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Watchful Guardian
Ultima King
Arcane Armored
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Super Group
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Real Name
Jarret Davis
Master of Kingsgate, Heir of the Kings of Theon
April 20, 1978
Flat Lake, MI
The Kingsgate, Outer Howling Sea
The Kingsgate
Superhero, Magician, Heir of the Kings of Theon, King Without a Kingdom
Legal Status
No criminal record.
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Mimi Davis (Mother), Barry Davis (Father)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Black (grey streaks)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Prematurely greying
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Magic grants a variety of effects from creating portals and conjuring mystic hands to slinging ice blasts.
· Equipment ·
The Armor of the Kings of Theon (bracers, helmet, chest plate, belt and boots) which grant enhancement to mystical skill as well as providing a channel to communicate with the former kings.
· Other Abilities ·
Expertise in mystical phenomenon and knowledge of important magical sites, experienced in creating and disrupting ritual magic.


Jarret is a thin, unassuming man with blue eyes and prematurely greying hair. When adventuring he wears wine colored tights with a set of lightweight, bronze ceremonial armor etched with gold that consists of a pair of bracers, boots, a belt, helmet and chest plate with a grey cape and fur mantle.


Possessing the artifacts of the last kings of Theon, a pocket dimension long since overrun by the destructive forces of the monstrous Lord Nowhere, mild mannered book store owner Jarret Davis has become the Ultima King to protect the world from threats both magical and mundane.


Ultima King is calm and collected, prone to introspective brooding. He prefers to think through his problems but is not above throwing his weight around when he feels it's prudent. He takes his duty as a protector of Earth and a ward against magical threats very seriously and looks down on those who would deny the scope of his work or close their eyes to otherworldly threats.

Powers and Abilities

-Magic: Even without the Armor of the Kings Jarret has learned how to work magic and create various effects. His magical powers are weaker versions of the abilities he can perform with the aid of his armor but can still be formidable thanks to his years of experience and tutelage under the Kings of Theon.


-The Armor of the Kings of Theon: Forged by a group of extradimensional wizards in hopes of empowering a protector that was capable of standing up to the mystical threats that they'd fought throughout their long lives. This armor enhances the natural natural magical abilities of its wearer and contains the spirits of the King's themselves, who give counsel. The armor consists of...

--Chest Plate of Seingart: This piece of armor channels magic capable of creating wards and shields or healing and restoring others. It is also key in rituals that allow long distance teleportation or portal creation.

--Helmet and Belt of Horol: These pieces of armor allow the user to conjure phantom limbs to grasp and manipulate objects at a distance or create simple constructs. They also grant the powers of flight and telepathy.

--Gloves and Boots of Eluihm: These pieces of armor allow the user to better shape and control the elements towards controlled effects. Eluihm's armor specializes in the control of ice and cold, but is also capable of shaping fire and lightning effects. They also allow the wearer to better sense the flow of magic and how it interacts with the natural order.


-Armored: If the armor can be removed or the connection to its power can be suppressed, Ultima King is much weaker and must rely on his natural magical talent.

-Duty First: Jarret has become increasingly detached from other humans as the Armor shapes him into becoming more like the Kings of Theon. He is obsessed with keeping the world safe and is willing to sacrifice much to do so...

-Magic Strain: Though the armor protects him and extends his life, Ultima King's powers put a strain on his body. Though only in his mid thirties he appears a bit older and this effect will only get worse over time.


Ultima Kings sanctuary. Kingsgate exists 'outside and slightly to the right' of the mortal world in a place called the Outer Howling Sea. Kingsgate occupies the top of a thin, high mountain rising from the inhospitable and churning waters of the Outer Howling Sea and is the only safe place in this realm. It has all the comforts of home and has many modern conveniences that run on magic instead of electricity as well as containing a massive library and armory.

Important NPCs

-Barghest: The daughter of the Ancient Wolf, Barghest sometimes aids Ultima King to spite her father. She can be a nuisance but has become something of an assistant in her spare time, which she has plenty of after being kicked out of the Ancient Wolf's home realm.

-Brunhilde and Seymour Faust: Ultima King sometimes consults Seymour Faust and his young apprentice on important matters in hopes of getting a different perspective. Seymour is also extremely knowledgeable, as most talking skulls are.

-Bazaar: Though Bazaar doesn't know it, Ultima King often visits him in his civilian ID to learn about what kind of items are moving and if any dangerous magic materials are being ordered within the mystic community.

Friends, Allies and Aquaintances


What do people think of the Thrice Crowned King?

"Magicfriend is fascinating. I've not been around much magic but there are apparently dogs that turn into human females and strange gear realms and it's all new to me!" - Starlancer

"Three conversations -- maybe four. That's all it takes for Ultima King to earn your respect. When I look at him, I see someone who, like me, is burdened with phenomenal power. But we're not the same. He's calmer, more self-assured, with the kind of eerie, unspeakable wisdom that one often finds in those who wield mystic powers. Maybe one day I'll understand him. For now, I just trust him." - Captain Collider

"Even with all that knowledge and power, Ultima King still finds a way to remain humble, and for that, he has my respect. Moreover, his professionalism mimics mine in a certain way, and I suppose that fosters a mutual understanding between us. I'm not wrong in saying that he is an integral member of the team." - Watchman


-Lord Nowhere: Ultima King's greatest foe. He is a mad elder wizard who wishes to unmake reality using his own realm, Nowhere, as a weapon. He absorbs parts of other realities and extradimensional realms, constantly adding to the mass of Nowhere, ironically making it bigger and bigger, until it's capable of dealing catastrophic damage to all other dimensions.

Lord Nowhere killed the Kings of Theon and destroyed their world, seeing them as a chief threat to his goals. They would like nothing more than to destroy him and end the danger he poses.

-Count Nefaron: A villain from a long line of decadent and evil nobles who ruled their subjects with an iron fist in Eastern Europe. Count Nefaron is an extremely powerful sorcerer and demonologist who craves power and glory and will do anything it takes to gain them.

-Spellthief: As the name suggests, Spellthief is a man who specializes in stealing magic items. Though not a huge threat on his own, he's resourceful and at any given time is carrying a number of effective magical items he's kept for his personal use.

-The Ancient Wolf: A being that embodies an aspect of Gluttony, the Ancient Wolf seeks to turn the world into a hunting ground where the strong survive and feed on the weak. A virtual demigod, the Ancient Wolf maintains a cult called the Order of the Pack that works constantly to corrupt humanity and cause a breakdown in civilization that would lead to the perfect world for his hunts.

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