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Player: Stone@1602
Hunter in the field
Biographical Data
Real Name: John Blackclaw
Known Aliases:
Gender: Male
Species: Human, Mutant
Ethnicity: Native American, Apache
Place of Birth: Smokey Skies reservation, New Mexico
Base of Operations: Former Ranger Corps sniper, Currently contracted with Until
Relatives: Father, Joe Blackclaw (Aka Drinks-under-table.) Mother, Mary Blackclaw, (Fixes-anything), Uncle, John, (Talks-fast.) Deceased
Age: 32
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black with blue streaks
Complexion: Copper
Physical Build: Slender, lithe
Physical Features: High cheekbones, no stubble, tribal tattoos
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Not very secret
Years Active: Almost 15, counting his military service and hero work.
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Independent contractor for Until, Mercenary, Hero
Education: High school dropout
Marital Status: Dating
Known Powers and Abilities
"Perfect Body Mutation" Strength, agility, speed, durability, senses, Army combat training, Apache Knife training, Sniper school.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Body armor with build in Commlink/computer+hud. Digital sound dampeners for sonic-based weaponry.

Pistols, Rifles, Knives, Utility belt containing items such as Duct Tape, Zip-ties, first-aid Medi-Foam, glowsticks, rations, water, and ammo. Hand-rolled tobacco cigarettes, used for meditation. Carries a spare Mask/Visor, and earplugs.

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

Hunter is a Native-American Meta-human, of an a-typical type. As a wise-cracking gunslinger, he's proven himself unique by his self-aware humor, and enjoyment of the world. He was made in an attempt to showcase a different kind of Native American then is seen in comics and movies.


Anatomy of a Hunter.


Hunter is a wise-cracking, smart-mouthed, gunslinger, obsessed with media. He loves movies, music, particularly old ones. He's been known to sing Mary Poppins while in a gunfight, or breaking out laughing. When fighting, he seems able to focus his mind and body independent of his mouth, multitasking well.

As a leader, Hunter is Loud, and take-charge when he needs too, signs of his military history bleeding in.

Possibly due to his upbringing, attitude, or powers, Hunter lives In the moment. Not that he doesn't think about the future, and plan, but he appreciates every sensation. Lives life with a mad passion for it.

Despite being largely a mercenary, and a veteran, Hunter tends to be an optimist.

An Atheist by virtue of "No Loving God has anything to do with us." Hunter still maintains a hidden hope in humanity.



John Blackclaw was born on the Smokey Skies Indian reservation. Unlike some people beleive, life in a reservation is not filled with culture and life. Not in all of them. For Hunter, it was like living in a tomb. A culture that was already dead to him. His youth was spent between Indian School, where he barely passed, to long afternoons at his Uncles store, where they sold cheap "indian" trinkets to gullible white tourists.

His father was a mechanic, but there were VERY few cars on the reservation, so business was never good. His parents began to smoke drugs, and drink heavily. Despite their poverty, they did the best the could to let John know they loved him. Even with this affection, the young John felt terribly caged. Before he was 18, he faked his ID, and enlisted into the Army.

The Army

While in the Army, John found a calling. He had direction, he had companionship, and a purpose. One of his greatest interests was to travel, so as soon as he could, he applied for the Rangers. His squad was stationed in rotating places all over the world, from African jungles, to the far east, to, finally, the vast deserts of the Middle East.

While in the middle east, he began to watch the people he was fighting. A slow realization dawned on him. HE was the invading force. Was what he was doing so different from what the settlers did to his people 200 years before?

He killed, during his time in the service, as a soldier does. By the time he had spent over ten years in the army, he was up for re-enlisting, but he was already having doubts.

The Birth of a Hunter

It was during a routine check on an isolated mountain village, that John and his crew were ambushed.

A surprise attack, a barrage of gunfire, and John lay on the ground, his companions, his best friends, all dead. Riddled with Bullets, himself, oddly alive. Sore, bruised, but alive. And for the first time, it seemed. Aware. The scent of the cattle, the dust on the ground. The blood, the death, the sweat. His eyes blurred, snapping into focus with unbelievable clarity, and the men who shot him, as they advanced, almost seemed to shine. He could smell their fear as he stood up, bullet holes in his armor.

