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No matter what life hits you with, take the punch, and learn to throw a bigger one back
Player: @Trinitite
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Super Group
Young Renegades
'The Artillery'
· Other Affiliations ·
University of Millennium City
Real Name
Aria Chambers
Montgomery, AL.
Millennium City, MI
Her basement apartment
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Denise Crane Chambers (Mother), Jon Chambers (Location Unknown), Kenny Waker (Step-Father)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Brown / Blonde streaks
· Distinguishing Features ·
Glowing Eyes when Charged, Dyed hair
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Energy Absorption(Direct Touch), Energy Projection, Super Strength, Flight, Enhanced Durability
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·

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Appearance & Personality

Powerbolt's costume has evolved with her confidence, much to the approval of college boys in Millennium City

Aria is two completely different people in and out of costume. At school Aria is quiet, withdrawn, and exudes a loner personality type. She's the girl always sitting in the back of class, hood of her sweatshirt drawn up while she rests a head on a hand and listens to the teacher prattle on, while her mind is elsewhere. Despite the lack of attention she might pay during class (or her sleeping through it sometimes) she isn't a horrible student (though she's far from the best) and gets by, often by borrowing and copying Lisa's (Victory) notes and being told thereafter that she really needs to do the reading. Aria used to sit by herself at lunch and was generally always seen alone, the shy and sometimes abrasive 'goth' girl not really going out of her way to make friends; due to such she has always been a little on the fringe at GMHS and still pretty much keeps to herself. As of late however, since her joining of the Renegades, Aria is seen in the company of others quite a bit more, even if one of them is Alex (Soldier Boy) with his often equally (or more-so) un-sunny disposition. That isn't to say Aria is negative all the time, her outlook may be a little grim at points and she often catches flak for being terribly depressing at others, but she's plenty outgoing with those that she has come to trust, it is just that those are few and far between.

In costume Aria is confident and reckless. She throws herself into danger often without consideration for her own well-being, relying on her own superhuman durability and energy absorption abilities to keep her safe; this has resulted in her suffering a number of particularly nasty beat-downs at the hands of a few more experienced villainous bricks who've been capable of taking her ferocious charge. As Powerbolt, she's able to cast aside her anger and frustration at the world and be someone else entirely, someone that people hopefully look up to, someone who can make a difference and better the world around her. This wasn't always the case, as she initially displayed that same kind of hesitance when it came to her powers, but that has recently been cast aside. Aria takes on the role of a protector, more than willing to put herself in harm's way for her friends or to defend those that cannot protect themselves.

Aria keeps in good shape, exercising on a daily basis, in part out of nothing better to do with her free time. She's taken to spending an increasing amount of time training on the side with Soldier Boy which has certainly helped in that department, though due to her superhuman strength, finding an appropriate area or equipment to train can sometimes be a little difficult. She doesn't exactly dress conservatively, but due to the nature of her powers and the fear of direct unexpected physical contact, Aria tends to make use of stockings, fishnets, and sheer fabrics when she feels like piecing together an ensemble that shows a little skin. However, as she's gotten a better handle on her rather dangerous powers she's become a little more confident in this respect, which is sometimes reflected more in her choice of heroic garb rather than what she wears on a casual basis; almost a further dichotomy of how different she can be in and out of costume. Though she favors dark colors, such as black and deep greens, she's swung in the opposite direction as far as recent costume designs. Outside of costume, she still favors dark colors, hoodies, skirts with boots, and other clothing that often tends to fit within the realm of the goth and punk stereotypes that often get attributed to her at school. She doesn't quite care about said stereotypes, as far as she is concerned it is simply a look she likes, and as far as association with any cliques at school, she still rather stands apart.


The Early Years

"I try not to hate my parents, sometimes its hard, but I can't really ever forgive them. I still don't know why dad left, for years I blamed myself, my mom never said it, but deep down, I knew she blamed me too; I could tell by the look in her eyes. There were happy times though, and I look back on them fondly, before dad left."

Aria's life was particularly uneventful and really about as happy as it could be, that was at least until her parents separated. Like many kids that went through this kind of change, Aria was never really certain why it happened. The separation seemed amicable enough, there wasn't any fighting, just one day her dad explained to her that he was leaving and he didn't come back. Aria never saw him again. When she asked her mom when dad would be back, or why he left, she was never given an answer. A couple years passed before Aria's mom began dating again, the relationships that she held not exactly helping the one with her daughter, who began to despise any of her new boyfriends. The worst however, was Kenny, and Kenny was unfortunately there to stay. Kenny and her mom got married and the household went through some changes, which ultimately made Aria feel even more estranged. Prone to violent outbursts, he had little problem with putting a petulant girl who refused to accept him back in line. School became her only real escape, but even there she became increasingly withdrawn.

