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The Dynamic
"My bite's worse than my bark!"
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Super Group
The Overwatch
· Other Affiliations ·
Young Sentinels, Protectors of the World
Real Name
Sunny Oskern
Annoying Girl, Ex-Sidekick Girl, Dog Girl, Dober, Dobes
July 10, 1992
Flat Lake, MI
Millennium City
Millennium City
Superhero, Coffee Girl.
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
Dating (Darrel Hodgens).
· Known Relatives ·
Chris and Melody Oskern (Parents), Robert (Brother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Light brown
· Distinguishing Features ·
Extended Canines
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Augmented physical abilities, Enhanced senses.
· Equipment ·
Weighted chain, tech goggles, reinforced bracer, armored uniform, flight disk, power gauntlets.
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Arts Training, Detective Training, Advanced Vehicle Operation

Sunny Oskern is DOBERGIRL, one of Millennium City's most enthusiastic super heroines! With a dream in her heart to become a crime fighter like she saw on television and read about in the papers, Sunny knew she had a destiny to fulfill. Locating her favorite hero, the aging vigilante known as Doberman, she set herself up to join him in his escapades. Taking a costumed identity to follow him around everywhere (much to his annoyance), Sunny learned the ins and outs of being a true hero. An unfortunate incident brought a spectacular discovery... she was infused with canine DNA, oddly enough a doberman's, giving her enhanced attributes. In desperation over a partner that tread closely into stalker territory, Doberman realized he had to stage his own death and let Sunny fend for herself. Not only did she find new allies, she flourished in her new role. Currently active as a Protector of the World as well as fighting alongside lesser known heroes like Foxhound, Dobergirl takes a bite out of crime and enjoys every second of it.


Dobergirl is an undeniably adorable young African American woman with a light to medium complexion. She typically towers over most normal women at an even 6 feet tall and weighs 166 pounds. Sunny wears her black hair usually straightened and has large, doe like dark brown eyes that she sometimes hides behind glasses. Her dress style is usually casual much like most young women her age. She prefers t-shirts and jeans over more dressy attire and more often than not prefers to hide her incredibly athletic figure.

As Dobergirl, Sunny wears a brown and black suit with white piping that doubles as body armor. On her face she wears a pair of hi tech goggles that aid her in crime fighting. She has with armored reinforced boots and a belt that she has a few crime fighting gadgets on. One arm is outfitted with a specialized reinforced bracer upon which a heavy chain is wrapped around. In either guise, Sunny usually has a smile and can-do-it attitude about her, making her one of the more strikingly positive heroes the world knows.



Sunny Oskern was always a girl that knew what she wanted to do. Whenever anyone asked, she would say that she wanted to be a superhero. She read comic books, watched every cartoon she could and trained herself to fight. She was especially a huge fan of local Flat Lake hero Doberman and when she felt she was ready she ambushed him and demanded to be made his sidekick. Doberman was reluctant at first (and a little creeped out) but eventually gave in when he found she could handle herself.

Doberman soon found out his mistake. He was an older hero and even though he mostly dealt with small time stuff he was suffering wear and tear from his rough life and ended up having a lot of trouble keeping up with his eager young sidekick, who was constantly getting him involved and getting the duo in trouble. Worse yet, she wouldn't let him retire! Sunny would always find some way to get him back into the fray. Things eventually got so bad that Doberman had to fake his own death using a robot duplicate he borrowed from a friend who owed him a favor.

Heartbroken, Sunny decided she would keep the Dobergirl name and step up her fight on crime by joining the big leagues in Millennium City! She still doesn't realize Doberman is alive... and he wants it that way. Sunny moved on, joining other teenagers in the group known as the Young Sentinels. While there she learned a lot about others in the super heroic community as well as gaining a best friend in the form of Kara McKilroy, the heroine Keioisis. Though their stay with the team was brief, it served as an introduction to numerous allies who also fought against evil and shared the same goals as her.

