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The Amazing
Daughter of Atlantis
Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain.
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Player: @anubisgod
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Super Group
Team Leader
· Other Affiliations ·
Atlantis, Clan Kalissa
Real Name
Mariana Zopyros
April 21st, 1995
The Mariana Trench
Millennium City, MI
Cave, Lake Erie
Teen Superhero!!
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Adelpha Zopyros (Mother), Glaucus Zopyros (Uncle), Pisces (Pet), Triton (Pet)
Physical Traits
Homo Mermanus
Apparent Age
Body Type
Luminescent Seafoam
· Distinguishing Features ·
Fins on Calves/Biceps
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Strength, Water Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Communication with Sealife
· Equipment ·
The Fists of Atlan
· Other Abilities ·
Atlantean Physiology

Appearance & Personality

Mariana & her mother on a hunting trip.

Mariana, like most of her Atlantean brothers and sisters, stands at around six feet tall. Her skin is a vibrant aquamarine color, with dark, sea-green hair tousled on top of her head. Several strands of it are colored a bright, pale blue, whether or not that is natural or the result of her dying it remains to be seen. Unlike a lot of her kin, Mariana's body is heavily mutated. Her musculature is much more pronounced, and her skin has ridges in several locations that denote some kind of subdermal plating or armoring. In addition, her forearms and calves sport small fins, which she can flip in or out depending on mood or environment. Her eyes are larger than human ones, thanks to adaptations for deep sea living, they also glow with bioluminescence at night or in dark situations. The tips of her aforementioned fins, and the ends of the odd markings on her face, also glow with the same dim teal light. Should the occasion ever arise, one can see that her teeth are almost all sharp at the tips, perfectly suited for eating fish and other aquatic life.

Mariana is a thoughtful, calm individual. Many things have happened to her since her journey leaving home, tempering her once bright, bubbly nature into something more rational and level-headed. She prefers to act only when necessary, favoring thinking through problems and discussing things civilly before resorting to violence. Still inquisitive, Mari continues to strive to find ways to help her friends help themselves, to both the best of their and her own abilities. Far less impulsive than she used to be, Mariana prefers, and hopes, that she can defuse most conflicts by simply asking what's wrong.

One might notice, after speaking to her for a while, that Mariana has a...unique way of speaking. Thanks to being raised in a very different environment than Landers, she tends to gesticulate frequently when chatting with people. It doesn't matter if she's speaking in English, Atlantean, or some form of aquatic sealife language, her hands are usually always in motion, denoting shades of meaning or intent. Beyond that, she can come across as somewhat stilted, as she refrains from using contractions most of the time, as Atlantean does not have them frequently.


Born in the holdings of Clan Kalissa, near the ridges of the Mariana Trench, Mariana was raised by her mother Adelpha. She has little memory of her early formative years, anything before the age of seven or so is lost in a haze. She has no memory of who her father is, though her mother told her that he was a great man who is, unfortunately, no longer with them. Much of her childhood was spent learning to hunt, farm and otherwise exist peacefully within their clan. She often went on long, exploratory swimming trips around the nearby reefs and kelp forests, until one fateful day, well within her twelfth year.

She had been swimming through one of the many kelp forests surrounding Clan Kalissa, when she stumbled upon the body. The Atlantean man, for it could be no other, had clearly been dead for some time, and lying in plain view on his chest was an ornate amulet, made of some kind of foreign metal, inlaid with sky blue pearls. Fascinated by the object, young Mariana reached out to take it, when it lept from his body and bonded itself to her own, forever attuning itself to her beating heart. Afraid of what had just happened, she rushed home and hid the amulet for several weeks, before carefully slipping it back on and discovering that it was one of the legendary Fists of Atlan, artifacts that allowed a skilled user to manipulate the very water of their aquatic homes.

Several years later, her mother finally relented to Mari's incessant demands to visit Atlantis, and allowed her to leave the clan's territory, with, of course, a thousand and one conditions and worries and rules she would have to follow. She readily agreed to all of them, and set off, determined to explore the seas and visit her culture's legendary home. For two years she wandered the oceans, visiting all sorts of wonders and seeing many sights, from the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, to sections of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. She was accompanied on some of her journey by a handsome lad named Chadeos, with whom she later broke up with over some trivial matter, no doubt. Eventually, she reached the stone walls of Atlantis, and was admitted entry.