Developing Powers


"In your teenage years, you go through a lot of strange changes. Nothing could have prepared me for the changes I went through, I'd have traded mine for the problems of a normal girl any day of the week. Seeing boys in a different light is one thing, putting them in the hospital if you so much as touch them is a special kind of torture; that knowledge that you can't make physical contact with another human being is much worse than just being outright denied the possibility. Luckily, I've started to finally put this past me and hope to one day resolve this terrible aspect of my abilities for good."

Grace Memorial Highschool and Millennium City


"Freedom. I was cut loose and put out on my own, well, mostly on my own. I still received a stipend from my parents, I think the court order required them to pay, I don't quite know how all of that works. At first I was pretty excited, then the loneliness really started to set in. Luckily I met Wavegirl who quickly became my closest friend and encouraged me to attend Grace Memorial High since I had my pick of schools to attend. It was pretty much just like the high school I used to go to. Same cliques, same jerks, only the restrooms were cleaner, there was less gum under the desks, and this place had an indoor pool."

The Young Renegades


"When Soldier Boy first gave me the com unit and invited me to the team, I wanted to laugh. What could I possibly offer them? I was a danger to anyone around me, it was pretty obvious they just wanted to keep me on a short leash. I was wrong about them though, they became my friends, and eventually more than that, they became family. They helped me step past my problems, helped me gain my confidence and drive, and taught me what it meant to make a difference."

Secret Origins

Spoiler Warning
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Aria's family is a mess, though she's never really known the truth about her true parents. Born to the heroes ████████ and ██████████ 2 years after the Battle of Detroit and the disappearance of both from the public eye. Shortly before the pregnancy, ██████████ left █████ behind and ████ ████████ was left with the difficult prospect of raising a daughter on her own. After giving birth, ████ still suffering from severe PTSD and survivor's guilt in the wake of the Battle of Detroit, put her child up for adoption, convinced there was no way she could make a suitable parent, and further fell into seclusion. With both parents gone, Aria was placed under the care of the Chambers family and never found out she was adopted.

Though her real ██████ was removed form the picture, her ██████ continued to observe from afar, and as her powers developed, intentionally shielded her from notice by the ██████████, who would have otherwise taken interest in the young woman. Aria remains ignorant to her ██████████ heritage and the nature of her true parents and will likely remain so until the time of ████████'█ choosing or if the ████████ ever find out.

Recent Events

Plagued by many personal issues she keeps tight-lipped about, Aria was hesitant to even attempt at taking up the mantle of a hero, but with the encouragement of others, she has become a force to be reckoned with.

Events involving Aria include:

