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The Mind Link
Mind over Matter
Valerie, Jennifer & Abigail, in costume
Player: @anubisgod
Super Group
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Real Name
Valerie, Jennifer & Abigail Carr
The Trinity
November 14th, 1996
Seattle, Washington
Millennium City, Michigan
Carr Family Residence, MC
Students, Superheroes
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Adam & Harriet Carr (Mother & Father), Aaron Carr (Grandfather)
Physical Traits
Homo Sapiens
Apparent Age
127 lbs.
Body Type
Luminescent Blue
· Distinguishing Features ·
Glowing Eyes, Lip Piercings (Jen), Goggles (Abby)
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Telepathy, Telekinesis, Precognition, Mindlink
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Karate (Val), Guitar (Jen), Piano (Abby)

Appearance, Personality & Motivations

The Carr siblings are identical triplets - they are all physically the same. All of them are around 5'7", with glowing blue eyes and black hair. Their skin is olive in tone, indicating that at some point, their family probably was Mediterranean in origin. Their voices are all identical as well, and they have a bad habit of finishing each others sentences without prompting. Despite all these physical similarities, if one has met the Carr sisters, it would be difficult to mistake them for each other.

Their primary motivation, unlike many other people that are mutants or have physical oddities about them, is not to fit in, but to stand out as much as possible. All three are afraid (and rightfully so) of becoming essentially one person - having their own individual personalities subsumed by their sympathetic mind link. As such, each of the sisters dresses differently, acts differently, likes different things, and generally tries to avoid being confused for the others as much as possible. However, they realize that their greatest strength is each other, and would never dream of betraying or otherwise trying to break their mental link. The very thought of it is sickening - after all, they're sisters. How could they do something like that to each other?

Below is a guide to identifying which sister you might be talking to:


Val is, in a word, stoic. She's easily the most level-headed of the three, and probably carries her other sisters through their schooling a little bit. She's easily identified by her emo fringe-styled hair, with which she covers her right eye. Valerie tends to wear subdued clothing of dark colors (navy, black) and simple design (jeans, vests, t-shirts). In terms of the Trinity, Val is easily their 'leader' - she has the most tactical awareness and both Jen and Abby trust her to direct the flow of their powers in combat. She's also taken self-defense lessons, in order to protect her other two sisters in times of dire need.


Is the sister you're talking to sporting blue streaks in her hair, short pigtails, and a pair of silver lip piercings? Would you describe her as wild, maybe a bit crazy? Well, then you'd be talking to Jen - the party girl of the three. She's the most likely to take risks and make chancy gambles; she lives life on the razor's edge. Jen wears bright clothes, and often has wild designs on them. Miniskirts and belly shirts are always on the table for her, and out of the three, she's the most likely to get along with just about everybody. Jen tends to be the most outlandish of the trio, and is headstrong and stubborn. While sometimes she thinks she knows better than Val, deep down Jen understands that Val's got the best capabilities for leading the Trinity.


It's easy to overlook Abby, sometimes. She's bookish, a bit shy, and definitely an introvert. Despite that, she might be the prettiest of the three sisters - she wears her hair long, often down to the middle of her back. One can often find her buried in a book at a table - were it not for the fact that she's got two sisters, she'd be the kid eating alone at a lunch table, reading some fantasy tome. Abby prefers to wear dresses and skirts (although time to time one can find her in other attire), generally rich in tone. When acting as the Trinity, Abby tends to just go with the flow; she acts a lot like a power reservoir for Jen and Val rather than taking direct action herself.


