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Basic Information: About Gen Prime

Gen Prime started off as an idea pitched by Bom-Pom to her father, the billionaire business magnate Trevor Neven. Though originally just an excuse for Bom-Pom to show off by owning her own superteam Mr. Neven has tweaked the idea somewhat. Gen Prime is not just a superteam but a learning opportunity for younger heroes. A way to mold them into the heroes of the future and ensure they become respectable guardians of mankind rather than modern menaces!

HQ: The Prodigy Center

The Prodigy Center serves as a home base for the team. A high tech structure with the latest in security and safety measures. Tutor, a cutting edge robot with an advanced AI, is responsible for keeping the base clean and orderly in addition to its other duties. This base is intended to be part home, part recreation center, part training facility.

Facilities: What's in the Base

-Living Quarters: The base boasts an impressive set of rooms for heroes that wish to stay at the base or need a place to stay. These rooms are quite comfortable and spacious in addition to being highly adaptable towards the needs of their residents.
-Training Rooms: A large area of the Prodigy Center is set aside for training. State of the art hard light projections, contained hazard devices and mass produced robots can be used to reproduce a large variety of programs and conditions. There is also superhuman rated exercise equipment available along with a full sized indoor and outdoor pool.
-Recreation Area: A place to relax. Complete with comfortable seating, roomy tables, gaming consoles and television monitors with access to streaming services and videos from the Media Wing.
-Media Wing: In case anyone needs to do research. The Media Wing contains a large library of old media as well as modern computer consoles with access to a nearly limitless digital library and a connection to important crime fighting resources and legal databases.
-Dining Hall: The dining hall offers plenty of space to eat or relax and is attached to a well stocked kitchen staffed by a mixed robot and human workforce that can prepare food at any time. The menu of offered items is staggering and almost anything can be ordered.
-Research Facility: For the aspiring genius. The research facility caters to those that specialize in colored mystery fluids in beakers as well as the more practical gearheads out there. Robot assistants are available and Mr. Neven is able to order additional materials when needed!

Current Roster: The Heroes of Tomorrow

+Bom-Pom: Becky Neven, Energy Manipulation, Team Leader.

+Bolide: Huang Shen, Magical Fire, Comet Staff, Monk
- Bolide Interview

+Cannon:Megan Manning, Cyborg,Plasma Cannon, Weapon/power copying
- Cannon Interview

+Cait Sith:
- Cait Sith Interview

+Canopy: Laura Spear, Archer and Tracker, Pet Raptors.
- Canopy Interview


+Cobalt Crush: Nick Turchino, Brawler and Detective, Modular Bo Staff
-- Event: Gen Prime v Viper Invasion, Cobalt Crush's Introduction
-- Cobalt Crush Interview

+Citizen Z: Erich Zerstoiten, Super-Genius, Power Armour
- Citizen Z Interview


-- Kitsunebi and Raikiri Interview

+Kid Billionaire:
- Kid Billionaire Interview

- Night-Hunter Interview

- Moonbeam Interview


+Mr. Collateral:

+Patricia Pan: Patricia Patterson, Flight, Fun-Loving Party Girl in the Skies

+Power Play:

- Psyke-Out Interview

- Raikiri and Kitsunebi Interview

+Spell Slinger:
- Spell Slinger Interview

+Stegoboy: Allen Stone, Super Strength and Durability, Genius Level Intelligence.
- Event: 'Oh Fudge', Stegoboy Introduction

+Tyrfing: Viggo Hjalmarsson; Berserker Rage, Pain Resistance, Wooden Sword, RAGE!
- Event: Gen Prime v Viper Invasion, Tyrfing's Introduction

+Wavegirl: Mariana Zopyros, Hydrokinesis/Electrokinesis, Atlantean

+Weaver: Silicon Manipulation, Superhuman Intelligence
- Weaver Interview

Good Guys: People You Can Count On

Allies: Other Heroes

-To be revealed...

Contacts: Support and Regular Folks

-Tutor: Bom-Pom's 'co-leader' on Gen Prime. Tutor is an advanced robot with a sophisticated AI created by Neven Industries that is to assist Becky as well as her teammates in any way possible. It acts as a trainer, a teacher and an adviser and is capable of entering combat when necessary. It also represents Trevor Neven's personal interests in the new team and doesn't always agree with Becky.

Adventures and Events

- Gen Prime v Viper Invasion
- Gen Prime in Oh Fudge
- Gen Prime v Bright Ideas
- Gen Prime v Pretty Boy
- Gen Prime v Death Disease
- Gen Prime v PRIMUS?
- Gen Prime v Joyride?
- Gen Prime v Mental Giant?

- Social: Tour of the Prodigy Center
- Social: Meeting Flechette
- Social: Mercy Me

Bad Guys

-To be revealed...


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