One of Dobergirl's allies was Sparrowhawk, who fought alongside her several times and was one of her first choices to join the team known as The Protectors of the World. Dobergirl with no hesitation agreed to join, finding herself in the company of All-Star, Artifist, Razira and even one of her idols, Thundrax. Dobergirl was on the front lines against some of this worlds greatest villains (and in some cases, other worlds). She found herself tackling everything from old enemies to South African death goddesses to comic book reading reality warpers, and each time proved her mettle. She continued to fight on her own as well, even taking in a friend who also commanded a canine alias, Foxhoound.

Shortly after the Protectors' first year in action, Dobergirl was kidnapped by Sparrowhawk, who was at the time under the mental thrall of the Apotheosis Project due to a neural implant. Dobergirl was shuttled away to a small island in South America where she was tortured for weeks and subjected to barbaric tests and treatment in order to understand hers and other heroes DNA in order to devise a bomb to wipe out those with super powers completely. When Sparrowhawk was able to override her neural implant she attempted a full blown prison break out which Dobergirl helped lead. Dobergirl was also instrumental in summoning the other Protectors by activating a homing beacon. She was rescued, but the time away took an obvious physical and mental toll on her, to which she still at times struggles with.

In the three years she's been on her own, Dobergirl has matured a lot. She's been shown the rough side of the superhero life up close and personal and has been through two different teams. Through it all she's tried to maintain a positive outlook, keeping her love for life and adventure intact. Sunny Oskern, Dobergirl, continues to do her best, always ensuring the public is safe while keeping the legacy of her former mentor alive.



Sunny is a lot like her name... cheerful, eager and upbeat. She always seems to find a way to be excited about what she's doing and seems to have boundless energy. She has never taken things very seriously and hates when people tell her what she can and can't do. Dobergirl has a very strong stubborn streak in many ways with a dogged (heh) determination. Rarely will she back down from things she' has said, even if she feels bad about it later. She is very protective of the superhero community and is quick to put down and belittle those that say anything against it.

In recent years Dobergirl had faced serious adversity that has tested her character and shown her a darker view of the world. She still tends to see the positives in most situations but it is now tempered with a more serious view on both herself and the world. Much like her namesake, however, while incredibly sweet, loyal and kind she has been known to become aggressive and violent when push comes to shove. Dobergirl can be your best friend or (to enemies she fights) your worst enemy. She's definitely not someone you want to be on the bad side of.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Physical Abilities: During an early adventure, Dobergirl was struck by a power ray using an unstable power core of unknown origin. This ray blast infused her with a low degree of super strength, agility, endurance and durability. However, this did not come without a price. After going home for a check up recently she learned that not only was she suffering cellular damage, but that it had actually been getting worse over time! The mad scientist and former Doberman enemy turned ally RoboClone was able to fix this problem by infusing Sunny with animal DNA. Specifically, doberman. She mostly likes to pretend the whole thing never happened and didn't find it nearly as funny as RoboClone did. The animal DNA, however, enhanced her physical attributes. Sunny can bench press around two tons giving her mild super human strength. She can run faster than a regular human and surpasses the norm for purposes of dexterity as her agility has been enhanced. Her body is more durable as well and can withstand cuts and bruises far better than the average human, though things like gunshots will obviously hurt her if at a close range.
  • Dog Attack: Dobergirl has been known to exhibit incredibly aggressive, animal attack like tendencies when she has been in life or death situations. During these times she tends to act more blood thirsty and, on one occasion, actually killed a mortal manifestation of a death goddess (Dobergirl felt really bad after it happened). In this mode, Dobergirl seems to have even increased strength past her usual norm and has more than once used her extended canines to bite. Her body seems oblivious to pain inflicted on her at this time as well, even if she is wounded.
  • Enhanced Senses: The bonding of doberman DNA to Sunny's has given her exceptional hearing and a stronger sense of smell than a normal human. She can notice subtle clues when this is paired with her detective skills to find things most normal individuals wouldn't.
  • Unarmed Combat Training: Dobergirl is well versed in unarmed fighting and specializes in taking on multiple targets at once. She's picked up boxing, street fighting and wrestling skills from Doberman which she practices regularly. In more recent years Dobergirl has trained various martial arts styles with Sparrowhawk such as Krav Maga, Sambo and MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) that cater to her fighting style.
  • Detective Training: Though mostly self taught, Dober isn't completely unaware of her surroundings. Her time with Doberman taught her solid basics for detective work and she's continued studying over the years. she has shown herself to be very capable and her enhanced senses often lead her to find and put together clues that even better trained detectives without such abilities might miss.
  • Tech Knowledge: Dobergirl is familiar with high tech devices thanks to her time spent with RoboClone. She can maintain and repair useful items that are part of everyday business such as her goggles. She knows how to wield a decent selection of high end weaponry utilized by several law abiding agencies (such as UNTIL) and more villainous groups (such as VIPER).
  • Skilled Pilot: Dobergirl is proficient at piloting numerous vehicles and is able to engage others offensively and defensively in aerial combat.
  • Acrobatics: Dobergirl is capable of impressive displays of acrobatic agility that are only further augmented by her metahuman reflexes. She picked up several useful escape artist techniques in her time as a sidekick.


