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FUCK THIS SHIT, I'm gonna be a jester~! I don't need this SHIT, I think I'll be a demon jester~!
Player: @ag167
la Mesnée d'Hellequinn Music-player.png
Biographical Data
Real Name: Alexis Ricci
Known Aliases: the Hellequinn
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Enhanced)
Ethnicity: Italian-American
Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri
Base of Operations: Westside, Millennium City
Relatives: None
Age: 21
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 134lbs.
Eyes: Orange
Hair: Blue/Hot Pink
Complexion: Bleached White
Physical Build: Gymnastic
Physical Features: Harlequin Makeup
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Chaotic Neutral

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Identity: Secret
Years Active:  ??
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Gangleader
Education: High School
Marital Status: Decidedly Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Regeneration
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Big Zanni & Little Zanni (Neutronium-iron Sledgehammers), IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX (x2)

Appearance & Personality

Alexis in alternate garb.

Hellequinn is clad in stereotypical black and red attire, with brown leather suspenders complementing her look. Her hair is a shock of bright blue with hot pink tips, that often hangs down and obscures one of her brilliantly glowing orange eyes. Slung across her back, hanging off of the suspenders, is a pair of industrial sized sledgehammers, with dark grey - almost black - metallic heads. These are her chosen weapons, Big Zanni and it's partner, Little Zanni. Crafted by a black market weapons dealer, these two hammers are incredibly dense and monstrously heavy, to the effect that only she could have a hope of wielding them. Clashing brightly against her red & black clothing is her shock white skin, whether she dyes it by paint or was born that way seems to be uncertain. Jutting out of her forehead are a pair of small devilish horns that appear entirely natural.

Her jaunty walk is reminiscent of the Harlequins of theatre, feet poised and pointed, arms comically placed on her hips, head bobbing to an unseen and unheard beat. A smile is almost constantly plastered on her face. She tries her best to always speak in rhyme, though sometimes it's fairly obvious she slips up unintentionally. While it might not be immediately obvious, after several interactions, many come away thinking she just might be delusional in her beliefs of demonic instruction.

Her methodology is strange, to say the least. While she does seem firm in her belief that what she's doing is protecting the residents of Westside from both the Maniacs and the Black Aces, it is rather clear that she is more concerned with exacting 'justice' against the gangs than saving people. Everything she does she tailors to fit into some self-written 'joke' of a sort, no matter how dark or twisted it may be. Above all else, she does not tolerate those who kill just for the sake of killing - each time she takes a life, she proclaims, it is for a reason. Whether or not this is true is up for debate.

Psych Evaluation

Alexis, when diagnosed during her stay at the Westside Facility, shows symptoms of grandiose religious delusions, convinced that the Devil himself appointed her his Hellequin, an agent sent to retrieve damned souls to Hell, criminals, cultists, vampires and more. There's no solid proof that this is actually true, though her supernatural abilities she sometimes exhibits to lend precedence to her claims. However, Alexis is intelligent enough to possibly game the system of psychotherapy, and does not exhibit any real trouble interacting with normal human society, beyond her somewhat disturbing demeanor.

Criminal Record

Hellequinn, being of a mind that her job is to drag criminals to Hell's depths, has had quite a few run ins with Hudson City and Millennium City police forces. She's been in and out of prison complexes in both cities, and is a wanted criminal across several states. While useful in locating and oftentimes deterring criminal activity, her reckless nature and drastic measures will almost always cause more collateral damage than is acceptable. She also shows little regard for keeping her 'victims' alive by any means - thus depriving them of a fair trial in the justice system. Since coming to Millennium City in late 2011, Alexis has been on the radar of both the MCPD and several government agencies as a potential new face in the gangland warfare of the lower Westside. They worry that the added presence of her forces, who are far more proactive than heroes or other law abiding citizens, could send the region into a full-blown gang war between the Maniacs, Black Aces, New Purples and Cobra Lords, as well as her Zanni.

Section: SUICIDE?

Any rumours of Hellequinn working with the United States government, or alongside any organized group of heroes, such as the once-group Moonlighters is entirely unsubstantiated and heresay at best. There is no proof or evidence of this being the case at any point in the illustrious history of both the government and the heroic community.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Alexis operates at a noticeably superhuman level of strength. While not as physically strong as other powerhouses like Ripper or Grond, she is more than capable of lifting several tons from a dead start, as well as nimbly wielding two neutronium-iron alloy sledgehammers in combat. Alexis is not to be trifled with in close quarters, armed or not!
  • Superhuman Regeneration: Hellequinn is capable of knitting her body back together from all sorts of grievous injury - at the moment, there does not seem to be a limit to what is within her power to mend. Eyewitness reports indicate that at one point, after being hit with a grenade at close range, she was able to pull her torso back together and heal it completely within minutes. She can't absorb hits, but she sure as hell can heal through the worst of them.
  • Double-Jointed: Hellequinn is double jointed in quite a few places: her fingers, elbows and knees, to be specific. She can use this...unique ability to squeeze through places and get herself out of confinements and bindings.
  • Big Zanni & Little Zanni - Hellequinn wields a pair of dual sledgehammers, created for her by underground weapons manufacturer Wayland Talos, due in part to a favor he owed her for saving his life from a vengeful former client. The two sledges are made of a neutronium-iron compound, using neutronium for added weight and durability. The hammers are heavy enough that only someone possessing superhuman strength could possibly hope to wield both of them as elegantly as she does.
  • IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX - Alexis prefers, of course, the use of her Zanni-hammers. When that's not an option, or she wants to make a point, she wields a pair of .44 caliber deagles. Each has a stylized clown face on the grip.


  • Houses of the Holy: Alexis has trouble entering domains of true faith, no matter what that faith is (although Christianity seems to offer the most resistance). It has been shown to be physically and psychologically painful for her, as she usually drops to her knees and attempts to 'repent' for her sins so long as she is in the demesne. In addition, her skin smokes and 'burns', although it does not actually erode.


Hellequinn, in yet another alternate attire.
  • Are you a criminal? - It's entirely possible that Hellequinn might call a Hunt to track you down and make you pay.
  • Are you an incarcerated felon? - Perhaps the Director of Project S7 might recruit you to work alongside Hellequinn and others.
  • Do you come from Hudson City? - Hellequinn, while not super-famous in Hudson, is certainly well known amongst the heroic community there, as well as law enforcement.
  • Do you frequent Westside? - Likewise, Hellequinn more often than not tromps around the Westside, meddling with the gangs there, especially the Black Aces.

The Hellequinn's Song

We hunt! We hunt! The damned are oh so near! We hunt! We hunt! Find them through their fear!

Ride! Ride! Their time on Earth is nigh! Ride! Ride! Tis well past time they die!

Drag them from this Earthy shell, Down into the darkest pits of hell! To waiting Satan's claws, For all the broken heaven's laws!

Search, find! They can't escape us, boys! Hunt, track! Nor can they flee your deadly toys!

Come, come! Send them to their early graves! Let not a single one escape, the acursed knaves!

And to you whom seek to stop us, beware I deliver a warning fair! Let none commit the most grievous sin, To try and stop la Mesnee d'Hellequinnnnnnn!

Inspired By

Hellequinn is quite obviously inspired by Harley Quinn (of DCAU fame) and Rag Doll (of DC's Secret Six).

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