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Avro is a relatively obscure, Canadian hero who operates in Millenium City. He is known somewhat for his less than professional attitude, his quippy, smart-mouthed disposition and his deadly precision with a longbow - in that order, unfortunately.

Player: @Saucefire
Biographical Data
Real Name: Eric William Massey
Known Aliases: Avro, The Dynamic Arrow, The Archer, Hooch (military callsign)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Kingston, Ontario
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Relatives: Clive Massey (brother), Kathleen Massey (sister in law) Amber Massey (niece) Sean Massey (Father, deceased) Martha Massey (Mother.)
Age: 29
Height: 5'10”
Weight: 165lb
Eyes: blue
Hair: Brown
Complexion: white
Physical Build: Built like a middleweight boxer
Physical Features: near constant stubble
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Barely anyone knows his superhero identity...
Years Active: Just over two years
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: Full-time superhero, part time hunk.
Education: Highschool diploma, Royal Military College of Canada graduate
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Master archer and marksman. Has a nearly flawless aim with anything that could conceivably be used as a long range weapon. Excellent perception, dexterity and coordination through extensive training and natural aptitude. CQB, Special forces and hand to hand training. Excellent acrobat. Has 20/2 vision.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
A wide variety of bows, ranging from recurve to compound. A variety of trick arrows. A houseboat dubbed "The Arrow-Nautical". Custom made body armor uniforms. Owns a blackberry. Carries dental floss.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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(this section is soon to undergo a minor-ish retcon)

Born in a cozy little home in Kingston, Ontario to a loving couple, the first two years of Eric's life were completely ordinary. This changed when his parents discovered that at the age of two, Eric had knocked his older brother out from across the dinner table by flicking a handful of peas at him. At the age of seven, Eric's parents decided to let him take up archery as a pass time, both to nurture his blossoming skills, but also so he would stop throwing things at his brother. As Eric's skills and marksmanship refined, many of his family members assumed he would someday grow up to become an Olympic athlete.

Several medical studies on Eric found no genetic manipulation, mutation, radiological-alterations or any other anomalies to explain his skills, they did discover that Eric's brain was able to automatically able to calculate wind speed, pressure variations, and distances instinctively and nearly instantly. There was also a noticeable increase in development in segments of his brain concerning balance, eye/hand coordination, and perception. As well, after Eric began to continuously complain of how disgusting people's pores were, it was discovered that Eric's eyesight was so good (20/2 vision) that he would have to wear corrective lenses so he would be able to function normally in society. Though Eric was chagrined to wear glasses, he was a bit relieved that he didn't have to stand across the room to read a book anymore.

When Eric graduated from High School, the Canadian government offered him and his family a hefty incentive package if he enrolled in the Royal Military College of Canada. He graduated easily, getting promoted to First Lieutenant, and was deployed in Afghanistan along with several other people displaying meta-human, or near meta-human, abilities. The group was called the Specialized Combat Advanced Reconnaissance Unit (SCAR), and was used to carry out small raids, diplomat extractions, and various covert missions, including border crossing missions into Pakistan, Turkmenistan, and once into China.

During his deployment, Eric and the rest of the unit caught the attention of Colonel Marco Howard, who was the head of Project: Lullaby. The project involved using combat implants appropriated from ARGENT and BASILISK on willing applicants in order to make Super soldiers. The goals were ambitious, however the cost of grafting cybernetics onto human organs proved much more costly than expected - both financially and physically. One by one, the candidates who were grafted with the implants died, either on the operating table or a few days later from complications. Soldiers who attempted to flee the project's remote base, located close to Alert, Nunavut[1], were either shot by snipers, or died from exposure.

Eric was the last person scheduled to undergo optimization, and the evening before his surgery, he raided the armory for a bow, stole a cache of cables and emails, and made a break for it. Upon reaching civilization, he leaked the documents he had stolen to the Department of National Defense in order to expose the atrocities that Project: Lullaby was committing, accompanied with a note saying he would send a copy of the documents to various national media outlets if the project wasn't dismantled.

In order to avoid a massive political debacle, Project: Lullaby was quietly shut down, it's assets liquidated, and Colonel Howard discharged from military service. With little direction left in life, and a limited skillset of being being able to accurately hit things with other things, Eric decided to become one of the things he idolized most growing up: a superhero. He fashioned himself a form fitting costume, carved up a bow, and promptly moved to Millenium City, seeing it as the Mecca or Hollywood for superheroes. He took up the name Avro, mostly as an in joke... thus far only one other hero has actually got the joke.


Recurve Bow – Avro's primary weapon, he prefers his recurve bow over a compound bow, but has been known to use both.