  • Impulsive: Dobergirl can be a bit... brash. She tends to be a look before you leap type and can be overeager and get ahead of allies.
  • Sensory Overload: Dober's sense of hearing and smell is on par with a dogs. This makes her vulnerable to certain high pitched frequencies, loud sonics, strong smells and other irritants.
  • Unusual Genetics: Due to the augmentation process used by RoboClone to fix Dobergirl's genetic damage, her DNA is not all human. This only shows up on deep scans or thorough medical examinations, but Dobergirl still finds it somewhat embarrassing and it can be a hindrance at times.



Even though she is super powered, Dobergirl still utilizes many items to supplement her abilities. These include:

  • Combat Chain: A weighted Kendrium alloy chain with a small, heavy ball on one end that is part of her left gauntlet. Dobergirl uses this simple tool to great effect, entangling close range enemies or pulling them into range of her fists.
  • Tech Goggles: Dobergirl's goggles do more than just protect her eyes from dust and debris. They provide her with internet access, flash bomb visual protection, spectrum analysis and image magnification.
  • Armored Uniform: Dobergirl's uniform is bullet resistant and padded to help her avoid injury. She's tough, but she's not that tough!
  • Flight Disk: An UNTIL slightly modified gravity disk that enables Dobergirl to get to where she needs to be at any time. While not incredibly fast it does provide transportation to areas she may not otherwise reach. It has been specially designed to 'collpase' upon itself, allowing it to be taken pretty much anyhwhere. Dobergirl uses this item both offensively and defensively, as a shield or a bludgeon (and sometimes a makeshift projectile).
  • Power Gauntlets: Created by RoboClone early in Dobergirl's solo career, these gauntlets give her an increase in strength, grant her protective fields and access to a handful of handy gadgets. She rarely uses them currently as they use a lot of energy and can be expensive to maintain.

Important NPCs


Dobergirl has a number of friends and associates.

  • Darrel Hodgens: Dobergirl's current boyfriend, a skinny young man that shares her love for comics, video games and awful movies. He's currently employed at a store called Capes and Comics. Their relationship is currently up in the air and it's possible Dober will have to reveal her secret to him soon.
  • Roger Court (RoboClone): A former nemesis of Doberman and Dobergirl that focused on building incredibly lifelike robot duplicates. He retired around the time Dobergirl became a sidekick and shared a friendly relationship with both of them afterwards, acting as a tech adviser. He is also Dobergirl's medical doctor as he has intimate details about her current and past physical augmentations and can be trusted to be discrete.
  • The Addison Family: The Addison Family is composed of Foxhound's grandfather Charles, father and mother Andrew and Trisha, and brother Derrick. All of the men in the family have superpowers and a wide berth of experience in using them to carry out justice, as well as an array of skills that range from equipment upkeep to crime scene investigation. Dobergirl has grown very close to the family during the time she's known them and she knows she can count on them to give her help and support when they need.

