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Silver medal T.png
The God King
Lord of the Five Wells
Son of the Shimmering Serpent and the Golden Moon.
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Stryke Force X (Former)
Real Name
God King of the Forgotten Islands, Son of the Golden Moon and Shimmering Serpent, Lord of the Five Wells.
August 1, 1901 (Approx)
Aulocoo, Forgotten Islands
The Palace of the God King, Forgotten Islands
The Palace of the God King, Forgotten Islands
King, Deity
Legal Status
Several offenses relating to property damage, assault, grand theft (Never formally charged).
Marital Status
Married (Lindy Okida)
· Known Relatives ·
Temezca (Daughter), Nochtli and Matlal (Sons)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Early 30s (Real age is around 113)
258 lbs
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Golden eyes, divine aura.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Incredible Strength and Durability, Increased Recovery Rate
· Equipment ·
Power Mace, Kingly Armor
· Other Abilities ·
Excellent Hand to Hand Combat Skills.


Tartolmec appears as a flawlessly handsome, muscular man of South American descent with striking golden eyes and shoulder length black hair. He is often seen wearing a green armored mantle with golden bracers, a feathered helmet and an elaborate green and gold skirt with green foot wraps. He has a long cloak that he wears for official royal business.


The Forgotten Islands need a ruler. A powerful figure that is linked until their death to the mystical energy of the world. No one knows how or why they're chosen, but there are often signs to herald the coming of the new ruler and they often arrive dramatically. Tartolmec was no exception. During a festival celebrating the great heroes of the Islands a group of farmers saw a shimmering beam of light cast into a field by the moon. While walking through the fields they were greeted by firgri, small winged lizards that are said to gather near important places. In a scorched clearing in the fields, surrounded by moon glow, was a child. The farmers immediately recognized the signs and took the child to their local priests.

Word spread quickly and the current God King of the Forgotten Islands, Zuma, became worried. If this child, who the farmers had named Tartolmec, was to be the new God King he would lose not just power, but his life. The magic of the islands would leave his body and he would wither to nothing. He knew that he couldn't kill the child directly thanks to them sharing the divine power of the island so he had to come up with other plays. To his dismay, each plan failed, foiled either by the godlike strength of the child himself or by the very Islands themselves changing the odds in his favor. Tartolmec grew rapidly, becoming a full grown man within the span of years. And Zuma knew his time was coming to an end.

At his lowest point, Zuma was approached by the greatest foe of the Forgotten Islands, the demon lord Tzanthl. Disguised as a beautiful woman named Coaxoch, Tzanthl offered him everything he craved and promised to give him a child that would inherit the kingship of the islands. This was unheard of, as the Islands chose who became the new God King and it wasn't hereditary. Despite his misgivings about this woman, he agreed to lay with her. The next day Coaxoch gave birth to a full grown man with pale white skin and burning blue eyes. Coaxoch named him Ichtaca and promised Zuma that he would live forever. Unfortunately, Zuma found himself aged and weak as Ichtaca absorbed not only his strength but the strength of the Forgotten Islands before setting off to kill Tartolmec.

The son of Zuma and Tartolmec clashed on the island of Aulocoo where Tartolmec had first been found. The fighting was terrifying and destructive, shaking the ground and threatening to sink the islands! Though at first Tartolmec proved stronger than Ichtaca's stolen powers, the demonic magic of Tzanthl started to turn the tides and it appeared he was going to lose. At the last moment, Zuma found the courage to make up for his mistakes and sacrificed himself to one of the legendary Five Wells that were part of his domain. Tartolmec's strength surged while Ichtaca was weakened and the Eagle Warriors came from the sky to destroy Tzanthl's demonic servants and turn the tide in the new God King's favor.

In the aftermath of this battle, Tartolmec was undisputed and led a heroic life fitting to a God King. He destroyed demons, hunted monsters that lurked in the dangerous parts of the Islands and threw wild and lavish parties. He soon began to realize that the Forgotten Islands were linked to another realm though... Earth. His first appearance in the 70s marked him as something of a pest. He brought his palace to the skies over Campston, Idaho and began inviting women up in hopes of finding himself new brides. He caused quite a panic and heroes (Doc Nightmare, American Woman, Black Badge and Champion) were called in to drive him off. They were able to goad the God King into hosting a contest and with a little cheating, they were able to drive him off without him taking anyone with him to the Forgotten Islands.

