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""Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I See Tonight..."" Musicthemeicon.png
PLAYER Angelightlogo.png
Super Group link= of the World
Rank Charter Member
Current Affliations
PRIMUS, UNTIL, UNITY, Circle of Justice
Former Affiliations Aegis of Justice

Real Name Faye Jones
Known Aliases
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate November 28th, 1996
Place of Birth Millennium City, MI
Current Location Millennium City, MI
Relatives Brad Jones (Husband)

Apparent Age Early 20s
Height 5'6" / 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes Brown (Blue as CG)
Hair Dark Blonde
Complexion Fair
Build Thin/ Toned
Notable Features Cute

Identity Public
Citizenship US Citizen w/ No Criminal Record
Marital Status Single
Occupation Super Hero, Chef
Education High School


Super Strength, Durability, Blue Flame of Hope. Has unarmed combat training.
Comm Unit, Taser

ProtectorsBox Template

When you make a wish upon a star you never know if it is going to come true. That is, of course, unless you are Faye Carrano. A young girl growing up in the rougher parts of Millennium City, Faye always dreamed big. She loved to watch about the adventures of the multitude of masked crime fighters who diligently worked to protect the planet. So it took a wish to one day join their ranks. Amazingly, her wish to the night stars was answered, and Faye found herself possessed by the spirit of Hope. With the words: ""Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight... I wish I may, I wish I might... have the wish I wish tonight", Faye finds herself turned into the fantastic COSMIC GLORY, one of the most amazing young heroines the world has seen!

OOC Notes: The Cosmic Glory is a hero created by @Angelight and is her main hero she plays. It is a character lovingly created in inspiration of heroes such as Captain Marvel and bits of Wonder Woman. She is also a concept that derives of space itself such as comets and other wonders of the universe. The literal cosmic glory of the universe. Not only that but using the rhyme, "star light, star light. first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might. Have the wish I wish tonight!" Her personal 'Shazam' to change to and from the Cosmic Glory. Most of this information should be considered OOC.


Make a Wish! Cosmic Glory's Hopeful Start!

Before she was the Cosmic Glory, she was Faye Carrano. She lived in the worst part of Millennium City and her mother worked two jobs just for the two of them to survive. Faye got herself up to school and even made her own lunch every single day. Money was tight but she had her best friend, Brad Jones, and the love of super heroes. She watched them fly through the sky and cut out newspaper clippings of every hero saving the day. While she couldn't afford comic books, her walls were littered with newspaper clippings of super heroes. Life wasn't perfect but Faye counted her blessings.
Then, one day, everything changed.
It was around Christmas time. Her mother was home from work and had taken Faye to let her deliver her letter to Santa Claus. It was a magical time of year and Faye always loved how beautiful the city looked at this time of year. While waiting in line, though, the festivities were interrupted by Black Harlequin and his big bear, Clarence. Chaos erupted all over the place. Faye and her mother almost became victims to being stomped on by Clarence's "play time." It wasn't to be, though. Faye watched in all as heroes from all over the city came and saved their lives. When the Black Harlequin was stopped, one flying hero had grabbed Faye's Christmas letter and gave it back to her personally. Things went as normal but Faye was touched by what she witnessed that day.
That night, Faye couldn't sleep. The events that happened that day went over her mind over and over again. She opened the window and looked up to the smog covered sky. In her shock, Faye saw a star shining brightly despite the smog and the lights of the city. Faye clasped her hands together and made her wish.
"Star light, star bright. First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might... Have the wish I wish tonight."
That night, Faye wished to be a super hero so she could protect innocent people and even other heroes that needed it.
That star in the night sky was not a star but the soul of a prince fleeing from his dimension with a tiny flickering flame of hope latched around him. Her wish reached his ears and not only was he touched by the girl's hopeful wish, the flames shined in such a way he hadn't seen before. With a smile, he chose to grant her wish.
The next day, Faye spotted a couple getting robbed by a couple of thieves at knife point. She hid in the alley way and, for some reason or another, found herself uttering out the same works as before.
"Star light, star bright. First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might... Have the wish I wish tonight."
In that moment, the cosmic flames encompassed her and Faye changed into a beautiful heroine of black and gold with bright flaming blue eyes. Faye watched herself punch out the thieves in no time flat and was swarmed by people, thanking her for the rescue. While she was stunned by what had happened, she heard someone ask, "Who are you?"
Faye stood there for a long moment before she smiled.
"You can call me, Cosmic Glory!"
And, thus, the Cosmic Glory came to be.