The Mentor: Doberman!


Carl Hanks grew up poor in Detroit in the late 60s. He was a mean, tough kid that spent most of his time on the streets, getting out of his apartment whenever possible and away from a drunken, verbally abusive father and uncaring mother. Carl brawled his way through school as something of a delinquent, dropping out when he was sixteen to leave the city and make a life for himself elsewhere. He ended up settling in Flat Lake, doing odd jobs to scrape by.

He eventually found his way into police work. He gained a reputation as a tough, no nonsense officer in the Flat Lake PD but was plagued by allegations of brutality and excessive force that built up as time went on. Flat Lake was a growing city and crime was on the rise, they didn't have time to coddle criminals. This rise in crime in the 80s also brought with it some low tier super criminals. Frustrated, Carl took on the persona of Doberman and quickly became popular for his brutal, no holds barred style and seemingly superhuman toughness.

By the time Dobergirl latched on to him he had been a hero for years and was getting tired of the game. Paired with his rough times with the FLPD, a string of messy relationships and his hero work he was under a lot of stress both physically and mentally. He took on Dobergirl grudgingly, hoping he could eventually steer her away from being a hero with his tough training and harsh words but he couldn't stop her enthusiasm. He found himself unable to get out of his 'mentor' role and started becoming desperate over time.

Though he did care for Sunny, he eventually came up with a scheme. One that would not only get him out of his mentor role but also fix many of his personal problems and maybe even scare his over eager sidekick back onto a more normal path. With the help of a retired villain from his rogues gallery he faked his death and vanished.

Of all his decisions, Doberman has come to regret this rash course of action the most. He still wants to watch out for Sunny and checks in on her every now and then. Making sure to keep his distance, of course.


Blue Hour: Fellow lover of punching things. Blue and Dober tend to get along well and hold similar views on what makes a hero and how they should behave.

Nightwave: Dober doesn't know what to think of Nightwave. Though she initially liked her because she was a friend of Proud Patriot, the more she learned about her the less she liked. Everything started going downhill during an incident with Mr. Blank...

Mr. Blank: Speaking of Blank... Dober dislikes the former vigilante, seeing him as a jinx and personally disliking his attitude. Though Blank has changed recently, Dober's opinion of him hasn't.

Proud Patriot: One of Dober's best friends in the super hero business. They've been through a lot together and she's always been willing to help him when it's been needed. His 'death' hit her pretty hard.

Ice-Heart: Dober's favorite witch. When it comes to magic, Ice Heart is the one that she's most likely to seek out.

Myriad: Though Myriad was a big help during Proud Patriot's most recent hardships, Dober has come to distrust the AI somewhat. His actions during missions they've been on together and the way he acts when observing people unnerves her greatly.


All-Star: Dober thinks All Star is pretty cool despite his somewhat brutal and straightforward methods to solving problems. She's seen him in action and knows there's more to him than his cocky demeanor.

Ryder Williams/ Nightstrike: Dober dislikes Ryder. She thinks he's a cocky jackass. His treatment of his friends really set her off while they were dealing with the villain Chaosiris and badly spoiled her perception of him. Further interactions have only reinforced her negative view of him.

Kara McIlroy: One of Dober's close friends and a teammate from the Young Sentinels. With both of them being giggly nerd girls, it was inevitable that they would hit it off. Kara and Dober spend a lot of time together both off and on the field.

Omniboy: A rather quiet and strange fellow with a tragic past. Dober has tried numerous times to get him to open up more but it seems like a lost cause. Despite his insistence to the contrary, Dober knows he's got a heart under all that metal.

