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Player: @gijoespouse2
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"This happened to me for a reason. Maybe it's my destiny."
Character Build
Class Focus: ranged DPS
Power Level: 13
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kari Ceferino
Known Aliases:
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Millennium City, MI
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Tom and Dinah Ceferino (father and mother); Karl, Kameron, Kit, and Kyle Ceferino (older brothers)
Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: about average build
Physical Features: Eyes seem to glow a bit
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 6 months
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: High school student
Education: Still attending high school
Marital Status: single
Known Powers and Abilities
energy absorption, energy manipulation, flight
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Xenergy personality header.png

Friendly would be probably the first word to come up when describing Kari Ceferino. She's charming, charismatic, and has a way of putting most people at ease. Dependable would be the next word that comes to mind. If a friend needs help, she's there. If she says she's going to do something, she does it. She has a tendency to sort of...take over. It isn't that she's bossy, it's just sometimes easier to just take care of whatever the task is instead of taking time to explain to someone else how they can accomplish it.

Kari believes that everyone should be treated fairly and given the benefit of the doubt unless or until it's proven that they cannot be trusted. She can be rather adamant about this, and is unafraid to challenge others if she feels they are being unjustly harsh. While she's not one to get into a physical conflict unless pushed to do so (ie she's not going to sit back and be the pacifist in a hero fight type situation), she does have a tendency to lean toward passive aggressive tactics when angry or upset. She's not one to start fights, generally. It's not that she's afraid to get into a fight, it's just not her natural inclination to throw punches at people when they piss her off. That being said, if someone else starts one up with her, she'll be the one finishing it. Given that she grew up with three older brothers, she's no stranger to rough housing, and you can guarantee she'll give as good as she gets in a fight (not to say that she's a master or anything...because honestly, that would be very Sue-ish).

Kari is an idealist, at the core. She has hopes of one day setting out on her own, though what she's going to do once she gets out is still under debate. In most things, she has a very clear idea of how to handle the situation, what actions to take, and how to go about getting things done. When it comes to matters of right and wrong, she has a strong opinion. She thinks that everyone should be treated fairly, and those that do wrong should face consequences. And it's all well and good to vocalize such opinions, but when it comes down to being the one to do something about it, Kari can actually become a bit indecisive, especially if the wrong in question falls firmly in the gray areas. Kari tends to clam up and go quiet when faced with that sort of indecision.

Xenergy abilities header.png

Kari's powers all come from the Artifact bonded to her internal organs. More details on what the Artifact is can be found both in the Background section and the Equipment section.

She can absorb pretty much any kind of energy or radiation. She's not susceptible to the effects of harmful types of radiation as a result of this ability. She can also drain energy (as in life energy) from living things (yup, people, plants, animals), though she needs to be within about 4-5 feet to do so, and if the target has particularly strong will it may not work at all. She can in turn direct this energy in different ways.

Kari is able to manipulate energy, using it to take on different shapes. Depending on the purpose, it can be used for attacking, for snaring an enemy, or for shielding her friends. The strength behind any of these shapes depends on how much conviction she's feeling. If she's feeling kind of meh about hitting someone, it's not going to do much damage. If she's really convinced that the death ray is going to kill all her teammates if she doesn't do something, that shield of hers is going to take one hell of a beating before it drops.

She is also able to give others a bit of an energy boost. She's a walking energy drink without the sugary stuff, basically.

Kari, in true comic book fashion, can fly using this energy.

Not so much a power, but listing it here. Because a sentient thing is bonded to her, psychics attempting to get a read will pick up the thoughts of both Kari and the Artifact. To read the thoughts of one or the other, the psychic needs to know how to filter out the extra voice. On the plus side (at least for Kari) this makes her very resistant to mind control.

Xenergy weaknesses header.png

Kari is very susceptible to psionic assaults. It does something to the psychic level of the bond between herself and the Artifact, causing pretty much double the damage. There really is no way to work around this weakness.

While the Artifact itself is shielded from EMP due to its alien design, it can be shorted out for a brief amount of time if Kari takes direct damage from an electric based attack. This could kind of...well, potentially kill her if the Artifact doesn't reboot fast enough. About the only way to work around this is if she actually thinks fast enough to start absorbing the electricity BEFORE it physically hits her.

If someone were to try and remove the Artifact by any means, surgical or otherwise, it would pretty much kill her.

If she expends too much energy, the Artifact will start using Kari's life energy instead. This could prove fatal.

Xenergy equipment header.png

The only equipment Kari has isn't even visible without medical assistance. The Artifact is inside her body. It looks a little bit like a mechanical face hugger from Aliens, but much smaller. It is wrapped around her heart, and has tentacles that have pretty much probed and attached themselves to various different organs within her body. While this sounds like it could be fatal, and definitely would lead to death if removed, the Artifact keeps her from keeling over. It helps her body to work in much more efficient ways, letting her filter out virus, poisons, radiation and other foreign matter from her body and utilize the foods and liquids she takes in to maximize her body's efficiency. Not too mention allowing her to charge up like a battery. The Artifact speaks to her, just a voice in her head. It has a genderless kind of voice, sounding more like a multitude of voices, both male and female, rather than just a singular voice.

Xenergy backstory header.png

Kari was the youngest of four children that Tom and Dinah Ceferino had. Tom was a curator at the City Central Museum, and Dinah worked as a docent there. Both shared an incredible love for history, so it was no surprise that at least one of their children took an interest as well. While her brothers were off at soccer practice or guitar lessons, Kari spent most of her free time at the museum. It was there that she came across the Artifact.

Tom was showing Kari some pieces that were going to be put on display in an exhibition of ancient archictectual wonders. He left to go take a phone call, and Kari sort of broke the whole “look but don't touch rule.” She couldn't help it. She saw the spidery-crab like sculpture, and it felt as if it were beckoning to her. She reached out to touch it, when the stone started to crumble. Something emerged and leaped out, burrowing into her chest. For pretty OBVIOUS reasons, she wound up in a hospital for a few weeks while doctors tried to figure out what the hell just happened and how to correct it.

While she was in and out of consciousness, the thing that had made itself a nice new home in her body spoke to her. It explained that it had been on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. It had taken previous hosts before, but had gone into a hibernation cycle for over three hundred years. It had awakened recently, and disguised itself as various items in its search to find a proper host. It had chosen Kari as its new host, because it felt that she would be a force for great good.

Doctors finally determined that there was nothing they could do about the thing that had taken up residence inside Kari. It was, in fact, doing more good than harm being there, and that trying to remove the thing would prove to be fatal. They were referred to Capstone Laboratories, who's researchers could study the thing and see how it may or may not have altered its new host.

Kari spent roughly 6 months with Capstone in their secure facility just outside of Millennium City, and during their testing it was discovered that she could absorb, direct and project energy. The more she demonstrated new abilities, the more the researchers tried to push her. Make that blast stronger, make that shield wider, just how much can you absorb, that sort of thing. She increasingly grew more and more uncomfortable, until finally she said something to her parents. She was immediately withdrawn from Capstone and the Ceferino's have broken off all contact with them.

She only recently made the decision to use her abilities and register as a hero. While her time at Capstone showed her just what she could do, it will take more time and practice to really see just how far she can push her boundaries.

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New Vigil: Xenergy very recently joined New Vigil, after coming across a flyer for the group.

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Celerity: Insert stuff, yo

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RP Hooks

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• Xenergy's casting choice is Danielle Panabaker.

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