Aria's original costume

  • 12/01/2012 - Wavegirl, Powerbolt, Power Play, Tariel, General Freedom, Dr. Omega,Victory, and Landon Blake combat the villainous Hourman at the Museum of History. While some of her friends get displaced to the end of time, Powerbolt ends up tasked in dealing with citizens turned into dinosaurs.
  • 12/--/2012 Flying a Black Flag: Soldier Boy goes missing during a gang war in West Side and the Young Renegades step in to help and find their friend. Instead of battling gangers, they find themselves thrown into a melee with powerful super villains. Powerbolt for the first time squares off with someone that can dish out and take punishment similar to herself, and receives a generous thrashing, being punched through numerous buildings by a mysterious super-powered alien, while Wavegirl battled with a flame-throwing super suit, and Quick Shrike and Charlotte clashed with others. This culminated in a showdown with Black Flag, a bomb being detonated in a warehouse, and Soldier Boy being dragged from the rubble. It was not a victorious day.
  • 1/--/2013 Thresh:Thresh attacked Wavegirl's cave home while Aria was visiting, the two heroines still weakened and wounded from a previous battle were easy prey for the shark woman, at least until Pisces intervened.
  • 01/--/2013 Meeting the Good Doctor: In an attempt to discover what was going on with Devil Ray's father, the Young Renegades met with the villainous Dr Ominous, a longtime rival of Death Ray. It was revealed to them (before the Dr tried to kill them) that Death Ray and other villains had struck a series of pacts with demonic entities in exchange for power. Though they made it out alive, this only spelled out trouble for the future.
  • 01/--/2013 Journey to the Deep: Joining Wavegirl on an expedition back to her home deep in the ocean, near Mariana Trench, the Young Renegades met her mother, Adelpha Zophyros for the first time. These pleasant meetings were cut short when Lemurian raiding forces, led by Cyclone, The Engine, the Diver, and The Gullet, attacked with a slave army of molemen. Fighting alongside the Atlantean defenders, they succeeded in driving back this strange attack, when they had been anticipating MANTA interference. The following day, the teens went out hunting with Wavegirl's mother, who was nearly killed in a MANTA attack. Aria was not present, having gone on a private hunting trip with Chadeos Vhalakis (better known as Chad or 'that douche'), though whatever happened, neither has spoken a word about.
  • 2/08/2013 GMHS Dance: Aria never expected the star football player, Alex Simmons (better known as the always serious I never date anyone hero Soldier Boy) to ask her to the dance. Despite being convinced this was possibly out of pity, or he had been shoehorned into it by Ravenheart she went along. Nothing could really go worse. On the way to the dance they were interrupted by a heist, a high speed chase, a battle with the Terror Team's Monster, and finally, the alien horror Starspore, all of which were after a briefcase stolen by the original thieves. Her dress in ruins, and covered in Starspore's disgusting space sap, she had no choice but to head home once more. They made it to the dance, albeit late, and nowhere near as dressed up as they were supposed to be. The rest of it didn't go so bad, if you don't count Power Play's date Vanessa vomiting on his shoes, the spiking of the punch by multiple attendees, and Ravenheart high-jacking the DJ booth and embarrassing Alex and Aria both.
  • 3/01/2013 Shadow of the Oceans -pt. 1: When investigating disappearances in a fishing village with All-Star, Kid Orca, Wavegirl, Zelara, and Riptide, the heroes discovered that the entirety of the town, save a little girl had gone missing, possibly dragged into the sea. Their investigations found a strange pyramid shaped Lemurian artifact, after which, legions of the dead from throughout the span of human history pulled themselves from the deep. Though the heroes triumphed, new questions emerged and remain unanswered.
  • 2/21/2013Valentines: After an embarrassing encounter on Valentines Day, Wavegirl steps in to play matchmaker and try and deal with some discord and team drama. Of course, nothing is ever easy and Valrax and his cronies chose this time to try and capture Mariana, though Aria for some reason sparked the creepy Lemurian's interest as well. Although things did not go well, they managed to drive off the villains and barely escape. Aria and Alex both found themselves in the hospital and started dating afterwards.
  • 3/5/2013 Wrong in the House of Right: Powerbolt was involved in the final confrontation with Death Ray's forces. While half of the team was on Death Ray's island base, Powerbolt, Wavegirl, Adapto, Skips, Blue Freedom, and Boy Robot went to Providence, California to deal with his robot forces. Clashing with tides of Deathbots and massive spidery Eyebots alongside PRIMUS forces, Providence suffered massive damage in the catastrophic battle led by the monstrous giant dinosaur robot Tyranamortis Rex. Through a combined effort, Wavegirl and the others drove the giant robot into the water where they managed to bring down its shields (which Ray had fashioned after the hero Kevlar's), while Skips and Boy Robot managed to greatly impede the robot's rampage, holding it in place. Aria flew into low earth orbit and returned in a tremendously powerful punch, striking with the fury and force of a meteorite, she delivered the final blow, piercing through the titan. When the smoke cleared, the young heroes were victorious, and could only hope that their allies on the isle met with similar success.


Powerbolt to the rescue!
  • Enhanced Durability: Aria is exceptionally tough and able to take blows that would incapacitate or kill most others, whether it be gunfire or the devastating punch from some super strong world conquering alien. She's engaged in some particularly devastating mid-air struggles with super powered Bricks in the past that she's been able to walk away from, despite the property damage that these conflicts brought about. This isn't to say she's invulnerable as an exceptional beating can definitely take her out of a fight, but she's quite the difficult nut to crack.

  • Energy Absorption: Partially tied to her durability, and one of the reasons she's able to take tremendous shock in physical confrontations, Aria is able to absorb energy that she comes in direct physical contact with, storing this within her own neurological systems like a form of battery; though like a battery, there is only so much energy that her system can feasibly store. The easiest form of energy for her to absorb is electricity, sapping batteries dry or in some cases frying electronics if she isn't careful. The most dangerous is the energy within other people. With sustained physical contact, she's able to draw this out, effectively charging her own powers greatly in the process, gaining a much more powerful charge than through other means; this has been a cause of constant frustration for her in life, being that she can only avoid doing this with sustained focus, though she's been getting much better control over it through training as time has passed, making the problem gradually less severe.

