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The Stormcaller
Girl Genius
Player: @Keioseth
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Freelancer Industries, Protectors of the World, New Vigil, Young Sentinels
Real Name
Kara Dawn Sonnen-McIlroy
Val, Boston Blitz, K, Karebear
August 25th, 1998
Zürich, Switzerland
American / Swiss
Boston, MA, USA
Valhalla Bookstore (Apartment on the 3rd floor, lab in the basement), Freelancer Garage, Lelantos Research Facility
Legal Status
Registered Hero
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Seth "Keio" McIlroy (Father), Alenna “Allie” Sonnen (Mother), Leilani Hau Kea (Stepmother), Torin McIlroy (Half Brother), Jason McIlroy (Uncle)
Physical Traits
Irish / Swiss American
Apparent Age
120 lbs
Body Type
Strawberry Blonde
Fair Complexion with Freckles.
· Distinguishing Features ·
Ear and Lip Piercings, large burn scar on right hand
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
· Equipment ·
THINGs, Valkyrie Armor, Wraith Suit, TASIR Mk. IV Gauntlets
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Arts Training (Father), Power Armor Technician (Father), Mechanical Repair (Father), AI Programmer (Mother), Hacking (Mother)


I am Kara McIlroy, Daughter of the Lightning, Mind of the Sundered Body, Rider of the Timestream, Traveler of Dimensions, and Friend to the Machines

Kara is very upbeat and nerdy, she often makes references to video games and movies and is rarely ever negative in emotions. She sees every new event that happens to her as a learning experience and a way to better herself as a person. Like her father she tries to remain a positive force even when there seems to be no hope to keep the moral of her friends and teammates at it's highest.


Keio Kara MJB.PNG

Blue Skies and Beckoning Winds

After Kara and her friends managed to defeat the vile Chaosiris, she was given a once in a lifetime chance. The Cosmic being, who Siris had taken his powers from, gave her a single wish. She used this wish to make it so that the Elemental never existed. She understood that this would lead to Chaosiris never being created and thus she would never exist but she wanted her family to have a happy life. The being recognized the sacrifice and did as she asked though changing the timeline somewhat for her.

The cosmic being ensured that Kara would still be born and she was born to Alenna ‘Allie’ Sonnen and Kyran Seth ‘Keio’ McIlroy on August 25, 1998. Much of Kara’s childhood was relatively normal though she showed signs of sharing the high intelligences of both of her parents fairly early on. Kara spent her early childhood on the UNTIL base that housed Project: NUANCE and moreover, Project: 4HM.

NUANCE was supposed to focused on equipping a small team of both humans and meta-humans with experimental tech to handle potentially dangerous threats in hope of eventually passing on the tech and combat techniques all UNTIL strike teams. This was however a front for the Project’s leads, Capt. Rasputin Keller and Dr. Albert Wei to use research from Project: 4HM to artificially induce super powers in normal humans without their consent. After selecting a target they would kidnap them, induce the super powers, mentally condition them, and then create a new identity for them before recruiting them into NUANCE.

After the projects were shut down and the two villains were arrested Allie left UNTIL and move both her and Kara back to Zürich, Switzerland. Zürich was Allie’s hometown and location of the Advanced Research Opportunities International (ARO Intl.) which was run by her father Dr. Lance Sonnen. Her Kara lived for four years, her father visited fairly frequently usually between missions so he was a big part of her life. Her and her mom moved to Millennium City in 2008 so that her mom could help run an ARO Intl. owned research lab called Lithium Labs. Seth pulled some strings and got Kara enrolled in Ravenswood. A few months later Seth transferred to the Millennium City UNTIL office to be closer to them.

Classes and Capes

At Ravenwoods she excelled at her classes similarly to her father when he was there. She studied all the basics and was even accepted into the Young Sentinels with her sorta adopted sister Lacey ‘Small Girl’ Peters and best friend Sunny ‘Dobergirl’ Oskern. Not gifted with her mother’s level technopathic powers (only able to communicate with machines) or her father’s psychic powers, Kara did have a mind to create and that she did. She created many gadgets but one of her first big projects was the Distance Bridger, a point to point Einstein–Rosen bridge creator.