Trivia Time: A copy of Cosmic Glory's unauthorized, one issue only manga comic in Japan, Uchu Eiko, costs collectors as much as 200 dollars.

When she is the Cosmic Glory, a hopeful-like personality seems to shine through from her stance to her smile. She is playful and cracking jokes while being supportive to her comrades on the field. She is very empathetic to her opponents and friends alike but gets serious when the world is at stake. She will throw herself on the line to save those around her and isn't afraid to save a villain's life if it came down to it. While others are quick to turn away for a villain's wicked ways, she will see the good in them and try to convince them out of their path.

However, as Faye Jones, she takes a more realistic point of view but her hopeful view of the world and its people continues to shine through. Although her tomboyish nature hasn't changed in adulthood nor her love of comic books and old television shows, she continues to develop a passion of cooking and is almost always in the kitchen. It is her stress reliever and without cooking, it would be difficult for her to cope with different situations.

As a public hero, she is fiercely independant and values seperating her home life with her super heroic career which has led to interesting results. While a private person, she will be outspoken when called for it and has no qualms mentoring other heroes that are coming through the field. Unfortunately, the media has mistakened her as an anti-feminist with her cooking and way of life at home.

Despite the slight media backlash, Faye is very devoted to her husband and wants to start her own family in the next few years. Being a super hero isn't going to stop her from having her cake and eating it too.

Cgpa2.pngPowers & Abilities

NOTE: Take this as OOC information! While it is known to the Cosmic Glory, by now, it would take time to others to realize or be told about her powers!

Cosmic Flame of Hope

A tiny, little blue flame burns with the power of hope itself! This cosmic flame was the original host to Prince Frendel Somara, from another dimension, and was passed down to Faye on that fateful night. Once she shouts, "Star light, star bright. First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might. Have the wish I wish tonight!" The flame within her encompasses her and explodes outward, becoming the Cosmic Glory!
The flame is linked to her abilities. So long as Cosmic Glory is filled with hope and positive emotions, as well as surrounded by others filled with hope and positive emotions, the flame and her powers grow stronger as well.
  • Super Strength: Able to defy weight limitations of her own, she will hit hard and is able to lift things twice her size. This allows her to go against even the strongest of super villains with ease.
  • Invulnerability: With enough positive emotion and hope, the flames grant her able to be invulnerable. Not even the strongest of bullets can pierce through her and she can take blows almost like a pro-wrestler!
  • Empathy: Recently, she began to feel the emotions around her. Not only do they empower her, she begun to 'sense' emotions as a whole. Positive feelings sense comforting and warm whilst negative emotions feel cold, almost painful. She can feel it close up to as far away as across Millennium City.
  • Flight: Like a comet in the sky, she is able to soar through the air and hover about in the air. When in flight, the cosmic flame is always surrounding her and leaves a trail behind her. If anyone ever needs to know Cosmic Glory is coming, all they need is to look for the 'comet' in the sky.
  • Space Flight: This also allows her to be able to fly in space without needing a suit. For reasons unknown, she doesn't need to breathe in space and is perfectly capable to fly around. She's like a literal comet when flying through space.
The Cosmic Flame of Hope itself is always encompassed in her fists or shines around her when she fights. If any villain, 'evil' or with any malicious intent, their contact with the flame will be a powerful burn against them. It burns 'evil' with a passion and the stronger the horrific intent, or 'evil', the more the flame will hurt them.

