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The Cybernetics Prodigy
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
Player: @Fenel
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Super Group
Young Renegades
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Real Name
Assumed US Citizen
Assumed Millennium City, MI
Legal Status
Marital Status
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Unknown, potential links to CoreTech Founder Caleb Simmons
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Assumed late teens/early twenties
182lb (Varies depending on Cybernetics)
Body Type
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Powers & Abilities
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Cybernetics (Arms from the Shoulders, legs, assumed eyes).
· Other Abilities ·
Quick Learner, Beginner Judo & Boxing, Agile, Assumed Superhuman Intelligence


Field interactions with the vigilante "Adapto" have shown him to be a to-the-point character with a sort of unaware smugness which Silver Avenger Liam Heckler described as "somewhat aggravating" to work with. This is perhaps not an unearned trait, as his assistance in crisis' has proven to be invaluable - see the Collier Incident in California. Registered hero -- noted that Adapto had a rather volatile mood, displaying mood swings but with a self-awareness of their occurence, leading to them being somewhat more restrained but still evident, and occasional lapses into a dangerous apathy.

He appears content to allow law enforcement and sanctioned individuals handle the end result of situations, and has shown to at the very least not leap to lethal solutions to problems involving sentient beings. For these reasons, PRIMUS considers vigilante "Adapto" an acceptable partner to work with, although threat assessment is ongoing.


Adapto appears to have put extensive work into maintaining the secrecy of his background and funding, making it difficult for PRIMUS to acquire adequate and reliable information. Investigation ongoing.


  • Genius: Formerly tentative. Proven after more in depth interaction with vigilante Adapto. Displays an aptitude towards long-term planning and strategy, but specializes in multiversal superscience and cybernetics - see Collier Incident.
  • Adaptive Fighting: Movements in close combat imply a base in boxing and judo, but for the most part it appears improvised. Suspected computer assistance with deciding movements.
  • Sovereign of his Body: Cybernetics have displayed degrees of immunity to technopathy.


  • Extensive Cybernetics: Evident. Exact details and capabilities unknown, but they have displayed immense strength, speed and durability while also capable of high-powered energy emission.
  • Charge Cannisters: Adapto carries cannisters that contain a glowing blue liquid. Upon inserting into the pack on his back (which seems to act as a connecting point for his cybernetics), the effectiveness of his cybernetics increases greatly for a short period of time. This includes general capabilities (strength & speed) and energy capabilities (blasts etcetera). When the effect fades, Adapto's limbs are left at 50% less effectiveness of their usual effectiveness for a period of time.


Investigation ongoing


As is the case with many supergenius metahumans, investigation is ongoing as to Adapto's threat level. While he has not displayed any intent to go rogue, the potential is there. Tentatively rated as a state-level threat.

  • Just a Man: Adapto is a human past the cybernetics. Keep this in mind.
  • Emotionally Unstable: Noted above in section 1. Mood is turbulent at best, possibly bipolar? Investigation ongoing.
  • His Back: Tentative. Cybernetics appear to be "centred" around a hub on his back.

Allies and Enemies


  • Devil Ray - "I don't know about Ray. He seemed like a nice enough guy starting out. Odd, yes, but nice. The whole thing with his dad changed him, understandably too. I hope being a villain does not run in the Right blood."
  • Wavegirl - "Wavegirl is nice. I have a lot of confidence that she's going to be a great person when she gets older...heck, she already is one in my book. She needs to ditch that Chad guy for good, though. It's weird."
  • Victory - "Victory's like the sister I never had, I guess. I pick fun at her a lot, but that's because I trust her to dish it back with no hard feelings. It's mean for me to say this, but she's the closest thing to my equal on the Renegades. In a completely different field, sure, but there's overlap there. We can talk about things."
  • Soldier Boy - "I like to think of Soldier Boy as my best friend. I'm unsure if the feeling is mutual, but it's hard to tell anything with Alex that isn't 'discontent', 'normal' and 'slightly amused'. Still, he has had my back, so I've got his. Homies help homies."
  • Powerbolt - "She had issues, but she seems to be moving on. A rising star in the hero community as well. I'm glad life's getting better for her, and I hope it stays that way."
  • All-Star - "We went through some stuff. We were cool. Sucks."
  • Power Play - "Power Play is weird. Not superhero weird, but just normal weird. It seems like he's just a guy who gets pulled into our stuff, but genuinely wants to help out. Because of that, I'm fine with him being around. Better someone who wants to fight the good fight to the best of their ability, you know? I'm sure he'll get better at it, anyway."
  • Star Sentry - "Vaishara is...I don't know. She's great. Patient to the point of putting up with my faults, but supportive as well. Lets just leave it at that."
  • Star & Ace - "I don't know Star as well as I do Ace. My experiences of Star so far have been annoying, at best. I get along really well with Ace, though. She seems to get me, you know? That's usually a lot to ask from people, so I'm glad she's my friend."


  • Paley the Watch Man: Adapto has been involved in various situations with the low-tier time manipulator known as "Paley". A thief, Paley's abilities supposedly allow him to reverse the observable flow of time by 5.23 seconds and retain memory of the deleted 5.23 seconds.

Opinions about Adapto

"Adapto has a big brain and a bigger ego. He's a good guy at heart, though." - Victory

"Dude. Blender Arms. Bad. Ass. 'Nuff said. Also he should totally build robot boxers." - Quick Shrike

"Marcel's a great guy, knows what he's doing, even when no one else does. I'm pretty sure he likes it that way, too." - Soldier Boy

"Marcel puts so much of himself into his work. While an admirable trait, I cannot help but be concerned for his well being sometimes. - Wavegirl

"I'm not convinced Marcel isn't makin' up half the crap he talks about most of the time, but it's hard to deny the fact he's smart as Hell, even if he is." - Blink

"The kid's cool and sharp with a good head on his shoulders. I should know; I was in it." - All-Star

"Though I have yet to meet him personally. I have read several of his articles in magazines and I cannot help but respect and admire him." - Stegoboy

RP Hooks

  • Are you part of the superscience community? It is possible you have heard of Adapto! He occasionally writes articles for superscience journals on the areas of cybernetics and multiversal physics.

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