The men ran in terror, as Hunter, re-born, gave chase, reveling in his newfound power.

He scalped those men, and left them for the beasts. Brought his companions back to be buried, and never re-enlisted, keeping his new-found powers secret, as he didn't seem to register on either science, or magic tests.

Early in his Hero Career


Returning home to the reservation, with his honorable discharge under his belt. Hunter spent a year in the desert, refining his powers. He mastered his speed, spent his money on supplies. He realized, he couldn't NOT use his powers. But he didn't want to be in the Army, with his new powers, he didn't want to kill anymore. During this time, he made contacts with a Meta-techie, who sold used Hero equipment.

Hunter traveled to MC, still wanting to get away from the reservation, He had just picked up his uniform, and was testing it out, when the Qularr invaded.

During the invasion, Hunter spent most of the time as a support for the armed services, setting up sniping positions, and transporting ammunition and troops; as well as lending his gun-play in support against the invaders.

As a Hero,he's proven to be VERY willing to help others, particularly in the area around where he currently lives, MC's Westside.

The Blue Family

It was in the Westside Carl's Gym, that hunter met Numm. While lifting weights, they discussed the gangs, and the Blue Family. To Hunter, it sounded more like an old joke, "Indian rebellions, the Original Homeland Security." When Numm offered Hunter a place in the gang, Hunter took it. Happy to be both keeping his hard-fought freedom, and still using his powers for a purpose other then to revel in them.

Numm M.I.A.

Since the disappearance of the founder, Hunter, Spitfyre and Berzerkka banded together to support the ideals, and formed the new, "core" of the gang. Since then, it's been on the upswing, fighting back and getting their territory back.

Blood Moon

Before the mystic mess of the Blood Moon, Hunter had become very close to the Meta-Swat Angel, Mercy. Close enough that they had formed somewhat of a relationship, or in his own words, a "Thing." With her mystic concerns, Hunter became aware of the Mystic doom on the horizon.

Blood Moon didn't go well for Hunter. Halfway through it, with the zombies and dead heroes everywhere, Hunter received a blow to his heart, as Mercy and he broke ways.

Still, he found some solace in his new-found friendship with Giga Gal. But, he was still acting out, filling a hole in his heart by overcompensating. With Takofanes defeated, Hunter began to come around again.

The group involved in Operation Liberation, Hunter's the man with the blue Aura, trying to pose with the guns out and getting caught it what looks like a headlock.

Giga Gal

After the battles, Hunter began to realize that he still felt like something was missing.

Heartbroken after the loss of Mercy, Hunter began sleeping around, bouncing from woman to woman. Giga Gal had drawn his eye during the fight against the zombies. Over time, the two of them developed a deeper friendship, and then, as the cold months went on, love began to bloom.

Beyond that, he's been working at the legitimate business of the Blue Family, as he is the current owner of Blue Holdings, Incorporated.

The Templar

It was after the Zombie invasion, that hunter became the right-hand man to Giga Gal, remaining with the Blue family as it dwindled around him. Around the end of Winter, Hunter, injured after a mission that went pear-shaped, watched his love on TV, announce the formation of the "New Templars." Heroes who did not require permission to save the world, and held themselves to a high and rigid code. A few days later, a healthy Hunter would join their ranks.


Hunter had been plagued for months by the hate-manipulating mutant, Hangman. After every encounter, Hunter nearly killed the fat white man. So, when Hangman was found killed in a manner befitting traditional Apache raids, Hunter was arrested for the crime.

Hunter spent over a week in prison, while Giga Gal worked to prove him innocent. The killer turned out to be a vengeful Native American ghost, who, as he was banished away, whispered, "It doesn't matter. We're allready dead... My people... We are the dead."

Scalphunter ((Picture to come later.)) Replaced by an other-dimensional version of himself, this Desert Ghost, or Scalphunter ran wild in MC for a short time. He attacked a few of Hunter's good friends, using his stealth, his agility, and his skill with arms in ways Hunter never would.

Love lost.

Giga Gal was dead. The reports, and Hunter, tell of a dramatic last stand against the Cultists of the Shining Darkness, where she sacrificed herself to save the world. Hunter told the announcement in one of his only media showings. He went on to say... "She was the kind of hero we all looked up to. Brave, selfless to the bitter end. I loved her with all my heart. And both me, and the world, are that much sadder... that much more empty now... Hopefully... We'll find some inspiration in her. In her determination. 'Scuse me..." Hunter then walked off the stage. He wore his mask during the announcement, and didn't take any questions.