OOC NOTE: This is subjective. When encountered with the flame, you can roleplay out how the flame will burn you. It will not be forced upon you. Just take note of it if you come in contact with her flame.

However, those with kindness in their heart and soul, 'good' with no malicious intent, the flame will feel cool and comforting to the touch. It will soothe them and touching it might give a gentle boost in hopefulness in their personality. It will fade after a while.
Cosmic Glory can and will use the flame if she knows her opponent will be burned by it. However, she doesn't know the extent her cosmic flame can go and just what it is capable of. As far as Faye knows, she's just scratched the surface. She could learn as time goes on.

Moderate Martial Arts & Boxing

When she wishes to become a super hero, Faye never expected it to come true over night. It took a couple of years to train herself but even that wasn't enough. Ever since becoming a Protector, she has been training to hone her skills in unarmed combat through Sparrowhawk, Thundrax and combat simulation created by Tesseract with Captain Adamant's supervision and guidance over the heroes. She's became a lot better at it and has adapted to fighting whilst hovering about. Sometimes, she will mix it up and fly in to bring more power to her super powered blows or even let the flames of hope swirl about her hands and feet.
Of course, she won't always be able to be the Cosmic Glory. That is exactly why she is well adapted to fight outside of her super heroic form in case that emergency ever happened.

Cosmic Forging(Enchantment)

After the resolution in another dimension, Faye had learnt of an interesting technique that can be done to different weapons; 'forging' them through the flames of hope. The process could takes hours or even days, weeks, or months at a time depending on how strong the enchantment could work. The strongest one forged in the flames was a blade from the Kingdom of Somara called the Somaraine. It is unknown how long someone took to forge that sword.
It is a delicate process that Faye doesn't do often considering how exhausting it is to her and a huge drain it leaves on her powers throughout the day. She keeps this a secret except to the close circle of Protectors or others close to her. The only thing's she has 'forged' thus far are:
  • A worn-out shield; It went missing after three days of work.
  • A trinket; Created to track certain magical patterns to find Snakehead in a plotline to stop the gates of paradise from being opened. She had Fahrenheit's assistance in its creation.
  • Vietnam Dog Tags: Forged on short notice to help Terrific Tiger's transformation as a temporary fix until proper training can commence.


Negative Emotions

While positive emotions and hope will strengthen Cosmic Glory, negative emotions will weaken her. When weakened enough, it causes changes into Cosmic Glory.
  • Normal Strength: Her super strength is the last to go if weakened enough. Her super strength returns to normal and all she can do is based on the strength she would have in her normal form.
  • Vulnerability: This is the first to go when weakened and she won't be able to take blows as if it were nothing. She loses her invulnerability.
  • Loss of Form: If there is too much, she will change back into Faye Jones and be unable to revert back until strengthened back up.
  • Emotional Blindness: In very extreme circumstances, it will suffocate her emotionally and leave her blind from feeling emotions around her.
  • Stunned: Sometimes, when hit with a physical form of negative emotions that hits her and is more powerful then her hope, it is a shock to her system and will leave her incapable of moving temporarily. This is also leaves her just as vulnerable.
Despair is the worst out of them all. It can cut hope in two if it were strong enough. This is her kryptonite and what hurts her cosmic flame the most--like the cosmic flame of despair or the antithesis of a superhero.


While feeling empathy and sympathy toward super villains, this leaves her open to being taken advantage of. While Faye knows this, it doesn't change in the fact it leaves her open. She doesn't want to hurt the ones she knows that can change and get help. There are those who would take advantage of this heavily and that feeling is what will keep her from doing the final blow or hesitate sometimes.



Cosmic Glory and the Protectors of the World.

These are the people she has either befriended or has been working with to ensure the public is protected. Either affiliates or people she has grown close to, they are the ones she isn't afraid to call on or heed their call when they need the help.


