted bag that launches entangling bandages and anasthetic syringe darts. Fights with a razor sharp polearm shaped like a scalpel. Able to stay heavily invested in her nurse theme despite it being silly.

Occupation: Villainous medic.

Likes: Patching up bad guys for money, scaring people with needles.

Hates: People that don't listen to her medical advice (she's a real nurse, dammit!), people that think she's a stripper.

Becky Vincent was never a fan of heroes. She was always attracted to the thrill of villainy. The cool outfits! The daring schemes! And unlike some people, she realized that villains were people too. People that need help every now and then. She kept her own villainous tendencies well hidden all through her young life and during her time in nursing school. Then, as soon as she had graduated... she was ready to live her dream of aiding the poor, desperate villains crying out for discreet medical help. She picked up a costume and some training and was ready to get to work.

She has made a name for herself since then as a great resource for costumed villains, patching them up when they need it and even assisting them from time to time in their escapades. Her developing magic abilities and not inconsiderable close quarters combat skill makes her an asset both on and off the streets.



Powers/Abilities: Cybernetically enhanced body, expert swordsman, good with throwing knives, gentlemanly accent.

Occupation: Enforcer

Likes: Sharp things, swashbuckling adventure films, mustaches.

Hates: Ninjas, poor manners, getting crippled by Violet Mask.

Blacksteel was a low rent costumed enforcer in Westside known for his skill with a blade as well as his roguish charm and fancy pants accent. He was good at keeping his subordinates in line and making sure there were no witnesses. Then came the night he was bringing in a shipment of illegal weapons. The group he was with was picked off one by one by Westside vigilante Violet Mask. He noticed this happening, but let it because he wanted a one on one fight with her and knew he wouldn't get it with the brutes he was currently working with.

What he hadn't expected was her to be so young or so vicious. The first mistake led to him underestimating her. The second led to him having both his arms shattered and his spine pulverized after a fall from a fire escape. He left her with something to remember him by though, a scar across the bridge of her nose and another by her left shoulder.

It seemed like his career was ended until fate intervened. One of his old employers sprang for some cybernetic augmentations. After a bit of recovery time, he's back on the streets. And looking for a rematch with the Violet vigilante.



Powers/Abilities: Skin is made of living metal, granting increased strength, durability and weight. Able to reassemble himself after receiving 'lethal' damage. Great listener.

Occupation: Beginner villain.

Likes: Protecting Flashbang, listening to people he knows, finding furniture that supports his weight.

Hates: People that want to hurt Flashbang, smelling food he can't eat, people thinking he's a robot.

Blockhead and Flashbang are two C list villains with a tragic past. Experimented on and tortured by alien visitors, they both ended up with altered appearances, amnesia and super powers. Blockhead got it worse than Flashbang did, being transformed into a hulking giant made of living metal. With no clue where to start and having power for the first time they decided they would simply take what they needed. Or what they wanted. Despite being fairly low on the competence scale, the two are slippery and have evaded capture after each poorly thought out heist or plan.

The two often find themselves mixed up in things that are way over their heads and are easy to manipulate into being pawns. Though Blockhead is fairly level headed he will do whatever Flashbang says and, true to her name, she's pretty volatile. Blockhead would be perfectly content to try and figure out something better to do with their time but she frequently has other plans.



Powers/Abilities: Powered suit grants protection and augmented strength as well as built in guidance and targetting systems. Sonic cannon capable of breaking stone and warping metal. Doesn't have to leave the suit to use the bathroom.

Occupation: Head Minion

Likes: Blowing things up, getting up close and personal with heroes, bugs.

Hates: Losing his weapon, losing power in the suit, arrows to the knee.

There have been several Boombugs, all of which follow orders from Death Watch Beetle, who created the suit with the help of his wife Kathleen Ling. The Boombug suit is a much higher grade than what he normally outfits his cronies with and can pose a serious threat to even experienced heroes.

The current Boombug is Trevor Ulysses, a high school drop out who was trained by Death Watch Beetle for another criminal group before he decided to join with him as part of his Death Watch Squad.



Powers/Abilities: Robotic suit is powered by psionic energy and is very strong and durable, featuring built in jump jets and energy projectors. Brain jar is stylish and comfortable.