The problem was power, not easy punching a hole in space-time and it’s even harder to keep the thing stable so the theoretical power draw was massive. What was Kara’s brilliant idea to solve this? Hack her way into the power of not only the school, but ALL of county that the Academy resides in. She was successful and as the students in the dorm came to check on what the racket coming from her room, her and several of them were accidentally pulled into an alternate dimension. Here they were forced to battle the Grelith, an alien race which were some kind of plant-lizard monster which acted not too unlike the Xenomorphs from the Alien.

The Grelith were a fearsome foe and the fight was a hard one to win but the members of the Young Sentinels. Upon returning, Kara went back to the drawing board so to say on the D-Bridger, she figured out that if the frequency was off it could pierce the walls of dimensions. Safety subroutines were immediately written to prevent it from ever happening again and with a little help from her parents she successfully made the D-Bridger work, giving her quick access to both her Dad’s place and her mom’s. A benefit of the D-Bridger is it doesn’t aggravate her teleportation sickness.

Kara’s next major outing with her team taught her an important lesson on using proper materials to make you super suit out of especially if you do not have superpowers to aid in avoiding the attacks of your villains. While taking on a meta-human with pyrokinesis there was an explosion that left her a bit seared and scrapped but also missing most of her top. She donned a scarf and helped her team take the villain down.

After Sunny left the Young Sentinels Kara started hanging out more with her sorta sister Lacey and ended up getting pulled into a crazy series of events consisting of clones, possible demonic possession and blowing a hole into the side of the GLOBE aircarrier in order to left a clone go to rescue Lacey. After rescuing Lacey who had lost all of her memories and of course being punished for damages she caused, she quit the team to focus on school. Like her father she graduated early and set off to college.

Yeah! It's Babylon Blitz!

Kara was unsure of continuing her superheroics, thinking there were probably better ways for a person with no super powers to help, maybe volunteer or something. She was in a deep funk but then a news report interrupted the show she had on talking about some villain ransacking the city center. Without thinking she grabbed a pair of goggles and a leather jacket her father had given her and two of her latest creations, the Cross Bracer and Bracer Bow which shot out energy projectiles.

During the fight she met the heroes currently fighting the villain, the members of the super teen team New Vigil. They extended their hand to her after the battle was won but Kara wasn’t sure if she wanted to join another super group fully, though she did offer to help them with tech and often teamed up with Gabby Gizmo. She also became friends with Cobalt Crush after she discovered he actually worked with Lithium Labs, a company owned by her family though she never brought this up.

Kara also got back in touch with Sunny who at the time had joined the Protectors of the World. Sunny suggested that Kara could join the team and after putting in a good word with them, Sunny and the rest of the team welcomed her into the group. While she was a member of the Protectors she battled numerous villains and teamed up heroes near and far. It was during this time she began updating the TASIR gauntlets her father had created nearly a decade before and began designing inventions based on the idea of harnessing lightning and electricity. Around this time she began running under the name Blitz.

During an accident in a lab on the Lelantos research facility in the asteroid belt she was sent into the mystical plane of Babylon for around six months. The City of Man was hard to get used to but being able to travel all over human history was incredible. After getting somewhat settled she began working various oddjobs to get money in order to what she needed to create a D-Bridger. If she could accidentally hop dimensions then surely she could get back to Earth, well specifically HER Earth, luckily she remembered the frequency of it.

It was a long six months during which she had a snowball war with a cartoonish Gandhi over a power source to fighting a hook handed serial killer and a sewer alligator to get a part that had been stolen from her. It took nearly half a year but she had finally made a D-Bridger and was ready to jump home when she was attacked by a pair of gothic Lolita magical girls who had named themselves after Mexican ghost stories, the chaos Conurbite twins La Llorona and La Mala Hora (Rona and Mala). They were powerful and screaming something about how Kara had killed their father, which unless he was the sewer gator which honestly would not be weird in Babylon, she was totally confused by.