Here it was that she became fascinated with Lander culture, devouring all the information about their lives that she could within the ringed walls. Deciding that this wasn't enough, and that nothing would compare to first-hand experience, she set out for the fabled Millennium City.

The Young Renegades

After spending several weeks in the City of the Future, Mariana responded to an emergency siren at a local bank. Here it was that she first met the people that would eventually become her teammates - Soldier Boy and Adapto. Along with several other teen heroes, Mariana battled against a group of villainous individuals that would later become known as the Terror Team. Despite the heroes being defeated by a young telekinetic, a lasting bond was formed between them, and they resolved to keep in contact as a team, forming the Young Renegades. In later encounters, the team battled a multitude of foes, including stopping the anarchist group S.W.A.R.M. from assaulting a local mall, where they met and recruited Victory, to fighting the time traveling ne'er-do-well Hour Man. Other recruits included the warlock Devil Ray, young hockey star Power Play, armorer-extraordinaire Kevlar, archer heroine Quick Shrike, the energy absorber Powerbolt, and the terrific twins Star and Ace.

Most recently, the team has garnered the attention of Grim's Academy for Aspiring Supervillains, apparently becoming an extremely popular target after their victories over the Terror Team, the Fear Squad, and superhuman bruisers Comet and All-Daughter. While most of their battles have been benign in nature, events have led the relationship between the Renegades and the students of Grim's to a sour end - their conflicts are far more serious now, and it appears that the gloves may be off for future encounters.

In particular, Mariana has led the team into conflict with the international terrorist organization MANTA, who have the goal of taking over the world's oceans. After infiltrating one of their bases with Soldier Boy, Mariana supplied team genius Adapto with schematics for some unknown device - later discovered to be a teleporter crafted with technology from the far future. At the same time, she discovered a map within the base, covered in symbols for military targets. Most worrying, despite Atlantis being on the map, was the mark that represented Clan Kalissa - her home. Worried for her family and her friends, she has resolved to head home as soon as possible, and to bring the Renegades with her.

Deep Blue Sea

After spending plenty of time preparing herself and her team, Mariana and the Renegades finally set out across the seas to head for her village. Having left both Power Play and Adapto behind to keep an eye on things, Mariana was joined by Soldier Boy, Victory, Devil Ray, Powerbolt, Quick Shrike, and new friend Kid Orca on her journey. Located off the coast of Japan, the trip to Clan Kalissa was mostly a test of their patience with each other, thankfully uneventful. That is, of course, until the Renegades reached the village itself.

What started out as a relatively mundane, if slightly unfriendly, visit to an authentic Atlantean culture quickly devolved in a frantic, frenetic battle for the safety of both the village and it's inhabitants. Lemurian Mole-Men crawled from the depths of the trench, marching on the clan holdings in droves. Not only that, they were joined by four imposing figures, generals of some sort of monstrous army - once again, the Diver reared his helmeted head, followed by the steel golem Coruscating Engine, the Bleak monster Gullet and the Atlantean traitor Cyclone. While the Renegades battled the army of Mole-Men and the twin titans Diver and Engine, the great sea serpent Pisces fought the monstrous Gullet. Both bestial warriors fought in a frenzy as beneath them, Mariana and Cyclone duked it out. The Renegades were joined in battle by Mari's mother, Adelpha, and her ex-boyfriend, Chadeos. Strength and soul won the day as a mighty sphere of hellish energy devastated the Mole-Man army, cast by the hands of Devil Ray, driving the generals and their minions back into the murky abyss.

As the sun rose on the next day, the team hoped that the worst had passed. With several members out of commission - and Powerbolt gone hunting with Chad - Mariana, Soldier Boy, Victory and Quick Shrike hoped to enjoy a relatively peaceful morning out hunting with Adelpha. What was a routine trip turned into an ambush as the long-awaited MANTA attack finally occured, cornering the Renegades in a kelp forest. Led by the mysterious Steel Chimera, the MANTA soldiers and a giant enemy crab attacked the four young heroes and their parental guidance. With Chimera gaining the upper hand over Adelpha - and her mother's life hanging in the balance - Wavegirl discovered that her Fists could do more than shape the waves. They could ride the lightning! A devastating bolt of teal electricity nearly killed the enemy leader - her life only saved by the timely intervention of Mariana's teammates. With her mother safe, MANTA diverted, and a newfound power under her belt, Wavegirl looked to the future, unsure of what would come next. These attacks had left more questions than answers: why were Mole-Men attacking her village? Who were those four generals working for? What does MANTA want with her mother? And perhaps most importantly: what else can this amulet do?