    This ability to draw energy out of other living beings however with direct contact is something that absolutely terrifies her, and tends to affect her in rather strange ways; she'll often find herself adopting personality/behavioral quirks of that person, and her own thoughts may become muddled with memories and patterns the other person (or animal) might exhibit, though not in any real usable fashion. If she draws too much, it can render a person unconscious, or worse.

    • Living Things: Greatest level of charge, dangerous to herself and the one she's drawing off of.
    • Energy/Electricity: Electricity and other forms of energy are the primary way she'll build up energy for her blasts, this is the least dangerous for her, though the threat of overloading is still present.
    • Kinetic Absorption: Partially tied to her Durability and one of the reasons she's able to take tremendous physical punishment, being thrown through buildings or into a brand new crater in the pavement. She gets the least charge from these, much of it lost shortly after impact. The charge is so minor that she isn't even aware this is an aspect of her powers and she cannot quite use it to its full potential.

  • Energy Projection:Just as she can store energy, she can also project it in the form of burning hot beams, or in the case of an overcharge, an uncontrolled explosion. She can still use this ability even if she doesn't have a solid charge, drawing on her own energy to do so, though its a little taxing, and the end result isn't quite as spectacular as when her natural 'batteries' are full. She often projects these beams from her hands or eyes, and can even use them to add concussive explosive force to her punches against particularly resilient foes. The greater the charge and the more energy she dumps into it, the more impressive and powerful the blast, from small focused shots, to wide scything beams.

  • Flight: Like a number of other heroes, Powerbolt has the ability to fly, and so so at speeds that she isn't really at need for other forms of transportation, not that she just flies everywhere, that is a tad silly and maybe just a little obvious when one isn't in costume. The limits of her flight is still something that is being tested, though she's found recently that being underwater doesn't hinder this movement too greatly, and has proven a definite boon in her underwater adventures with the Atlantean hero Wavegirl.

  • Superhuman Strength: The most used of Aria's abilities is her considerable strength which transcends well beyond what a normal human could ever feasibly be capable of. Strong enough to punch through buildings, throw cars, or perhaps even help save an airplane that happened to be plummeting out of the sky. The limits of her strength haven't really been tested, but she certainly packs a punch.

Equipment & Skills

  • Resilium Weave Costume:Currently in the prototype stages, Powerbolt's new costume is made of a dense synthetic weave of a new malleable alloy in fabric form. Developed by Adapto this fabric could offer protection from more than just the elements if it was thicker, the thin layer not really enough to provide any shock absorption. Its real function is creating an exceptionally durable costume that can endure extreme heat and cold, severe impact, and is heavily resistant to cutting and tearing. With the punishment Aria takes in fights, she was in need of a more resilient costume.

  • Reactive Capacitor Gloves: Developed by Adapto, this inlay is worked into Powerbolt's gloves and functions as a means through which she can potentially 'vent' absorbed energy into the glove's capacitors, though once capped out, these batteries need to be drained before further use, though they will do so naturally over time; a charge can be intentionally stored within these to also be drained when needed, when a power source is not nearby. Though it doesn't solve her overcharge problem, it does serve as a fail-safe device.


  • Overcharge: Aria's ability to absorb energy and drain it off of people can be particularly dangerous to those around her and sometimes even herself. If she takes on too much energy and isn't able to discharge it this can cause her to go critical, forcibly discharging the energy more often than not in the form of an explosion. The more energy she takes on, the more difficult it becomes for her to contain and the more likely that a violent discharge may occur. She isn't exactly sure how much energy she can charge her system with and is hesitant to push that limit too far after an incident when she was rendered unconcious after a particularly high-level charge resulting in the destruction of a small apartment building which resulted in several fatalities. It takes a certain degree of focus for Aria to contain the energy she absorbs and if that slips it becomes even more difficult and painful for her to maintain and control. Loss of control is something that can completely cripple her in a fight if she's worried about collateral or hurting her friends. The experience isn't too pleasant for herself either and is physically taxing.

  • Teenager: She may have some world weariness as far as the things she's dealt with in her home and personal life, but as far as the greater picture of things, her experience is lacking. Aria is a teenager, very late in her teens at that, but this carries with it all the problems of youth. She may think she knows the world or knows better than many out there, but she doesn't have the life experience to really make those calls well. Her priorities are often skewed, despite her attempts at selflessness, and she is at her core, despite whatever facade she projects when in costume, an absolute emotional train wreck that is easily thrown off the rails.