Darwindestructible: Poor, poor Darwin. He's a bit slow witted, but a great guy. Dober knows she can count on him when there's a problem.

Sparrowhawk: Though Dober initially found Sparrow to be something of a killjoy, she came to enjoy spending time with the woman. She respects her combat skill and experience and has come to think of her as something of a mentor. Recent events have greatly shaken her views of Sparrow, however and only time will tell if she'll ever be able to accept her again...

Foxhound: Dober likes to joke that Foxhound is her sidekick. They've grown very close over the time they've spent together and she knows she can count on Sandy to watch her back and pick her up when she needs it.

Black Sigil II: Dober didn't always enjoy Black Sigil's company, but she won't deny that he was a hero. She was quite shocked when he sacrificed himself to save the team and partially refuses to believe he's really dead.

Thundrax: How could Dobergirl not enjoy being on a team with Thundrax? The Canadian hero has high international appeal for being an upstanding kind of guy and a solid role model with years of experience!

Artifist: Though Dober doesn't necessarily think of Artifist as her first choice in mystical advice, she still appreciates her abilities. She often teases the woman but she really does think she's pretty cool.

C.O.P.: Heavy hitting hippy hater, COP is an awesome robot with a tough attitude. Despite not working with him much, Dober thinks it's neat to have him on the team.

Katsuo: Though Dober likes Katsuo as a teammate, she doesn't care for him much as a person. His fatalistic, serious attitude and what she sees as an absence of morals clashes hard with perky attitude and sense of loyalty and right.

Razira: Dober has known Raz for a while and they share a good working relationship. She's willing to help out the wolfwoman and lend her support when she needs it.

Riptide: For the most part, Dober gets along with Riptide. Of course, she's always kind of bothered by the edgy mean streak the space fish displays now and then, but she can ignore some of that because he's cool and lets her see/work on his space ship.

Notable Villains

Dobergirl's Enemies, Left to Right: Bomblaster, Noisemaker, Marxman
  • Bomblaster: Archibald Vlako was a fire bug. And an unstable one. A war veteran, Archibald began working for a man named Zachery Kline II on leaving the military, doing some dirty work for him now and then. If Kline needed something to vanish, blown up or get burned, Vlako was his go to guy. Until the money and his drinking habit caught up to him. Kline ended up cutting the man loose, which didn't sit well with him. He did what any good unhinged vengeful employee does and built himself a suit of blast proof armor before setting off on a wrecking spree that ended up with him nearly killing Kline and sinking his yacht before being stopped by Dobergirl.
  • Noisemaker: Howard Nussman was a friendly clown. He loved to amuse children with his homemade cracker pack, a device that made various sounds. Things changed though, when a nasty fall from his high stilts caused a traumatic brain injury. Now convinced that he needs to constantly upgrade his cracker pack and that his clowning is serious work that should be spread to everyone... regardless if they want it or not. He's more of a nuisance than anything else, but his constant thefts and ridiculous antics can sometimes go too far. He has followed Dobergirl to Millennium, convinced that he can make her life despite her telling him exactly how creepy she finds him. He will make her laugh. Or else.
  • MarxMan: Chad Maklin is a talented young man. A skilled actor, archer and all around slacker. Chad could very well do any number of things with his life if he wanted but has chosen a life of crime. He's not truly interested in the overblown communist dogma he espouses as MarxMan, just using it as a part of the role. He has also been two other villains during his short career, the 'robot' archer RoBow and the mysterious crossbowman Magic Missiles.
  • Winged Terror I: One of Doberman's greatest foes. Eric Zyler was a good man who had bad luck. He had to claw his way up from nothing to earn even a modest living. Then they started taking it all away. Greedy and desperate family that needed his help, sickness and injury and general bad luck. He finally snapped when he lost his house, becoming a villain intent on taking it all back from the vampires that had drained away his life and all those like them. He became quiet not long after Doberman's disappearance. His activity had already diminished with age and this just seemed to drive him further into seclusion. He vanished entirely in 2013, not even his sidekick and successor knowing what happened to him.
  • Crimson Terror/Winged Terror II: Timothy Cheng was a weak willed, nerdy loser before a chance encounter with the Winged Terror. A poor kid who had almost nothing, Terror took him in and guided him. Though he wasn't as intense as Terror he did like some of what the old man told him and ended up being an excellent student. He built confidence quickly and even started acting on his own when Terror started to withdraw.T im has a big crush on Dobergirl and unknown to either of them they dated briefly in high school.
  • Calico: An alternate reality version of Dobergirl! Nicky Oskern was only briefly encountered by her Prime Earth counterpart once. The two girls dislike each other immensely.