In the 80s he showed up two more times, once when he started a brawl over a museum display featuring a piece of Forgotten Islands relic tech and again when he was chasing an extradimensional monster he was hunting! In the 90s he stayed for a longer period of time. Seeking a break from his home realm, he joined a group called Stryke Force X (consisting of Blade Shot, Madame Edge, Starblader and Crimson Fog) and used his relic tech to help fight crime. Unknown to Tartolmec, this wild adventuring was not appreciated by his high priest Aucutl. A chance to get rid of the God King and take the island for himself came in the form of a bone pale man with burning blue eyes that offered Aucutl all the power he could ever want and more.

Tartolmec's favorite wife, the Radiant Jewel Ianthe discovered this plan and tried to warn her husband, but Aucutl discovered her and attacked her. Badly wounded, she escaped through one of the Five Wells to Earth. Though she died from her wounds, she was able to hide her spirit from Aucutl who then told Tartolmec that his wife was attacked by a demon and fled to Earth. With the help of one of Tartolmec's other wives (Tiale) he poisoned the God King before he went off on his search, weakening him and causing him to lose his grip on reality. While searching, he came into contact with The Protectors of the World and started a fight with them. With the help of a woman named Lindy Okida and the spirit of Ianthe, the Protectors were able to calm Tartolmec down and uncover Aucutl's plot.

Though it seemed like the problem was purely Tartolmec's at first, the Protectors learned that Tzanthl's power was leaking through to Earth and would poison and cause irreparable damage to the planet if not stopped. With their help, Tartolmec reclaimed his throne and began the process of rebuilding alongside Lindy, who chose to stay with him.

Despite the task ahead of them Earth hasn't seen the last of the God King...

The Forgotten Islands

An extradimensional realm that consists of several large islands resting on top of a deep, usually calm ocean. The islands are normally sunny and warm, exemplifying the best of South American weather. It seems they're permanently moving between spring or summer and fall and winter are completely unknown. Food is plentiful under normal circumstances and the common people rarely have to worry about much more than the occasional monster attack.

The people of the Forgotten Islands are generally upbeat, positive and friendly, showing great loyalty to their God King. Their society is very open and cooperative, with most of the power residing with the God King and his priests, neither of which demand too much from the common people. Homes are simple, mud brick and generally very tidy, while the Palace of the God King serves as a temple to his honor as well as a home. It is also built over one of the Five Wells, which are nexus points of ancient power that are linked with Earth.

Some parts of the Islands are very dangerous. The Domain of the Dead sits far to the south, the sun never touching it. It is a place of ghosts and creatures that feed on death. North of the island that hosts the God King's palace is the Aviary where the Eagle Warriors come from. Compared to the other islands it is very wild and untamed. There is also Tzanthl's realm, which takes the form of a living island that surfaces every few decades. This island is dominated by the Demonic Palace, a shadow copy of the Palace of the God King.

Despite the seemingly primitive existence of the people on the Forgotten Islands, the people have access to something called relic tech, which is a blurred blend of magic and high technology. Solid stone and paper infused with this tech can be used to record information at a touch. Simple swords and spears project blasts of force capable of shattering or cutting through solid rock. Inscribed disks can levitate or be used as teleportation devices. There are many wondrous and surprising things on the Islands.


As is fitting of a demigod, Tartolmec is very passionate and bold. He is ruled by his emotions, given to bouts of epic rage and deep depression. He is highly headstrong, very used to getting his way and has caused many problems in the past through his refusal to listen to the advice of others. This stormy personality however hides an intelligent and thoughtful mind. He is wholly dedicated to doing good (or at least what he sees as good) and can be made to see reason by appealing to this side of his personality.

His recent losses, and his marriage to Lindy Okida, have calmed him somewhat and made him more introspective.

Powers and Abilities

-Divine Body: Tartolmec has strength far beyond human norm. On Earth, he is a high tier superhuman capable of lifting several hundred tons and surviving massive amount of damage without slowing down. Even if he is harmed, his recovery rate is incredible and he will return to a whole, healthy state in a matter of days even after suffering from terrible wounds.

While on the Forgotten Islands, he seems to be a literal god. His strength is immeasurable and he's nearly indestructible.

-Divinity: Tartolmec is always infused with a divine aura. This aura can inspire others naturally and gives him access to secrets and places mortals couldn't go.

-Combat Skills: Tartolmec is the greatest fighter the Forgotten Islands has ever known, more skilled than even the past kings. He is a master of both unarmed combat and heavy 'archaic' weapons.


-Power Mace: Tartolmec's mace is a deceptively simple looking weapon consisting of a long metal shaft with four sharp, inscribed flanges near the top. In addition to being an excellent tool for bludgeoning people, it can also transform into an energy rifle with incredible destructive power.