  • Aegis of Justice: The Cosmic Glory's first huge case she participated in was the return of Superior. With a drive to save Small Girl, a hero about the same age as her as well as hearing what he was capable of, she rallied as many heroes as she could to face his wrath head on. This impressed The Peacemaker at the time and referred her to Mr. Indomitable. She fought under their banner for a time before she went solo for a while. Eventually, with Thundrax's nemesis rising up to threaten the Aegis of Justice and Jim himself, she rejoined their ranks in order to protect him as well as fight alongside her old friends. It was where she worked until the Aegis was disbanded.
  • Circle of Justice:: Despite the similar name, it is a group of veteran superheroes that are called to help in big cases. It was formed by Thundrax and has called the heroes to action on many occasions. Recently, Cosmic Glory has gotten the call and has attended to the mission on the moon and the mission to save the national anthem from changing to "America, the Conqueror." She will continue to assist them as well as the Canadian hero. Upon the Cosmic Glory's return in January 2015, she's intending to lend her assistance to the Circle of Justice and Thundrax once more!
  • Protectors of the World: Cosmic Glory joined the Protectors in mid 2015 after having helped them time and time again in several missions. Ever since being interviewed by Sparrowhawk, she had signed up as an official member and has been working under their name ever since!


  • Mr. Blank: After meeting a few times, she has come to work with him when things happen. Of course, they also have plenty of disagreements...
  • Commander US: Almost like a walking war bonds advertisement to the Cosmic Glory, she finds him a little bit intimidating... Despite that, they have been working pretty well even if she doesn't know him very well.


Brad Jones
Bradand Faye.jpg
Maybe it was by chance or fate but Faye met Brad when a bunch of bullies had thrown him into a garbage can and Brad got stuck. Once Faye managed to free him from his stinky prison, the two shared similar interests and became fast friends. A bond was forged and the two were never seen apart from one another. Before and after Faye had become a super hero, she was always saving him from some thing for another; it was upgraded from school yard bullies to cultists and super villains.
When he discovered her identity, their friendship only grew stronger and became much more. The nerds dated throughout high school and then were married on June 11th, 2016. He is the ultimate fuel to her hope and courage. One could argue that the Cosmic Glory is not a form created by one entity but between the love, hope and wishes forged between them.
Prince Frendel Somara
There would not be a Cosmic Glory were it not the soul of a run away prince who heard a child's wish in the month of December.
He is her first mentor, her first father figure and advisor when he passed on the cosmic flame of hope from himself to her. He is responsible for her adapting to such power and indirectly causing her to be bound forever to the dimension of Raea. Never the less, he protected her and found comfort in passing his hope to this world filled with limitless possibilities and unbound by fate.
James Richardson is her second father figure in her life that took her in after briefly staying with Blue Hour and Nightwave. He gave her a roof over her head and was there for all her events-even her high school graduation. He showed her how someone could have a normal life and a superhero life too. It also helps that he, too, is a superhero by the call name of Chivalry.
They fought side by side for many years but have parted ways once moving out to live with Brad.
Its strange since she had first known the canadian thunder wonder through newspaper clippings and merchandise, watching from a far like any kid who admired super heroes would. Since becoming one herself, fighting alongside Thundrax was interesting. Now an adult herself, he is not only one of her friends but someone to aspire to train to be. The world won't always have Craig to depend on and even Faye came to that grim realization. She will always be one of the first to help him in any given situation.
Currently, she is training with Thundrax due to his vast amount of experience in the field.
Faye met Sebastian when she joined the Aegis as one of its recruits. A partnership was formed and friendship came afterwards. Even when the two parted from the Aegis of Justice, they continued to cross paths again and again in different missions. They fought together and supported each other through the years.
Now that they are both Protectors, Faye is always sneaking into his lab to bring him meals she cooked or to ask help for anything technology related.

At first, Alex was intimidating. She was everything that Faye felt she couldn't be; cold, strong willed and seeing the worst in everyone. She didn't know how to approach her. It wasn't until through several missions and Sebastian's assistance that there was a lot more to her then Faye could realize. Will she always agree with her? No but through it came a respect and determination to be a friend for Alex.

