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If men had wings and bore black feathers, few among them would be clever enough to be crows.

Player: @anubisgod
Oh god how this get here I not good with magic
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS/Support
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Cassandra Sierra
Known Aliases: Ravenheart, Ravynheart
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: American
Place of Birth: Millennium City, Michigan
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Damien Sierra (Father), Sonja Sierra (Mother - Waerloga)
Age: 16
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black/Violet
Complexion: Tan
Physical Build: Young, Lanky
Physical Features: Goth Makeup, Silver Snakebite Piercings
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Chaotic Neutral

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: 0
Citizenship: American
Occupation: High School Student
Education: Starting Freshman Year of High School
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Ancient Golden Staff (The Call)
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Ravenheart is about average for a freshman in high school, except for the six foot golden staff she has on her at all times. Her eyes have extremely stereotypical goth eyeliner and makeup, her lips are black and double pierced with silver rings. She stands about five feet eight inches, with violet tips on her raven black hair. Her skin is pale, like most goth kids, and her eyes are a vibrant emerald green. Her clothing is generally black and a deep mauve or violet, and she tends to gravitate towards fishnets and corsets, and can occasionally be seen with black feathers in her hair. Ravenheart's style is quite clearly extremely stereotypical of goth culture, although she has yet to delve into the Victorian or Elizabethan clothing she most assuredly has.

Ravenheart is also always accompanied by four eyed, iron clawed ravens. They are a slight bit larger than normal ravens, and are apparently fully capable of understand and responding to human language, although they cannot speak English. They often roost all around Ravenheart, on gutters and various buildings. She doesn't appear to have any way to actually control the birds, although they do seem to enjoy harassing people that impede her progress.

Personality wise, Ravenheart is actually fairly polite for being a goth kid, although she does not interact very well with other teenagers. She tends to be a loner, and avoids contact with a lot of people due to her alternative clothing styles.

Birds of a Feather

  • 3/15/2012 - A young, goth teenage girl that looked no more than 17 'held up' the pizzeria Gultieri's in Little Italy, Westside. She, and her raven flock, were accosted by the heroes Nightwave, Soldier Boy, Arcane Arrow, Walpurgis, Whiteraven and Tremor, but she managed to get away in a puff of ebon black feathers, teleporting away to an unknown location. She took sixty dollars and about half a pepperoni and sausage pizza from the establishment.
  • 3/19/2012 - Four days later, again in lower Westside, at the store Mr. Wong's Grocery & Deli, the same demonic ravens from before were spotted roosting around the building, on signs and power lines, cawing and screeching at cars and passersby. MCPD Dispatch, guided by Detective Cain, informed the heroes Arcane Arrow, Nightwave, Nightfang and Blue Hour of the newly formed Siren Squad, as well as Light Point, Gypsy Trick, Danger Deer, Dana Doomsday and Soldier Boy, who responded to the scene. As the heroes arrived, the goth girl from before exited the building, and the resulting confusion caused the ravens to react violently, melding and swirling together to form a bird of dragon-sized proportions. A blisteringly intense battle raged as Soldier Boy chased the girl through the store, the other eight heroes engaging the Raven in battle royale. As the fight wound to a close, Soldier Boy returned with a single wrist band from the girl, and the Raven? Vanquished. However, the girl was missing once again, as MCPD Officers and renowned hero Chivalry arrived to see what was going on...
  • 3/28/2012 - Almost a full ten days later, once again within the confines of Westside, another large flock of the four eyed ravens was sighted by local MCPD Dispatch officers, who radioed in the heroes Nightwave, Blue Hour, Soldier Boy, Tremor and Lycan. When they arrived on the scene, however, the standard goth girl was nowhere to be found - instead, there stood a woman clad in a golden mask with deep crimson eyes, whom indicated that the whole thing was a trap! With a flick of her golden wrist, the ravens dissolved into nothing, an inky black form pulling itself from the shadows as a plague angel ripped itself into reality, engaging the heroes in frantic combat. However, the golden masked woman proved to be exceptionally powerful, dealing incredible damage to the gathered heroes, leaving them barely alive as she left, the plague angel dissolving into nothing as she left...whoever she was, it was clear she was after the same thing the heroes were: the girl with the golden staff.
  • 3/30/2012 - On the eve of night on the 30th of March, a set of druids from the Circle of the Scarlet Moon entered the old Dockside Inn, the hideaway of the girl with the golden staff. On the scene were the members of Siren Squad, the heroes Arcane Arrow, Nightwave, Nightfang and Lightwave, as well as fellow champions Chivalry and Silly Sally. On the opposite of the building was the team led by Dana Doomsday and her heroic helpers, Soldier Boy, Danger Deer, Westside Warden and Casta Blasta. The two teams entered on opposing sides, both clashing with the lesser druids of the Circle, fighting off a summoned balor and another plague angel, as before. With victory over these lesser foes, the two teams united to combat the druidic leader Waerloga, whom easily deflected their attacks and was about to crush them as the girl came crashing through the ceiling, devastating the room and casting powerful magic. As the smoke cleared, the heroes found themselves split up, sequestered on platforms away from each other! As soon as they got their bearings, their platforms each spawned an enemy with which to do battle. As the fight raged, many of the heroes found themselves worse for the wear, but the heroes Dana and Arrow talked the rampaging girl down, causing the platforms to dissolve. As the heroes came back to reality, the girl and Chivalry shared a moment - which was interrupted by the arrival of Waerloga! With a turn of phrase and a powerful spell, the newly christened Ravenheart banished her mother to hell! Now, her future awaits....