She jumped into the portal and arrived at Lelantos, safe and sound. Immediately locking the D-Bridger systems down, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Shipping Up to Boston

After recovering from her trip to Babylon she started going to school at Harvard's School of Engineering for a degree in Aerospace engineering. While in Boston she tried to have somewhat of a normal life again keeping her hero work to the Protectors and Millennium City, but after stopping a mugger that was attacking people on campus she began patrolling her new home city. The local media in Boston have dubbed her the "Boston Blitz", while she isn't actively trying to hide her identity she has taken to talking in her thicker Irish accents while in the persona.

Between helping the local heroes in Boston as well as the police, speed running her way through her engineering program, and her continued work with the Protectors, She wasn't left with much of a personal life. Which being that she was rather shy around people she didn't know she was relatively okay with but it seemed the universe had other plans. While investigating a missing student she pretended to be a police officer named 'Starling', after the character from the Silence of the Lambs, which so happened to be an actual officer in the Boston Police Department.

She was confronted a few days later on campus by one Detective Adam Starling who clearly was not a young red headed girl. While Kara was attempting to find a way out of the situation Kara was attacked by large coyote sent by a villainous cannibal called Skinwalker who was responsible for her missing classmate and Adam quickly put 2 and 2 together and figured out that Kara was in fact The Boston Blitz. Adam decided not to arrest Kara for claiming to be a police officer and offered to let her help him take down this Skinwalker.

The Search for the Skinwalker went on hiatus as Kara, Adam, her parents, and most of the members of the Freelancers were kidnapped by the Twins, Rona and Mala, who had managed to get to Earth from Babylon. The twins had conjured up a doppelganger of Kara so as to not alert the Protectors of their plans on killing the Freelancers in an attempt to bring back their father. A combined effort on the part of Seth, Kara, and Allie managed to free SCRI so she could alert the Protectors, who fought off the Twins. The twins did escape however.

Adam and Kara picked up their search for the Skinwalker and in the process began dating. The new couple with the help of Adam’s partner Hayden Crawford, FBI Agent Albert Johnson, and UNTIL Agent Ashley Jensen, tracked down and battled with the supernatural serial killer. The battle was a long one resulting in what was thought to be the Skinwalker's death at the hands of the two agent's SUV after it crashed into him and splattered him into a wall. He somehow survived this and escaped after killing the driver taking his body to the morgue.

Rise of the Valkyrie

She and Adam continued to try and track Skinwalker down but were unable to find any leads. A few months passed and once again, Kara got back in contact with Sunny. Sunny had left the Protectors during Kara’s adventures in Babylon and had been mostly trying to lead a normal life. They got together and Kara finally got the chance to ask about why she had left. Sunny had told her about what had happened with her and Sparrowhawk and how she found it hard to trust her after that. This had only exacerbated Kara’s questioning of the internal goings on of the supergroup.

Imp had broke up to Kara that she’d tried to find out where they got their funding and was stonewalled by their leader making her concerned as well. With the new information Kara began to question her future in the group, this also led to a fight between her and Adam who though she should quit heroing altogether and just focus on school. This would lead to their break-up.

While in yet another funk she found herself hanging out on the edge of the roof of a building in eating a hamburger and staring off into the light of Boston at night. SCRI contacted her as she had picked up a distress signal coming from the very edge of the solar system. The Protectors went to investigate and discovered a haunted spaceship which was actually a trap set by the Ryoushii Empire. The Ryoushii were an alien race bent on destroying humans and riding them from the multiverse, a real friendly group.

Hacking into the comm frequency used by the Protectors as well as the one used by the Freelancers, the alien empire was able to lock onto and teleported every member of both teams into a large spaceship in Earth orbit known as BATTLE PRISON. After defeating the Battle Prison's Warden the group made their way to Lelantos to figure out what to do next. They soon discovered that the aliens had frozen Earth in time and were planning on destroying it, taunting the heroes into revealing themselves. Splitting up Kara, her father, Tesseract, Peacemaker, Zwein, Cosmic Glory, and African Violet attacked the Capital ship while Sparrowhawk took the rest of the team and the Freelancers to disable the attack ships that were to destroy Earth.

In the end the alien leader, Sei, fused with some unholy creature and attempted to enter the atmosphere to attack earth directly. Kara and CG attacked him directly, Tess fought his sister Lorelei, Zwein and Violet another alien horror that Sei had summoned, while Peacemaker and her father tried to shut down the core of the capital ship which Sei and sent into meltdown. While fighting with Monster Infused Sei, CG and Kara fused into a single being and overpowered the villain before he made it to ground and Peace and Seth managed to phase the core out of sync with the dimension causing it to detonate harmlessly.

