Mr. Indomitable

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Mr. Indomitable
Player: @bultbult
Class Focus: Melee Dps, Crappy tank.
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms, Alien Bilology.
Personal Data
Real Name: James Exington.
Known Aliases: Jim.
Species: Human, Meta.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Age: 32
Height: 225 Cm.
Weight: 145 Kg.
Eye Color: Bright Blue.
Hair Color: Blonde.
Biographical Data
Nationality: American.
Occupation: Superhero.
Place of Birth: Undisclosed.
Base of Operations: Millennium City.
Marital Status: Not Married.
Known Relatives: (Adopted) Renee Exington, Daughter.
Known Powers
Superstrength, Speed, Durability and Flight.
Known Abilities

Defender of freedom, justice and kittens, Billionaire leader of the Aegis of Justice.


Tall, muscular and sparklyteethed, Mr. Indomitable looks like a classic Superhero. And he goes to some length to make sure to keep it that way. In civilian wear and life, he tries to stay dignified in what he wears, if a bit oldfashioned. His hair is a bright yellow blond, and has slightly luminescent blue eyes.


Open and kind, with a diplomatic approach to most problems. He has a more "Serious Business" attitude when he puts on his faceplate, as that generally means there is violent herowork in the near future. He is VERY determined as a person.


Super Strength

Mr. Indomitable has since his youth been able to life immense weights, and deliver punches that topple tanks and buildings. This is what many would say to be his "main" power.

High Constitution

His skin and lower dermal layers, bonestructure, and organs are resilient to a high degree, most conventional weapons bounce off, but he can go down, given enough of a beating.


Jim has been able to fly since childhood. To him, it is as natural as walking. This in turn, together with his ability to go without air for extended ammounts of time, gives him the "extra-job" of flying supplies to the Stargazer station.


He can reach high speeds while running, not to the degree of the true speedsters, but enough to outrun most vehicles.



Jim is the fifth Indomitable. This lead to a differant upbringing, never having really been allowed to be a child, but a hero in training his entire life. He started sidekicking under the moniker "Kid Indomitable" under his father and predecessor, the fourth Indomitable, Jonah Exington, at age nine. His mother died birthing him, and his father never really spoke about her, so he lacks understanding for certain qualities of "normal" life. He was a curious child, but was curbed greatly by his very stern and determined father, leaving him with an unfulfilled desire to explore and find answers, and even more, to find new questions.


The fourth Indomitable died in 1999, killed by a VIPER ambush. At this time, Jim picked up the cape of the Indomitables, swearing the Indomitable Oath. He took to the streets, jungles and plains of the earth, fighting to defend justice and stop oppression.

The corporation of his grandfather, Exington Labs, flourished even more under his governance, and became the final billion dollar industry it is today. In early march 2010, He founded the Aegis of Justice, a supergroup, aimed at the heroes that tried to uphold heroic ideals and conduct. And in April, the same year, he opened his identity to the world, to the Glee of the media. Billionairre James Exington, was, in fact, Mr. Indomitable, leader of the Aegis of Justice!


  1. 1: Jim has never had a girlfriend.
  2. 2: He loves the taste of artificial watermelon flavourings.
  3. 3: He has issues with separating from the herobusiness.
  4. 4: He finds tights to be very stylish.

The Indomitable Oath

I swear, No life will be ended willfully by my hand.

No evil will go unanswered under my eyes.

No oppression will be allowed in my prescence.

That in the face of injustice, oppression and evil, i will stand, indomitable and immovable.

That the waves of wickedness will break upon me, and justice will persevere.

(As written by Alexander Exington, 1701)

Aegis of Justice

More information will be available soon.

Public thoughts and opinions

((This is where you, the lovely people, get to put stuff, and i hope you do, it will help me shape him in the future. Also, Thanks to @Keymonk for helping me with the page.))

"What do I think of Mr. Indomitable? The most dependable partner you could ever have on any superheroic mission, and if what I hear about him is right, outside of it as well." - Bullet Points, Aegis of Justice member.

"If I'm lucky, one day I might be half the hero Mr.Indomitable is. Besides, you don't see many guys with as good a taste for tights as Jim." - The Peacemaker, Aegis of Justice Member

During a workout, Thundrax watches as Jim lifts a Titanic weight!

"Jim manages to be a classic superhero without a hint of disingenuity. He's one of the best people I know, and it's a real privilege to be his friend, spar with him, or fight at his side." - Thundrax

"Jim is rude! But yet handsome..." - Ivanna, AKA, Blind Date #1

"He's just so tall! My neck still hurts from looking up at him! And, eh, romance is overrated... I tried to tell him that he didn't need any of that crap, but boy scouts never listen." - Miss Rimi, AKA, Blind Date #2

"The boss can be pretty dorky, but hey, I don't want to get my paycheck docked. He's really a good man, and a good roll-model for the Aegis. I'm glad to be working with him." - Raiju

"Is very nice man. Not just good boss, but nice person. Am glad I was able to be meeting meet him." - Surova Grimwish