The Girl with the Golden Staff

  • 4/2/2012 - At a local city bank in Millennium's center, the newly arisen hero Ravenheart and her stalwart ally and roommate Soldier Boy met up with other local teen hero Jetgirl to put a stop to a bank robbery in progress. The three teens entered the establishment incredibly stealthily - namely via jetpack and motorcycle straight through the windows. After doling out some severe punishment to the would-be bank robbers, the three heroes shared jabs and quips at each other's talents, just like one might expect teens to. Ravenheart demonstrated that, despite the assistance of magic powerhouse Grimoire, she still had basically no idea how to control The Call. However, the three left on (relatively) good terms, having saved the day!
  • 4/30/2012 - On April 30th, young teen heroes Ravenheart and her roommate Soldier Boy came into contact with the vile entity known as the Cape Demon. Despite not knowing who or what the thing was, it challenged them to combat, which the two teens had no choice but to accept. With fierce cries of valor and heroism, the two teens emerged victorious over the eternal Cape Demon, banishing it from our world back into the next.
  • 2/26/2013: Far Away Land - Taking the place of her mentor Dana Doomsday, Cassie arrived in Faerie to assist a cabal of female mages, namely Lorekeeper, Scripture, Canadian Fist and Ice-Heart. Their mission was to infiltrate an underground troll city, and reunite Changelin with her human sister. As they met up with the king of the trolls, Berg Koning, they found that they had been accused of treason! As the court wizard Heks revealed, they had been set up by Doctor Ominous, a Mongolian supervillain wizard who had worked with Tam-Lin to plot to overthrow her father, the king. Even though they protested their accusations, the magi were set upon by King Berg's trollguard and Doctor Ominous himself. Ravenheart and her trio of ravens joined the fray, blasting away at the trollguard. With the ravens growing to roc size, they devoured several of the guards whole, before King Berg brutally bested Conspiracy. Before the remaining birds could take revenge, the other heroes defused the situation to give chase to Doctor Ominous. Confronting the wizard, her demonic prowess let her identify the man's benefactor: Belphegor, the demon of Sloth. Even as he fled, the Flock within Ravenheart began to wonder exactly what Belphegor's interest in this whole ordeal was...

Powers and Artifacts

  • Ancient Golden Staff - Whatever this staff is, it is an incredibly powerful artifact of some form of magic. It apparently reacts to the users intent and force of will, and does not seem to have a limitation on what it is capable of. Research into the staff through vigorous means will yield three results, all of which have been lost for at least 200 years. Which of three it is that Ravenheart has, however, is not immediately determinable, and might perhaps require actually physically obtaining it for research. Recently events have narrowed the staff down into one option: The Call.
    • The Call - Another ancient, golden magical staff, the Call reacts to will and intent by creating almost anything the brain can dream of, oftentimes even drawing upon subconscious desire and unknown wants to defend it's user or assault it's enemies. The Call, while incredibly powerful, requires the user to have some innate magical talent, however, as it must be fueled by them in order to work it's magic. It was considered lost in 1521, after the victory of Spanish and Tlaxcalan warriors over the Aztec Empire.