Family Timeline

  • 1842 - Edward Carr is born to two wealthy immigrants in Seattle, Washington.
  • 1872 - Ed discovers, at age 30, that he can read people's minds! He quits his job as a newspaper editor to found a private detective agency, Mind Game Inc.
  • 1876 - Edward, now wealthy in his own right, meets Amelia Laurence, a beautiful woman who hires him to investigate her unfaithful husband. Five months later, they're married.
  • 1878 - Robert & James Carr are born. They are fraternal twins, and only one has luminescent blue eyes - Robert.
  • 1880 - Kimberly Carr is born. She too possesses glowing blue eyes.
  • 1896 - Robert meets the girl of his dreams, Leslie Mars, at a fair in the city.
  • 1910 - Edward hands Mind Game Inc. over to Robert & Kimberly, who have both developed mentalist abilities in their own right. James, feeling abandoned, leaves home for good.
  • 1912 - Leslie gives birth to Justin Carr. He displays no telepathic power.
  • 1930 - Now 52, Robert, with agreement from his sister, closes Mind Game Inc.'s doors for the last time.
  • 1931 - Justin moves out on his own, heading to the Detroit area to go to college.
  • 1933 - Justin, now 21, gets a job as a photographer for a local magazine. He meets Kaitlyn Olsen.
  • 1935 - Justin & Kaitlyn are married.
  • 1948 - Aaron Carr is born. He exhibits telekinetic powers.
  • 1967 - Aaron enlists in the Army and is shipped out to Vietnam. In 1975, he goes missing.
  • 1976 - Aaron reappears as the supermercenary, Mindbreak. He has a short fling with fellow supercriminal Victoria Eames. They have a daughter, Harriet.
  • 1994 - PSI is forced to go 'public'. Harriet, living with her reformed mother, meets Adam.
  • 1995 - Harriet and Adam are married. They move back to the family home in Seattle.
  • 1996 - Valerie, Jennifer & Abigail Carr are born. All three are mentalists.
  • 1999 - Mindbreak is arrested and incarcerated in Stronghold.
  • 2009 - Aaron escapes Stronghold during Menton's breakout.
  • 2010 - The Carr family moves to Millennium City, in order to find proper schooling for their girls.
  • 2013 - Trinity makes their first appearance as a superhero.

Personal History

Like all Carr family telepaths, the three sisters were born with glowing blue eyes. Unlike the rest of their family, however, the three of them shared a unique mental bond, a mindlink, that united all three of their minds together in a type of hive mind structure. Even at a young age, they could perform incredible feats by linking their powers together to accomplish what one could not.

Unfortunately, by being identical siblings that all possessed very similar powers, throughout most of their childhood they were easily mistaken for one another. It was pretty common for them to even respond to questions posed to another sister, as their link was much more powerful than their individual personalities. They dressed alike, talked alike, and, for a while, looked like they might become one person, just in three bodies.

Luckily for them, however, their mother pulled them back. Thanks to her guidance and shepherding, each of the sisters slowly started to establish a unique individual 'self', in order to identify themselves. Jen took it to the extreme, becoming a (somewhat) stereotypical punk kid, while Abby retreated a bit into herself, unsure of what to do. Val, being the reasonable one, served as the bridge between the two sisters, mediating and linking their now somewhat dissonant personalities. Since then, they've only gotten better at working together with their mindlink.

While originally born in Seattle, the sisters and their family have recently moved to the MC area (in 2010) in order to find a proper school for the siblings. Although they considered Ravenswood Academy, price concerns directed them to local Bracen Institute, where the sisters are entering their third year. They've only recently started using their powers in a heroic sense, guided by their parent's moral compass.

Powers & Abilities

The three Carr sisters are all mentalists; in fact, many members of their lineage have been powerful mentalists throughout the years. These three, however, are the first in the family to exhibit the unique mindlink. Individually, the sisters all exhibit the following powers:

  • Telepathy: Each of the siblings are telepathic. They can read minds, erect psionic shields over their own minds and those of others, mask their own psionic signature, provide a discreet communication link between multiple people, unleash mental blasts and, in dire circumstances, shut down the mental faculties of another person. Their eyes glow a bright blue whenever they are actively using their telepathic abilities.
    • Tandem Telepathy: When used in concert with their sisters, their telepathic abilities are amped up to 11. The range and spread of their telepathy increases greatly, and the mental acuity they can bring to bear rivals that of some of the biggest names in the mentalist biz. Their minds, when fully linked, are a virtual ocean of psionic power.
  • Telekinesis: In addition, each sibling is telekinetic. They can bind people in place, move objects and organisms around, levitate/fly, increase their own strength/speed, create shields of raw TK force, wield blasts of raw TK force, and, in rare cases, do fine manipulation of objects with their minds (i.e., picking locks, typing, etc.). All of their telekinetic abilities are a bright blue in color, and their eyes glow much like they do when using telepathy.
    • Tandem Telekinesis: When operating as a fully-melded trio, their TK levels spike dramatically. They can lift and throw much larger objects, and can begin to create telekinetic constructs of blue energy. When they unleash the raw TK force in their linked mind, shockwaves of blue energy ripple outward from them, disturbing rocks, vegetation, and small animals.
  • Precognition: To a small degree, each sister can 'see' into the future. They get, at best, snippets of images, but no clear visions are available to them. The time and location of each place is indeterminate, and requires further research based on what they could see in order to gain any real use from it.
    • Oracle: When all three focus their precognitive abilities together, however, they can usually gain at least 30 seconds to a minute and a half of a 'vision' of the future. The act requires intense concentration, and cannot be used in combat. They also need a 'focus'; something related to the vision they want to gather.
  • Mindlink: All three Carr sisters are linked into a type of telepathic hive mind. They can collaborate their various mental talents together to amp up their own abilities, share knowledge across the trio, constantly speak to one another telepathically, and detect any sister within up to 10 miles. The link is permanent for all intents and purposes, and the three of them have learned how to maintain it while still shielding their own private thoughts from one another. An attempt to break into the mindlink would be met with a surprisingly savage defense, as the three of them consider any intrusion tantamount to assault.


  • Linked: Just as their mindlink provides plenty of benefits, it also provides plenty of negatives. Intense pain or panic is hard to keep out, and anything that can cause one sister to crumple will very likely be fed back into the other two. Much the same way, anything that inhibits a brain is triply effective on the siblings - it affects each one of them individually, and then that feeds back into the link, and then out to the other two.
  • Headaches & Bloody Noses: A common ailment of mentalists, the Carr sisters are no strangers to splitting migraines and gushing bloody noses when they overexert their powers. In fact, it's way worse for them than other mentalists - once again, the pain rebounds between all three; they can be incapacitated for at least a full day if they go too far overboard.
  • Constant Connection: The sisters have been constantly around each other for seventeen years. If one goes out of their 10 mile radius, they all begin to panic and freak out. It'd be like losing a limb - they suddenly can't feel their sister, and they start to lose it, rapidly.

Allies & Enemies

Enemies: Mindbreak

Mindbreak, in Stronghold prior to the 2009 breakout.

Aaron Carr is the grandfather of the three sisters, and is better known amongst the criminal underworld as the telekinetic-for-hire, Mindbreak.

Birth & Early Years (1948 - 1966)

Aaron was never a good sort, really. Born to Justin and Kaitlyn Carr in the summer of 1948, the child had the trademark glowing blue eyes of the Carr family mentalists. By age five, he had already shown rudimentary capabilities of a burgeoning telekinetic talent - instead of playing with his toys with his hands, he used his mind. What was particularly disturbing, however, was the violence in which he 'played' with them. Things never 'walked', they flew across the room, smashing into things. Elaborate battles between various objects were commonplace. More than once, young Aaron had to be lectured on not being quite as violent with his things.

The lessons never really sank in. When it was finally time for him to go to school, he became more subtle in his use of his gift. Small things, like stealing objects from other kids, were the start. Then, as he grew more confident in his talents, he began to use them to bully the other students. First it was just for lunch money, then eventually, he grew to enjoy the feeling of power he held over the others. Of course, no king rules forever. In late 1960, the kids had finally had enough, and were able to catch Aaron in the act, and he was suspended from the school pending a full investigation of his 'reign'. When the verdict came in, Aaron was sent to Juvenile Hall for rehabilitation and community service. He was there for two years, released in the fall of 1962. Now 14, Aaron had finished his elementary schooling while at the detention center. Instead of going into high school, Aaron chose to join the workforce - less supervision that way. He got a job at an automobile factory, and began saving up money. Four years later, in 1966, he had grown tired of making chump change smuggling things to the other workers; so he enlisted.