While the other questions might not be so easily puzzled out, Mariana knew where she could get answers for the last one. The headquarters of the Fists of Atlan: the Temple of Oceanus.

To be continued...

Recent Events

Unleash the fury!

Besides the notable sight of an Atlantean in the streets of EmCee, Mariana has been involved with several particularly notable encounters with those of a more villainous bent. While at first a bit shy of being seen, she now has little problem showing off for any onlookers or media crews, since being dubbed the amazing Wavegirl! Given that most of the below have either been televised, or at the very least have had news articles written about them, feel free to use any as a basis of knowing who Wavegirl is.

Events that involved Mariana include:

  • 7/2/2012 - In the first sighting of Mariana, she responded to an odd black cloud over the streets of Millennium City's Chinatown district. Upon arrival, she teamed up with local heroes Quick Shrike, Galatea, Bonesmith and Particle Man to do battle with a duo of vicious vampires serving the matriarch Asylum, namely the twin enforcers Bloodbath and Nox. With the assistance of the other heroes and her own natural talent, the two vampires were driven off.
  • 7/5/2012: MANTA's Declaration - Her second appearance, she battled the forces of the oceanic terrorist group MANTA, along with several other heroes. In the middle of the frantic combat, she managed to talk down one of MANTA's sea monsters, eventually swaying him from their side to her own. Thus she gained her first mighty sea recruit: Pisces!
  • 8/18/2012 - At the docks of EmCee, one of Wavegirl's foes, the disgusting conger eel-man hybrid Sawtooth did battle with her friend Pisces! Joined in battle by allies Chivalry, Soldier Boy, Warforged and Wildeye, Mariana dealt justice to the ancient evil. Sick combos with her teammate were performed, and at the end of the day, justice prevailed.
  • 9/18/2012 - Mariana, along with her teammate Soldier Boy, go to Disney World! Unfortunately for them, the terrorist Le Fou had chosen the same day to blow up Disney Castle, and ruin everyone's fun! Joined by heroes Ignition, Nytestrike, Katerra and Bronx, they did battle with the terrorist clown and his lackeys, eventually preventing him from destroying the landmark and saving the crowds of civilians.
  • 12/1/2012 - Visiting the Museum of History with teammates Powerbolt, Power Play and Victory, Wavegirl was thrust once again into conflict with the time-wandering supervillain, Hour Man. Aided in battle by Tariel, General Freedom, Dr. Omega and Landon Blake, she and her friends fought against summoned hordes of dinosaurs. As she, Victory and General Freedom moved to bring the fight to Hour Man himself, all four found themselves shifted to what Hour Man called the End of Time. Here, Mariana made one of the most difficult choices of her young life - she chose to discard the artifact that Hour Man used to control time, thus trapping herself, her two allies, and the supervillain at the End of Time for an eternity. Luckily for her, chronomancer Landon Blake had already begun a spell to drag them back, and thus she was saved from a fate of eternal stasis! Even despite that fact, Mariana had many things to come to grip with - including the nature of being a hero.
  • 1/13/2013 - Responding to a call for assistance over the Respond & Protect frequency, Wavegirl arrived to find City Hall haunted by an ominous spectre! With her teammate Quick Shrike also there, the Renegades, as well as heroes Divael, Anarchy and Blue Freedom helped Wicket fend off the spirit, and retrieve a tome of odd, supernatural occurrences from it's grasp.
  • 3/1/2013: Shadow of the Oceans - Returning the favor for Kid Orca's help at her home, and also disturbed by the recent abductions of entire village populations on the coast, Wavegirl, and her teammate Powerbolt met up with Kai and fellow heroes Riptide, Zelara and All-Star on the Japanese island of Leityo. Surprisingly enough, one of the lieutenants of MANTA, and a foe Mari had battled before, Hydra made his appearance as well, with an offer to help them get to the bottom of this mystery. As they investigated the abandoned village, Mariana, with the help of Nate Carter, found a Lemurian pyramid on site, which only confirmed her suspicions of their involvement. Shortly thereafter, however, a massive army of dead warriors from many cultures crawled from the deep, attacking the assembled heroes in a massive horde of decaying flesh. As the battle raged, Mariana and her fellow Renegade obliterated one of three leaders of the army, and helped to destroy the encroaching abominations. In the aftermath, the heroes gathered together, inspecting the mysterious pyramid, and Mariana was left to wonder exactly which Lemurian was involved...
  • 3/5/2013: Wrong in the House of Right - As Renegades Soldier Boy, Victory, Kevlar, Power Play and Quick Shrike headed to the Savage Island to confront Raymond's father, Wavegirl gathered the remaining teammates together to battle his invading forces in Providence, California. Adapto, Powerbolt and Devil Ray were joined by New Vigil member Blue Freedom and unaffiliated teens Boy Robot and Skips. The impromptu team linked up with PRIMUS forces battling the encroaching Deathbots as the battle raged throughout the entire city. Deathbots, Evil Eyes and more were devastated by the teens and their military backup, only to be confronted with the deadly Tyrannomortis Rex - a gigantic mechanical dinosaur that dwarfed even the mighty Mega-Terak! Wavegirl and Blue Freedom joined forces to overload the shields of the menace, with Boy Robot providing Skips an entry into the creature's systems. A final, meteoric strike descended from low orbit, courtesy of Powerbolt, utterly demolishing the Rex and blasting apart the monstrosity. When the dust cleared, the day had been won - but the battle still raged on the Savage Isle....
  • 3/16/2013: Mars Bars Mayhem - When the Cho'kalat empire threatened to destroy Earth in revenge for not handing over the still-living head of the long since deceased Milton S. Hershey, Mariana was determined to not let them do so. Meeting on an UNTIL base with Agent 'Komodo' Jones, the Atlantean was joined by fellow heroes Sparrowhawk, Impsblood, Laser Knight, Paragon and the mysterious Court Magician, as well as their pilot for the adventure, Melova. The assault on the peanut butter cup Planet Breaker went smooth as silky chocolate to begin with, as the heroes easily bested M&M soldiers and a vile swarm of chocolate bunnies, eventually coming face to face with Emperor G'ere'ardalay and his Three Musketeers. At the dramatic reveal of their superweapon, Paragon and the Magician went into the void to stop the chocolate cannon, while Wavegirl and the rest easily bested the best of the Cho'kalat empire. As the cannon backed up, our intrepid heroes fled the ship, making it out just in time to 'admire' the horrible view of the Planet Breaker going critical. A disgusting day.
  • 3/20/2013: Starfall - With Crog invaders dropping onto the planet surface around Millennium City, it was only a matter of time before some of them hit the underwater home of Mariana and her serpentine ally, Pisces. A horde of alien warriors had set up a beachhead on the shores of the Great Lakes, bolstering their position with heavy duty energy shielding and artillery of all shapes and sizes. However, the defenses were aimed away from the water, at the advancing columns of human forces, and the approaching heroes Laser Knight and Drake Shadow IV. Fellow Renegade Kevlar, having seen the landing pods, had rushed to the beach as well to check on Mari. Arising from the depths of the lake, our Atlantean heroine and the sea beast at her side struck at the exposed flank of the Crog warriors, joined by the Earth heroes and the representative of Dogfleet, Space Dog. Her martial prowess and keen intellect were put to the test against the alien interlopers, until a mighty beast, encased in solid metal, joined the fray. With her teammate giving a somber, almost suicidal speech to her, Mari dove into combat with the Crog monstrosity, only to be surprised when Kevlar's armor grew to titanic proportions, letting him duke it out mano-y-mano with the monster. Despite the danger, the Crog were devastated, and eventually driven from her home. Now, if only Kevlar hadn't been so stupid!