The 'mother wolf' herself, Faye is still getting to know about her but she is one of the first she will go to with information or ask for any kind of advice.



Misericorde, God of Despair

Before despair transformed him into the mad god he is now, he was once the compassionate Pontiff Clemente XIV. He hailed from the dimension of Raea, serving as Dio's Pontiff for over fifty years until the world nearly fell apart from Prince Frendel and Cedany's love affair. Since then, Dio had disappeared and his words were silent to the Pontiff. He held on hope for as long as he could to his return until he fell into despair and the flames that stood at the cathedral reached out to him, changed him, and the Pontiff was no more.
He was reborn as Misericorde, the Mad God of Despair and the antithesis of heroes everywhere.
His first big plot was to manipulate the heroes and the Empress Elizabena whilst they were in the dimension of Raea to light the torches for a new year festival. In truth, he was weakening Cosmic Glory so he could attempt to kill her and usurp the true heir of Dio to become the true god of the world. It failed thanks to Thundrax, Keioseth II, War Hawk, Peacemaker and other heroes' hope that re-awakened the flames of hope and revealing the link between hope and despair.
He is Cosmic Glory's number one Nemesis that can truly hurt her the most in power and lurks with his torch of despair to power the mad tyrant. His goal is to overpower her and prove despair's ultimate reign wherever he goes. He hates everything the Cosmic Glory stands for and is always plotting in the darkest of places to grow stronger or to ensure hope is smothered out from the world forever.
(Character created by @Angelight)


Ebon Void

Matthew Donati was the son of a super villain, the Black Hole, and he looked up to him as his idol that could get through anything. In the latest scheme of his, he was put to trial and the prosecuter of the case was Demetrius Jones, Brad's father. He was able to convince him to not only be guilty of his crimes but to put him in hot sleep. Matthew lost his idol and left him very bitter toward the man. He grew up into a rebellious teenager and with dreams of vengeance lingered with him until it burst to a breaking point.
He decided to honor his father's legacy and donned his own gear, calling himself the Ebon Void. His first villainous act was to break into the museum with his own personal gang to broadcast the live execution of the prosecutor's son, Brad. Unfortunately for him, it was the same day the Cosmic Glory made her debut as a super hero and busted the gang along with the Ebon Void. Since then, his grudge extended to the whole family and the super heroine for many years. He is always kidnapping Brad or trying plots to kill Cosmic Glory that end in failure.
He is the most persistent and with his gloves that he built to replicate his father's powers, he is always ready to strike for his thirst for vengeance is never satisfied.
(Character created by @Angelight)

Galtoid the Infallible (Deceased)

Galtoid appeared as an invasion attempt with an army of space brains that tried to invade Millennium City and the world. Cosmic Glory was part of the team that went to his spaceship to confront and shut down the operation for good. That wasn't the last time that she would see Galtoid. For reasons unknown to Cosmic Glory, Galtoid blamed her for his botched invasion and he made a deal with another villain, Viceroy, for some revenge. With Viceroy's backing, he turned Faye's biological father into Deathbrain Omega and set in motion of kidnapping citizens to turn them into his brain minions. While she helped the others fight to protect people, it left Brad unprotected and he was kidnapped in the fray. Brad was his target from the start to be the 'bait.'
It became clear how goofy and deadly the villain was. Faye was forced to confront her father who was going to kill her until it became clear he was lied to. In order to save everyone, Cosmic Glory and other heroes were able to get out of the ship with the incapacitated Galtoid before Deathbrain Omega crashed the ship to prevent its nuclear explosion. While Cosmic Glory really hated Galtoid for all the pain he's caused, he was just as much of a victim of Viceroy as everyone else.
It was revealed that Galtoid was really a scientist named Galton. He wasn't from space but invented something that gave him brilliance and psychic power but disintegrated his entire body. Now, he spends his days in prison.
His final appearance was four years later when he tried to ruin Faye's graduation. He was almost talked out of it when he was shot and killed by Viceroy's TYR soldiers.
(Storyline and character created by @Sprawler)