Occupation: Delusional Brain in a Jar

Likes: Forcing people to bow before him, using his jump jets, floating in preservative goop.

Hates: Short jokes, smudges on his jar, loud music.

What happens when you put the damaged brain of a senile supervillain in a robot suit? Braincase is what you get. A squat and ridiculous little engine of destruction that quite frankly, just wants people to accept it as its lord and master. Braincase was once telekinetic mastermind villain Mindblast before he got critically injured during a fight and languished for over fourty years in a nursing home before his equally deranged grandson came for him. He transplanted the old man's brain into a robot suit and received a point blank power blast for his trouble.

Braincase has never been a serious threat, but he has a habit of popping up at inopportune time. He generally has trouble focusing and a habit of going off on long rants on how things used to be done in his day.

Brain Drain


Powers/Abilities: Powerful telepathic abilities, usually augmented by a device (his helmet) or other similar items. These abilities include combat prediction, mind reading and control and painful mind blasts. Blank eyes makes it hard to tell where he's looking.

Occupation: Supervillain

Likes: Crushing lesser minds, getting something for nothing, embarassing friends at parties with secret details of their lives.

Hates: Having people steal his helmet, doing honest work, people calling his helmet a hat.

Blake Joval is your classic lazy mentalist. With his powers, he feels he is above the rest of the mundane humans and that they should serve him, or at least allow him to live comfortably without him having to lift a finger. His power isn't terribly impressive on its own, but he's found that he can reach his full potential through the use of certain electronics and crystals.

Brain Drain is constantly looking for ways to augment his abilities further without taking too many risks. He's patient, calculating and capable of summoning up a swarm of mind controlled thralls in a matter of minutes if need be. If he was more motivated, he'd be much more dangerous than he currently is.



Powers/Abilities: Brawl has enhanced strength, reflexes and toughness depending on the number of people actively engaged in combat with him. This boost to his abilities caps out somewhere in the range of a mid tier metahuman. Olympic level boxer, talented thief. Dreamy Irish accent.

Occupation: Professional thug

Likes: Fighting, fast cars, visiting local art galleries.

Hates: Weaponry, people that take things too seriously, people that say he looks like Conan O'Brien.

Michael Killen simply loves to fight. He's been doing it since he was a kid. He developed the meta human ability to adapt to danger and increase his physical abilities early and rarely lost a fight. The subtle nature of this power allowed him to compete against normal humans as long as he was careful and he was even a professional boxer for a short period before he was finally discovered and kicked out. This didn't really phase him though, as he went right from that to underground metahuman fights and working as hired muscle.

Even without his powers, Brawl is an exceptional fighter. Naturally talented and athletically gifted. He has interests outside of fighting though. He's a huge fan of fast, expensive cars and he's a supporter of the arts. He tries to collect a pamphlet or some other souvenir from every gallery he visits. Despite his chosen means of attaining wealth and love for getting in close to foes he's very laid back and easy going. Almost to the point that it's annoying.



Powers/Abilities: Master archer possessing several trick arrows and gadgets, stealthy, good at bypassing mundane and complex security measures, trained acrobat, able to resist making arrow to the knee jokes.

Occupation: Thief

Likes: Ambushing people, big heists, being a reverse Robin Hood.

Hates: Guns, running out of arrows, people that wear capes.

Brigand is something of a mystery. He doesn't talk a lot, doesn't generally associate with other villains and tries to keep his professional interactions brief and to the point. He isn't a killer, doesn't work for chump change and doesn't share his trick arrows or gadgets with anyone.

He's especially well known for his unusual thief arrows, specifically designed to take out or hack electronic systems and break locking mechanisms from a distance. He prefers not to fight if he can avoid it and he carries many devices to help him avoid a fight. Especially a fair fight.

Bunker Buster


Powers/Abilities: Pilots a massive power armor bristling with weaponry, brilliant weapons designer, genius level intellect, has never lost a game of Risk.

Occupation: Warlord, arms dealer.

Likes: Making money, destroying bunkers, talking down to minions.

Hates: Deals gone sour, scratches on his armor, incompetence.