  • Magic: For whatever reason, trying to absorb magic that is not in the form of electricity does not jive with Aria's powers, in fact, its a particularly quick way to put her out of commission. If she tries, she's in for a particularly rude awakening as the magic will simply blast past her defenses often in exceptionally painful fashion as her body is completely incapable of processing the energy but tries nonetheless, effectively causing her to short out. Her resistance to magic is basically nil, and has to worry about it almost as much as just your average person. Magic cuts right past her seemingly almost impervious toughness.

Allies & Enemies


"Deos Fortioribus Adesse"

First Encountered: Starfall: The Crog Crisis
Quote: "Order is nothing without the strength to keep it."
Power Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Composed of a group of three heroes, Oracle, Phalanx, and their leader Centurion, the Consul is a group of powerful heroes that left Earth behind at varying times to defend their home from greater threats in the galaxy. When their paths crossed their like purposes united the three together, establishing a powerful team dedicated to bringing peace and order to dangerous and chaotic elements of the galaxy. Though this trinity of heroes has been gone from Earth for many years, they have recently returned, bringing their struggle for Order back to their home.

  • Oracle: The hero calling herself Oracle returned to Earth with Centurion and the other members of 'the Consul', though she is completely unaccounted for in any current databases or histories, she professes to have been active within Earth's heroic community for several years before she found herself on another world after capture by a hostile intergalactic species. Freed of her psychic restraints by Centurion, the two heroes were able to defeat the aliens called the Kalcei. Since then, Oracle has been a close ally and traveling companion of Centurion, the two engaging in numerous battles against the treacherous Kalcei.

  • Centurion: Believed to have perished during the Battle for Detroit when he saved his lover Backlash during the cataclysmic event, Centurion (Mysterium at the time) has not been heard from for over twenty years; though he tells the story quite differently. When he came to after the laser's firing he could not find the body of his companion and stricken with grief, he took flight and left Earth behind, seeking solitude to reflect on how he failed both his friend and the city he had come to protect. Recently returned during the Crog invasion of Millennium City, he has donned the name Centurion and has pledged to protect the future of Earth, the home he left behind. Possessed of exceptional superhuman strength and durability, the latter of which was put to the test by Dr Destroyer's doomsday laser, this old hero is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Phalanx: Phalanx is another hero Centurion encountered during his travels in deep space, the hero professing to be the last member of the Lost Legion of Rome. Phalanx joined in Centurion and Oracle's struggles against the Kalcei and other intergalactic threats, the three of them banding together to form The Consul, which they dedicated to preserving order and peace. Similar to Centurion in his powers, Phalanges is an unstoppable titan in battle, and though he's not quite as tough or strong as his compatriot, he is possessed of such great speed that he's not much less of a threat.

Updated as More is Revealed


A Tenacious Rebellion of Zealots and Fundamentalists

Crushed by the combined efforts of the Consul, the Kalcei have never risen to the galactic prominence that they might have once held or been capable of. Though the tyrannical government of the Kalcei was sundered and replaced by new democratic institutions but in place by the Consul, there are still those that strive to see an Emperor returned to their home world and the freedom brought by the Consul destroyed. The majority of Kalcei have aligned themselves with the Consul and the institutions they've put in place, but this radical element still remains despite efforts to combat and extinguish it completely.

Young Renegades

Adapto: The Cybernetic Prodigy
Adapto: "He's smart, crazy smart, definitely the most brilliant person I've ever met. I thought he was kind of a jerk and was maybe just a little intimidated when he'd start talking, but I've come around. He's a nice guy, even if he can't help but talk down to others sometimes, and he's a good friend."

Devil Ray: Standing Upon the Precipice of the Abyss
Devil Ray: Ray is, well...the first time I met him, he immediately hit on me. Something about liking 'goth chicks'; not really the best way to give a first impression. He tries hard, maybe a little too hard, to the point that he can come off as something of a tool. I thought that was due to his super-villain dad, but his dad is pretty hype. Maybe he's just trying to play the bad-boy a little too hard. I don't honestly know how Lisa puts up with him.

Power Play: The Hockey Hero with Heart
Power Play: Benji is, well he's Benji. Still though, you have to admire that he's willing to go out there and put himself in these crazy dangerous situations, and he doesn't have ridiculous abilities like some of us. He's an okay guy that means well and well just also happens to be a little weird. I worry he's gotten in over his head sometimes and might get hurt, though I think anyone that did that would be in for a reckoning.