(( More to be added later, as I remember the dates of each one.))

Powers & Abilities

I am blessed by my god, can you say the same?
  • Atlantean Physiology: Being born an Atlantean, Mariana is naturally stronger, faster and more durable than any normal Lander. Her body is adapted to withstand extreme pressure, thanks to living deep beneath the surface of the ocean. Her natural temperature is higher than a human's, in order to both counteract the freezing deep ocean water, and to allow her to give her muscles more heat to facilitate her heightened swimming speeds. Without assistance, Mariana can swim at around 80-85mph - with reduced drag and accelerated currents from her Fists, she can easily break 200mph while swimming. She has exceptional hearing both above and below the waves, having adapted to hear clearly through water.
    • Mutation: Mariana's mutations make her fairly different from other Atlanteans. Most obviously, her body has characteristics of various undersea creatures - her teeth are all razor sharp and pointed, large, bio-luminescent eyes adapted for vision in deep sea environments, sub-dermal cartilaginous plating causes the ridges underneath her skin, small fins allow her to control her high-speed swimming with ease, and her musculature is heavily advanced to cope with high pressure. Overall, her mutations make her tougher, quicker and stronger than a regular Atlantean citizen.
  • Communication with Sealife: Unlike some other aquatic heroes, Mariana cannot telepathically speak to sea creatures. Instead, she literally speaks to them in their language. To date, she has been seen speaking to: seals, dolphins, whales, porpoises, penguins, gulls and gigantic sea serpents. When asked about other sea creatures, she simply shrugged and said she hadn't learned their language yet. Some creatures that can understand her native tongue of Atlantean are also just as easily spoken to as anyone else.
  • The Gift of Atlan: Thanks to a relatively common mutation amongst her kin, Mariana does not have to remain underwater forever - she can breathe both water and air with ease. Despite this fact, she does have to immerse herself in water at least once every six hours for biological reasons.

