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The Unphasable
On The Lookout
Player: @SomethingWitty
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Super Group
Young Renegades
· Other Affiliations ·
Java Jive, GMHS
Real Name
Kelly Porter
July 7, 1994
Escondido, California
Apartment in City Center
See Above
Barista at Java Jive
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Frederick and Christina Porter (Father/Mother)
Marcel Simmons (Distant Cousin)
Physical Traits
Her Parents
Mixed (Black/White)
Apparent Age
5' 6"
136 lbs.
Body Type
Light Brown
· Distinguishing Features ·
Intricate Tattoo Around Belly Button, Glowing Eyes When Actively Using Powers
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Teleportation (Currently limited to herself and those she has physical contact with)
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Self-Defense Classes


  • July 7, 1995: Kelly Porter is born in Escondido, California, to small-time author Frederick Porter and restaurant manager Christina Porter. Between the two of them, they make a large enough income to lead a nice, comfortable life.
  • April 13, 2009: While on the way home from school one day, Kelly takes a shortcut through an alleyway, to find a costumed hero wounded and bleeding out on the ground. Shocked, she provides whatever aid she can, trying to stymie the flow of blood and calling an ambulance. The hero makes a few cryptic statements, asking her questions she doesn't quite understand, but attempts to answer anyways. Before breathing his last, the hero says something in a language she doesn't understand and kisses Kelly's forehead. He passes away before an ambulance can arrive.
  • May 10, 2009: The funeral for renowned Californian philanthropist Jacob Brown is held.
  • June 13, 2009: Exactly two months after the incident, a strange symbol starts to manifest on Kelly's stomach. She keeps it a secret from her parents, who she doesn't want to worry, and attempts to puzzle out what the 'tattoo' might mean. All of her research turns up nothing. It doesn't seem to cause her any harm, so she eventually shrugs it off and moves on with her life.
  • October 27, 2010: Over a year later, signs of Kelly's powers begin to develop. She falls asleep in her room one night only to wake up in her back yard. A drunk driver almost runs her down when she's trying to cross the street, but she poofs away at the very last second. While exercising on a treadmill, she starts to daydream... only to teleport to the ice cream stand she'd been considering visiting after her workout. Eventually it becomes impossible to hide the truth from her parents, and she explains what had happened on April 13th. They implore her to get control over her powers, and then to use them as little as possible.
  • August 9, 2012: Kelly, having learned to control her teleportation, complies with her parent's wishes and uses them only when absolutely necessary, a fact she isn't entirely a big fan of. Her parents, who had been saving their money for some time, finally have enough to follow her mother's dream: a longtime fan of the Champions, Christina wanted to open a restaurant in Millennium City, where the Champions were stationed. With the help of their distant relatives, the Simmons family, they find a nice place to live and move in. Kelly makes it her business to annoy her cousin Marcel at every opportunity.
  • August 13, 2012: Kelly decides that, against her parent's wishes, she's going to join the costumed crimefighter community. Taking up the name Blink because of her ability to teleport, she makes a small name for herself, helping out people with minor issues and fighting small crimes: rescuing cats from trees, catching purse snatchers, dropkicking thugs in the face, all the good stuff.
  • March, 2013: Kelly is introduced to the Young Renegades after she pops by to visit Marcel while he's helping Benji out with some fancy new hockey pucks. A few days later, Alex Simmons and Aria Chambers drop by the new shop her mother had opened up, Java Jive. She hangs out with them and Erin Alexiou for a little bit after the shift ends, and asks if she can join the team. Alex gives as much of an answer as he usually does, amounting to 'yeah sure why not'. Kelly doesn't seem to care how non-committal the answer is; she's just psyched that he said yes.

Grace Memorial High School

Kelly Porter is a Senior at Grace Memorial High School, having recently transferred over from Escondido Charter High School in Escondido, California. She's managed to fit in fairly well with the new crowd so far, her cheery, if somewhat hyper, personality making the transition easier than it might've been otherwise. She most frequently bounces between the band and alternative crowds, where she teams up with Cassandra Sierra to pull pranks on other students and the staff. She plays the flute in the band program, having taken taken private lessons for the instrument since the sixth grade. She's so far managed to keep the fact she moonlights as the superheroine Blink a secret from the rest of the students, but really it's only a matter of time until her motor mouth ends up divulging the secret to everyone else.

Appearance And Personality

Kelly is an incredibly outgoing and cheerful girl, enjoying spending time around friends, family, and just about anyone else. Her seemingly limitless energy also has a tendency to get her in trouble, as she finds herself blabbing out something without thinking about it first, or causing a scene because her lack of impulse control causes her to play a practical joke (with sometimes disastrous results). Still, even when she finds herself on the receiving end of a lecture or whatever other consequences she brings down on herself, there's no stopping the young woman.

Although she's a bit of an airhead, Kelly is also a fairly intelligent young woman, who earns high marks in school and always makes sure that she finishes her work on time, to the best of her abilities. Her interests mostly lie in the musical arts; she views music as a way to express herself without words. To no one's surprise, she enjoys playing upbeat, cheery music on her flute, and signed on with the Grace Memorial jazz band so she could apply all of her practice.

For the most part, Kelly dresses in a punk/goth fashion, favoring mostly monochrome colors with a splash of color for contrast. While her favorite outfits are dresses or tank tops and skirts with stockings, she's just as frequently found wearing a simple t-shirt (usually with some sort of logo on it) and shorts. She rounds out the look with black eye shadow and lipstick, and tends to pull her long black hair back into a styled ponytail. She's fairly pretty, with big brown eyes and a perpetual smile on her lips. Her mixed heritage is fairly evident in her light brown skin tone. Finally, she has a tattoo of a mystical-looking symbol around her bellybutton, which she received after the mystical hero Rifter passed it on to her just before his death.

Allies And Enemies

Young Renegades

Soldier Boy:



Devil Ray:


Power Play:

Powers And Abilities

Blink... doesn't have very much in the way of powers. The source of her ability to teleport, the mystical rune on her stomach, has yet to completely manifest and reach its full potential. Part of this is due to her making little use of it in the initial years after the symbol was passed on to her from the magic hero Rifter near the time of his death. She has the potential to develop her powers, but it's going to take some time, and a lot of practice.

  • Teleportation: Blink's main (and only) superpower. The symbol on her stomach allows her to teleport herself and others, if she maintains contact with them. However, there is a limit to what she can and cannot bring with her. First and foremost, she cannot teleport any object too much larger than herself. A taller person isn't much of an issue, but she won't be teleporting an automobile with her anytime soon. She also cannot teleport objects independently - if she's going to be teleporting a pencil somewhere, she's going to have to go along for the ride.



  • Blink has a pet guinea pig named Archie.


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"She's friendly. Kinda hyper, and a little weird. But friendly. I hope she knows how to handle herself when the chips are really down." - Soldier Boy

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