Dobergirl's Enemies, Left to Right: Winged Terror, Crimson Terror, Calico

RP Hooks

  • Dobergirl was rather active on various superhero forums when she was younger, posting as DoberFan1. She found a way to bring up Doberman as often as she could and devoured every detail she could find on him. It was a little creepy. It's possible some people would be able to put two and two together...
  • Dobergirl is in good standing with both UNTIL and PRIMUS, having aided both in the past on fairly successful missions. Though she hasn't made many waves, she's somewhat memorable (especially back when she wore the pigtails).
  • While she is now technically an adult, Dobergirl still has ties to many teen heroes and groups.
  • Being a member of the Protectors of the World, Dobergirl can be found in practically any locale across the planet battling crime.


  • Terrified of clowns. Even mentioning them causes her to shudder and freak out a little. Dobergirl is often a little rougher than necessary on Maniacs she encounters because of this fear.
  • Dobergirl isn't totally stable. She can easily become attached to superheroes she thinks are cool, developing obsessions over them and still loves Doberman unconditionally. She keeps a signed and framed picture of the hero in her bedroom that she talks to every night before going to bed.
  • Has her suspicions that Doberman may still be alive. He was "killed" in a fiery explosion that left no body, after all and he was very tough. Unknown to her she is actually being followed by Doberman through Roboclone's robot agents. Despite wanting her to leave him alone, he is still worried about her.



What the hero community thinks of the spunky former sidekick!

"Dobergirl is very sweet and helpful. She always on the comm, weady to be of assistance. Her costume is pwetty awesome too!" - Chocolate Chip Chelsea

"Like her namesake, Dobergirl is extremely loyal to those she cares about and amazingly fearless in the face of adversity. Dobergirl consistently proves that she is a true hero, probably one of the most altruistic I know. I'm proud to work beside her." - Sparrowhawk

"She's a good friend with a good heart. There are few people like her in the world; the kind of person you know will do great things. I'm honored to know her. Proud Patriot

"I've worked with Dober quite a few times. She may seem like just a spin-off to some people, but she's an amazing hero in her own right - strong, sharp, and loyal. Watch the news, folks - Dobergirl's going to be big in the years to come." - The Peacemaker

"Dobs is my best friend and favorite person to go patrolling with. We make a good team, she's the tank and I'm the artillery! Also she loves my cooking so that's always a plus." - Kara McIlroy

"Very enthusiastic and even more hyper than me. Which is impressive. Also I seriously thought she was some kind of mutated canine. Huh shows what I know."-SoulStar

"Great teammate to work with. She's got a strong head on her shoulders and knows what to do in tough situations. I look forward to more missions with her." - African Violet

"While I worry about her sometimes due to all that she's seen and been through at a relative young age, I do know that she's a solid teammate and one that I can trust. Here's to hoping she stays out of trouble despite facing it often due to her position on the Protectors." - Razira

"Dobergirl's the kind of hero that I hope I can be one day. She's got the skills that pay the bills, and when the going gets tough, no matter how hard it is, Dobergirl just gets tougher. There's not a thing that we can't do as long as we do it together." - Foxhound

Dobergirl Art Gallery

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