The Fists of Atlan

Mariana's signature weapons are her mighty Fists of Atlan, ancient Atlantean artifacts that allow the user to manipulate and generate water to be used as a weapon. While beforehand, the intrepid Atlantean heroine was limited only to shaping water as her weapon, recent events at her home village have unlocked within the Fists the ability to harness the dangerous power of lightning! She is still far more comfortable using water as her primary defense and attack, but time will lend her more inventive use of her newly found electrical prowess.

When in use, the Fists form a breastplate and armored gauntlets, as well as a single shoulderpad on her left shoulder, crafted of green-colored orichalcum, inset with sky-blue pearls at the throat, palms, and shoulder. Faintly glowing pale green lines of power are inlaid into the metal, imbuing the Fists with their mystical ability. When she's not using them, the Fists take the form of her amulet around her neck, which she is rarely ever seen without.

The Fists are only usable to those of Atlantean descent, and so long as their user lives, they are bound to them permanently.


  • Watta watta, gimme water!: Mariana needs to immerse herself completely in water at least once every six hours. Should she go too long without doing so, her skin begins to dry and crack, and she experiences troubles breathing. The longer it takes her to douse herself, the worse these conditions get, until eventual death.
  • Just a Teen!: For an Atlantean, Mariana is barely into her teenage years. She is inexperienced and does not have exceptional military training or anything to make up for that, and as such, can be outfought or outmanuevered by better trained individuals.
  • Not in the gills!: Much like a shark, hitting her on her gilled neck will stun and disorient her. Thusly, her Fists of Atlan cover her neck with armor.
  • Is it hot in here?: Intense heat, such as being surrounded by flames, coupled with thick, choking smoke, has proven to have a very adverse affect on Mariana. It accelerates the rate that she needs a full body dip in water, thus causing her to dry out and start needing fresh air badly.


Young Renegades

  • Devil Ray // Raymond Right - Even with his odd views on things, Ray has always proven to be a capable and powerful compatriot, regardless of how his father..fathers, I should say, are. I hope that he can reconcile with the both of them someday.
  • Soldier Boy // Alex Simmons - Alex is a stalwart friend and a stoic ally. I could hardly think of how this team would be without him there to help us. He might be reluctant to open up, but I am more than happy to let him take the time he needs to do so.
  • Victory // Lisa Klein - Lisa is always ready for anything - fighting crime, going shopping, or even doing both, on some occasions. Her father might not approve of her heroics, but frankly, I do not think she much cares about his opinions on the matter.
  • Power Play // Benjamin Keyes - Sometimes I wonder how Benji does it. No powers, no intense training. Just a boy and his hockey stick, ready to do what it takes to keep our city safe. There's something noble in that, perhaps moreso than even the rest of us can realize.
  • Adapto // Marcel Simmons - I don't think Marcel truly gives himself enough credit for all the work he's poured into his heroics. Some of the things I have seen him create are far beyond my ability to truly understand - and with each passing day, I can only imagine that those inventions get better and better.
  • Powerbolt // Aria Chambers - Aria has come a long, long way from when I first met her - and much for the better! Her actions as a hero, and as part of this team, are a true story of someone managing to turn their life around, and pull themselves out of a long depression by seeing that their gifts are just that - gifts, not curses.
  • Star & Ace // Zoe & Maddie Perkins - These two are quite the pair! I have never seen people so full of energy - they even put Lisa to shame, at times. Star and I may have more in common than I originally thought, after meeting her ex-boyfriend. I am glad to have them on the team, and even more glad to see what their years of experience can bring to the table.
  • Quick Shrike // Stephanie Meyers - Steph has her share of problems, as do we all. Whatever her issues with her old team, I hope that she can see that we are not them. Trust is a two way street, and all of us need to be willing to extend that hand.
  • Kevlar // Micheal Karp - Mike, to put it frankly, is an idiot. He takes risks without thinking, and one day, one of those risks will catch up with him.
  • Ravenheart // Cassandra Sierra - So much power rests in her hands, and I wonder if she is even aware of it. I do not think those...birds of hers have much goodwill towards her true interests, or any of ours.

