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Player: @Nyak
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"Who said Pagans weren't cool?"
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 30
Research & Development: Arms (Fighting)
Personal Data
Real Name: Alexandra Fujiwara
Known Aliases: Alex, Raiju
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Japanese - American
Age: Confidential
Height: 5'9
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Costumed Adventurer
Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Electricity, Super Speed, Teleportation
Known Abilities
Dragon Bracers, katana



"I hate talking about what I am, it's embarrassing to see people change their views about me."
-Alex discussing her powers to nosy people.

Why is a mystery. One that humans may never find out. The deity Raijin, offered Alex a deal. Raijin wanted to make her his agent. She had to follow his instructions and in return, Raijin would give Alex a portion of his power. The reasons were unknown but Alex, feeling that it was her destiny, accepted. She was still a child, and the god pushed her into training until she was of age. Through the months and years, Raijin started calling her Raiju, after his monstrous familiar.

After Alex was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents, a Japanese businessman and a German heritage American women, were both pretty strict with her when she grew up. They also had faith in God, which made it hard on Alex to tell them about what she did and what she could do. Her father got a new job at Harmon Industries, so they moved over to Millennium City. There, she was inspired by the wave of superheroes, so she decided to become one too.

Black Zenith

A speedster named Zenith had troubles with a future self. The future Zenith went by "Black Zenith" and he was twisted by the coming apocalypse. Alex, on call when Black Zenith first appeared and blatantly murdered a judge in City Hall, had to help the present Zenith and other heroes to bring the villain from an unwanted future down. She was given some of Zenith's things and was able to use dogs from the whole neighborhood to track the whereabouts of Black Zenith. They couldn't find her, though, and Black Zenith used a DNA sample from her to find out where her home was. He sent blank threats, causing her to go paranoid. Her identity had to remain a secret, because at that time, the government was pushing ASPRA laws. Alex was already a target to publicity.

Raiju challenges two speedsters in a street race. She had further developed her running speeds since chasing Black Zenith.

After a secret meeting about the ASPRA laws, Black Zenith returned to Alex and began to threaten again. He challenged her, and they then raced through the city, speeding along the streets. They stopped at a dead-end and fought. The Peacemaker and another hero joined in along the fight. At the climax of the battle, Alex used her wolf magic and electric powers together as one, and wounded Black Zenith, cooking him from the inside, and digging into the surface of his armor. Using both powers at once exhausted the girl and she was put in a coma for a few weeks. Black Zenith retreated and the last time she heard of him was at the preliminary rounds during the Tournament of Champions.

During Alex's coma, a shadowy man had tried to kill her. Fortunately, heroes in the other room were able to halt the process, forcing him to flee. Afterwords, she woke up. Alex went back to her home and convinced her parents to move to another house. She couldn't mix her magic and Raijin's powers again, so she gave up Wolf Magic all together.

Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions was a competition organized by Giga Gal to allow Heroes to test themselves against each other in a friendly match. Participants were required to demonstrate their fighting skill in a 'test' fight with one of the organizers prior to participating. Alex squared off in the tournament with other contenders. A few matches were ended with draws. Alex was finally defeated in the third tier of the Tournament.

Serpent Lantern

Alex attacking an Osprey on her second expedition.

Takaru's sister, Taria Kritaion and Alex were taken to Africa, with UNTIL. They fought through the bunkers and checkpoints. It was tough; VIPER wasn't willing to give up on the artifact, the Serpent Lantern. Alex had minor difficulty with the patrons held in each bunker; that is, with Taria, of course. After, they brought down the shields, Alex was tasked to do the magic spell work, inside the cave. She unlocked each puzzle, allowing them to get closer to the Serpent Lantern. They reached Viperia and were beginning to have bad luck. Viperia was too strong, but the two eventually formulated a plan and made her and her forces temporarily retreat. With that victory, Alex broke a piece off a serpent statue, to remember the day.

A few days afterwords, Le Fantome Masque reported that Bunker Charlie had been reactivated. Alex joined a small task-force and they tackled through. The enemy forced the heroes to make many withdraws, taking their fight slow. Then, eventually, they broke through the checkpoints, and the walls. Inside the bunker, they were, again, faced with nasty hordes of VIPER soldiers. Draconis waited inside the command room. As luck would have it, the task-force fought through him like butter.

Favoring a Dragon

"Everyone may have one treasure from my collection."
"--Except the girl."
-The dragon gives his thanks to his rescuers, except Alex.

After battling Viperia with Taria, Alex went back to UNTIL HQ. Right before she was about to leave, she was stopped by an UNTIL Black Ops soldier. A corporal. A man who went by "Hound." He briefed her about a strange event happening in Japan. The air was extremely dry, animals went crazy and attacked people, and even trapped supernaturals went haywire. Alex was sent on a small strike force that included her and two members of Ghost Hound: A manimal named Takaru Kritaion, and a troll named Zheir.

The team took a helicopter to Tokyo and, once again, Hound briefed them. Monsters were surrounding strange ruins. When they arrived to the destination, it turned out they were Lemurians. Alex followed the ruins until they lead to the sea. The team went in a submarine and moved underwater through harsh currents. They found themselves at a red castle. They then geared up and swam inside. Alex fought her way through the flooded halls until she came up upon a powerful Lemurian false idol attacking an ancient dragon. The Lemurian magic was the thing that caused the problems. Alex, Takaru, and Zheir defeated the leader and saved the dragon (And the country). In return, the dragon let them pick one thing from his treasure, all of them, except Alex. The beast had something special for her; a set of red bracers that, when warn, protects her from a degree of magic. The team disbanded back at the Millennium City UNTIL HQ, keeping their trophies as a memory.