With the day saved, Kara celebrated with her friends and family but after all was said and done she was still unsure if she wanted to stay with the Protectors. After talking it over with her friends she left the team. Feeling the need to reinvent herself she went back to the drawing board. She remembered a story her grandfather had once told her about the Norse battle maidens known as the Valkyries and that was just the inspiration she needed.

Sunshine on my Window

With her new identity in hand she stepped out into the world as Valkyrie and started heroing again. On one of her first outings as Valkyrie she discovered that someone had sabotaged most of the FLI technology and that the person who did it was related to someone in her family she began investigating it. She noticed that saboteur was awash with tachyons and chroniton radiation meaning potential time traveler.

Peacemaker and Kara tracked the radiation to the arctic and stumbled upon a secret VIPER base being controlled by someone known as Conquest. The pair nearly got themselves killed after getting captured by Conquest. He revealed himself to be her soon to be born baby brother Torin, all grown up. The two managed to steal a VIPER submarine and few but Torin launched an attack on the world with his VIPER troops.

Toronto, Millennium City, London, Tokyo, and Frankfurt were all simultaneously attacked by Conquest’s mind controlled supervillains and VIPER troops and all of this was to try and spread out the world militaries and heroes so that he could gain access to Nuclear launch codes so that he could nuke the planet. A group of heroes led by Peacemaker managed to stop all but one missile from being launched with Thundrax intercepting it. Kara and her team took on Conquest at the White House to save the president.

It turned out that Torin was being controlled by some being that was then banished to dimensions unknown. Future Torin died but they had saved the President and prevented a global nuclear catastrophe.

Let's Do The Time Warp Again!~

Below is what happened in the previous timeline before being reset. SPOILERS!

Powers & Abilities


Kara can communicate and sometimes manipulate electronics, machinery, and other types of technology. Largely used to streamline the information she receives from her AI SCRI and to control her nanites which can be used to create simple tools or, to a limited degree, aide in healing.


Combat Suits

  • Recon/Assault Enhanced Tactical Hardsuit - The R.A.E.T.H., pronounced 'Wraith', is Kara's first try on continuing her father's work with ACE Suits. The form-fitting suit is interwoven with an advanced circuitry system that covers the entire body apart from the head as well as synthetic muscle fibers to amplify her base strength and agility. Like an ACE, the power supply is mounted on the back and features an Internal Robotic Medical System (IRMS) and the Aegis-ε (Aegis Epsilon) barrier system which is akin to an invisible armored skin over the suit. Kara also managed to replicate her father's ability to bend light around him and thus render himself invisible and integrated the technology into the suit, though while she is cloaked the power draw means the barrier system can't be functioning.
  • Valkyrie Armor - The Valkyrie Armor attached directly to the RAETH hardsuit and equips her with heavier armor, more power, and the ability to fly. The wings can project energy between them and be used to shield her and anyone else she may need to protect. The armor also grants her the ability to enter 'Overdrive' mode which increase power output while completely draining the LMNT core.
  • Mark VIII ACE Suit - "Blitz" - The main improvements of the Mark VIII ACE Suit is the graphene based armors which are lighter and stronger than the previous ACE Suit armor plates. The main benefit of this graphene base is that it can be applied to the entire suit and not just the armor plating (synthetic muscle fibers, joint areas, etc) which makes the suit 50 fold safer for the user than the Mark VII. With the addition of the Aegis-Δ (Aegis Delta) barriers, the Mark VIII is virtually indestructible by conventional firearms. The Mark VIII also includes the PEN System which adapts to metahuman physiology and can increase the strength of the user's powers.
  • Mark IX ACE Suit - "Blitzen" - The Mark IX streamlines the VIII and adds magictech into the construction resulting in a lighter, easier to move in suit that is more magically protective than any other version of the ACES, however the suit has a smaller power supply resulting in weaker defensive barriers as the majority of the power goes to maintaining the 'barrier helmet' and much lighter armor than the Mk. VIII. The Mark IX can also be summoned at will thanks to the ACElet (ACE + Bracelt) additionally SCRI can launch the Centurion heavy armor which attached directly to the Mark IX adding extra power supplies and heavier armor.