People need guns. And sometimes, many times, they're bad people. Bad people with money. Franklin Carver was never a man to turn down a deal. A successful businessman that was bored with his day to day life, he decided that he would make things more interesting. He began playing at supplying warlords and rebellions in need of guns. When that wasn't enough, he started playing them against each other, seeing how far he could take it.

Then he decided that they weren't doing it right and that he would show them how it's done. Taking his money and using it to buy himself enough power to start out, he began carving out a small empire for himself. Wearing an enormous powersuit and calling himself Bunker Buster, he has become a headache for UNTIL with his destructive and dangerous antics and has come into conflict with heroes several times because of it.



Powers/Abilities: Enhanced strength and durability, super leaping, minor mass control, capable of giving savage scoldings.

Occupation: Plus size model.

Likes: Watching after her sister, brawling with female heroes, cooking

Hates: Skinny people, unruly kids, her sister's husband.

Alice Olive is an odd villain. She's a big woman with a successful career, three children and a decent life. The problem with all this is... she has a younger sister (Nitro Red) married to a criminal mutant. Unwilling to let her go off alone with all the dangerous stuff that comes with the supervillain lifestyle, she frequently joins her on her misadventures. She's come to enjoy the thrill of the fight as well, especially putting scrawny little heroes in their place.

Bruisah is headstrong and combative... but she would gladly give up the whole villain nonsense if her little sister left her loser husband.



Powers/Abilities: Suit is heat resistant, durable and stores fuel for his powerful wrist mounted flamethrowers, always has a light.

Occupation: Pyro for hire.

Likes: Burning things, fire, the smell of burning things.

Hates: Medium rare, having nothing to burn things with, decorative candles.

Burn was a Maniac that loved fire. A lot. So much so that he built himself a homemade flamethrower so that he could better spread his lovely flames. A flamethrower that was dangerously unstable and made of spare parts. It was just crazy enough to work... until he went up against Violet Mask. During a nasty fight he scorched her and managed to nearly gut her with a knife before she was able to detonate his tank on him.

This just made him more determined. And ugly. Meeting up with a former ally turned cyborg, Slash, he managed to convince him to build him a simple armor with built in flamethrowers to protect his severely burned and disfigured body. Now Slash and Burn are a duo of destruction and Burn gets to keep doing what he loves.



Powers/Abilities: Contact with the ground gives increased strength and durability, mass increase, ability to control earth around him and channel geothermal power into destructive blasts, always ready for Halloween.

Occupation: Terrorist

Likes: Causing widespread havoc, fighting for a cause, neon orange.

Hates: Anti-meta activists, people louder than he is, large bodies of water.

Brian Callard has never believed that the hate from cowardly little Normals should be met with peace. No, they should be met with force. Lethal force if necessary. They want to beat up someone just because he had a fish face? Five of them are going to the hospital. They want to burn down a home because a mutant lives there? This whole office building is coming down to the ground. IHA supporters, businesses that give to anti-meta causes, friends and family of those that do are all fair game.

Calamity isn't a big thinker. He runs on instinct and righteous, reactionary rage. On his own, he's dangerous enough when he's on a tear, but when someone can direct him... say, someone with pro-meta sympathies, he can really cause problems.

Cobalt Devastator


Powers/Abilities: High degree of superhuman strength and durability further bolstered by alien technology, regeneraton and immortality, high degree of immunity to disease and poisons, able to increase size and mass, resistance to mental powers, teleportation (personal and mass), has a great laugh.

Occupation: God figure

Likes: Worship, experimenting with alien DNA, thousand piece puzzles.

Hates: Things that aren't him, people that get in his way.

In ancient times, the Cobalt Devastator was a humble soldier. Though he was skilled and powerful, he was forced into exile at the peak of his military career for disobeying his master and showing mercy to an enemy. He wandered the wilderness and would have died if not for a chance meeting with a god. This god took him in, gave him power he had never dreamed of and opened his eyes to wonders he could barely believe. He quickly realized that this creature was no god, but an alien. A visitor from the stars. The darkness in his heart that had been building during his exile took over and he repayed the visitors kindness with betrayal, killing him and taking his wonderous devices and technology for himself.