Vietnam War (1966 - 1975)

As part of the growing escalation of US Army troops going into Vietnam, Aaron was sent to the front lines of the conflict. While serving in the Army, he discovered, along with a group of like-minded immoral soldiers, that people would pay him a lot of money to get less-than-legal things done for them. In fact, in just a few weeks, he discovered he had made more cash than he could have in four months at his old job. He and the crooked soldiers set up a weapons smuggling ring, shipping military-grade firearms and ammo to the North, while raking in the dough for themselves. They used some of their money to buy off higher ups into keeping them out of the most dangerous operations, and thus Aaron managed to coast through a good portion of the war.

Not everything was going to be sunny forever, though, and as American involvement began to come to a close, his operation was discovered by other members of the Army. Forced to either flee or face a court martial and possible execution, Aaron vanished into the thick jungles of southeast Asia, taking with him as much of his ill-gotten gains as he could. In his wake, he left dead and dying soldiers, cutting through them with his telekinetic constructs in a break for freedom. Officially, Aaron Carr was listed as MIA by the government, and he went to ground for several years. The next time anyone saw him, he was making a new name for himself.

Mind Break (1976 - 1999)

Aaron spent the next twenty three years operating as a telekinetic gun-for-hire. He traveled the globe, earning his keep in any way he saw fit: assassinations, terrorist actions, bank robbery, you name it, he probably did it. Despite several close calls, for most of his career he managed to avoid arrest and incarceration - aided, no doubt, by his potent telekinetic talent. Some of his favorite clients included PSI, VIPER (until they attempted to forcibly enlist him into Project Awakening), ARGENT and several multinational terrorist organizations. His grandchildren (Val, Jen and Abby) came to his attention in the summer of '97, when he received was hired by PSI once again to capture the three newborns thanks to their extremely potent mindlink. Once he discovered who they really were, however, Aaron called off the contract in order to process this new information.

In the winter of '99, his luck finally ran out. Running a job for ARGENT involving stealing prototype technology from competitor Harmon Industries, Mindbreak was caught by a team of MARS agents with superhero support. He was found guilty by the court, and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in the supermax security prison, Stronghold.

Behind Bars (1999 - 2009)

Now incarcerated in Stronghold, Aaron was stuck. His funds were frozen, he had little way of getting out, and frankly, he was furious. In order to keep him in line, Stronghold fastened a telekinetic dampener onto his forehead, which locked down his ability to manifest his mutant powers - the alternative being hot sleep, which he vehemently denied. During his time in the prison, Aaron met and befriended former PSI leader Sebastian Poe, whom had been imprisoned in 1995. The two of them became fast friends, even more so when Psimon and Medusa were imprisoned in 2005 - the two who had orchestrated Poe's downfall originally. For a while, it seemed like the bastion of Stronghold would hold Aaron Carr for the rest of his days - but that was not to be. In 2009, one of the world's most powerful mentalists, the supervillain Menton, broke out of hot sleep and staged a massive breakout in the prison. While Poe was unable to escape, Mindbreak took advantage of the chaos to vanish from the prison. Once again, he was at large.

Enemies: Parapsychological Studies Institute (PSI)

Metagame & RP Hooks

  • Trinity is (very clearly) based upon the Stepford Cuckoos of X-Men fame.
  • If you would like to incorporate the Carr family into a plot or character, I do request that you contact me first either in game @anubisgod/@fourthpegleg89, or leave a message here: AG Discussion. Thanks!
  • Are you a student at the Bracen Institute? Each of the sisters goes there, and it would be difficult to miss them.
  • Are you a mentalist? The Carr family are decently well known for their line of mentalists - perhaps you've heard of them!


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