Mecha and Vehicles

  • Skyboard - Her main mode of transportation while on duty, the Skyboards utilize a smaller version of the LMNT core that powers the Archangel and Freelancer Ospreys. The Boards weigh 23kg (50 lbs) and can collapse from their full length of 183cm (6ft) down to 46cm (1.5ft), the are capable of reaching approx. 400 km/h (249 mph) with a maximum flight ceiling of 10,000ft. Kara has built 3 fully functional Skyboards (Her personal one, one for Dobergirl, and one for Wildeye) and a simpler one with a much lower speed and max altitude for Cosmic Glory's S.O. Brad.
  • FLI SPR-01 Archangel - The production model of the XR-0 Seraph, the Archangel's are powered by an LMNT Core with a standard atmospheric cruising speed at 10000 meters of Mach 5.5+, a maximum atmospheric cruising speed at 30000+ meters of Mach 25+, and an unlimited Atmospheric ceiling (capable of launching to satellite orbit over Earth-class planet), additionally they have an FTL Drive for interstellar travel and are capable of sustained VToL flight. The Archangel has three internal weapons bays: a large bay on the bottom of the fuselage, and two smaller bays on the sides of the fuselage, aft of the engine intakes. These can accommodate several types of short and long range missiles, the main bay can be outfitted to carry bombs, and the side bays usually have several micro missile launchers. Due to the ability to leave and reenter the atmosphere the aircraft does not have external hardpoints to attach any other bombs or missiles. Two internally mounted M61A2 Vulcan 20 mm cannons are embedded in the wing roots with their muzzles covered by a retractable door to protect them during reentry. The radar projection of the cannon fire's path is displayed on the pilot's head-up display on their THINGs. The final weapon in the Archangels armaments is the Teshin Mega Buster Rifle mounted in the nose of the aircraft which is powered directly by the LMNT core and capable of very powerful power outputs.
  • FMA-04 Thunderbird - Built as a smaller counter part to the SABER, the Thunderbird stands roughly 3.66 meters tall, features a modified LMNT core, jet boosters for quick bursts of speed and sustained flight, SCRI and THING interfaces, and an Aegis-ε (Aegis Epsilon) barrier system which is also used in the RAETH suit as protective energy armor. The fixed armaments include 2x Micro Teshin cannons, 2x micro missile launchers, 1x Tri-barreled rotating plasma cannon mounted on the left arm, 1x HE Ballistic cannon mounted on the right, and 1x Anti-Material cannon mounted below that. When not in flight mode it's not the fastest thing in the world, acting more like a heavy tank than anything else really, with a walking speed of around 10mph and a running speed of 20mph. Flight speeds are 120mph in combat mode and Mach 1 in transport mode. The back mounted wings and thrusters are designed to detach and act as an escape craft should the mech be critically damaged.
  • XMA-01 SABER Suit - The SABER suit is a variable response Mech Armor used by the Freelancer Industries Special Response Teams and are designed by Kara McIlroy. Kara took the concept of the ACE Suit and increased it almost five fold. The Sabers have multiple rocket thrusters, Sensors, a SCRI Interface, THINGs, 360 degree panoramic cockpit screen, and an Aegis Theta Defensive Barrier System. Fixed Armaments include a Gatling gun (mounted in forearms), Extendable Heater Blades (mounted in forearms), Super TASIR Gauntlets and is capable of equipping a plethora of optional armaments which include a Shield (mounted on either forearm), 1x Teshin Mega Buster cannon (mounted on right shoulder), 1x Missile pod (mounted on left shoulder), 1x Anti-Material Rifle, or 2x S-Gunbuster Plasma Handguns.
  • Volkeer Panzerkampfwagen Ritter MkIII - "Kommandant Panzer" - The only mecha she has access to that is not Freelancer Tech, Kommandant Panzer was a Nazi WW2 super weapon that was unearthed by a German teen and used to combat a giant enemy crab that was attacking a Science fair. Kara was able to communicate with the mech an get it to power down to prevent more damage. Kom. Panzer is mostly analog, with a computer for running its sub systems, it's right arm has a large ballistic cannon on it, and it's back is equipped to carry 4 surface to air missiles. It has a large hopper that goes up it's spine that holds the cannon balls. It has an old fashioned radar system, and is capable of moving around 400 tons. It's land movement speed is about thirty miles an hour, with a slow acceleration, but is equipped with the ability to bend its feet to make tank treads, which increases it's speed to about 80 MPH but hinders mobility. It is capable of very limited flight, capable of jumping into the air and staying pretty much "gliding" with its boosters for a slow decent. Kara is currently attempting to modernize the control systems and refurbish the mech after receiving it from the German government. Current Location: Lelantos