The Black Omen (Deceased)

This was the very first villain Cosmic Glory ever encountered in her heroic career. The Black Omen was a villianous time traveler that pulled heroes into time pockets at random times and truly believed time had to be destroyed to save everyone. It was the first time she attempted to take charge and rally heroes to stop him. Cosmic Glory worked day and night to find ways to make sure there were enough heroes to be prevent him from destroying everything. However, Black Omen had something else in mind for her. He took her to a machine and used her Cosmic Flame of Hope to power it to destroy all of time and space.
It would have worked were it not for the noble sacrifice of the hero, Trauma, and the interference of Captain Chronos, that it didn't happen. It is this event that has traumatized Cosmic Glory to this day. This is one of many reasons why Cosmic Glory is afraid to take charge and even more afraid if anyone ever tries to use her Cosmic Flame of Hope for anything else. Although he is dead, his impact on Faye lingers on to this very day.
(Storyline, and character created by @Doctor_Awesome aka Blue Bruiser)

Dio, the God of Fate(Deceased)

Faye met the god from another dimension several years ago when he appeared and demanded for the soul of a prince to be returned to him. When it was discovered Faye had the spirit within her, he demanded him back. She refused. From then on, it was a year of torment with the crazed god converting mortals to his side and cults forming in his name. He used their faith to "save" people from the "stain" that he believed this dimension was. With the spirit of Frendel forever lost to him, he fell deeper into insanity and felt the dimension needed to be 'purged' in order to save it.
From there on, no one had heard a word of him since. Reports of groups of people gone missing were heard and even a school of children but they were never found. It was believed that Dio had taken them but for what reasons are unknown. Only known to Faye herself, it seems Dio was killed unexpectedly and his flame returned to hers. While a relief, either it means a hero was able to stop him... or someone far worse managed to kill him.
Dio was the first but he was not the last.
(Storyline written by @Angelight. Character created by @Sorune)


Have something to say about the Cosmic Glory? Say it here!

Chivalry: "Cosmic Glory is a fair and powerful maiden with strong morales! I did battle her not the other day and lo' she and I did battle perpetually to a stock standstill with no victor!"

Hunter: "Cos? Sweet kid. Gives me a heart attack ta see'er out here, fightin' monsters, killers, what have ya. But, I wouldn't be able ta stop her, an' sometimes ya can't NOT use yer powers. That said, kid should be careful so she can be an' old fart someday like me an'

Thundrax: "She has world of potential, and an even bigger heart. And a great singing voice too!"


Avro: "She's already a better hero than most of the other people out there. When Cosmic Glory is a little older, she's either going to be leading the Champions...or on Sixteen and Pregnant."

Mr. Blank: "Good. Perhaps better than good. For now, petulance and inexperience are obstacles stopping her from harnessing her true potential. She'd better hope she can overcome them before they overcome her."

The Peacemaker: "She's one of the best up-and-coming heroes we've got! She can handle her own out there, and that's good news for all of us."

Nightwave: "I don't put my faith in politicians or religions. I put my faith in people. People who are better than me. Cosmic Glory is one of these people. Shes the one I'm fighting for. Shes the only reason I need to don the mask."

Tomonari: "She's... w-well, nice. Um... honestly, I-I really don't know wh-what to really say. I don't r-really think much on her being a-a hero, but, she's an honest friend. I don't want that to change."

Dragonfly: "What can I say about Faye? She's the first girl to make me feel the way I do about her and I love spending time with her. I love seeing her face, her smile. What can I say? I love her, even if she is a little on the "petite" side, she's got a heart the size a' a jumbo jet."

Lightwave: "It's not often that I'll admit this, but there are some heroes that I am terribly jealous of. The ones that have it in them to be great, the ones with not only the power, but the heart. She's almost ten years younger than I am, but she's decades ahead of me, and has the potential to be much, MUCH more. She's a great kid with a huge heart, and I'm jealous, there, I said it."