Quick Shrike: Piercing the Heart of Evil
Quick Shrike: Steph seems to have gotten better, she's been a little nicer the last few times I've seen her and I didn't realize how much she had pressing down on her till recently. I can completely sympathize with that. I feel bad for my initial opinion on her.

Soldier Boy: Never Give Up, Never Back Down
Soldier Boy: He's always gung-ho, always serious, and he didn't think I could cut it or that I should even be doing this, not that I can really blame him. I'm glad I proved him wrong however, I just hope I don't give him reason to doubt me again. I think we're more alike than I realized, just in different ways.

Victory: Ever Triumphant, Never Broken
Victory: Lisa is sweet, generous, and kind, I'm really glad to call her a friend. Even if I do get a little jealous at times over what she has, but seriously...could you and Ray lay off the PDA a bit?

Wavegirl: the Might of the Fists of Atlan
Wavegirl: Mariana is the first friend I made in Millennium City and the reason I joined the Renegades. I never would have tried without her encouragement, so for that I'm thankful. I admire her greatly, she's just about one of the coolest people I've ever met, and she's amazing to watch when things get tough. Wavegirl is nothing short of awesome.




Name:Mellusine - the Sea Witch, daughter of Phorcys
First Encountered: Paradisio Lost, 13-4-12
Quote: "All will obey the siren's call."
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Unknown to the Realms of Man and forgotten by time, the Blessed Isles were long discounted as myth, yet another classic tale of Greek antiquity. The blessed Isles are inhabited by ancient creatures of myth, medusae, harpies, hydras, the mythical Amazons, and even fearsome Spartoi warriors whose islands struggle in endless glorious warfare. Upon the craggy northwestern shores of the central island is an ancient tower, within which resides a terrible sorceress who once tried to challenge Poseidon for dominion over the seas. Mellusine is a great and ancient evil who once menaced Greece and its heroes, and continues to menace the Amazon peoples today with the monstrous armies that she has subjugated to her will.

Mellusine is a demigod, a daughter of Phorcys, the lord of dangers of the deep, and like many of her sisters, she is a siren. She possesses a terrible power over the will of men, and has on many an occasion used this power to dark and terrible ends. Her command of ancient magics is considerable, enough so that she conquered and banished the seemingly immortal forest lords of the Isle, removing one of the greatest impediments to her bid to seize control over the Amazon people. Recently, though no one is quite sure why, Mellusine has begun spreading terror beyond the hidden Blessed Isles, and has been responsible for numerous disappearances on ocean going vessels, as well as the development of several vicious cults.

The tools at her disposal are fierce, from her mask - an artifact of an ancient civilization, numerous enchanted objects, lifetimes of experience,to legendary monsters. Mellusine is more a force than a foe, and is not to be taken lightly.


First Encountered: Of Apes and Men, Pending
Quote: "I was there, in the infancy of your race. I have watched you blunder through the ages. I have seen every mistake you have ever made. I am the only one that can save you from yourselves."
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Thousands of years ago, the Empyreans, looked upon man in its earliest stages, before apes had begun to even craft tools from stone. In their curiosity to learn, some experimented on early hominids, and 'Remus', who would come to call himself Prometheon, was one such experiment. Through use of wondrous progenitor sciences and psychic manipulations, Remus was uplifted from a simple Gorilla to a being of fearsome intellect. These changes were not immediate however and gradually came over time, but it wasn't long till Remus, who had already moved far past his brethren, found himself apart, unable to tolerate the simple-minded company that he had to keep. The only source of mentally stimulating companionship he received was when the Empyrean Ardak would visit to take note of his progress and attempt to teach his pupil further. Hundreds of years passed and little changed among his fellows as Remus watched them grow old and die off, the treatments he had undergone indefinitely prolonging his natural lifespan. Hundreds of years became thousands, and Ardak's visits became less frequent, as other affairs and studies occupied his time. Remus was entirely alone, an unaging intellectual among a species that could barely communicate, much less engage in the stimulating conversation he had become used to.

When the Elder Worm came around 150,000 B.C., Remus was there, he watched as mankind, who he had seen evolve into its primitive state at this point, were driven before the aliens and their leader Slug. Remus avoided such a fate himself, the intellect he had been gifted with serving him well. When the Empyreans interfered he was outraged. How dare they decide to save this lesser race, yet leave him cast aside and forgotten, wandering alone with the only comparable intellects to his own hiding away in their secret civilization. He was furious. After the Elder Worm threat was culled and the Empyreans decided to once again 'interfere' with the goings-on of these lesser evolved species, Remus watched from afar. Eventually, he would attract the interest of an Empyrean scientist who offered the englithened ape work as an assistant of sorts, he was reluctant to accept, but did so anyhow; afterall he had lacked meaningful companionship in any capacity for nearly a thousand years. Remus' rage subsided and he spent many years working with the scientist, but eventually a disagreement between the two would drive them apart, and lead to a feud that ultimately resulted in Remus murdering his 'benefactor'. Filled again with resentment, Remus withdrew, far away from the Empyreans and their hidden civilization, and once more fell into seclusion.