-God King's Armor: Consisting of an armored mantle, bracers and a feathered helmet, this armor is more ornamental than anything as it's not especially covering. The helmet provides the God King with enhanced vision and a resistance to mental influence and the bracers can be used to communicate with his priests and his warriors across dimensions.

-Transport Disks: Though Tartolmec is not especially good at 'piloting' them, these pictogram marked disks allow him to travel across dimensions or through space. If the disk he's using isn't a simple return disk, he often calls on a priest to help him pilot it.


-Godlike Temperament: Tartolmec's impulsive and somewhat arrogant attitude can easily get him into trouble. He fully believes in his own powers, the loyalty of his servants and his ability to overcome any obstacle to the point that he's deeply flawed.

-Limited Divinity: Outside of the Forgotten Islands, Tartolmec is much more vulnerable to things that normally wouldn't bother him. Though he's still formidable, he's much closer to mortal. There are also people that can take advantage of the power he draws from the Five Wells and the Forgotten Islands if they have sufficient skill.

Important NPCs

-Lindy Okida: Lindy was nobody special until coming into contact with Tartolmec during his intoxicated rampage. Guided by the spirit of Ianthe, she helped the Protectors calm the enraged God King and went on to help them defeat Aucutl. She is currently Tartolmec's only wife and intends to keep it that way.

-Eagle Warriors: The faithful servants of the God King, the Eagle Warriors are constant allies capable of being summoned if needed. The most decorated of the Eagle Warriors is Necalli, who is technically their 'king'. He has served under the last three God Kings.

-Holotl: Tartolmec's current high priest. He seems much more loyal than Aucutl and is blessed with visions in his dreams that warn him of danger.

Friends, Allies and Aquaintances

-Falconet: Met while returning to Earth to give Lindy some space, the pair got into some ill advised minor 'heroics' that ended rather poorly (and in a drunken bar brawl).

-Wadjet: Encountered after being attacked by wicked demigods from her own pantheon, Tartolmec has taken to helping out the young woman by providing her with training and advice!

-Protectors of the World: A group of superheroes that were instrumental in Tartolmec taking back his home and regaining his powers. Tartolmec didn't spend much personal time with most of them, but he considers them allies.


-Aucutl: Tartolmec's former high priest, Aucutl is corrupted by the demonic magic of Tzanthl. He is currently on the run with his demonic master to escape the God Kings wrath and gather his strength. He may one day return...

-Tzanthl: The Demon King, the Lord of the Forsaken Depths, The One Who Lurks Below. Tzanthl is a hideous creature with six eyes and six horns, a crocodiles head, a dogs body, serpents tail has stalked the Forgotten Islands since it was formed, trying to steal the power of the place for itself. It has tempted or fought the various God Kings over the years, but has never been able to seize power. Tzanthl owns a small piece of the islands that is usually hidden in the depths of the ocean and has its own dark palace in a mockery of the glorious Palace of the God King.



-Stryke Force X had a short lived comic book series and some global popularity in the 90s that lasted roughly fifteen minutes. Tartolmec was the second most popular member behind Madame Edge.

-Was considered almost a villain at one point, but a mostly harmless one.

-Is way behind on Earth technology. He's trying to remedy that, but he's over a hundred years old! People are going to have to cut him some slack.


-What do other people think of the man of many titles?

"I never thought I'd actually get to meet my dad... or that he'd be a totally awesome god guy. He's really strong and a lot of fun, and I'm glad that it ended up being him out of all the people in the world that knocked my mom up!" - Temezca

"I have a huge amount of respect for the God-King and I enjoy working with him. I don't really give a shit about his rocky past, what matters to me is what you do here and now. Tartolmec is a noble and honourable warrior and is a boon to this team." - Fathom

"I really like this guy, He's both level headed AND crazy, It makes for a fun time. Though he does have a habbit of rushing in and smashing ahead of the rest of the group, but who doesn't on occasion, right?" - Imp

"I could sit back and watch Tartles wipe the floor with a bad guy any day of the week, I mean it's this energetic spectacle when he's out there. On top of that he's a family man and a seemingly good dad." - Keioseth II

"He's calm in every situation. It's almost as though he's been through all this before and nothing phases him. Sometimes I'm unsure of how to address a living god?" - African Violet

"I can't reconcile the belligerent figure in the records with the Tartolmec I know. He is not only incredibly capable and strong, but also wise and compassionate. He's definitely worthy of his title." - The Peacemaker

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