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The Indestructible
Brick House
"Courage is knowing what not to fear."
- Plato
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Super Group
Young Renegades
· Other Affiliations ·
Klein Pharmaceuticals
Real Name
Lisa Klein
Triage, Victory
February 14th, 1995
Millennium City
Central Millennium City
Parent's House
Pharmacy Intern
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Henry and Medina Klein (Adopted Parents), Joseph Steinman/The Olympian (Biological Father)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
6' 0"
185 lbs.
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Freckles Across Nose/Cheeks
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability
· Equipment ·
Triage Kit, Motorbike
· Other Abilities ·
Self-Defense Training, EMT-Level Healthcare Training


Lisa Klein started out her heroic career as Triage, an unpowered vigilante who had to rely on her skills and equipment to get her through a fight. An attack by a supervillain on her parents' laboratory, however, ended in her accidental exposure to an in-development super serum. Her body started to change, growing bigger and stronger. Within the span of a few months, Lisa was able to lift entire cars over her head, and her body was able to turn away knives with no discernible injury. In a fit of excitement over her new powers, Lisa designed herself a new costume to go with them... and, of course, she would need a new name, too. Christening herself Victory, Lisa returned to the streets, putting her new powers to use in fighting crime.

Providing support from the sidelines are her adoptive parents, Henry and Medina Klein. Both accomplished medical professionals in their own right - Henry is a doctor and a former army medic, while Medina is a registered nurse - they trained their daughter in a variety of medical practices, so that she could stabilize any wounded civilian she came across. Their company, Klein Pharmaceuticals, is dedicated to supplying pharmacies and hospitals around the country with the medicine that they need, as well as making strides in developing new medications to better treat a wider variety of illnesses.

Unfortunately, not everything is sunshine and rainbows in Lisa's world. Her biological father, Joseph Steinman - believed to be dead after a tragic car accident involving him and his wife, Angel-Mae Steinman - has recently resurfaced as a deadly hitman known as the Olympian. Working alongside a group of anti-meta extremists, the Olympian has provided constant grief for both Lisa and her friends. He's made it clear that he has no intention of pulling his punches against his daughter, which suits Lisa just fine.

Grace Memorial High School

Victory currently attends Grace Memorial as Lisa Klein. She's in her senior year, and making excellent grades in all of her classes, especially in biology and anatomy courses. She's well-liked by most of the students, due to her sunny disposition and willingness to help anyone that comes to her. However, she doesn't particularly fit into any of the school cliques, so she mostly spends time with herself, when she's not with her friends in the Young Renegades. Her identity as the young heroine Victory is kept secret from her peers.

Her extracurriculars include:

  • Orchestra: Plays the cello in the String Ensemble, and usually performs well in solo & ensemble contests.
  • Sports Medicine: Lisa helps the sports teams as an athletic trainer, making sure they stay healthy and hydrated during games, and helping patch up and treat any injuries they might suffer. Because of her outside training, she performs pretty well in this field.
  • Art: Since the 6th grade, Lisa has been enrolled in art classes. Though she doesn't make much of what she's learned, she occasionally doodles in her journal. She even has a bunch of costume designs for her teammates that she keeps secret!

Appearance And Personality

Victory, in her hero costume.
Lisa, for the most part, resembles your average eighteen year old girl. She has shoulder-length golden blonde hair that she spends far too long parting perfectly every morning, as well as bright, blue-grey eyes, tilted in a way that, along with her lightly-tanned skin, hints at a mixed heritage. Freckles dot her nose and cheeks, and it all comes together to present a normal, somewhat pretty girl... that just so happens to stand a bit over six feet tall.

Her stature is due to exposure to a serum that provided her superpowers; over the course of a few months, Lisa steadily grew taller and more muscular, only stopping after shooting up from her previous five-foot-eight to nearly six-foot-one in height, as well as developing a body that most athletes would die for. Even though she was initially annoyed at having to purchase a new wardrobe, Lisa hasn't complained yet about the changes. If anything , they've only made her feel more confident about herself.

Lisa has a sunny personality, always greeting everyone with a cheerful smile and treating them warmly. No one's really a stranger to Lisa - unless they go out of their way to treat her or others poorly, she'll consider anyone she meets a friend, even if they've only known each other for a few hours. She can come off as a bit overeager at times, however, frequently crossing the boundary from exuberantly friendly to somewhat annoying. Lisa never seems to realize when she's crossed that line, however, and will usually keep pushing the bill until someone brings it to her attention.

Lisa's also rather brave for someone of her age, pitting herself against uneven odds or difficult opponents without a second thought, especially when doing so might prevent someone else from getting hurt. In her head, she's usually the most durable person in a fight, so its her job to make sure the others don't get hurt. She refuses to back down as long as she can keep getting back up to fight; this isn't always a good thing, as she's gotten herself seriously hurt on more than one occasion because she didn't know when to give up.