  • Lithtech FL-i17 Vajra Custom - Kara's custom version of the personal sidearm of the Freelancers keeps the multiform and combinable features of the mass production model but it adds a directed energy option to the firing options (K.O. Taser Projectile and .45 caliber). As a single pistol, the DE-Mode can fire plasma as semi and fully automatic and in the combined rifle form it can fire a single shot or continuous beam.
  • TASIR System Mark IV - The fourth generation of the Turbine Assisted Ionic Regulator Gauntlets and a new version that attaches to the legs were designed to make up for her new lack of electrokinetics, they act as Tasers allowing her to shock people with her punches and kicks. These shocks are minimal but they 'get the point across' as she puts it. The gauntlets retained their Gunbuster form without needing the power supply of an ACE Suit. With an ACE Suit they can activate the Buster Cannon and Super Guncannon forms.

Accessories and Support

  • SCRI - The Supercomputing Resource Intelligence was designed as the ultimate personal AI. Keio, shortly after she came online, shortened her name to SCRI as play on the fact that she was designed to locate anyone on her network and allow for users to call in backup and resources. As the years passed she has been updated from a very basic program to a full fledged quantum AI with a multitude of functions. Kara recently gave her the ability to split into multiple versions of herself to aid in her acclimation with humans as well as running the Freelancer Database. SCRI was designed by several people including but not limited to: Dr. Seth McIlroy, Alenna Sonnen, Dr. Mulan Hanahara, and Dr. Lindsey Turnbeau as well as her neural network being based on a scan of Kara's own mind.
  • THINGs - The Thermal Imaging Night-Vision Goggles were originally built by her maternal Grandfather, her father has improved the design over the last decade to include may other functions such as an audio and video commlink, GPS system, and targeting assist.
  • ACElet - The ACElet is a device that can be loaded with two summonable armors. Kara often uses this to have one of her heavier armors at the ready if the situation calls for it with the other being either her normal heroic outfit or the Wraith Suit.
  • Robots - Kara has four robots that she uses to aide her, the medical drones, nicknamed the "Bits" and "Mario" & "Luigi". M & L are her personal helper bots, built originally to help her with her gadgets they now also help SCRI run the Valhalla bookstore that is on the first and second floors of the building she lives in in Boston.


Human: Kara might be genetically engineered and she is technically a demigoddess but her body hasn't been that heavily altered. While she can withstand slightly harder hits than the average person were her tech and psionic defenses to be broken she is still fairly squishy.

I've Got to Concentrate...: Her technopathy requires a lot of concentration and so she has issues doing it on the fly/while moving.

EMPs: Strong enough EMPs can shut down her tech.

Please No Teleporting: Genetics are a bitch as they say, like her father she has Teleportation Sickness wherein she becomes physically ill after being teleported. This does not seem to happen with the use of portals.

Nerve Damage: She has a burn scar and nerve damage in her right hand from an accident with Razira's powers going out of control, is protective of her right hand because it cause lots of pain if touched.

The McIlroy Curse: Not actually a curse but members of the McIlroy family seem to have very bad luck.

Hell Hath No Fury...: She has a temper, rarely seen unless you draw blood or significantly harm a friend, but she has one.