Secret in Peril

It was an almost regular July Saturday. Alex left Carlos' Gym, after sparring with a couple of heroes, and stopped to eat a snack at a local gas station. A girl, Small-Girl, waited for Alex, and once they met, the girl said she wanted an autograph. After Alex willingly signed the datapad, the autograph story wasn't the case. It was a form indicating that she would register herself onto the UNITY Databases. Another secret government was after her again. This time, an organization called "MOA." Small-Girl attempted to arrest her for not following the law and being an unregistered paranormal superhero. It broke out into a fight, several meta-humans along her side. They didn't take part in the brawl that happened though. The avatar was able to resist the arrest and she escaped. The surveillance videos and photos were erased, taking ease off most of the cops but, now, she's being watched.


Powers and Equipment

Raijin's Gift

Raijin, for reasons unknown, imbued her with a small portion of his powers and personality. For a mortal, that small portion is just enough to cause damage, but not quite that powerful. Unlike most mutants and spellcasters, Alex cannot progress her powers, as Raijin will not allow her to have a greater amount than she originally received. Alex can shoot lightning bolts, create balls of lightning, dash through the city, leaving a harmless arc of electricity, and even teleport short distances.

Along with the powers of super speed, Alex is able to bypass traffic!

Wolf Magic

Since the fight with Black Zenith, Alex refuses to learn more. However, she can talk to canines. She sends out an aura that brings most of them at peace. Alex, though she rarely does so anymore, summons spirit Ezo Wolves. She learned these abilities from her family heritage, the Fujiwara. She had tested her powers, full strength, during Black Zenith's rampage.

Dragon Bracers

Bracers, gifted from an ancient dragon, that can bless the wielder protection from eldricht attacks. Until recent events, Alex had two of them, but now after a strong blow to the arm, with a Questionite blade, only one remains.


Psionics have feared her due to recent events. Alex has little or no protection against these attacks, leaving her vulnerable to manipulation. Her latest psionic attack involved Superior (@Superior), when he had tried to dig deep into her mind, searching for her fears and exploiting them. A heroic psychic entity found Alex and entered her mind. Inside her mind, he fought the corruption and ended the psychic assault. After the battle, Alex received a piece of blessed cloth, that could protect her from mental abilities. She keeps it close her head, usually under the scarf, at all times. It, in no ways, helps her calm down about mentalists.

Being alone has to be her worst. Even though she may seem to act rather healthy when alone in a strange room, she's really hiding it. Without friends, Alex doesn't really do... anything. She becomes scared, less confident, and, well, lonely.

Aegis of Justice

Alex in her old Protectorate uniform.
Alex was once a member of the Protectorate, a super group She was even picked as a battle officer for the group. But, she didn't stay for long. The Peacemaker wanted and had recruited Alex into a brand new team called the Aegis of Justice. She fights along side other heroes, like Mr. Indomitable, Cord, and the rest of the team, to bring forth justice in the world. She had missed the rescuing of Mind Jewel, and failed to protect Vibe from an anti-mutant assassin. Alex vowed that she will do better to help out the Aegis.


Kazumi Omega: Her elf friend!

Jimmy Thunder: Her godly friend!

Legarion: Her old boss!

Mr. Indomitable: Her new boss!

Takaru Kritaion: Her wolf friend!

Thundrax: Her mullet friend!

The Peacemaker: Her smart friend!

Samhain: Her pumpkin friend!

Zheir: Her green friend!

Rogue's Gallery

Ichijin - A street punk teenager who leads a coalition of low-threatening thugs, ex-VIPER soldiers, and jail birds operating in Millennium City. MCPD considers them dangerous since all of Ichijin's minions praise the wind god Fuujin. Ichijin is a master at the katana, and wields an heirloom, called the Steel of Fuujin. With it, he is able to control the winds with just one swing of his sword.

Allosaurus - A deadly mutant, Delta-class super-villain. He and his mercenaries have gone through intense military training. Allosaurus's only mutation is tough, scaly skin. It acts like body armor, where the skin cells harden and strengthen at a bludgeoning blow. His offensive abilities are only his various amounts of weaponry.

Teslar -

Dr. Juju -

Dhukka -

Her Interests


Muse and Raiju fighting Destroids in Sakura Park. Raiju protecting City Hall from the Destroid Invasion. Raiju versus Foxbat!!! DestFight.jpg

Theme Songs


Rumors and Opinions

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"She's weird. Weirder than me. So, yeah. Weird. Kinda hyper, too. I'm almost positive she's a Martian." - Samhain

"A bit eccentric, and sometimes gets bored too easily. But she's often there when you need her, and man, can she pack the voltage!" - Thundrax

" Oh man her bellbottom pants make me angry! I mean, look at them! Agh! But..yeah sure...I guess she's okay really, she lightnings bad guys and stuff which is kinda cool, gotta respect that. Bellbottom pants though...really?" - Trauma

((RP Hooks))

  • Did your character live in Chicago and/or go to school there? Maybe you know her!
  • Is your character a speedster? Maybe they've raced!