Finally, Lisa has a strong sense of duty, instilled in her by her adoptive parents while they were teaching her about medicine. She believes that, because she has her powers and the know-how to use them, she needs to make the best of it and do what she can to make other peoples' lives better. Even though she doesn't outwardly approach most situations with a serious mindset, the goal of saving lives and putting the bad guys away is always on the front of her mind, and she'll do whatever it takes to accomplish those goals.

Allies And Enemies

Young Renegades

Victory joined the teen superteam when she was still operating under the name Triage, after having met Soldier Boy, Devil Ray, Wavegirl, and Powerbolt while in their civilian identities, and helping them to fight off an attack by the villain organization known as S.W.A.R.M. She later met other members Quick Shrike, Adapto, Power Play, and Kevlar while hanging out in Ray's basement. With her superhuman strength, and being more durable than most of the team, Victory usually fights on the front lines.

Soldier Boy: Alex is the closest thing I've ever had to a brother. Even if he tries not to show it, it's pretty obvious that he cares about his friends, both on and off the battlefield. Driven, dedicated, and determined, I couldn't have asked for anyone better to be my teammate, my leader, and my friend.

Wavegirl: Mariana's greatest strength is easily her level-headedness. She brings that calm, rational mindset to the field that some of us tend to leave behind, for whatever reason. Everyone in the team could do with taking a page from her book - myself included.

Adapto: Marcel's intelligence is only matched by his determination. When he gets himself started on a project, there's nothing in the world that can stop him. While that's something that I can admire, I still wish he wouldn't push himself to the point of exhaustion as often as he does. Still, he's a great friend, even if he does tend to tease me a lot.

Devil Ray: Ray's a total goofball, but that's part of why I like him so much. He's always laid back and relaxed, ready to take things as they come and not complain about it. He even took all the business with his family far better than anyone else I know would've. That's casual attitude isn't always a good thing, though, and sometimes I wish he'd take things a bit more seriously.

Powerbolt: Aria's come a long way since the first time I met her. Anyone who knew her back then, and looked at her now, can see it: she's more confident in herself and in her powers. I regret ever doubting that she had what it takes to do this job, and I'm incredibly happy that she was able to prove me wrong.

Power Play: Benji's doing a lot better now than when he started. I don't know if he's just finally gotten over his stage fright or if it's something else, but good on him! He's always the one I'm most worried about getting hurt, but if he keeps improving like this, then that might be a thing of the past.

Kevlar: I haven't really talked to Mike a whole lot, but from the few times we have, I think he's a good guy. His power is pretty neat, too - I'm gonna have to see if I can punch through that armor stuff at some point. Here's hoping he doesn't decide to up and disappear again, he could be a pretty useful guy to have around in a fight!

Klein Pharmaceuticals

A medical research company and pharmaceutical supplier owned by Victory's adopted parents, Henry and Medina Klein. They're both aware of their daughter's budding career as a hero, and supply whatever support they can. This mostly comes in the form of providing her with medical equipment and safety gear, but she's also gone to them in the past to help with chemical analysis. She doesn't publicly acknowledge the aid they provide, however, in an attempt to keep her parents, and their company, safe from retaliation to her efforts.

Powers And Abilities

Victory's superpowers were awakened after she was exposed to a serum being developed in her parents' laboratory, for the purpose of helping those with crippling illnesses and injuries overcome their debilitation. The chemical explosion bonded the serum to her body at a cellular level, which caused her body to develop stronger bones and muscles at a rapid pace, which has resulted in a host of superhuman capabilities:

  • Super Strength: Victory is far stronger than what the average human is capable of; she can break rocks and bend steel with ease, and so far has shown that she can lift upwards of fifty tons, though it requires considerable effort for her to lift anything past twenty-five.
  • Super Durability: Victory is incredibly durable, to the point where she can shrug off bullets fired from small-caliber guns, as well as turn away bladed weapons. Concussive blows tend to be the most effective, though even they are padded by her highly developed musculature.
  • Super Jumping: Victory's main form of long-distance travel when she's without her motorbike. Combining her strength and her durability, Victory is able to leap great distances without injuring herself, though the same might not be true for who or whatever she might land on.
  • Enhanced Speed: Victory is also faster than normal, due to her more physically superior body. While she's definitely not a speedster by any means of the word, she can easily keep pace with the average Olympic sprinter.
  • Enhanced Immune System: Victory's body is incredibly efficient when it comes to fighting illnesses and poisons. Tranquilizers and paralytic poisons require a longer time to take effect, while weaker doses might be shrugged off entirely.