  • Only A Teen - Despite all her magical 'might', Ravenheart is only a teenager. As such, she can get hurt perhaps easier than an adult, and does not have the wide spread of life experience that an adult might have, plus she cannot get around as easily as someone who could legally have a drivers license.
  • Only Human - She is also entirely human, and as such, does not have any special abilities to reduce incoming damage to her. If she gets shot, she is very likely to bleed out and die, as she is also not experienced enough to ward herself.
  • Oh God I Not Good With Magic - Despite having a very powerful artifact under her control, Ravenheart does not actually have a very good idea of how the thing works, and as such, cannot control what it will do when it reacts to her commands.

Research on the Ravens

If a character of mystic origins researches the four eyed ravens that often flock about Ravenheart, they might uncover the following information about them, although any more than what is listed would require far more intensive research into perhaps more dangerous tomes of ill reputation.

Your research has turned up a fair amount of information about an ancient area in the Netherworld, populated almost entirely by four-eyed, iron-clawed ravens that are members of something called 'The Flock'. This area of the Netherworld is known as the Eyries, and it is difficult to determine if it belongs to any of the standard human concepts of Hell - it certainly doesn't add up to most contemporary religious ideas, nor does it evenly match any of the ancient descriptions. Whatever the Eyries are, they are very, very old.

Mention of the Flock is rare, even amongst magi. The last known time it has been called upon was in the 1500s, used to assist the sultan Selim I (also known as The Grim) to massacre the Shia Muslims in the region of Anatolia. While they were incredibly useful in harassing and finding targets, the Flock was also rumored to 'gather up non-Shia Muslims to be slain as well, tricking the forces of Selim I into slaughtering people that may have been useful'. Later in the 1500s, several Spanish conquistadors report back to Spain, making mention of 'raven headed warriors' amongst the Aztec population, which were very capable of driving back the Spanish invaders, however, in the end, Spain proved victorious. It's name and summoning regulations have since been ushered into antiquity.

Very few tomes would hold the necessary information to summon something such as The Flock again, mostly ones that would be in the possession of an organization such as DEMON or the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. The best guesses of more recent magi would lead it to be in something similar to the Temperas Demonicas or the Liber Terribles.

If one were to actually delve deeper into mystical lore, and perhaps go into darker recesses of knowledge and power, you may be able to uncover the follow information from your intensive and thorough research.

It is unaffiliated with any religions, and instead seems to have come about somewhat naturally at the formation of the Netherworld, carving out it’s own realm and ruling it with an iron claw, so to speak. The Eyries are filled with the demonic ravens as well as other numerous bird-like demons, including raven-headed humanoids that wield large, curved scimitars. The actual entity of the Flock does not appear very often when called upon, instead it tends to send conspiracies of ravens or murders of crows to speak for it.

The demon lord Pazuzu is rumored to have obtained his greatsword weapon from the feather of a giant demonic bird. This is partially true, although the deal was not a friendly one, the Flock’s feather is responsible for the creation of Pazuzu’s legendary sword. The two demon lords have come to some sort of understanding, however, and may work together occasionally.

The Flock almost always appears with a six foot or more golden staff in it’s hand, which is seen as an emblem or focus of it’s power. Throughout the years, various people have been seen wielding the staff, and being followed by veritable clouds of demonic birds. Since the fall of the Aztec Empire, however, the Flock has never personally answered a summons, and therefore, the staff is considered lost.

The elder demon is cunning and clever, and always seeks a way to twist and turn bargains or deals against those that make them. His servants are much the same way, always trying to take advantage of a situation for their gain. However, should someone summon him without a corrupt goal, several tomes state that he may be far more forthright in his dealings with them.

The Avatars of the Flock often are giant, almost draconic birds, although they vary in size and ability. They are extremely dangerous opponents, with the lesser ones being nearly 20 feet in height, and Greater Avatars sometimes reaching the height of medium sized buildings.

Ravenheart's Playlist

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