Renaissance Systems

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Renaissance Systems
Leader(s): Alexandra 'Erzengel' Seryna
Base of Operations: Verloren Island
Concept: Evil weapons and technology manufacturer, rogue division of VIPER
Founded: January 1st, 2014
Website: [ Click Here]
Members: Blitzkrieg, Indra, Livewire



On the surface, RenSys is simply a weapons and technology manufacturer however if you dig a little bit deeper you'll come to realize that they are an organization dedicated to the acquisition of power through technological and magical means. Their main goal is to topple the world governments and continue the legacy of Chaosiris. The organization supplies arms and technology to various terrorist groups and world military organizations to foster both violence and chaos, and to make a profit in the process.

RenSys's main base of Operations is on a controllable artificial island known as 'Verloren Island'. The Island can submerge below the waters of the ocean as well as fly above them thanks to dark matter fueled anti-gravity technology. The island itself looks much like a tropical island, complete with beaches and a large jungle, with a large mountain at its center. Much of the actual base is within the mountain and on the surface of the island.




Name: Alexandra Seryna
Abilities: Technokinesis, Weapon Proficiency
Rank: Leader

Very little is known about the 'Erzengel' outside of the fact that she is a clone of Alenna Seryna made by VIPER. She has shown technokinetic abilities and the ability to understand and use any and all weapons with the proficiency of a master simply by holding it. She is dangerous, intelligent, and a mystery.





Name: Lance
Abilities: Electrokinesis and Magic
Rank: Enforcer

Blitzkrieg is a bioweapon built from the DNA of Keioseth, he has magi-tech within his body that greatly amplifies his powers beyond that of even Keio's.



Project Verona

Name: Verona
Abilities: Psychokinesis
Rank: Enforcer

Project Verona is the final product of the experiments that lead to Kara's creation. She is a soulless psychic powerhouse that can easily rival some of the most powerful psychics in the world.



Live Wire

Name: Kyr
Abilities: Ionikinesis
Rank: Enforcer

Live Wire is another bioweapon built from the DNA of Thundrax, Arc Thunder, Raiju, and Keioseth who can control, manipulate, and weaponize plasma and can even create plasma constructs.




Name: Karen
Abilities: Psycho-Electrokinesis
Rank: Enforcer

Indra exists within former body of Kara, it was replaced before Keio had the body cremated. She has all of the powers of Kara minus Kara's current power limitations.



Project Chaos

Name: Chaos
Abilities: Absorption/Power Mimicry
Rank: Enforcer

Rivaling the power of Project V, Chaos is another bioweapon built from the DNA of numerous of the world's strongest heroes and villains and is able to freely drain any material, substance, or form of energy, integrating them in his body and enabling him to replicate large particles of the capabilities, characteristics and become stronger in every aspect.


Special Projects


Lust Clones

Name: Rebecca Voclain (Original)
Abilities: Lust Manipulation, Telekinesis
Function: Distraction via Collateral Damage

The original Lust was the victim of genetic augmentation and while the mental stability of the clones is unstable, they tend to cause mass amounts of damage before succumbing to their power.




Name: BORKO Heavy Armor Unit
Abilities: Heater Blades, Vulcan Cannons, Missile Pods, Plasma Cannons
Function: Heavy Tank

Originally designed by William Roberts (Southern Cross) the BORKO units made up the main force of the Renegades. Now re-purposed by RenSys these powerful battle bots are being sold to the highest bidders. Their name means 'to fight, or to battle'.




Name: DALIBOR Ranged Suppression Unit
Abilities: Anti-Material Rifle, Rail Gun, Wrist-Mounted Heater Blades
Function: Ranged Support

Originally designed by William Roberts (Southern Cross) the DALIBOR units are built to take out their target from a distance. Both their anti-material rifle and rail gun help them in this task. Their name means 'to fight far away'.




Name: ZLATAN Nuclear Powered Shocktrooper
Abilities: Nuclear Powered Electric Attacks, Super Speed, Super Strength
Function: Nuclear Shocktrooper

Originally designed by William Roberts (Southern Cross) the ZLATAN units usually work in a pair or small group. Their micro-nuclear reactors and radiation emissions make them one of the deadliest robots ever created by Roberts. Their name means 'golden' a reference to their bright glow.




Name: TOMISLAV Infiltration, Interrogation, and Neutralization Unit
Abilities: Holographic Projects, Torture Implements
Function: Assassin

Originally designed by William Roberts (Southern Cross) the TOMISLAV units can cloak themselves making them invisible, they can use holograms to copy how people look, and are programmed with every method of torture in human history. They rarely see combat but they are deadly in there own right. Their name means 'to torture'.