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The Tenacious
Daughter of the God-King of the Forgotten Isles
Player: WittyLogo.png
Super Group
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Real Name
Cristina Hayworth
March 2, 1999
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Suburban Millennium City
Her House
Legal Status
Several Misdemeanors, Multiple Property Damage Charges
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Angelica Hayworth (Mother)
Tartolmec (Father)
Physical Traits
Mixed Race (White/Hispanic)
Apparent Age
5' 11"
155 lbs.
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Golden Eyes
Divine Spark
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Incredible Strength
Incredible Durability
Enhanced Healing Factor
· Equipment ·
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Temezca is a tall and incredibly beautiful young woman, with a naturally imposing figure that almost radiates a divine power. She wears her mane of auburn hair long and loose, in a messy style that she probably puts far more work into than if she'd just combed it regularly. Her eyes are a piercing gold and her skin is tanned, putting her much at odds with her pale, blue-eyed mother. She dresses in comfortable, expensive clothing, usually from her mother's fashion line, and switches to a green and gold costume somewhat inspired by her father's when she goes out to fight crime.


The 90s were a wild and crazy time for everyone, but especially so for Angelica Patterson. Heiress to a large fortune and clothing company that she was one day expected to take the reigns of, Angelica did what every young person would do and railed against her father's plans at every opportunity she could find. She slept in every day and went clubbing every night, spending far more time on her hard-partying lifestyle than she ever did on her schoolwork, much to her father's disappointment.

One fateful evening in '99, Angelica met a member of the (at the time) popular superteam Stryke Force X. Clad in a green and gold costume that defined his perfect body all too well and an attitude that set him firmly at odds with the stuffy lifestyle that her parents preferred, it was no wonder that Angelica threw herself at Tartolmec, God King of the Forgotten Isles without a second thought. Their time together was brief, but full of the passion that defined the 90s, and when they eventually parted ways (two days later) it was on good terms. Unknown to both of them at the time, however, was that Tartolmec had left Angelica with a gift: a child.

Nine months later, Cristina Hayworth was born, possessed of a portion of her father's divinity and all the benefits (and drawbacks) that came with it. Angelica, who was forced to turn over a new leaf so that she could adequately provide for her child, had finally gone to her father for help. Even though he disapproved of Angelica's decision to keep the child (and the circumstances that brought it about in the first place), he couldn't turn her away entirely. Instead, he offered her a deal: he would help her get her foot in the door... but from that point on, she would no longer be a part of the Patterson family.

Angelica accepted the offer and used the money left to her by her father to start up her own clothing line, focusing on casual every day wear to contrast with her father’s high fashion line. It had a rocky start, especially with the young Cristina frequently getting into trouble, but eventually the trend did catch on, and life slowly started to become a bit more comfortable for the mother-daughter duo.

The two moved to Millennium City once Cristina turned eleven, with Angelica figuring that it would be easier to raise a super-powered child in a city that was famous for its superteam the Champions, as well as all the other metas that called the city their home. Cristina started to get a better handle on her immense strength, but that did little to stop her from falling victim to bouts of anger and frustration, which caused her to lash out at people around her.

By fate or coincidence, however, one of those people would turn out to be Tartolmec. After getting into an argument with him about whose fault it was for breaking her newest phone, Cristina learned that the man was, in fact, her long-lost father. After he promised to be a part of her life from here on out, Cristina used his name as inspiration and dubbed herself Temezca, which doesn’t actually mean anything but she thinks it sounds pretty cool. She uses the name when she and Tartolmec are out and about, her father teaching her the way of a true warrior!


Like Tartolmec, Temezca is frequently ruled by her emotions, though this is somewhat tempered by her being raised by a level-headed mother. While this usually manifests as a fiery temper, this isn’t always the case, and it’s easy to read how Temezca is feeling at any given time. She’s stubborn to a fault, an aspect of her personality that’s worsened by the spoiling she received as a child. When she doesn’t get her way, she tends to dig her heels in until this either changes or is made obvious that it isn’t going to change, which usually results in her sinking into a sullen, pouty mood.

On top of that, Temezca is hardly the brightest bulb in the bunch. Complex topics and plans frequently go right over her head; she usually gets angry when this happens, since she tends to interpret as people purposefully speaking in a way she doesn’t understand to try and leave her out.

Powers and Abilities

-Body of a (Demi)God: Temezca is far stronger than even her powerful frame would suggest. She’s easily capable of lifting several hundred tons and can absorb a tremendous amount of punishment without it even seeming to faze her. She also recovers from wounds quicker than the average person, with even the most grievous wounds requiring little more than a few weeks of rest.

-Spark of Divinity: Temezca possesses a spark of divinity, courtesy of her father. This almost acts as a sort of supernatural ‘luck’, as it invites strange and mysterious things to occur around her – whether for good or ill.


-Godlike Temperament: Temezca is predisposed towards epic displays of emotion, causing trouble for her both on and off the battlefield. An insult or some perceived slight is likely to cause her to fly into a rage, and she’s easily provoked into combat when negotiation would be far more preferable.

-Sorta Dumb: Temezca isn’t very bright. She falls for tricks easily, is likely to try and smash through a puzzle than solve it (because she can’t), and probably won’t get plans that are far more complex than ‘go in and smash everyone’.

Important NPCs

-Angelica Hayworth: Temezca’s mother. Angelica provides emotional and (more importantly for the destructive teen) financial support, as well as a shoulder to cry on when she needs it. Angelica is also responsible for Temezca being far less overly emotional than she would’ve been if raised by Tartolmec himself. In return, Temezca throws out any potential suitors that try and get closer than her mother would prefer.

Friends, Allies and Aquaintances

-Tartolmec: Temezca’s father, the God-King of the Forgotten Isles. She thought Tartolmec was annoying and kind of lame before she knew exactly who he was. She accepted him as her father rather quickly, partly because he made her mother happy and partly because a real father is the one thing that she’s truly ever wanted. Well… not really. But it’s pretty high up there.


-Aucutl: Tartolmec's former high priest, Aucutl is corrupted by the demonic magic of Tzanthl. He is currently on the run with his demonic master to escape the God Kings wrath and gather his strength. He may one day return, and Temezca plans on standing at her father’s side when that day comes.

-Tzanthl: The Demon King, the Lord of the Forsaken Depths, The One Who Lurks Below. Tzanthl is a hideous creature with six eyes and six horns, a crocodiles head, a dogs body, serpents tail has stalked the Forgotten Islands since it was formed, trying to steal the power of the place for itself. It has tempted or fought the various God Kings over the years, but has never been able to seize power. Tzanthl owns a small piece of the islands that is usually hidden in the depths of the ocean and has its own dark palace in a mockery of the glorious Palace of the God King. As her father is the current God-King, Temezca only feels it’s right that she lends her aid should Tzanthl ever strike again.


-Temezca is a total klutz and has a habit of breaking small fragile things, even when she doesn’t mean to. She’s gone through more cellphones than she can count, since she refuses to get a big ugly one that won’t crack under her strength.


-What do other people think of the demi-demigod?

"A daughter I never expected to meet but that I am very proud of. She is a worthy to bear my power and strength with her bold, passionate demeanor and love of adventure!" -Tartolmec

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