Family, Friends, & Allies


  • Seth McIlroy - Her father and mentor.
  • Alenna Sonnen - Her mother and mentor as well.
  • Leilani Hua Kea - Her step-mother.
  • Torin McIlroy - Kara's newborn half-brother.
  • Jason Orson McIlroy - Kara's Uncle, works in UNTIL's Project Snakecharmer.
  • SCRI - SCRI is like a sister to Kara and Keio always considered SCRI his third Daughter.
  • Sebastian "Peacemaker" Steinman - Kara's boyfriend and fellow gearhead.
  • Hunter - One of her "Uncles" and how she trains with to practice her sword play.
  • Silver Eagle - Another of her "Uncles" who she often asks for advice with her bots.


  • Sunny "Dobergirl" Oskern - Kara's best friend, the other half of TEAM DK.
  • Angel "Imp" Anderson - Kara's other best friend, yes you can have more than one.
  • Adam Starling - Boston Police Department Detective, her main contact within BPD and her exboyfriend.
  • Chalice - Rachael is a good friend of Kara's from Ravenswood.
  • Darwindestructible - Former teammate and friend from the Young Sentinels.


  • Ice-Heart - Kara's go-to when it comes to magic based anything.
  • Titan - Mr. Grey is a member of the Sentinels and someone that Kara looks up to as a role model.
  • Thundrax - A friend of her fathers and another role model of hers.
  • Razira - Kara doesn't have too many females in her life that she specifically looks up to as a role model, but Raz is one of them. Kicking ass as a wolf is so cool.
  • Nate - Nate (All Star) and Riptide were pretty instrumental in having her join the Protectors but she also has a deep respect for the man as he risked his life to save her's and her father's. (Deceased)
  • Sparrowhawk - She's tough but fair and a good leader.
  • Hayden Crawford - Adam's partner and at times a pseudo father figure to her.

Known Associates

Freelancer Industries - Kara works there part time in the aerospace division.

Young Sentinels - Kara's former supergroup while she was attending Ravenswood Academy.

Rogues Gallery



Name: Unknown
Abilities: Shapeshifter, Sorcery
Affiliation: None

Skinwalker is a male Navajo witch who uses dark magics to murder people, he is also known to eat the flesh of his victims. On top of his magical powers he also has the ability to transform into various animals, most commonly that of a Coyote. Very Dangerous.



The Master

Name: Fabian Rios
Abilities: Psychic Powers, Expert Chemist
Affiliation: VIPER, RenSys, Renegades

Rios was going to college and took up dealing drugs to help pay for his tuition. He soon came to realize he had psychic powers and that certain drugs allowed him to mentally control people. Taking his knowledge of chemistry to a darker level, he created a drug known on the street as 'Mirror' and with it he could fully take control of and manipulate people.



La Llorona & La Mala Hora

Name: Rona & Mala
Abilities: Chaos Magic and Weapon Creation
Affiliation: The Renegades

The 'Twins' are Chaos Conurbites who are made of personified Chaos Magic. Seem fixated on Kara for 'killing their father'. Extremely Dangerous.



Mistress Tempest

Name: Lorraine Crest
Abilities: Weather Control, Winged Flight
Affiliation: None

Tempest uses her ability to manipulate and control weather to rob banks and jewelry stores. She has had many run ins with both Keio and Kara and has recently started up a small rivalry with Kara after she stopped her from robbing a bank.




Name: Rebecca Voclain
Abilities: Lust Manipulation, Telekinesis
Affiliation: Member of the S.I.N.S.

She is an augmented human and was a victim of a rogue scientist named Dr. Alfred Wei, who sought to engineer his own private army of meta-humans to help him take over the world. This plan was eventually stopped before Wei had gathered his army. A UNTIL Field Agent, her team was captured, tortured, brainwashed, and experimented by Dr. Wei.


RP Hooks

  • Owner of the Valhalla Bookstore in Boston.
  • Former member of the Protectors of the World.
  • Former member of the Young Sentinels.
  • Also known as 'The Boston Blitz'.
  • Graduate of the Ravenswood Academy.
  • Attends Harvard.



  • Pink and turquoise Heart hairpin from her biological mother, Alenna Sonnen.
  • Pair of her father's favorite aviator goggles and his custom made Freelancers Hooded Jacket.
  • A red hat given to her by All-Star.
  • A poster of John Carpenter's The Thing signed by the Cast, crew, and actors: A gift from Sunny.
  • A 2016 Winter Classic Official Game Puck signed by Tuukka Rask of the Boston Bruins: A gift from Angel.


