Aegis of Justice

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Mr. Indomitable, also known as rich entrepreneur James Exington, was a fine hero, and he did his job well. However, he did not feel it was enough. He felt he needed to form a more organized concentration of heroes, heroes with fine moral standards and a never ending quest for justice and peace. And he went around, recruiting, and soon enough, under the sponsorship of his company, Mr. Indomitable had formed a protectorate of mankind, a shield of peace... The Aegis of Justice!

What is The Aegis of Justice?

The Aegis of Justice is a conglomerate of superheroes who all share the goal of defending the world from threats of all sizes. While it is more of a support group for some, for others it acts more like a traditional team. The large amount of money and technology available to Mr. Indomitable allow all parts of the Aegis (and their allies) to have access to some of the finest equipment and resources available to heroes. In being a supergroup, it's assorted mages and scientists can collaborate with each other as necessary.

Shooting off from this, the Aegis also serves as a launching point for heroes who require guidance or have hit upon hard times. Younger or more misguided members of the Aegis are now able to receive guidance from the more experienced members within the group, so that they can become responsible and kind defenders of the Earth. Not to mention, of course, that the job of a hero is one that comes without pay. Heroes who are struggling to find food, shelter, and other basic needs are likewise assisted by the Aegis, which offers lodging and a stipend to its members.

What are the views of The Aegis of Justice?

The Aegis is particular for setting a moral standard for its members. While members of the group may vary in their personal views about crime and morality, the Aegis absolutely refuses to have 'judge, jury and executioner' types in their ranks. They find it best to leave the fates of villains and other criminals in the hands of the justice system.

As of now, not killing criminals is the only requirement necessary to be a member of the group.