Quiver – Avro's quiver is usually stuffed with a wide variety of arrows, all of them hand crafted. It typically carries:

  • Broad head arrows - the sharp, pointy, deadly ones.
  • High explosive arrows.
  • Sonic arrows
  • Taser arrows - they come designed with two settings 'human' and 'superhero', with appropriate voltage each.
  • Fragmentation arrows
  • Depleted Uranium arrows
  • Poison gas arrows
  • Net arrows
  • Tether Arrows - two arrows bound by a steel cable, perfect for abseiling, swinging, or tethering one object to another (such as a criminal to a moving car.)
  • High impact, less-than-lethal arrows
  • Highly concentrated acid arrows
  • Thermite arrows
  • White phosphorus arrows
  • Electromagnetic pulse arrows
  • Listening Device arrows
  • Kendrium tipped armor piercing arrows
  • Flare arrows (He calls them flarrows because he thinks it's hilarious.)
  • Curly arrows - This is just a regular, broadhead arrow, though the shaft curls repeatedly. What it's for is a mystery.
  • Cryonic arrows
  • Adhesive arrows
  • He possibly carries around an arrow with an atomic warhead.

All of the arrows have white shafts and blue feathers. There's no real reason for this, other than Avro being an Argonauts fan. He typically carries at least one of each arrow, and is always experimenting and thinking up of more, even crazier arrows.

Hover Disk – Because of millions of years of Darwinism and evolution, humans never developed the ability to fly. After a recent trip to the Future (long story), Avro was able to procure a flying hoverdisk to correct this error.

Collapsible Emergency Bow – Or CEB as he calls it. This is a device about the size of a flashlight that expands into a short bow. He always carries it in his quiver, in case his primary bow gets destroyed or stolen. It's also considerably easier to conceal than his regular bows. Avro doesn't like it because it's not as well balanced as his main bow. He occasionally uses it as a baton.

Body Armor- Even though Avro has a wide variety of costumes, they're all made of a special questionite/dragonite/cotton weave. This means they all very durable, lightweight, and machine washable.

Knife - It's a knife. It's sharp. Avro using it mostly for whittling arrows and occasionally for stabbing. He typically carries one of two knives. One is a military KA-BAR, the other is a butterfly knife he stole off a hoodlum in Westside.

The Arrow-Nautical - A two bedroom, one bathroom, houseboat. The boat is mostly bullet proof, has satellite TV, access to the SOCRATES network and has a prototype Harmon AQUARIUS-Tech engine installed on board, as well as several other modifications. He found the engine in a VIPER headquarters and has promised to return it eventually. The Arrow-Nautical is Avro's base of operations and home. It's currently docked in Millennium City.

Avrocar[2] - No one is quite sure how Avro managed to get his hands on this Cold War relic. Avro owns and maintains his own hover, saucer mobile. The Avrocar doesn't work particularly well, and Avro can't really drive it...at all. He has used it in exactly one high speed pursuit, during which he managed to let the bank robbers he was pursuing escape, and accidentally ran over a few pedestrians trying to cross the street before crashing it into a parked car. He hasn't brought it out since.

The Arrowcycle wip


Eric typically carries himself as fun loving and laid back, he tends to take things with the seriousness that they sometimes deserve. World ending events, doomsday weapons and apocalypses are all ripe for jokes and jibes in Avro's opinion. Though he tends to be a little blase when it comes to super villains, he does take his job very seriously, even if it doesn't seem that way. He tends to come off as just a tad arrogant, or smart mouthed, but this is mostly due to inexperience as a superhero - when nervous, frightened, or flustered Avro will fall back to humour.

He tends to be friendly with other heroes, though he's wary of sharing his identity with anyone, even with heroes he tends to trust. Eric tries his best to avoid unnecessary killings, but he was and always will be a soldier, and is perfectly willing to go to more extreme measures if other options have been exhausted.

Eric rarely goes out of his uniform, spending most of his days and nights as Avro. He spends most of his off the clock time on his house boat, The Arrow-Nautical. He can cook, knit and sew (though these aren't really superhero type powers). He's a bachelor, and enjoys it, but that doesn't stop him from flirting with whichever female hero happens to walk by his field of vision.




Though he wont admit it publicly, Avro is a pretty big fanboy when it comes to other, more established heroes. It was other heroes that inspired Eric in his younger days to don the tights, and even though he's usually preouccpied trying to make it as a hero in his own right, he still has some time to indulge in his hobby. Some of his collectibles include: Thundrax lunchbox, a Stargirl poster (it's for his niece, really) and his own, handmade Mr. Blank costume (which Avro claims is better than the original. It's not)

Powers and Abilities

Archery and Marksmanship - Because of over two decades of training, as well as a brain that possesses highly developed regions pertaining to accuracy, spatial awareness and eye hand coordination, Avro's aim is nearly flawless. He can instinctively calculate windspeeds, air pressure and distances. He aim extends beyond just bows, and has been known to improvise weapons out of rocks, loose change, and empty bullet casings.