Using the power these things gave him, he built a mighty army and destroyed the empire of the man that had cast him out, strangling the ruler with his bare hands after forcing him to watch the destruction. His army swept out from there, conquering and destroying and may have taken the world if not for a humble warrior, a man much like he had been before, managing to find a weakness to exploit. The warrior apparently killed the Cobalt Devastator with his own weapons but... that wasn't the end. A cult that viewed him as a god gathered what they could of the slain conqueror and brought him back to the lair he had carved out using the visitor's technology.

He waited, he reformed and rebuilt his body. Better and more powerful than it had been before. His cult watched and waited and rejoiced at his rebirth in the modern age. He has plans for this world. Glorious plans.



Powers/Abilities: Cybernetic tail and ears provide enhanced senses, balance and agility, acrobatic and a skilled hand to hand fighter, carries a variety of gadgets useful for thieving, purrfectly adorable.

Occupation: Thief

Likes: Money, jewelry, money.

Hates: Being poor, getting caught, dogs.

Nikki Oskern knows what she wants. And what she wants, is money and the things money can get her. Unfortunately for her she isn't talented enough to get it legitimately and doesn't have enough ambtition to make up for this fact. What she does have however, is a love for adventure and a knack for getting into trouble.

This knack for trouble has, oddly, ended up bringing her into conflict with her heroic alternate Dobergirl! She ran into the Canine Brawler after a heist went wrong and she ended up transported to the 'main' Earth. The two took an instant disliking to each other and started quite a rivalry for the short time she was there.Luckily the two don't see each other all that often. So far.



Powers/Abilities: Master planner, precognition, can hide easily during a snowstorm.

Occupation: Fortune teller, criminal

Likes: Being proven right, knowing secrets, being cryptic.

Hates: Hazy predictions, physical confrontations, sunlight.

Aarco Chalk was never normal. Born with severe albinism, his accurate prdictions of his mother's, grandfather's and uncle's deaths didn't exactly endear him to his already disappointed family. As soon as he could leave home, he did , making his money through subtle uses of his power. These uses became far less subtle when he realized just how much he could make with them. He started out small, offering his services to local 'businessmen' to help insure they wouldn't get in trouble and giving them the steps they'd need to go through to make things work out.

A few successes later in the right places at the right times has Chalk living comfortably. He knows it's only a matter of time before his luck runs and even his powers won't be able to keep up with all the nets he's out and someone finds him out but he's enjoying the ride while he can.

Captain Ariom


Powers/Abilities: Thinks he's a pirate.

Occupation: Space pirate.

Likes: Piracy, Earth pirate movies.

Hates: Reality, mutiny

Captain Ariom is... special. He's an alien that managed to come across pirate movies from Earth and was taken with the whole concept. Enough so that he decided to model himself after what he saw. Despite seeming like a laughing stock, his advanced weaponry and dangerously deranged crew can cause some serious issues.

Due to his obsession, his main stomping ground has become Earth and this makes him a headache for locals.

Card Shark


Powers/Abilities: Carries various trick playing cards, incredible hand eye coordination and accuracy, skilled gambler, knows when to hold 'em.

Occupation: Gambler, small time villain

Likes: Knowing when to fold 'em, knowing when to walk away and when to run.

Hates: Getting pummeled, losing hands, losing his hat.

Erin Vole was born to be a gambling man. Unfortunately, this got him in a lot of trouble at various times in his life and the poor fellow seems to have stumbled from one mishap to the next until he found himself taking on the role of a costumed villain to pay his debts, stay ahead of those he's cheated and the law.

Vole is a C list, maybe lower, villain and he likes it like that. It keeps him from attracting the attention of big fish and keeps him relatively free from serious harm. He has a strict no killing policy and tries to avoid working with psychopaths.

Count Nefaron


Powers/Abilities: Claims to be descended from demons, unnaturally resilient and strong for his age and build, sorcerer of of some skill adept in binding demons and performing rituals, possesses a living cape capable of moving independently and providing protection, sounds like Count von Count

Occupation: Occultist, Nobleman

Likes: Ordering around his staff, amassing dark and mystical powers, performing heinous rituals.