Remus remained withdrawn for years, observing the rise of mankind from afar while conducting his own great experiments, occasionally manipulating and using the Humans to his own ends. In time, he began to take a more active role than the Empyreans and held the view that lesser races deserved the chance to be uplifted as he had, but that they needed the proper guidance, and shouldn't be cast aside after these manipulations had taken place; the conflicts man waged on his brethren, the crime and murder in his cities, and the atrocities brought about by simple differences of race and creed were enough proof for him that Mankind had failed. Having adopted the name Prometheon, he now feels the only opportunity is to start over, and that he is best, in his thousands of years of observation and study, to lead whatever comes to a Utopian future; he will not make the same mistakes that the Empyreans made, and he will see the failure that is man, a blight upon the Earth, undone, one way or another.



First Encountered: Still Observing from Afar
Quote: "You will kneel before me, and after you, the EARTH!"
Threat Level:

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Bruce Parkins, the man that would become Skeletron, did not dream of becoming a super-villain. Quite the opposite, Bruce wanted to be a hero. Bruce wanted to be an astronaut. To this end he devoted his life, serving in the Air Force, becoming a crack test pilot, and eventually securing a position with NASA during the Cold-War. His dreams of seeing space would be realized on the fateful day that a secret experimental manned space flight was given the green-light to put a new propulsion system into action. He was go for lift-off.

As the spacecraft broke atmosphere, an unfortunately timed and undetected meteorite smashed into his rocket, tearing through the hull. The impressive fireball that resulted spelled the end of astronaut Bruce Parkins, at least so far as Earth knew it. As flame consumed the vessel, Bruce and the ship's remains weren't destroyed, but catapulted into space beyond the speed of light, the meteorite's impact and the strange material of its composition causing a bizarre reaction that sent him screaming (quite literally) through the great beyond. Bruce would have been quite dead, if it weren't for the fact that the meteorite felt bad for what it had done and took pity on the poor man. Composed of a sentient living metal, it encased and protected Bruce as his flesh was burnt away. What was left of Bruce was a living metal skeleton, the metal symbiote having saved his life, something he wasn't exactly thankful for.Bruce spent the next 10 years hurtling through space, alone, with only the voice of the symbiote in his head to keep him company. It was the most awful road-trip ever.

On his tenth year of floating through the void, Bruce, who had recently lost posession of that name to the symbiote due to a bet (the symbiote proved to be a canny gambler, also there was very little available to use as a wager) finally had a stroke of good fortune when he saw he was headed towards a lush green planet not unlike Earth. Not only would it be a wonderful change of scenery, but the chance of encountering sentient life (other than the symbiote who didn't talk much anymore, they had exhausted most conversation topics during their trip) was remarkably high; the fact that there was noticeable amounts of space activity outside of the planet and the many lights on its surface served as a pretty great clue as far as that was concerned. As fate would have it, the remains of his rocket were smashed into by the equivalent of a space-faring garbage barge that threw him off course, sending his rocket to the planet's moon, a galactic dumping ground.

Just My Luck, as Once Bruce called the planet (since he had no idea what the name was anyhow), was a moon that had been formed out of space debri and garbage, and initially unbeknownst to the castaway, built around massive industrial forges and assembly-lines that were long dead. It was on Just My Luck that he finally got a look at his reflection, and saw his own face after those 10 years in space; he wasn't horrified, just mildly disappointed, re-kindling his relationship with his girlfriend back on Earth was going to be impossible. In the world's skies, he could see the lines of derelict and dead vessels as they floated in orbit around the trash moon, eventually being drawn into massive deconstructor-rings that rendered the vessels into their base components, which would shower down on Just My Luck. Beyond the ring of dead ships was the lush green planet he had been denied. Every night he stared up at that world and hatred grew in his heart, and that hatred gave him purpose. He would find his way to that world, and he would make it his own.

