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The Stalwart
First of the PALADINs
The Sentinel, standing guard.
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Player: @ag167
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
King-Bachman Foundation, PURITY
Real Name
Serenity King
Sentinel, PALADIN-α
Seattle, Washington
Protectors HQ, MC
Barlowe Building, MC
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Daniel King (Brother/Creator)
Physical Traits
King-Bachman Foundation
Apparent Age
Body Type
Cybernetically Enhanced
Tan Synthskin Plating
· Distinguishing Features ·
Her skin visibly shows where plates meet and conjoin, as well as vents for cooling.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
The Arsenal
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Advanced Mathematics, Cybernetic Interfacing


Appearance & Personality

Powers, Abilities & Equipment

The Arsenal

Most of Serenity's weapons are intrinsically part of her body, implanted and linked to her biomechanics at her rebuilding. She refers to the entire set of weapons as The Arsenal. She can use most (if not all) of these weapon systems at once, although doing so puts a heavy strain on her power core.

The Arsenal includes:

  • Plasma Caster (Left Hand): Sentinel's left hand primarily transforms into a four-pronged energy weapon referred to as her plasma caster. The technology involved doesn't appear to be human (it is, in fact, not Earth-based at all!) and emits bright blue light when in use. The prongs focus blue energy into the center, which then is fired as condensed energy in blue orbs. The plasma caster is her primary weapon of choice, and can be altered to be both non-lethal (inflicting concussive strikes) or superheated to shear through most substances.
  • Mass Driver (Right Hand): While her left hand uses a variety of alien and human tech to emit energy, Sentinel's right hand contains a set of electromagnetic coils wrapped around it's magrail tube to create a high powered mass driver. Primarily used to deliver ballistic payloads at long range, she can cycle in a variety of ammunition to be fired out of the center of her palm aperture. Projectiles fired range from grapple lines to FMJ rounds of various calibers.
  • MONSOON Magrail System (Both Arms): Both of Sentinel's forearms house a small magnetic rail system, complete with a 10" steel bar that is about a ¼ inch thick. There are two openings, one just above the elbow joint and one in the center of her palm - the magrail links to both of these and can slide the steel bar back and forth at high speeds between the two. By locking the magrail system and extending the bar through her palm, she can choose to wield them like makeshift batons. The bar can also be ejected at high speeds like a ballistic projectile, thus allowing Sentinel to use the magrail for other things - such as catching enemy projectiles (assuming they can fit).
  • HURRICANE Micromunitions Grid (Body): All over Sentinel's frame (but especially at her collarbones, on each thigh and bicep, and in her sides going along her torso) are small compartments that house miniature warheads attached to small rockets. By activating the HURRICANE system, these compartments open up and fire a barrage of missiles, intercepting nearby projectiles or heat-locking onto enemy targets. Each warhead doesn't have much explosive potential to it, but the massive amount that can be fired at once can cause large amounts of structural damage or provide a quite apt screen against enemy attacks.
  • THUNDERSTRIKE Laser Array (Back/Shoulders): Extending from her back to become a pair of shoulder-mounted cannons, the THUNDERSTRIKE system is one of Serenity's heaviest weapons in the Arsenal. These cannons, made of a similar technology as her plasma caster, emit a high-frequency blue laser in a beam. Much like the caster, these can be altered to either be mostly concussive, or to be superheated waves of energy. Use of the laser array requires her to extend her foot-clamps and root herself into place, as the blowback from the activation could otherwise affect her aiming systems.
  • Longsight Visor (Head): In addition to providing an amplified effect to her already augmented eyes, the Longsight Visor can emit a powerful force blast from it's center optic. While less devastating than the THUNDERSTRIKE's systems, and less versatile than the plasma caster, the Longsight's optic blast can be used to great effect at close quarters.

Non-Combat Augmentations

Not all of Serenity's augments are designed strictly for combat. Many of them are designed to assist in normal operating functions, and require very little active power from her core to be online.

These augments include:

  • M66DI Cranial Hacking Implant: This implant, located at the base of Serenity's neck, allows her to directly interface with most electronic systems via a long cable that she can draw out from her spinal cord. Plugging the cable into any available access port allows her to directly assault a network's defenses, instead of needing to go through long and potentially worthless command chains. The downside, of course, is that she is considered part of the network at that point. Any attack that can take down the entire system can backlash into her body and cause extreme damage.
  • KBF-VTα CyberNeural Enhancements: While most of her brain does in fact remain organic, Sentinel has had extensive augmentations done to the neural pathways and connections in her nervous system. These cybernetic boosts have increased her reaction times and mental processing power to a degree that puts humans to shame. A normal human brain's neurons can exchange electrochemical signals about about 150 meters per second - Sentinel's boosted receptors operate at about 500,000 times that speed (a mere fraction of the speed a truly robotic brain would). While this does boost how quickly she notices things, it does not make her body able to respond faster - only to compensate as much as she can.
  • Wayfinder Retinal Prosthesis: Due to the severe damage to her eyes, Sentinel has undergone extensive augmentation to both of her retinas. The Wayfinder system provides a variety of vision filters, including night vision, infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray and flash suppressant covers. A HUD overlay is also an option, allowing her to activate FOF tags or keep track of where she's been and where she needs to go.
  • Augmented Skeletal Structure: Sentinel's entire skeleton has been boosted via armor plating. It increases load-bearing strength and resilience, allowing her to undergo much more extreme trauma than a normal human. In addition, her skeleton interfaces with her weapon's systems, making them rather difficult to remove from her body without an extensive process.
  • Nanoweave Musculature: On top of her augmented skeleton and remaining organs, Serenity's musculature has been woven together with tight strands of carbon nanotubes. These boost the tensile strength and elasticity of her muscules - requiring many gigapascals of force and pressure to rupture or damage them. In turn, this has given her muscules an odd black-grey sheen if revealed beneath her synthskin overlay.
  • Synthetic Skin Overlay: Most of Sentinel's skin was heavily damaged in the explosion, and after her rebuilding, it was easier to replace it with a high-resistance synthetic replica. Her synthskin overlay covers each of the individual plates that compose her cybernetic frame, and is resistant to heat and cold far beyond that of normal human limits. In the event of severe damage that removes sections of her synthskin, she has additional overlays of it to replace any missing parts. This is exceptionally disturbing to watch.
  • Holo-Grid Armor Projector: Sentinel's skinplating (especially on her forearms and torso) can project a hex-grid shield. It protects against ballistic and energy weapons, although it does not cover her entire body. The Holo-Grid projector can interfere with her own weapon system, so she often will not activate it without first shutting down her own weapons array.

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