Later, Hunter was reported dead. His head crushed in by Rezz, driven grief stricken by the death of Giga. Hunter was not seen for weeks, but returned a haunted man. While before Hunter was known for wise-cracks, now, he seemed on the verge of tears.

Soon enough, he vanished.

The Purity of the Desert

Back home with his family in the Reservation, Hunter's world was shook one more time, as his Uncle fell terminally ill. Hunter stood by his aging elder, learning the last lesson a beloved parent can teach. How to die, and cope with death. Hunter's uncle was buried in a simple plot, in the red earth he loved so much.

After his grief lessened, Hunter knew it was time to return to where he could do the most good.


Hunter's return was bittersweet, tinged with rage at the existence of the Emissary, an alternate universe version of Giga Gal.

With the help of his friends, he came to terms with her, and in a way, settled his weary soul. Since then, he's been much more his regular, bizarre self.


For a time, Hunter was courting one of the most beautiful women in all super-hero-dom. Their shared military history, and complimenting power sets made them a brief, but formidable team.

Until Hyrda's undercover work took her so deep undercover that they lost contact. He has yet to hear anything from her.

The Business of Violence

After months of soul-searching and grieving, Hunter had once more found his center. His work with the Freelancers had helped him to cross a threshold, and become a new, whole person.

Which means, more joking, and a commitment to the business of tracking bad people, finding bad people, and shooting bad people in a non-terminal way.

More than that, he's had a vision of what could be.

He has a dream.

Duratek Jeans

Hunter, to finance this dream, has taken a position with the Duratek, Super-tough jeans Corporation, appearing in commercials, and on posters. Mostly while shirtless. Mancandy.png


She's short, she's spunky, and, after a chance meeting in a bar that led to Hunter saving her from being almost eaten by Duratok Gorehowl, they formed a blossoming friendship.

If they knew it would happen or not, the more time they spent together, the less they felt like being apart. While they both refer to themselves as "Broken", together, they mesh almost seamlessly. Her lack of durability and fighting experience matched with his bulletproof hide and years of combat.

His weakness to sounds and bright lights matched by her BOOM!

While not a public couple in the Media sense, over the comm-lines, and in hero work, they are very up-front about their relationship.

Hunter's constant work as a solo Recon operative strains their relationship at times, as Lightwave becomes worried when her idiot of a boyfriend goes off without backup.


A ghost from Lightwave's past. Or, rather, the past of her ancestor. It stalks all those close to Akiko, including Hunter. A foe more stealthy, and fast than he is. Hunter has been possessed by it twice, only for the Onyro to discover his guns are non-lethal. She also took the form of Giga-gal, both alive and dead when dealing with Hunter. Reaching into his soul for his greatest failure.

She was defeated with the help of Lightwave's friend Blackheart. Though, her defeat hinted at greater evils to come.

The Return of Hangman

Death doesn't stop hate. And hate was all that hangman had left. Pulling his body back up, his ability to control the fear and hate in others moved onto those like him, past the veil. He's been slow in bringing in his plans, to an end nobody can predict.

Midori's baggage

Midori, the spirit guide of Lightwave left a fight unfinished, and it's come back to haunt the lovers.


Somebody broke her psi-powered ex-boyfriend out of prison, and he proceeded to kill her mother, destroy her fathers mind, and almost destroy hers as well.

When Hunter and Gunny brought him in, the man had been beaten almost unrecognizable, bones sticking out of a broken arm, capcisisn oil in his bloodstream. It's likely Hunter Hasn't gone into detail on what happened in that fight.


An alternate universe Akiko, Captured by being led into a light-room trap. When trying to bring her back to her homeworld, they were assaulted, and she took a spear to the stomach. It was only due to the fast actions of Silver Eagle and Ice-Heart that her life was saved, but she will never walk again. Hunter has agreed to use Rev's skill with drug and drug treatments on his reservation, limiting her to community service, while her son, Apache by blood of that universes Hunter, will be raised by his tribe.