Working with what he could find, he tried to assemble a new craft, while building himself weapons for the coming invasion. In time he would discover the great foundries of the trash-moon and reignite their flames, building weapons, robots, and eventually proper vessels to carry he and his army to the world that kept dumping its trash on his moon home. With his army built and fleet cobbled together, Once Bruce was ready, but...a soon to be emperor needed a name; he donned the name Skeletron, in reference to his new appearance, and the bevy of cybernetic improvements that he built for himself. The other world would never see it coming, and they didn't. When Skeletron arrived with his army, he discovered that the planet was already quite dead, its population wiped out by a horrible disease many years before he ever arrived in the system. The activity he could see buzzing about every night, was the automated remains of the skeleton of a once impressive civilization. At least he wasn't on the trash-moon any longer. What good however, was ruling over a dead planet. Skeletron expanded the development of his fleet and armies on the dead world and prepared for his coming conquest of the galaxy, and his eventual return to earth as a conquering hero.


From the Depths he Comes

First Encountered: The Kallistrate (February 2013)
Quote: "Your friend...I think she'll do rather nicely."
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The devious and devilish Valrax is an ancient member of the old Lemurian House of Hyrg, the very same House that spawned such villains as Vikorin the Blind and the infamous Coruscator. While the less fortunate of his House were born in feral lizard forms, Valrax remains to this day a healthy, cursed Lemurian. Unlike the even more fortunate of his kind, Valrax was destined to forever study but never wield the potent Lemurian sorcery of his ilk. Instead, he became one of the few sorceror-scientists of Lemuria, dedicated to the manipulation and control of the four elements: ignaetium, crystallos, corsuqua, and fulminor.

Forever vain and self centered, Valrax hungers to surround himself with beauty and power - no mere mole men would do as servants to the mighty Abolisher. No, he lusted to gather the strongest and most beautiful of warriors to his side, to serve as his army against the surface dwellers and restore his House’s honor in the eyes of their king, mighty Arvad. Thus, his roving eye fell apon young Mariana, and her Fists of Atlan. His dramatic first appearance led to him coming into conflict with Renegades Powerbolt and Soldier Boy, as well as Mariana and her ex, Chad. Despite the quite brutal beating he delivered to Powerbolt, he was forced to retreat as MCPD forces neared the conflict site. He left vowing that this was not the last the Renegades would see of him - and there is little doubt that he is right.

Valrax himself is a rather weak combatant, relying on his Lemurian sorcerous armor to protect him in combat. The armor is imbued with corsuqua and ignaetium, allowing it unleash bursts of flame and thunder at his foes. Valrax puts on a brave face, but is a coward at heart; if things look as if they may drastically turn against him, he will retreat at the first opportunity, abandoning any followers behind him. His egocentric nature also works against him, as he has trouble accepting that anyone may be better at leading than he is - he works poorly with any villains besides those he himself has recruited.

Comments / Opinions

Has your hero interacted with Powerbolt? Feel free to leave your feelings/opinions of the young heroine here!

  • "Aria is one of my closest friends, and she is the first Lander I sincerely talked to when I arrived here. I wish only the best for her and her future." - Wavegirl
  • "I saw this kid pick up a boat and use it to whack a bunch of zombies from the ocean. Yeah, she scares me a little." - All-Star
  • "Aria is great. I don't really have anyone else I can talk to about girl stuff, which is a big plus. She's also just a good friend, and someone you definitely want to have watching your back in a fight. I'm glad she's actually hanging out with us now, instead of keeping her distance like she used to. I feel like everyone's a little better off for it." - Victory
  • "Who woulda ever thought the gloomy goth kid had a bunch of kick-ass powers? I sure wouldn't have." - Blink
  • "Aria's strong, dedicated, reliable, a good person, a hero despite everything she's been through. I'd put my trust in her in any given situation, but it's more than just that. I...care about her, maybe more than I'd like to admit." - Soldier Boy

Meta & Hooks

RP Hooks

  • Do you attend Grace Memorial High School? Aria is a senior student there.
  • Aria has been accepted to the University of Millennium City and will begin courses after her graduation from GMHS this spring.
  • Aria firmly believes in civil rights and is a staunch opponent of anti Meta/Mutant groups, but at the same time also feels that they are correct in that metas can pose a serious danger to society, given the volatile nature of her own powers when she was first learning to use them. Due to this, she's an advocate for young Metahumans finding help and guidance as they discover their powers. She also believes that the option to 'cure' metas is not necessarily a bad idea, as long as it remains voluntary; the wish for a normal life can be a powerful thing and she knows it very well, though she does not regret her own decisions concerning that path.
  • Powerbolt is starting to emerge as a more well known hero these days, its possible you've heard about her on the news.

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