Super-human eyesight - Avro's eyesight has been at 20/2 vision his whole life. While this is a boon for someone who's dedicated his life to sniping and archery, it makes doing regular things like reading, writing or interacting with people a bit difficult or uncomfortable (Imagine being able to see all the details of a filthy pore on someone's face). As a result, he wears corrective lenses - usually either glasses, or lenses that are built into his mask.


What Other Heroes Say About Avro

An awesome archer who kinda helped save my butt. He also has the bonus of being witty. - The Peacemaker

Nice guy, a little bit of a wiseacre, I like that. And the original Forceknight was as pleased as punch that someone's honoring the legacy of the Arrow. Thundrax

Who, now? - Kastor

Good shot. Talks too much. - Mr. Blank

"I don't really appreciate where his eyes and thoughts wonder, but I can tell his heart is at least in the right place. And he is occasionally funny, but don't tell him I said that." - Nightwave

"I can't believe I got to meet Hawkeye!" --Impsblood

"Avril isn't the prettiest girl on the Siren Squad, but she has a lot of heart. We can all respect that." --Nightfang

"I think we're related, like seriously, my actual brother and I have barely anything in common. Maybe they were switched at birth. Avro is seriously one cool dude nonetheless." - Keioseth

Triva and Fun Facts

Avro, for whatever reason, finds blatantly lying to his fellow heroes hilarious. Some of these lies include

  • That he keeps building Arrow themed jets and they keep crashing.
  • That he is training to be Mr. Blank's new sidekick - Blank Boy.
  • That he has his own line of collectible cards.
  • That he's actually Thundrax's alter ego.
  • That he has a dog named Shooty the Arrow Pup.

Avro actually does have a pet named Shooty. It's a turtle.

Shooty has since run away from home - Avro assumes he did this very slowly.

Is a big fan of Pink Floyd and Duran Duran

Avro may or may not have a nuclear warhead arrow.

Whilst on a mission on Monster Island, Avro stumbled across an ARGENT research base. After routing the ARGENT personnel out of the base, Avro proceeded to steal the base's research budget, netting himself approximately 8.5 million dollars, which he now uses to fund his own superheroic endeavours. He has promised to return it if ARGENT asks politely.

Recently Avro actually went and bought a 25 million dollar Arrowjet (using appropriated funds recovered from ARGENT). However on the intitial test flight, he was shot down by one of his nemeses. Avro was able to eject, but the jet was obliterated.

As a result he's nearly flat broke, and has to ride the bus around the city.

Is technically an illegal immigrant.

There are Avro t-shirts for sale. Avro gets none of the proceeds or royalties.

Supergroup Affiliation


After Avro and Mr. Blank had a brief skirmish with the cosmic embodiment of war, Warmonger, Blank extended an offer to Avro to join the Moonlighters. Initially, he found fitting in with the group of street level heroes difficult, and found it hard not to insult, offend, or annoy the team of young, edgy, street level heroes. He has since stopped caring what sort of impression he makes on his team mates, and is really just there to do the jobs Mr. Blank asks of him.

Circle of Justice

Several times, Avro has worked alongside Thundrax and the Circle of Justice. He does this mostly to rub shoulders with some of the more big league heroes he wouldn't normally have the opportunity to interact with. Despite being very well intentioned, and formidable in his own right, Avro tends to feel a bit ill-prepared for dealing with the sheer scope of events the high-powered CoJ tends to deal with, and feels a bit useless compared to the ultra-powerful members the Circle has it it's disposal. Though that really doesn't deter him from offering to help out.

The Siren Squad

Though the term 'unofficial', 'mascot' and 'not really a member' are bandied about by his fellow team mates on the Siren Squad, Avro insists that he's full-fledged member of the All-girl Siren Squad team. During the investigation into the mysterious 'Orion Killer', Avro's long time friend, Nightwave, brought him in to help with the investigation. Avro sees himself as breaking a glass ceiling, and ending gender biases within the superhero community. Whether or not he's actually an official member of the Sirens is up to debate.


More Maybe Coming Soon-ish!


Is not as good of a shot as Hunter -Paid for by the Hunter is a better shot than Avro foundation.

Avro hates Orange Soda, causing him to fall in great standing with the Blue Bruiser.

Avro also doesn't care for the sports section of newspapers.

Go crazy with the rumours, folks!

Avro Mugging for the Camera