What it means to be Apache, what it means to be a man

The Smokey Skies reservation was a den of poverty, crime, vice and despair. Hunter couldn't wait to get out. Traveling the world in the armed service showed him how others lived. Eventually, he had an idea, a dream.

The dream was to save his people, his tribe, to get them up, and out of the cycle of despair, and return their self-respect.

With the money from his modeling, and from his work, Hunter paid for a new school, new roads, and actual plumbing to be sent to each 'home' in the land. With plans for self-sufficiency, and sustainability in place, the tribe got together, and elected Hunter to a place on the tribal council. Giving him the reign he needed to help his people.


Hunter seems to have powers of a purely physical sense. Mercy once described his body as, "The perfect engine." He is able to run at over 40 miles per hour, has proven able to leap tremendous distances. It has been noticed that, while running, he crouches, coiled like a spring.

His agility and flexibility is super-human, incredibly quick, and accurate with his firearms, he has VERY fine motor skill. Partly tied to his training as an army sniper, as well as his natural agility, Hunter is quite sneaky when he wishes to be. Often he remarks when appearing out of seeming nowhere, "Apache's are Ambush predators." And "Nobody ever looks up."

Hunter also possesses a lesser degree of super-human strength, able to lift (bench) about one ton. This serves his close-combat knife-skills by being able to employ enough pressure to make his strikes matter on the more super-durable foes, at least a little. And yet, he's never broken a trigger on his gun, even under pressure. As such, the nature and limitations on his strength are inconsistent,at best.

Hunter has also demonstrated potent senses of hearing, sight, and smell. Able to identify several peoples sexual partners by the lingering smells. "Nobody showers enough."

Lastly, his body seems highly durable, not truly invulnerable, but he seems largely bulletproof. While he also heals quickly, it's less a matter of regeneration, and more a matter of "Recovery."

Other Abilities

Hunter is an experienced practitioner of Apache knife-fighting. Skilled in normal human hand-to-hand. Working with Giga Gal Has made his abilities to fight meta-humans VASTLY improved.

Hunter is often contracted to do just as his name suggests. Hunting. He is considered one of the most skilled trackers in the Meta-human community. Often saying, "Give me the scent, and a place to start."

Hunter is also skilled in crafting stereotypical native American trinkets. As a way to make some extra money as a child, he learned how to play the wooden flute.

His uncle owned a WW2-era jeep, that Hunter and his father worked to bring up to peak performence, Hunter still owns it, even if he does run more.


Due to his mutation, Hunter requires a great deal of calories per day to function at peak efficiency.

While it hasn't been tested what will happen if he does not get his required caloric intake, a known side-effect is the endothermic reaction of his body, his internal skin temperature is around 120 degrees.


Hunter's typical equipment usage.

Apache Long Knives

Designed by Hunter and his Uncle, a master knife fighter and combat instructor, these blades are designed with Hunter's agility and strength in mind. Titanium with a Kendrite edge, designed for heavy-duty combat, his particular fighting style, and use on meta-tough targets.

Until Impact round


In a world where that hood stealing a ladies purse could be bulletproof, but the man in a skintight costume with a ray gun may not, employing bullets in the field can be either overkill, or useless. The Impact round was UNTIL's answer to this problem.

The Impact Round is fired through a propulsion system inside the gun itself, much akin to a magnetic rail gun. Upon point of impact, the round explodes. The kinetic energy of the impact is almost identical to that of a bullet, but there is no penetration.

Common injuries on mortals are broken bones and tissue damage. On Meta-humans, it's highly similar to being hit with a high-caliber shell.

Hunter's pistols have enlarged clips that carry 150 rounds each. This is possible because the round itself is small, requiring no independent propulsion such as a charge of gunpowder.

Sniper Rifle


Hunter employs a collapsible Sniper rifle. Unlike a normal sniper rifle in the field, this has a shorter effective range, but can still be highly powerful on armored targets.

Due to his senses, he no longer requires a spotter, and can sometimes be seen using a conventional sniper rifle from a prone targeting position.

Hunter employs various ammunition for his long rifle.

.50 Cal: For use against general targets.

Tranqs: For use against unarmored targets preferred unharmed. Hunter is rumored to be the sniper employed to take down Hydra when she was brought in by the UN.