Terrors of the Deep


"Behold, the finest of House Hyrg! I, the Abolisher, shall vanquish you!"


Real Name: Valrax, the Abolisher
Powers/Abilities: Crystallos Armor Suit, Ignaetium/Corsuqua Arrays, the Kallistrate
Occupation: Lemurian Sorcerer-Scientist
The man known only as Valrax was born in the domed, undersea city called Lemuria nearly two and a half centuries ago. In 1763, he was one of only five children born to the House of Hyrg in the last hundred years. Kept sheltered from the vast majority of Lemuria’s citizens, young Valrax looked as if he was destined for the same, decadent decline as his entire species - the martial prowess, the magical superiority, the once bright conquering spirit of his kin had long since guttered out. As he grew, and began to tinker and learn of the inner workings of Lemurian magiconstructs, it became clear to him that his people suffered from a terrible lack of impetus. A terrible lack of drive and of soul. A lack of things to inspire and motivate. A lack, therefore, of beauty. It became his goal to help revitalize his fading culture by gathering beautiful things to himself, and setting them to conquer all who opposed.

In 1939, now at the venerable age of one hundred and sixty four years of age, Valrax, as well as Lemuria as a whole, joined in the conflict known as World War II, on the side of the Axis. Pisciremes and exocets under his command flooded forth from the dome that he called his home, loaded with Mole-Men and his three generals. They clashed with Allied naval forces in both the Atlantic and Indian oceans, and at times were even supported by Atlantean troops sent by Dargon the Usurper. Valrax was entranced. The beauty of battle did not escape his watchful eye, and even as the war waged on and the defeat of the Axis was evident, Valrax knew he had found his calling.

In the year 2013, Valrax, as well as six other villains from around the world, became involved in a dark ritual to bring their collective master, Belphegor the Lord of Sloth to Earth. Representing the sin of Lust, due to his ultimate desire for beauty and to surround himself with carnal pleasures, Valrax was one of those empowering the ritual portal that would eventually allow the demonic archlord to enter the realm of Man. In order to weaken the portal, each of the six villains would have to be faced by their opposite virtue - a hero that exemplified the nature. Opposing the sin of Lust was Powerbolt, representing the virtue of Chastity. She was privvy to many of the past actions of the heinous Lemurian, and eventually confronted him at his first summoning of the Lord of Sloth. Thanks to her innate weakness to the mystic arts, the Abolisher took an early advantage, throwing her about with blasts of ignaetium and corsuqua. Since the battle took place in his own mind, Valrax fought toe to toe with the young heroine in an imagined pleasure palace dome, but even this was to his disadvantage. He was bested when she destroyed the glass ceiling holding back the mighty pressure of the ocean above.

Crystella, Subject 47, The Coruscating Engine, Fulmina, the Gullet & Lady Vaiziel



Pooldeath, Queen Crab, The Whaler, Flamethrower, Sea Star, Bar-Nicole: The DEEP SIX


Members: The Whaler, Sea Star, Queen Crab, Pooldeath, Bar-Nicole, Flamethrower
Powers/Abilities: Varies
Occupation: Escaped C-List Criminals
The DEEP SIX were all formerly unrelated, unremarkable 'super'villains who had only one thing in common: an aquatic theme. Individually, they each came up against Mariana in her heroic exploits, and were each defeated with little trouble, and sent to local prisons across the globe. That is, of course, until a fateful power outage and prison break at the prison which held the Whaler! Consumed by a deep desire to hunt down and finally defeat his fishy foe, the man trekked across the nation, 'rescuing' fellow villains from imprisonment and recruiting them. Most turned him down. Others took the chance at freedom and ran. Five of them decided to stick it out, and these six ne'er-do-wells would flee to the relative safety of a derelict oil tanker and took up the name DEEP SIX. From henceforth on, all their villainy would have one goal: defeating Wavegirl!