  • The Rhino Tank Armor: taken from Tankred Anders when he was imprisoned after nearly succeeding in killing her.
  • The Hook hand of a hook handed serial killer she fought in Babylon.
  • A tooth from a sewer gator she fought in Babylon.
  • A picture of her with an animated cartoon Gandhi from babylon.
  • The robotic arm of Sei Gunnarsen.
  • Twin Daggers of Lorelei Gunnarsen.


  • She can speak English, German, and German (Swiss).
  • Like her father, Kara has Teleportation Sickness, the shock of teleporting tends to make her nauseous and usually violently ill. Portals do not seem to cause it though.
  • Can Play the Piano.
  • Trained in her Father's fighting style.
  • Regularly practices Gymnastics, finds it stress relieving.
  • Favorite Drink - Half & Half Iced Tea Lemonade.
  • Favorite Food - Squidballs.
  • Favorite Video Game - Mechwarrior Series.
  • Favorite Movie - Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
  • Favorite Song - "Rumors of my Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated" - Rise Against
  • Favorite Sports Teams - San Diego Chargers (NFL), Boston Celtics (NBA), Atlanta Braves (MLB), Boston Bruins (NHL).
  • Favorite Board Game - Arkham Horror.

Opinions and Comments

Have an opinion about Kara? Leave it here.

  • "She's a more capable hero than I could have ever wished to become. She's gonna make her mark on the world." - Seth McIlroy
  • "Kara is awesome! Asskicking powers and gadget stuff and she's an all around cool person! We totally need more super nerd girls punching faces out there!" - Dobergirl
  • "Competent, though a bit more whimsical than I'd prefer. I think we'll see a lot of good come from her on the team regardless. She's an eternal optimist, which can only help boost the morale of others on the Protectors." - Sparrowhawk
  • "I'm just starting to get to know her, but how is she so kickass and cute? She knows how to dress too!" - African Violet
  • "She's a good kid. Helpful, too. She may be a little too fresh and just a bit green, but her heart's in the right place, I can tell you that much. Her and Sunny are just little bundles of fun." - All-Star
  • "Kara has grown up into quite the capable hero. Her abilities are impressive just by themselves, but when augmented via her ACE Armors, her powers get boosted to incredible levels. I still worry she's too young, but she can definitely handle herself out in the field." - Razira
  • "Kara's pretty talented. She's smart, pretty powerful, and definitely resourceful. She's a young gun to look out for." - Artifist
  • "We get along like Tuna and Mayo. She's cool, fun to hang around, and my go to friend for when I'm feeling particularly impish and need a partner in crime" - Imp (Angel Anderson)
  • "I'll never complain about having more McIlroys on our side. Kara's certainly her father's daughter, but she's brilliant and capable in her own right; I'm interested in seeing how she progresses." - The Peacemaker
  • "The girl is talented. Maybe too talented for her own good. If she's on the team, that means Sparrowhawk screened her. That counts for something. There's no doubt her skills are useful to the team. Hopefully her time with the Protectors will be educational." - Captain Adamant
  • "Kara's a blast to be around, but I pity those that get on her bad side. Only thing that kind of bothers me is she can be just a tad bit reckless. I really hope it doesn't come back to bite her." - Tesseract
  • "Lots of money, lots of talent, no PR sense, no talent for dealing with the public. That's okay, you can't have everything in life." - Ada Clover
  • "Young but brave, she is one of the people that aided in retaking my kingdom when it was under siege. She has a tendency to speak before she thinks, but it is endearing enough!" - Tartolmec
  • "Just like her father, but way better! If she's at the scene, super villains better watch out! You can always depend on a McIlory and Kara will always be out there.. and one of the only friends I know that is close to my age as well as a girl." - Cosmic Glory

Meta Information

Live Action


  • Buffy Summers: Aka the Vampire Slayer, Kara uses a lot of Buffy Speak
  • Cara: One of my friends from High School and primary basis for Kara's personality.
  • Winry Rockbell: Bits and pieces here and there, mostly her dedication and technical prowess.
  • Keioseth: She is his daughter after all.

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