Weaknesses And Quirks

  • Anger: A chemical imbalance in the serum that gave Victory her powers is also responsible for sometimes violent explosions of anger, especially in the midst of combat. This, combined with her problematic habit of not giving up, even when the odds are stacked against her, has put Victory in a few hairy situations, and even threatened her life, and the lives of others.
  • Ditzy: While Victory is an intelligent young women on paper, she's also a bit of a ditz. She's prone to forgetting things, and having more subtle jokes go over her head. This doesn't impact her performance while she's out doing hero work, but it has resulted in some close cases with having her two lives crossing over, and almost giving away her secret identity!
  • Electrocution: Victory's biggest physical weakness she's encountered so far has been electric shocks, which leaves even her highly developed musculature locked up and/or sluggish to react to what she wants it to do. She has no real way to get around this weakness, so she does her best to avoid getting into one-on-one showdowns with people who can toss electricity around.
  • Overconfidence: Victory frequently overestimates her strength and durability, throwing herself at villains far stronger than she is without a second thought. Considering the amount of times she's been knocked around because of this, one would think she'd have learned better by now.

Skills and Equipment

Most of Victory's skills were gathered from her time as Triage, when that's all she had to rely on, along with her equipment.

  • Self-Defense Training: Victory's parents insisted that she take a variety of self-defense classes, which she continues to this day. While most of the techniques aren't less efficient than just tossing a super strong punch at something, they sometimes come in handy when dealing with up-close-and-personal combat. She also trains regularly with her teammate Soldier Boy, learning how to better protect herself from a wider variety of weapons.
  • Medical Training: Victory's parents have also taught her almost everything they know about medicine, so that she can provide medical assistance to injured civilians and allies while on the field. It also comes in handy when dealing with villains who rely on chemicals for their powers, as she can takes samples to perform analyses, making use of her parents' lab facilities.
  • Triage Kit: Victory carries a triage kit with her everywhere she goes, stocked with all the tools that she would need to help stabilized wounded individuals until ambulances arrive. She can also utilize some of the contents in more creative fashions to help in a fight, which she's done on more than one occasion.
  • Motorbike: Victory drives a Yamaha Grand Majesty 400 for getting around the city quickly. The vehicle has been slightly modified to increase performance and functionality, such as a carrying case on the back where she keeps a backup first aid kit, in case something ever happens to the one she usually carries with her.


  • Victory currently owns two pets:
    • A boa constrictor named Smiley. She 'saved' the five-foot reptile after the villainous Congo Jack used it, and many others, to attack a monorail.
    • A housecat, mostly black with some white markings on its paws, named Socks. She's had Socks since before she was a hero, and loves the cat to death.
  • Victory has a tattoo on her left ankle: a rose, with the name 'Angel-Mae Steinman' written across two leaves. It's dedicated to her mother, who had the meta-human ability to cause plants to grow.
  • Victory tends to take souvenirs whenever she can. Her current collection includes:
    • Congo Jack's Hat
    • A giant crab claw
    • A Maneater mask, taken from Jarl, of the Raveners
  • Victory is an unabashed fan of trashy romance novels. Occasionally, she and her teammate Powerbolt trade and borrow from each other. Favorites include: The Spark and the Peril, The Unbound Lords, Solitary Secrets, The Alarmingly Virile Fall.
  • Victory can speak Saudi Arabic. It's never come up, though.


Comments from Victory's superhero peers go here!

"Lisa is super nice, sweet and down to earth. She's one of the few people I know that is our age and isn't worried about fitting in or being pretentious... that's pretty cool, really." - Lash

"Super strong, super tough, super medic and super kind. What more could you ask for in a friend? Sure, she gets on my nerves when she tells me to eat and get some sleep, but it's nice to know she cares." - Adapto

"I feel like I can trust Lisa to be there when one of us slips up and gets hurt, even in a pinch. And that's pretty great." - Soldier Boy

"She's shy and nerdy, spoiled but like, who isn't man? Can't really hold it against her, ya know? She's really sweet too, when she's not trying to shove you into an ambulance. Good with her first aid shit, too." - Quick Shrike

"She's a good kid. Heck, I'm pretty sure all those Young Renegade kids are good. Still, as far as it goes, she's probably the least annoying. Don't tell Adapto I said that." - All-Star

"Lisa is a talented teammate, a wonderful friend, and a great person. I am glad that she and Ray have found each other, I believe that they will temper the other out." - Wavegirl

"Victory? I can't say we got off on exactly the right foot. I'm also leery of teenagers dressing up and fighting crime without proper guidance. I will say though that her heart seemed to be in the right place, so take that for what it's worth. I also feel there is untapped potential there that needs to be explored, if she continues to be in this business." - Sparrowhawk

"She's young an' she's got potential, an' I hope ta see her live up to it. She's selfless an' willin' ta do what needs ta be done when folks are in danger, an' ya can't ask fer more in a young hero." - General Freedom

"Tall and strong. Brave. Was impressed." - Violet Mask

"Lisa is pretty nice and friendly! She seems really cool and likes arcade games too! Really glad to have gotten to know her." - Heartbeat

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