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Star Sentry
Lost Amongst the Stars
Vaishara M'Oaran, the Star Sentry
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Player: @ag167
Super Group
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Dresashi Coalition
Real Name
Vaishara M'Oaran
Star Sentry
Arctulia, Dresash V (Carinae Prime)
Legal Status
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Orange/Pale Gold
· Distinguishing Features ·
Third eye in the center of her forehead
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Energy Manipulation (Solar, Void)
· Equipment ·
Dresashi Protective Armor
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Before the accident, Vaishara was a relatively normal member of the Dresashi species. Three eyes, deep crimson skin, black hair. Loving parents, a decent education, a job that paid well enough. It all changed when a freak occurance shook the Dresash-Ahemait system. Strange waves of unidentified energy coursed through the system, penetrating the electromagnetic barrier emitted by the binary suns. The Dresashi magitech went haywire, most of it malfunctioning or overloading in cascades of brilliant sparks and surges of mystical energy. Vaishara, who was a mere twelve at the time, was caught at the center of the vortex. The coruscation of cosmic power poured into her, wrapping around her and obliterating everything but the girl. When she awoke, she was in a crater a mile wide, but miraculously unharmed. In fact, the only difference was the pale golden tattoo around her right eye - which was now a brilliant, shining gold.

Routine medical examinations didn't turn up anything untoward - in fact, she seemed healthier than ever! Even her small cuts and bruises had healed up - although to the doctor's eye, it looked more like they were burned closed rather than healed naturally. On her way home with her parents, however, an accident with a service golem and a faulty construction site caused a massive, heavy i-beam to break free from it's placings and come crashing down towards the trio! Reacting instinctively to the 'threat', Vaishara unleashed a brilliant beam of solar energy at the falling metal, not only slicing it in half, but also melting large chunks of it. She followed up with a deep blue-black void of some kind, which swallowed the remaining pieces before disappearing with a loud POP. Clearly, something about her was...different. Superheroes aren't that uncommon on her planet, however. After being recognized by her planet and officially registered with the Coalition government, Vaishara began rudimentary training with Carinae Prime's premiere superteam, the Star Flight. The team, led by a Dresashi mechanopriest named Father Quasar, trained Vaishara to use her powers while upholding the ideals of truth and justice across the three worlds of the Dresashi Coalition (Beletseri, Carinae Prime and Shydra). They battled a variety of villains, and battled an invasion of Xenovores with the assistance of other Dresashi superteams and the species' military - the Coalition Guard. Until one fateful day...

Just after Vaishara's eighteenth birthday (which she spent hanging out with her family - including the Star Flight), strange robotic drones appeared in the Dresash-Ahemait system. Unbeknownst to the denizens of her home, they were next on the Empire of Malthus' list of systems to assimilate. The scouting party of drones assaulted Carinae Prime in droves as the Star Flight sprang into action, taking the fight to the invaders across all three worlds. Swarmed by four hunter-killer drones and needing a moment to collect herself, Vaishara broke one of the primary rules the team had placed on her - no wormholes in atmosphere. The resulting gravitational vortex swallowed her, the four drones, and chunks of nearby buildings before exploding outwards - and sending the Dresashi girl spiralling through jumpspace and into the unknown...

Crash Landing - Target: Earth

Sent light years away from her home, Vaishara re-appeared in the atmosphere of Earth, emerging from the wormhole's tear above Millennium City. She, and the drones, crash landed in a flaming sphere into a local park in the city, leaving a burning field of alien shrapnel all over. Much like it would on her world, the sudden appearance garnered the attention of several local capes, as well as law enforcement. As the heroes arrived at the scene of her crash landing, they were faced with the drones re-activation. Thanks to the gravitic disturbance and the stress of jumpspace travel, the drones were easily defeated, and Vaishara was 'officially' welcomed to Earth by it's residents.

After getting her translator fixed by a friendly robotics expert, Vaishara began her search: to find a way home, and to help save her world from destruction.

Appearance & Personality

Like all Dresashi, Vaishara has red skin and three eyes. Originally, all three eyes were a pale orange, but after the 'incident' which gave her her powers, her right eye turned a rich gold, and a pale gold marking shaped like a star was emblazoned around it. She is athletically fit thanks to her training with her superteam, and stands taller than most humans (around 6'2"). Her hair is a dark black color that often hangs over her third eye, which she keeps closed most times as to not weird people out. Her costume is a deep, rich blue color, with black trim on the skirt and at the tops of her thigh-high boots. A long, black cape with an ornate collar hangs off her shoulders, trimmed in gold at the bottom. Her armor is a brilliant, clean white, with golden inlay on the bracers and breastplate.

Vaishara tries her best to maintain a sunny disposition, but sometimes the depression of possibly never seeing her home again can get to her. When she's not feeling down about herself and her situation, she's usually eager to learn about Earth culture or see what people do on this planet for fun. When she is feeling down, she tends to clam up and sit by herself (or, if she's at her temporary home, crawl under the covers). When in battle, she follows commands from whoever seems to be in charge, which is what she's used to after working with Star Flight for several years.

Powers, Abilities & Equipment

  • Energy Manipulation: Vaishara's 'incident' gave her the ability to manipulate and project two kinds of opposing energy:
    • Solar Energy: The first is brilliant, blindingly bright, solar energy. Besides the fact that it's somewhat like looking into an actual sun, her solar-powered blasts are also intensely hot. At full strength they can burn and melt through most metal with ease! She appears to draw in nearby sunlight if it's around, which flows down her bones and veins before exiting out of her fingertips in bursts. The use of this power leaves an unnatural darkness behind, as if she drained all of the light out of the area around her forearms and hands for a few moments. Her solar control is amplified the closer she is to the source of it (i.e., it's more powerful the closer she is to the sun - or any star, for that matter).
    • Void Energy: The second is a blue-black, light-swallowing void. The opposite of solar power, bolts of this void are blisteringly cold, and stick to what she hits them with, like cloying or sticky flames. It eats away at what it's attached to, swallowing it into a nebulous 'space' located within each voidbolt. When used, the void gathers on the back of her palms, rolling over her knuckles, before pooling in her palms and then launching outwards. When used, it leaves the area much brighter than previously, as if shadows and darkness around her had been used for the attack. Located within each blue-black sphere of void energy are countless white specks, that closely resemble...stars.
  • Flight: The accident also gave Vaishara the ability to fly! She can fly just as easily through the atmosphere and the vacuum of space. She doesn't require breathable atmosphere while in space.
  • Dresashi Protective Armor: To the human eye, her battle armor looks sleek and well-maintained. Gleaming white with gold trim, this material is standard for Dresashi military and heroes without supernatural durability. It's made of a weave of metals and alloys that diffuse heat and lasers rather than attempt to fully block them, allowing it to be lightweight yet offer substantial protection. To someone with the proper eyesight, however, one can see sigils and glyphs etched into the white metal - wards. These block against physical or ballistic attacks by flaring to life, placing a mystical shield over the user's body for a few seconds to absorb the hit.


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