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Player: @gijoespouse2
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"If I run fast enough, maybe I can outrun the mistakes I've made."
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: 15
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sarah Nelson
Known Aliases:
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Flint, MI
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Relatives: Robert and Rebecca Nelson (father and mother); John and Melissa Majors (uncle and aunt)
Age: 17
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 125lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Complexion: Light tan
Physical Build: compact, muscular body
Physical Features: Dyed blue streaks in her hair
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: 4 months
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: High school student
Education: Still attending high school
Marital Status: single
Known Powers and Abilities
super speed, hyper metabolism, heightened reflexes
Equipment and Paraphernalia
visor with built in comm and heads up display
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Cel personality header.pngPersonality

Sarah is pretty friendly, though she can come off as a bit opinionated and blunt at times. She means to do well in regards to others feelings, but a lot of times what she feels is constructive criticism does more damage than good. To her credit, she's quick to apologize once she realizes she's offended someone.

Sarah can't stand to sit still, easily getting frustrated if made to stick to one task for longer than 20 minutes or so. If an activity doesn't keep her mind engaged, she quickly loses interest. Rather than get bored, like most people would, she just gets frustrated. Once frustrated, she really starts to get a bit passive aggressive and snarky, becoming a bit more abrasive in attitude than normal.

Because Sarah is so fond of...well, GOING, as opposed to waiting, she tends to not look before she leaps. So far, she's been lucky that her powers keep her moving too fast to take more than minor injuries, but at some point it's very likely things will explode in her face. Thankfully, she's not so headstrong that she won't follow an order to wait. She might gripe about it, but if the person giving the order can give her a good reason not to rush in, she'll behave.

Cel abilities header.pngAbilities

Sarah is a speedster with a hyperactive metabolism. On average, she can easily push herself over 120 miles an hour. She certainly has the capability to go much faster than that, but it would involve some real training to get her to that point. At this point it's unclear what top speeds she is capable of reaching, but it is theoretical that she could break the sound barrier or potentially travel much faster than that.

Sarah has no idea how or why it happens, but when she's using her super speed, an invisible barrier of some sort forms around her. It increases in intensity the faster she goes, and while it won't do anything like deflect bullets, it allows most things to sort of slip around her. No fear of having bugs get in her face! Heavier objects obviously won't be affected in the slightest by this barrier. The barrier also seems to do something regarding friction. Otherwise, she'd be running fast enough that her clothes would wear out super fast.

Her reflexes and reaction times ramp up as she moves faster, as her body compensates to the high speed she's traveling at. This keeps her from simply running into slower moving objects when she's speeding along.

Her body recovers from injuries roughly twice as fast as a normal person. She won't be regenerating like Wolverine or anything, but being able to get out of a cast in a couple weeks time is nothing to sneeze at!

Cel weaknesses header.pngWeaknesses

The down side to a hyperactive metabolism is that you have to eat and do so frequently. If she's using her powers extensively, this need to eat is even MORE important since she's burning through her body's reserves. If she doesn't, she could find herself suffering roughly the same effects as someone with hypoglycemia, with symptoms ranging from jitteriness to full on passing out.

Cel equipment header.pngEquipment

Really, the only equipment Sarah has right now is her Celerity costume. The DOSPA agent overseeing Sarah's community service made arrangements for her to have it, so that she wasn't running around in street wear doing patrols. All of the materials used are very light, non restricting, and are highly resistant to wear and tear.

Part of the costume includes a visor that has built in communications. The ear caps on the visor allow her to listen to comm chatter a bit easier when she's traveling at high speeds, and the blue tooth capability on them allows her to communicate back to others. The lenses on the visor have some unobtrusive UI built into them, with a small read out in the right corner indicating what speed she's traveling at and the left corner displaying ID information for the channels she's communicating on. There are settings for low light and night vision, so that she's not facing a huge handicap when the sun goes down or the lights go out.

