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"Water can be calm and gentle like a peaceful river, or dangerous and destructive like a tsunami. The same goes for me."
Player: @Zeiciq
Super Group
New Vigil
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Irene Matthes
June 13th, 1995
Millennium City, Michigan
U.S. Citizenship
Millennium City, Michigan
Her Apartment
Occasional Part-Time Jobs
Legal Status
No Criminal History
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Michael Matthes (Father/Alive)
Talia Matthes (Mother/Alive)
Cesar Hendricks (Grandfather/Deceased)
Physical Traits
Mixed (Caucasian/African American)
Apparent Age
5'8 ft.
127 lbs.
Body Type
Dark Brown
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Water Control
Magical Ability
· Equipment ·
Mask of Tides
Engraved Silver Cup
· Other Abilities ·


Torrent is the apprentice of a magic using hero by the name of Surge. Surge is also her grandfather, Cesar Hendricks. Cesar Hendricks was an adept magic user, and was particularly powerful in his ability to manipulate water via magic. Due to his dedication as both a practitioner of magic, and as a superhero, Cesar had a fairly strained relationship with his wife and their daughter as his worked pulled his time away from them. As the years churned on, Cesar had a stronger desire to take on an apprentice of his own to pass along his knowledge and ability. Enter Irene; Irene was a little girl when Cesar began teaching her. It was in secret, however, as Irene's mother didn't want her daughter to get involved in similar business that he grandfather was in. Cesar involved Irene in his superhero and magical duties at a very young age, giving her the name Stream while she served as his apprentice and sidekick.

Much to their dismay, Irene and Cesar's secret outings were discovered when she was older. Irene's mother was furious, but after protesting from her daughter, she eventually allowed it. No sense in stopping them since they had already started, and Irene was enjoying it (even if her life was thrown in peril more than once). So Irene was left with trying to balance her life out. Dealing with schooling and also business with her grandfather sometimes gave her restless nights.

Tragically, Cesar's age caught up with him, and died from his old age. Irene was a bit distraught over the news considering how close she was to her grandfather. Her grandfather left nearly everything to her in his will, and Torrent made the choice to strike out on her own to carry on his legacy, and to be a hero in her own. Abandoning her old identity as the sidekick of Surge, she got her own equipment and became Torrent.

Abilities and Equipment


  • General Spell Casting- Torrent is a fairly competent magic user all things considered, who knows a variety of spells outside of her specialization with the help of her grandfather's teachings. The spells range from offensive to defensive, and cover areas in between as well. While she has experience in a variety of fields from her teachings, the spells themselves aren't quite as powerful as her water-based magic and control. As such, she has general knowledge to aid her in a more supportive sense when she does not have ready access to water, and needs to perform an action. Relying on minor cantrips and other things to escape combat if need be.
  • Water Control- Torrent was primarily taught how to control water via magic from her grandfather throughout her childhood. Her grandfather was primarily specialized in this type, and spread his knowledge to his granddaughter so she could carry on his legacy. With Torrent having nearly limitless control over water, and its characteristics, she can perform nearly any action she needs as long as she has a source - like her cup. While she isn't as powerful a user as her grandfather was, she can still use water to great effect. She's able to form and hold any shape using water if she's able to keep concentration, and control the temperature of it to boil or flash freeze if needed. Such as forming a blade and freezing it to deadly effect. Mainly she uses water to crash into people, forcing them around with the brunt of it.
    • Water Breathing/Affinity- Torrent is capable of breathing underwater by forming a bubble around her head and swimming at enhanced speeds by propelling herself around inside a body of water.


  • Engraved Silver Cup- A gift from her grandfather after his passing (along with a lot of other junk). This silver cup is engraved with strange markings and runes. Channeling into the cup lights the engravings with a bright blue light, and can draw out a nearly infinite amount of water from another plane. Highly effective for a person with abilities like Torrent. She carries the cup with her nearly everywhere.
  • Mask of Tides- Another gift, this mask allows the user to see bodies of water by channeling through it. While it doesn't sound impressive, it allows Torrent to see water or liquids through the environment or in dark places/etc.
  • Breastplate- Really the only means of armor that Torrent possesses. The breastplate isn't really magical or special in any sense. It's a remake of her grandfather's breastplate that he used to wear, but fitted to her size. It's made out of pretty basic components, with engravings on them matching those on the cup she wields. It can withstand a bullet or two though, so that's something at least.
  • Vials- Torrent carries around a few vials filled with water on her at just about any given time really. The vials are used when she does not have her cup near her to draw water from. The vials act as an emergency water source. A lot more limited in volume than her cup, however.


  • No Teacher- Torrent's grandfather has passed on. He was serving as her mentor, and Torrent doesn't have much experience in fighting without him by her side. She lacks a lot of experience in combat.
  • No Water?- Her mask, vials, and cup all help get around one obstacle: water isn't entirely everywhere. With no water around to control, Torrent's abilities are severely limited and diminished, leaving her pretty vulnerable. She knows some spells to aid in case of emergency, but they only go so far.
  • Fist Fight- Torrent doesn't have much combat experience without her teacher being there. She has even less experience when engaging someone head on. She tries to maintain a distance since she has no experience fighting someone martially.

Friends and Acquaintances


Ember // Miranda Mendes - Ember and Torrent are kind of opposites. In the sense that just one uses fire and the other uses water. Ember is really energetic (albeit Torrent thinks she's also bit simple minded), but she like hanging out/talking with her.

Lionfish // Liliana Garcia - Lionfish is pretty off putting visually. Her heavily mutated appearance makes Torrent slightly uncomfortable since she doesn't entirely know how to react to it. Still, she's made strives to get used to Lionfish's outside look, and it doesn't bother her too much anymore. She's seen worse things in the sea at least. Lionfish is also kind and soft-spoken, so Torrent doesn't wish to be rude to her.

Jinx - Jinx is weird. Really weird. But Torrent finds her supreme oddity fairly interesting, and enjoys the time they talk to each other so she can learn more about her. Jinx calls Torrent "Big Sister" so she feels she has to live up to the nickname by acting like one towards Jinx.

Cobalt Crush // Nicholas Turchino - Cobalt and Torrent have a pretty laid back relationship. The two get along really well, and both like joking either other. Torrent is also attracted to the mystery of what his face actually looks like behind his mask since he always keeps it covered.

Bearzerker - Bearzerker is Torrent's roommate. Bearzerker was homeless and living in a box when the two met taking down gangsters. Torrent wasn't happy with a girl about her age living on the streets, and offered to give her a room. Since then Bearzerker has been staying at her place. The two seem to get along well, but Torrent is sometimes frustrated and/or worried by the stupid stuff that Bearzerker does sometimes. Still, she believes Bearzerker has had a tough life, and tries to treat her gently.





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