Originally the oceanic scourge of big game hunting, the Whaler caught wind of Wavegirl's existence and made it his goal to hunt her down as his next trophy. He, along with his crew and ship, ambushed her in the deep Atlantic. Even equipped as they were with hunting harpoons and firearms, they were little match for Mariana's aquatic prowess. Imprisoned in Maine, his stay was cut short when a freak storm blew open a retaining wall of the jail, and he escaped into the night, bent on revenge. A visit with Wayland Talos for a new hand and intel, Victor set out to find allies - so he could finally mount Mariana's head on his wall...

Flamethrower used to be a lead engineer for a company renowned for their progress in the somewhat lesser known field of welding. Determined to create a better method than the use of old torches, the man took inspiration from news reports of Wavegirl's gauntlets and armor, fashioning a 'harness' of sorts out of scrap metal and acetylene tanks. Bar-Nicole was a scientist in the employ of the US Navy. Assigned with making less-than-lethal weaponry, she studied aquatic life for ideas - stumbling across the incredibly durable and strong barnacles! Using their biological rooting methods, she devised a pair of 'guns' that fired sticky strands that instantly hardened into nigh-unbreakable cocoons when in contact with hard surfaces. Sea Star was once the talk of the tides. A mercenary specializing in aquatic operations, his less-than-stellar codename and motif unfortunately limited him to taking B- and C-ranked jobs around the world. Queen Crab is an enigma. Who she really is (government records are of little help), and where she got her trademark armor are lost to the seas of time. Pooldeath formerly worked for a middle-class pool cleaning company. Eternally a slacker and honestly pretty bad at his job, he was fired after three months. Infuriated by this slight, he spent the last of his money paying a designer to make an exosuit for him, to which he rigged several chlorine tanks that attached to large arm-cannons. Together, they are...THE DEEP SIX.





Real Name: Tadeki Watanabe
Powers/Abilities: Tidal Control, Superhuman Strength, Heavy Anchor, Immaterial Form
Occupation: Bound Ghost
As legend has it, there was once an astonishingly beautiful girl born to a loving couple of Kalissan tribesfolk. They called her Kallisto, after her stunning beauty. Although she was not blessed with Atlan's gift, her inquisitive nature as she grew older drew her closer and closer to the Landers she would often see from afar. One fateful day, as the story goes, young Kallisto met a charming Japanese man, and began an on-again off-again semi-romantic relationship with him. So beautiful was she, that the Lander could hardly bear to be away from her for any great length of time. His desire for her was eventually too much for his reasoning, and he kidnapped her from her ocean home, taking her back to land. Unhearing of her pleas that she could not breathe, she eventually suffocated to death on the surface. When the man returned to her village to bring her back to her people, her vengeful mother, a powerful sea witch in her own right, laid a curse on the Lander. His lustful, love-blinded ways would forever be his undoing - his soul and body were bound to the diving suit he used to bring her back. Forever would he walk the ocean's depths, longing for the love he had and lost, and the land he could never return to. Legend tells that he still wanders the seas to this day - hunting after Atlantean girls who dare stray too far from home and towards the wily Lander shores...

Tadeki Watanabe was that man, and he has wandered the seas for a long, long time. Atlanteans both enrage and infatuate him, their alien, fleeting beauty forever denied him by a vengeful curse. And so, he hunts, and he cries for the love he lost. The mighty diving suit remains strong, even after all these years under the sea. In one gloved hand he wields a mighty anchor, and in the glass-coated dome, twin orange specks burn with anger and pain. The Diver wandered the seas alone, until he trespassed on the domed city of Lemuria. Here, he was captured and corralled by the Abolisher, until his goals and Valrax’s aligned: the young Mariana and her Fists of Atlan.

The Diver is a brutal, inexorable foe. While slow in movement, the anchor he wields is deadly - heavy and blunt, it can crush and break bone easily. In addition, he can control the tides, forcing high or low tide no matter what position of the moon. On top of that, he is not a corporeal being, so puncture wounds do little to slow down his advancement. However, the Diver is incapable of leaving the sea, so those deep inland are safe from his wrath. In addition, if his glass dome is broken, he disappears in a rage, to reform at the ocean bottom, somewhere.



"If Atlantis didn't want people unearthing their stuff, maybe don't leave it everywhere!"


