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((A school that is entirely open for use by other players for backstory, if you want a character to be a student or a teacher there, feel free to add them. If you'd like to use the school for something, send me a tell in game @darkblade98. This is a shared source that allows for rp interaction and the what not. However, this is definitely a school for the overtly "normal" people, all the superheroes and vigilantes going here have their secret ID's going strong. If there's any questions feel free to message me in game))

Grace Memorial

Grace Memorial High is a public high school located in central Millennium City. The school is named in honor of the heroine, "Amazing Grace" who died during the Battle of Detroit in 1992. The school welcomes students from many walks of life, and offers a very wide range of classes.

On top of this, the school supports various teams, sports facilities and extracurricular activities.


The Grace Memorial mascot, themed after the school's namesake, is an Angel.

  • Football: Grace Memorial's football team may have suffered in mediocrity for years, but recently The Angels have come into their own. Particularly now, under the leadership of the current team captain; Samuel Holt, the Angels make for strong competition. They maintain a friendly(ish) rivalry with the Westside High team, and occasionally meet up for friendly games.
  • Track & Field: GMH's track program runs the full gamut of field events including short and long distance running, hurdles, high jump, and discus throwing among other things. The program is relatively new but the team takes part in meets throughout the region. They've found relative success and the coach has high hopes for the season.
  • Swimming & Diving: While not unsuccessful, the school's aquatics teams are for the most part largely forgotten about. At least until the coaches ask the committee for funding because they were missed again during budget allocation. The teams are run by husband and wife Mr. and Mrs. Alton and Janis Rivers, with Alton coaching the swim team and Janis the diving squad.

Extracurricular Activities

Clubs and the such


Da teachers


((Students go here, players, but also some npc's.))

Alex Simmons: Alex Simmons is entering his senior year at Grace Memorial, known for being a running back in the school's football team, he can usually be found hanging around with Grace Memorial's "jock" crowd, other athletes, cheerleaders and their like. He's considered to be quite outgoing and friendly, seen fairly often at parties and social gatherings with his peers.

Benjamin Keyes: Approaching his junior year at Grace Memorial, Benjamin (or Ben as his friends used to call him) is a long-distance transfer student from Ontario, Canada. His extracurricular activities include participation in the school's World Language Club and Jazz Ensemble . Standing out more than his fairly light-hearted nice guy personality; his unusually red tinted nose putting him at odds with bullying from the it-crowd, but it's okay because he plays the sax.

Cassandra Sierra: Cassie, as her friends call her, is entering her sophomore year at Grace Memorial, recently having transferred from Westside High's student body. She's had a troubled last few months, but has easily fit (or wedged) herself into Grace's resident alternative teenage groups. She plays violin for the school's orchestra, but otherwise doesn't seem to bother much with extracurricular activity.

Erin Alexiou: A recent Greek transfer student, senior Erin Alexiou has recently come to the school for the final spring semester. She is a member of the school drama team, and is often found in the science labs talking with her chemistry teacher after hours. Several times she's been approached to join the cheer squad, but as of yet, she has not accepted any offers. Erin is friendly, if a bit intimidating at times thanks to her abrupt, forthright manner.

Izzy and Maddie Perkins: Twin sisters who recently moved to MC from New Mexico for their Junior year. The pair could not be more different in their school life. Maddie participates actively in the math, science and chess clubs while Izzy spends the majority of her extra-curricular time in student government, event committee and cheerleading. Despite both of them seeming highly athletic, neither of them participates in sports teams. They're also known for playing elaborate pranks on each other and their friends.

Kazuto "Kaz" Takahashi: A supposed Japanese exchange student, Kaz arrived in Millennium City in the middle of the first semester just before Thanksgiving of 2012. He is currently in his junior year. His classmates only have mild interest in Kaz because of the way he speaks English and seems to have a habit of sticking his foot in his mouth thanks to the relative language barrier. He mainly keeps to himself but is always open to striking up conversations with people who want to talk to him.

Kelly Porter: Another senior at Grace Memorial, Kelly is a recent enrollee after her family moved in from California. She's related to Marcel Simmons, somehow, but for simplicity's sake they call each other 'cousin'. She's friendly enough, if a bit hyper, and gets along with most of the people she meets. Despite dressing like them, she doesn't usually hang out with the goth crowd, instead choosing to hang out with members of the band, with which she plays the flute.

Kyle Abbott: Kyle is enrolled at Grace Memorial as a junior and has shown signs of taking Marcel Simmons' place as the 'smartest kid in school. Choosing to be very reserved and closed off from the rest of the school, Kyle doesn't take part in any extracurricular activities nor takes the time to actually make friends or get to know anyone else around the school. His head is always glued to a book or stays enthralled with his own studies. He is however involved with the school newspaper and film production class.

Kyse Drayson: After an unfortunate expulsion from Westside High, Kyse enrolled as a sophomore at Grace Memorial for the remainder of the '11-'12 school-year. This is his first year in Millennium City and he is still finding his place. He has a reputation for asking outlandish questions of the teachers in class, but is otherwise quiet and keeps to himself. Kyse throws discus for the track team.

Lisa Klein: Lisa Klein is entering her senior year at Grace Memorial. Extracurriculars include sports medicine (as an athletic trainer) and orchestra (as a cellist). She's quiet and doesn't go out of her way to socialize much, though she has a couple of friends she hangs out with regularly. Her personality, along with her good grades, makes her the target of occasional bullying.

Marcel Simmons: Marcel, smartest kid in the school. The senior appeared towards the end of the last year, and has has anything but good attendance, only showing up when he has to or feels like hanging with his friends. His absence does not stop him from being relatively popular in the school, being generally nice to everyone else. Originally, he was an attempted target at bullying. That did not go well for his would-be bullies. If only he could trim that ego of his.