Rubber: Hunter prefers these high-density rubber rounds. His advanced senses helped him to perfect a shot that bounces off one target, into another, and a third, if they're close enough together. He calls this the "Trick shot."



((Caution, mushy))

First, there was Mercy, an Angel who Grew fond of Hunter. Eventually though. The wind changed. Hunter refers to her as "Mary Poppins" at times. She left him to love a friend, but even then, she was kind and sweet, and he couldn't hate her for it.

Then, Giga Gal, who was shy and quiet, yet strong and proud. Team Flash'n Bang. he loved her with all his heart, and was nearly destroyed by her death.

Hydra Came next. While they never formalized their relationship, her guidance through a rough time of his life gave her a special place in his heart.

Lightwave And Hunter forged a bond that wasn't made in combat or stress. But in joy. When they met, he wasn't looking for a relationship, and she wasn't exactly offering. Given time, they discovered how comfortable it was to be with each other.

Except when he's had too much Chili.

Akiko is Hunter's match in speed and wit. Though, he'll never admit that she's far, far faster than he is.


(In no particualar order.)

Mr. Grimm Is one of Hunter's Earliest Super-hero buddies, this immortal Cowboy was Hunter's primary partner for the first year of his time in costume.

Cosmic Glory A teen hero, Hunter sometimes gives her a hard time. He worries for her, having lost somebody he loves to this job, it's not something he beleives a 14-year-old should be doing.

Nightwave Her and her wife Blue Hour are two people Hunter has fought alongside a handful of times. He respects their commitment to improving themselves, and building their family.

Mr. Blank Somebody Hunter has worked with a few times, and respects for his dedication to duty, he doesn't think Blank likes him much.

Thundrax One of the men Hunter respects above all others. Brave, selfless, and compassionate. Hunter spends much time trying to live up to the standard he represents.

Keioseth By now, these men have become a close-knit family, with Hunter teaching Keio's adopted daughter how to drive.

A "Family Portrait, of Keioseth his daughter Kara, his adopted daughter Lacey, and their "Uncle" Hunter.


Personal Opinions (Post'em here!)

"Probably one of the most decent men out there -- noble, proud, strong, and sweet, though I'm not supposed to let that one out of the bag. He'll have your back in any sort of fight. The Family knows what it's got, that's for sure." -- Mercy

"True Blue, this guy. Great drinkin' buddy, reliable in a fight and always with a word of encouragement or bad joke to lighten the mood. Now if only I could get him off the show tunes and singin' some REAL music he'll be golden." -- Spitfyre

"I envy him. In the little time I've talked with him, he seemed to have an... ease about him. An ease of action, of speech, of motivation, as if everything came to him by instinct." -- Gargoyle

"He's nice, I thought he'd be just another jarhead and I'm glad I was proven wrong. ... Still feel bad about the treadmills though." -- Giga Gal

"I spoke to this guy for all of five minutes and already I'd be willing to shout him a drink or seven. Good, upstanding, honest guy. World needs more people like him." --Skylance

"The first hero I ever worked with, funny enough. He bought me a coat... I used to think he was just another light hearted self styled bravado, but I've since been proven wrong. Very wrong. He's one of the few that manages to impress, and suprise me. ... And he has an excellent taste in music." -- Zarp Draken

"He likes girls! Yez." -- Sweet Zee

"What can I say, Hunter is my best buddy. He's a blast to hang with, a blast to kick ass with, and a fucking trip to watch the ladies drool over. Better him than me I guess. *laughs* Bitches drive me nuts." -- Silver Eagle

"Hunter? Now that's a man's man. We share the bond of being the weaker sex around the gym, so I've seen him around a few times. Great guy with a great personality and a quite impressive fighter. Very agile, very well-balanced, every movement thought out to some degree. That aside, he is generally a delight to be around. An excellent combatant, and as far as I've seen, a perfect gentleman." -- Smokin' Mirrors

"Hunter's great! After you get past all the jokes, he really is a nice guy. One of the few people that I felt comfortable fully talking to, he actually cared that I was upset. He has a lot of spirit and really knows how to fight for what's right!" -- Eternal Reverie

"Hunter reminds me a lot of Ravenspeaker, but even more likely to take the piss out of his heritage while being fiercely devoted to it. He's a great friend, a guy who helps me make better fashion choices, and -- behind the joking facade -- someone I wouldn't want as an enemy in a million years." Thundrax