Cel backstory header.pngBackstory

Sarah grew up in Flint, Michigan. She was (and still is) pretty much a hyperactive kid. For as long as anyone can remember, she just couldn't sit still. She was always fidgeting when she needed to sit still, kicking her feet or tapping her fingers on her desk during class. She had trouble staying focused in the class room, couldn't stick with anything for more than ten or fifteen minutes before wanting to move on to something else. Her parents had her put on medications for ADD and ADHD, and nothing really seemed to work.

Sarah's powers began to emerge when she was 12. At first it was sporadic, random and uncontrolled. She would be running to get to class, when out of nowhere her sprint would take on speeds of that of Olympic runners. Over the course of several months, these events began to happen more frequently, and she found she could push herself much faster when these happened. By the time she turned 14, she was able to move at superhuman speeds anytime she wished. The more Sarah's powers developed, the more she found that she was simply mired at the slow speed of the world around her. Her grades began to slip in school. She tried to explain what was going on to her parents, but they seemed to just want to medicate the problem. She didn't even get around to telling them about her abilities. Frustrated with her parents and pretty much everything around her, it was no wonder that she found herself hanging with a rough crowd. Sarah ended up joining a group of street thugs, most of whom had powers themselves, calling themselves the Supes.

The Supes gave Sarah something that she needed more than anything else: acceptance. They didn't see her as a problem, didn't see her as needing help. She was pretty awesome the way she was, especially because she had powers. She and the Supes became a nuisance in Flint, committing a variety of crimes and getting away pretty smoothly. Afterall, when you've got giant death robots marching around just an hour or so away in Millennium City, it's easy for that sort of thing to go unnoticed. The group got overconfident, and grew more brazen. It was just a matter of time before everything would go crashing down. And indeed it did, when liquor store robbery went wrong. One of the Supes pushed things too far, setting off a fire accidentally with his powers when the clerk at the register refused to give in to demands. While everyone else fled, Sarah just...couldn't. She went back in, using her superspeed to pull the clerk out before he was overtaken by the fire, then used those abilities again to go get help for him. She didn't put up a fight when she was arrested.

Sarah managed to avoid a lengthy stay in a juvenile detention center, due to the clerk's testimony, the fact that she didn't resist arrest when she easily could have, and because she agreed to testify against the others in her group. She was sentenced to probation for a year and community service. Her parents just didn't seem to know how to deal with her after that. Just when it seemed life would implode at home, potentially pushing her back to the sort of activities that had landed her in trouble in the first place, her aunt Melissa in Millennium City stepped up and offered to let Sarah live with her. Sarah moved in with Melissa and her husband John in city center and enrolled in school there. Melissa, a psychologist specializing in the needs of metahumans, made arrangements for Sarah to receive counseling from a colleague in an effort to avoid the same sort of issues that had plagued the girl back in Flint. More strings were pulled so that she could serve her community service hours under the direction of DOSPA's juvenile division. Essentially, she would get to serve her time by using her powers for something other than fast travel. She would get to use them to help people.

Sarah's been at this for a couple of months now. While she does alright on her own, who knows how much training and a good team backing her could help her.

Cel affiliations header.pngAffiliations

New Vigil: Celerity very recently joined New Vigil, on the recommendation of the DOSPA agent she's been working with.

Cel friends header.pngFriends

Agent Cynthia Coleman: Works with DOSPA's juvenile division. She works as a liaison for young heroes, helping them to connect with various services and providing resources that could benefit them in their young career. She currently oversees Sarah's community service, reporting her patrol hours to her probation officer.

Cel foes header.pngFoes

Coming soon!

Cel soundtrack header.pngSoundtrack

Got the Time by Anthrax

Cel gallery header.pngGallery

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Cel rp hooks header.pngRP Hooks

Coming soon!

Cel misc header.pngMiscellaneous

• Celerity's casting choice is Fo Porter.

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