Hates: Ignorant peasants, being forced to live in a crumbling castle, people tugging on his cape

Nefaron comes from a long line of depraved and decadent nobles, one that ruled their lands through fear and with extreme cruelty. They lived in an isolated corner of Eastern Europe where they performed their vile rituals and oppressed their people in relative peace. They couldn't keep this up forever though. Bad deals with otherworldly things, a discontent peasant population and pressure from outside the borders forced them into exile.

In 1925, two hundred years after the family's exile Count Vargul Nefaron returned. He took his old family castle back, used his dark magics to drive off the things haunting it and began his reign of terror where his ancestors left off. He has set up his small kingdom as it's own sovereign country and become a colossal headache for various magic heroes due to his various schemes to restore his land and his home to its former glory through dark sorcery, forbidden artifacts and even long buried rituals.

Crystal Ball


Powers/Abilities: Skilled trap maker, master planner with sophisticated technology in his suit and helmet that can produce various effects.

Occupation: Costumed criminal, former TV psychic.

Likes: Making people look stupid, fooling heroes and cops, spoiling the ending.

Hates: Looking stupid, people saying he's wearing a fishbowl, traps not working.

Bob Bodger was a con man. One that was damn good at what he did. His favorite trick was the fake psychic routine. Based on belief, relatively low risk and with a built in eccentric and wealthy base, it gave him the money he needed. But it didn't give him the thrill. He eventually hit the big times, scoring a show that seemingly had no signs of slowing down on its way to the top. However, like all good TV psychics, his time was limited. His luck eventually ran out during a catastrophic failure of a show and he was cut off from his successful job. Embarrassed and surprisingly low on cash, he had to decide what he was going to do...

In a few years he came back in an unexpected way. Wearing an outlandish costume and kidnapping his former producers, he forced the unfortunate victims to traverse a trap filled maze for his amusement... and the amusement of others. Fortunately, the Grey Owl was on hand to get everyone out safely but word got around. Soon Crystal Ball was getting work building death traps for other villains looking for an old school flair. He's even run a few of these dungeons and mazes on his own in his various schemes.

Cuifen Yang (Golden Dragonfly VI)


Powers/Abilities: Highly skilled and deadly martial artist, capable of killing with her bare hands, high degree of mental and spiritual resistance, reflexes and speed bordering on meta human, persuasive and well connected, skilled thief and infiltrator, able to fight in a dress and heels

Occupation: Assassin and thief for hire

Likes: Getting her way, dispatching those that cross her, proving the power of her chosen style

Hates: Doing more work than necessary, people that waste her time and bore her, her daughter being disrespectful

Cuifen Yang is the sixth Golden Dragonfly in a long line of criminal mercenaries and assassins bearing the same name. She follows admirably in the footsteps of her predecessors, using the Golden Dragonfly style for personal gain. Normally, this style and the training techniques that went along with it are passed down from mother to daughter but Cuifen was not interested in having a child herself so she searched for one to adopt. After a short search, Violet Halford caught her eye. A quiet girl with cute blonde hair and sharp little blue eyes. One that she saw potential in and would be quite appropriate for the traditions she was breaking.

She trained the girl for over eight years in the Golden Dragonfly style before having to vanish. Several deals she had made in the past had fallen through and she owed several favors she couldn't repay. After taking care of these loose ends (by killing over twenty people over the course of two years) she is now looking for her wayward daughter...



Powers/Abilities: Serpentine DNA grafts grant increased agility, flexibility, reflexes and heat sense, proficient hand to hand fighter, skilled escape artist, stealthy and elusive, knowledge of poison and toxins, armored uniform provides protection, has cool snake's eyes.

Occupation: Assassin

Likes: Snakes and reptiles, interesting targets to assassinate, warm, comfortable spots to relax in.

Hates: The cold, VIPER, snakeskin clothing and accessories




Powers/Abilities: Sealed suit is highly armored and effective in combat both underwater and on land, gauntlets fire razor disks and explosive darts, capable to fast underwater movement, tastes good with lemon

Occupation: Saboteur and Mercenary

Likes: The calm ocean breeze, blowing up expensive machinery, tropical fish

Hates: People underestimating him, underwater heroes, sea monsters.