"If I could have an older brother, I'd want it to be Hunter. I can really depend on him when I need it and I'm glad to have him here... even if he did rat out my mother about me having a boyfriend before I could break it to her..." -- Cosmic Glory

"He's a pervert, his jokes are bad, and his mouth runs faster than sonic the hedgehog...but he's cool. Well, as cool as an old man can be, heh." --Lightwave

"I've been betrayed by family, back stabbed by friends, and cheated on by women. My trust is nigh impossible to gain and easier to lose than needle in a haystack. This said, I trust Hunter with not only my life but also the life of my daughter, the well being of my team, and the good name of my company. If there was a finer example of what it is to be a member of the Freelancers, Hunter is it." -- Keioseth

"Helpful but annoying." -- The Emissary

"He's many things. Some good, most bad. The one thing I know for certain, however, is that he's a soldier and the world will always need soldiers." -- Mr. Blank

"Hunter's a good guy, if a little crazy. Hell of a fighter, too. Im glad to be working with him. Now, stop writing or im gonna smack you upside the head." -- Gunny

"Whenever I see him, he is so relaxed that it is scary. How can someone seem so laid back and still be involved in such dangerous work? I hope that I can someday be like that as well." -- Spirit/Winterstar

"He is a striking contrast of human and super human. I get the feeling he is one of the few who knows what it means to truly live. What strikes me the most about him however is that among a population of people who carry themselves like something beyond human, he is a rather down to earth man, a human." -- Lenora "Ice-Heart" Carver

"Hunter? He's a good guy, don't see him much...But when I do, something big's usually happened. I'm amazed he gets through all of it and can still take a joke about the whole 'pants thing' without punching you in the face." Proud Patriot



Former Associates

Smokey Skies Indian Reservation
US Army Ranger Core
Blue Family

Meta Data

Rumor has it... (Go Nuts!)

He's secretly seeing Ravenspeaker on the side, and is bi-sexual.

He's considering auditioning for a new mockumentary on the village people..

He has a drinking problem.

His day job is as a UPS delivery man.

He really has magical Indian powers.

Is the Earthly Avatar of Coyote.

Is related to Geronimo.

Hunter was deeply in love with Giga Gal and may or may not have gotten her pregnant.

Actually has no powers.

Was convicted of murder, or was it acquitted?

Talks in his sleep.

Was killed by Rezz, brought back by an angel, maybe Mercy?

He's not a better shot than Avro (This myth is perpetuated entirely by Avro.)

Was bought as a date for a charity auction by Hydra, for $500. He also may have been dancing and shirtless at the time.

He has been asking people if they know anything about Hydra But nobody seems able to tell him anything.

Is secretly filling the role of Rambo in a new movie.

Plays one mean game of footy...and by mean, I mean lethal mean.

Likes to have awkward wrestling sessions with ninjas with much body-to-body contact.

In the time he fought Foxbat, he held him down, and shaved him bald. On TV.

Keeps Foxbat's hair in a ziplock baggie.

Is now in an elaborate prank war with the Foxbat, Hunter currently holds the win by sneaking into a Foxbat fanclub, and, after shooting each and every fanboy in the butt with a traq dart, he proceeded to give them all wedgies.

Might be Dating DJ Brightchild, also known as the hero Lightwave

Nickelodean is making a cartoon based on Hunter called Hunter and Pal's Playtime Adventure.

Hunter Has been seen during some of Lightwave's shows, standing behind her, shirtless and in a complimentary outfit.

Was seen in Japan with Lightwave and Blackheart, but he was holding Blackheart's hand?

Was seen running around the Renaissance center in a loin-cloth shouting "I AM TUROK! SLAYER OF DINOSAURS!"

May possibly be using his Jeans advertisments as a means to attract gay men.

He farts pixie dust and burps rainbows.

He gets into an arguement on Monster Island with two manimals, which usually ends with "Duck season! Fire!"


((Oak suggests this))

Overall, this is Hunter.

Black eyed Peas: Pump it

This might describe his fighting.

Weapon of choice.

Song 2, Blur.

My Own worst Enemy.

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap. Hero-work song!

Hunter the Soldier

Good music to describe Hunter's Fighting. he doesn't stay still




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