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The Newbie
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"I have no idea what I'm doing; RAY, PASS THE RUM"
Player: @Strangeside
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Super Group
Young Renegades
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Real Name
Micheal Karp
Kevlar, Kev-Kev, Not-Mike, Who is this kid I thought he quit
Millennium City
Millennium City
your soul
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Zachary Karp (Father), Trisha Karp (Mother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Black, short and curly
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Powers & Abilities
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Can create psionic armor around his body that incredibly hard to penetrate and can be formed to various shapes
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Being the butt monkey


Mike grew up fairly normal. His parents are loving and supportive, but also give him space to be his own man. His unique friendship with Ray begin in elementary school and they have remained good friends ever since (until fairly recently). He was often involved in various shenanigans dealing with Ray Jr. and Sr.'s villain heritage though he came out no worse for wear.

His powers activated less than a year ago; he has yet to tell his parents and still does not know exactly where they come from. He half-suspects that they are somehow related to the various exposure to crazy things at Ray's place. He ended up 'joining' the Young Renegades after helping to stop a bank robbery, but has remained largely uninvolved in the hero side of things due to his commitments to school as well as believing the group to be far above his skill level. Ray's recent adoption of magic and flashy, popular style has made Micheal feel incredibly inferior as well as a bit bitter. When Mike was normal, he was fun and well liked for his upbeat attitude and party loving ways. With powers, he feels like he has to compare himself to his teammates.

Recently, Mike actually hasn't done much of anything. Due to his own self-doubt, he hung up the costume for nearly three months, avoiding contact with his teammates and even his best friend, Devil Ray. It was only recently, after he found out the traumatic events surrounding the reveal of Devil Ray's heritage, did he put decide to give it another shot.

Grace Memorial High School

Mike is (maybe)going to Grace Memorial High. I cannot remember.

Appearance And Personality

Mike is a laid back kid; he dresses casually and just seems like every other kid on the block. Out heroing, he wears a thrown together costume from home that seems to do him well so far; cool jacket, thematic shirt, domino mask, and his favorite pair of sneakers. Can't go wrong.

Personality wise, he is generally nice; likes to goof off and pretend to overreact to things to get a laugh out of people. Privately, however, he has an inferiority complex after coming into his powers. Despite their incredibly usefulness and utility, he finds them limiting and is unsure of how to effectively use them. Seeing his teammates and best friend, Devil Ray, routinely use their powers to great affect discourages him. In an ironic twist, it is his lack of confidence that is limiting his powers potential. Subconsciously, the strength of his armor and their effects are tied to his strength of will. If he were able to realize his usefulness, he could truly be something great.

Allies And Enemies

Young Renegades

Soldier Boy: I don't think he likes me. I can't say I blame him. I tried too hard to get in good with him and it showed, and I haven't exactly proven myself super useful in the field. Maybe if I start training with him I can learn a few things.

Wavegirl: She's cool, I'm mad I keep screwing up in front of her. N-not that I'm into like. Fish people or something. Oh god I'm making this worse.

Adapto: I.. feel bad. I don't think I've actually met this guy, though everyone else talks about him.

Devil Ray: Ray can be hard to handle sometimes but we keep each other in check. He's a good dude and just fun to be around. I should have been there for him when the stuff with his dad broke out.

Powerbolt: We've only met a few times but she's pretty nice. Wish I had more time to chat with her.

Power Play: Benji is a good kid but I just feel like I get paired with him because everyone else is so much stronger. Still, I'm too hard on him. He has a lot of heart.

Quick Shrike: She always seems to be angry, or at least did. Last time I saw her she calmed down a bit, but that's like caging a tiger, man. You think it's tame, then it attacks.

Victory: She really came into her own and she's good for Ray right now. I'm glad they found each other. I just hope she lets me crash the apartment now that Ray's Basement is out of the picture.

Powers And Abilities

Kevlar has the ability to create a psionic form of armor around his body. This armor can surround his entire form but he prefers to have it in small plates in vital areas; currently he is still too new and unsure of himself and his abilities to maintain full armor for long. The armor can be shaped if he concentrates hard enough; perhaps it turns into a knight's plate or a riot shield on his arm. It also allows him to hit with extreme force. The armor is tough to break though high impact rounds at close range, extreme physical attacks by 'Bricks', and wavering in his confidence can all 'shatter' the armor for a time being. Not only does this open him up to attack, but it also gives him an extreme mental backlash, resulting in terrible migraines.

Skills and Equipment



  • Mike has been known to be a bit of an alcohol fiend at times, due to his highschool partying ways. This has caused him considerable trouble, though he also makes sure to focus on his studies.
  • He is generally well liked in school and can skate the lines of the social groups; he is friends with jocks, band geeks, a few preps, and everyone in between.
  • He actually has a passion for fiction and history that he keeps to himself and has spent many an hour in the public library doing some light reading and watching documentaries.
  • Loves pinball as well as well as handheld games
  • Likes to bike around the city when he wants to be alone
  • His favorite drink is bubble tea
  • He has a pet lizard called Kongo


Comments from Kevlar's superhero buds go here

"I believe that in time, and when he can learn to trust himself and his own potential, Mike will come into his own. I can only hope he recognizes that we are here to help him do that." - Wavegirl

"Mike's a fun guy. He knows how to chill, and I think that power of his is cool. He could definitely do some awesome stuff if he worked on it. Oh-and he brings the beer, which is totally legit." - Quick Shrike

"I'm glad to see Mike is back and ready to get into the superhero business again. He's got a lot of untapped potential, it's just a matter of bringing that all out in him. He's gonna do great things one day." - Victory

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