Real Name: Wolf Lars
Powers/Abilities: Paralytic Neurotoxin, Rubbery Body, Elasticity
Occupation: Archaeologist/Were-Anemone
WOLF LARS, former Canadian oil magnate, current archaeologist extraordinaire. The man, the myth, the legend. He's made a name for himself in multiple circles - first for being a very...predatory businessman, taking over small oil companies by force whenever needed. He's had ties to multiple questionable organizations - ranging from ARGENT to a group of sea-bound mercenaries calling themselves the Sea Wolves. After his success in the oil business, Wolf decided that his money having already been made, he'd broaden his horizons. To that end, he began delving into the realm of archaeology. His usual vigor and aggressive nature served him well, letting him rocket to the forefront of oceanic finds within a little time - his specialty being Atlantean and Lemurian relics.

Most of the trips Wolf embarked on were easy jobs - until one fateful day in the south Pacific. An old island, recently uncovered due to earthquakes and tectonic activity, held a ruined temple to the god Poseidon. Lars and his team were on it as soon as they heard the news, sniffing around the ruins for whatever loot they could uncover - and then sell to museums or collectors at ridiculous cost. Deep beneath the surface of the island was a sanctum - Atlantean runes warning away any whom would break the barrier of the place. Lars, accustomed to never obeying anyone but himself, brashly breached the chamber. The resulting backlash of mystical energy blew him off his feet, and sent most of his team crashing into the nearby walls. Still reaching for the broken barrier, Wolf Lars blacked out.

When he awoke, the ruins were barren. Whatever was within the sanctum was missing, and his team had either left him or been dragged off. Lars stumbled to his boat and got himself back to the mainland, unaware of what had happened to him...for the moment. When the moon next arose, his body underwent sudden, drastic change. His toes and fingers split into many small tendrils, some growing out of his shoulders and skull as well. His skin turned pinkish-purple, and extended, becoming rubbery and elastic. And most of all, he realized that those same appendages emitted high amounts of sea anemone neurotoxins. Wolf was nearly beside himself with terror. Stumbling out into the street, his lashing and thrasing up and down the seaboard drew the attention of Mariana, who had a brief skirmish with him before he escaped into the sea. When he awoke the next morning, he could barely remember a thing.

Since then, Wolf Lars has struggled to keep his anemone nature a secret. When his struggles fail, and he devolves into the invertebrate monster, his aggressive and showy nature bleeds out, leading him to dub himself Wavegirl's Arch-Anenemy. She doesn't agree with the sentiment, but he's proved to be fairly difficult to take down as of yet.



Leader of the Young Renegades, Wavegirl!

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"Maybe just a teeeensy too serious, but hey... she's still super duper nice. Her skin tone probably makes it hard to coordinate her clothes well. If she ever needs help, she can totally call me." - Lash

"I'm not surprised at all that Alex asked her to fill in as the leader for the team. Mariana's smart, she's talented, and she's got the calm head on her shoulders that a lot of us need to keep from doing something stupid, and getting ourselves hurt. She's a good friend on top of that, and I know that, when it comes down to it, I can count on her to be there when she's needed." - Victory

"Mariana? She's like ten different kinds of awesome! She does talk a little funny sometimes but she's probably smarter than the rest of us. That whole water-bending thing is epic, too!" - Quick Shrike

"Mariana's a good friend, a good fighter, and probably a better person. I'm more than happy that she has my back." - Soldier Boy

"I like her. She's one of the nicest people I know and probably one of the scariest as well. I know some advanced piece of tech when I see it, 'magic' or not, and those fists of hers? Terrifying. It's cool though, she's my homie." - Adapto

"I have only encountered this Wave Girl rather briefly, but I will say this much: Out of the present generation of so-called teenage 'superheros', she is one of the few I expect to survive long enough to see 20. Maybe." - Inquisitor Phibes

"There's nothing bad I can say about her, the kid's got heart. She looks like some people from back home, too - I wonder how much she'd like a vacation there." - Riptide

"The kid's alright. Pretty level-headed too, for the most part. Plus, she knows how to make ancient mystical armour look stylish." - All-Star

"Competent and level headed. She doesn't play around and listens to others. If she assists leading the Young Renegades then I'm assuming they are in good hands." - Sparrowhawk

"Haven't met the girl, but for a teen? She's bloody impressive. Another colorful addition to the Young Renegades, and if she's co-leading, they're going to be just fine." - Snowtalon

"Well, uh...Well. She's uh, she's nice, really nice, I suppose, uh...Why are you looking at me like that?" - Wicket


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