Gary Lelik: "Haven't met her all too much, but from what I could tell? She's one of the more upstanding folk we got horsing around. I'd buy her ice-cream for her heroics, but I figger she'd be creeped out by it.Anyway. Nice kid. Nuff said."

General Freedom: "She's a good kid with a lot of heart. Brave, respectful and kind. I hope this life doesn't beat that out of her."

Real Soviet Damage: "Ask Sascha, and Sascha say that conviction and heart greatest super powers of Comrade."

Sparrowhawk: "Cosmic Glory is immensely powerful, hopeful and kind. She's been invaluable in the short time she has been with the Protectors. I think even larger things are in store for her, most definitely."

Voreen: "Cosmic Glory is kind hearted, sincere, and nice. There are many good things about her. I hope she keeps that flame alive as she ages."

Ice-Heart: "It always pains me to see that such youth must fight and be put in harms way. I am gladdened though that she has grown stronger in the crucible that fate has thrust her in."

Tesseract: "Man, for someone so young, she's had to deal with a lot, at least as in the short time that I've known her. Still, despite all that, she manages to just be this...bright light in the middle of a dark room. It's hard not to be inspired, and her hopefulness just kind of rubs off on you."

Razira: "Despite her young age, Cosmic Glory is a fantastic, upbeat, and powerful teammate that refuses to let the weight of the world bring her down. She's been through a lot in her limited years, and despite having had things happen to her that would crack more experienced heroes, Glory continues to take it in stride. I'm proud to have her as an ally in the Protectors."

Fathom: "Doesn't matter how bleak things look during a battle, we can always rely on Cosmic Glory to re-energize our morale and throw in a punch or two."

C.O.P.: "Newbie's got a better handle on things than most heroes twice her age. She's more than earned her place with the Protectors."

Artifist: "Glory's got style and skill to match her fierce determination and 'never give up' attitude. Give her about ten years and I'm sure she'll running her own global superteam."

Imp (Angel Anderson) "I don't know her too well. But she's stronk, has a good head on her shoulders, and is JUST FREAKIN' ADORABLE! Seriously, I just wanna pinch her cheeks!"

Keioseth: "She is my first and, I'm fairly certain, ONLY fan. She's always a shining ray of light even in the darkest times."

Keioseth II: "If you even are having a bad day just walk up to her and give her a hug, she's the best!"

The Doctor: "What a sweetheart. I give her about five more years in this business, then she'll have encountered so many insane cultists, violent mass murderers and ruthless opportunists that it'll put that naive attitude to rest faster than she can pray to her little shooting stars. People are just the worst. *chuckles* Case in point right here!"

Jinn: "My colleague wish giver! That rhyme she does totally sounds like a pick-up line for a one-night stand though... it really does! It's an easy mistake to make. Ooh! Think I should maybe get myself some lyrical poetry too? Ahem! - Winds of the north, east, south and west. First kisses are the best. If I may, If I might... Have a taste of magic tonight."

Captain Adamant: "Naiveté is a liability in this line of work, no matter the powers behind it. But Faye is committed to doing better every day, which is more than others her age can say. I hope it's enough."


  • Cosmic Glory's original hero name was going to be Starr. The same concept of being a hero with powers of a comet were there but the backstory of being a little girl was not there. This would not come until later when surfing for a proper hero name and finding inspiration from a certain superhero from the Marvel universe.
  • The Cosmic Glory is a concept based off of Haley's Comet many years ago. It was a big comet that flew in the sky and the color that @Angelight remembered from its tail was the color blue. That is why her flames were given a blue color, to emulate that comet in the sky. Her name, Faye, is named after another comet. You can read about Faye's Comet right here!
  • Faye loves stuffed animals. She has a huge fixation for teddy bears. She has one on her bed that she sleeps with every night named Fluffy. She had it ever since she was a baby.
  • Faye hates broccoli.

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