Blue Family

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Blue Family
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Leader(s): Numm, Hunter, Spitfyre, Berzerkka
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Concept: Gang
Founded: September 10th, 2009
Website: Click Here
Members: 13+

A Blue Family jacket as modeled by Numm.
Blue Family members at a meeting. From left to right: Soulmote, Numm, Petit Coeur, Spitfyre, Ace of Diamonds, and Hunter.

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The Blue Family is a small gang operating within Millenium City that aims to clean up the streets for citizens and give a home to those who need it. It was founded by the rough-and-tumble Ogre Numm. After his disappearance, Spitfyre, Berzerkka and Hunter have taken over the running of the gang.


The original inspiration for Blue Family comes from a legend gang founder Numm heard shortly after leaving his home of Gumalya:

There is a legend that speaks of a time long ago. Back before mankind had harnessed his environment, when humans would group together into tribes not just for protection, but to squabble amongst themselves...

In these times, when a member of the tribe did not fit in with the standards of the local society they were simply cast out, left to fend for themselves. In many cases left to die. The legend goes that one such outcast did not feel rage or fear at her exclusion, but pity. Pity that her former comrades could not see what she so obviously did: all beings have a right to live, no matter how different. This outcast refused to simply die out, but nor could she survive the harsh world on her own so she decided to seek out others like herself.

Slowly, day by day, her small party swelled. Soon they were a tribe all of their own, as large as any they had been expelled from. The other tribes did not know where this force had appeared from, for the outcasts would all coat themselves in blue paint so as to not be recognized or associated with the kinsmen that betrayed them. Remembering their reverence for the lives of others, the tribe refused to fight unless forced to, but it is said that of all the world, they were the finest of warriors...

The only thing stronger than a person who has lost everything, is one who has regained it after knowing that sadness.

The big focuses of the group are equality, making sure everyone has a home, and keeping the streets safe for the average citizen. A lot of the gang's "territory wars" are honestly an attempt to push out the really dangerous gangs and create a sort of "safe perimeter" for the people of the city. That's not to say they don't demand discounts at the local bars or anything, though... The gang will gladly accept practically anyone as a member provided that they follow the basic rules, look out for the family as much as themselves, and respect life.

Blue Family's membership largely consists of orphans and outcasts. Few members are human and even fewer have anywhere else to call home. Factors such as age and race make no difference to the gang. As long as one has their heart in the right place and the desire for camaraderie they are as good as already a member.



((Work in progress!))


The Family barely had time to adjust to its new organization when stormclouds began to form on the horizon, namely rumours of the archlich Takofanes and his undead armies rising again to threaten the world after over 20 years of dormancy. Foregoing their usual distrust of authority figures and law enforcement, the Family began working hand in hand with Meta-S.W.A.T. and the Statesmen in order ot organize a defense of Millenium City.

Although underequipped and undermanned in comparison to some of the other Metagroups involved in the Blood Moon incident, the Blue Family became an major presence in Westside during the crisis, many members going without sleep for days as they endeavored to protect their neighborhoods from the hordes of undead raised through the evil magics of Takofanes.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of dead flesh and sunless days, the push back against the archlich began on Novemeber 9th with a coordinated assault on the tombs of the Thirteen Heroes. Dubbed Operation: Liberation, the Blue Family and a multitude of other heroes infiltrated the crypt prisons of the enslaved heroes using force and fetters provided by members of the Statesmen. With his slaves suddenly no longer providing him with arcane energy Takofanes became weakened enough to be driven back into his own crypt and imprisoned again, although for how long none can be certain.

With the Blood Moon no longer hanging over Millenium City the Blue Family now finds itself once again needing to regain its territory and expand, but unbeknownst to them an enemy deep in the shadows has other plans in store for them...


The primary goal of Blue Family is to look out for the gang's members and ensure they have a home and someone to be there for them. Secondarily (although almost as importantly) the group deals with the other gangs who plague Millennium City in an attempt to make life for the average citizen safer, and especially to ensure a brighter, strife-free future for the children of the city. Blue Family members often engage in West Side territory disputes with the other gangs on a small-scale. The gang is still growing and the unstable situation of the city have prevented them from getting much of a foothold outside of the immediate surroundings of the Renaissance center.

That's not to say that the gang only deals with the immediate threat of other gangs. Despite being somewhat insular, Blue Family is not hostile to other heroes or even entire groups as long as they respect boundaries of territory, and in fact members are often friendly and will attempt to help out heroes with missions or assignments near Blue Family turf in any way possible. Members also offer protection for very lax fees (usually amounting to little more than free drinks at a restaurant or bar) as well as escorts to ensure safe travel to citizens of the city.

More powerful or higher-ranking members are known to help out other heroes and super groups fairly regularly, even outside of city boundaries.



All members of Blue Family are presented with a jacket upon joining to signify that they have become a full member. The jackets are actually constructed of Kevlar and thus are quite durable. The blue design on the side does not have any inherent meaning, it was merely selected by Numm to represent Blue Family because he thought it looked cool. Each jacket also has a communicator built into the collar that connects to a special frequency used only by members of Blue Family, though some members choose to remove these and place them in more convenient areas. Likewise a few members have modified their jackets such as tinting the sleeves or converting it into a trench coat. Numm does not take an issue with this, and the jackets are largely optional. Only at official meetings or gang wars are the jackets required.

The jackets are created and provided free of charge by a group of supporters in China Town under the protection of Blue Family, the Blue Cousins. They also do repairs and modifications, while team fixit Sprocket is known to make improvements to the comm links.


Blue Arms Apartments

After obtaining a large amount of money during a retaliatory attack on the Cobra Lords, the Blue Family purchased an apartment building in their territory and began renting it out to neighborhood families looking for safe, affordable housing. Renaming it Blue Arms Apartments.


The credo sums up the feeling of the gang, and it must be recited by all new members in a ceremony where they are presented their Blue Family jacket:

I am worthy,

just as all other life.
I am loved,
just as all life should be.
So now I bear this color
to signify that I will use these arms
to protect what is important to me:
my family.

My Blue Family.

The credo was written by gang founder Numm himself, though he is embarrassed to admit it.



When someone joins the Blue Family they must go through a prospecting period before they can be considered full members of the gang. Sometimes this period can be a day, sometimes months or even years. During this period a prospect does not receive a Blue Family jacket but is expected to wear at least a blue bandana or other piece of clothing to denote their allegiance. Prospects are also subject to Warriors requests and orders, but this is rarely enforced as the Family doesn't take too kindly to having a pecking order. Nevertheless a prospect should have a very good reason for refusing any requests as it suggests an unwillingness to be part of the team.


Upon swearing the credo, a Prospect becomes a Warrior and receives their jacket (or Cut, as some of the more hardened gangers call it). Warriors receive a great deal more autonomy, being free to do as they wish as long as they don't tarnish the Blue Family's name. They are still subject to the Executive Council's policies and orders but like Prospects this expectation is not officially enforced, although refusal lowers ones credibility within the gang significantly.

The Executive Council

Although the Blue Family prides itself on equality amongst their members, the disappearance of Numm brought to light the anarchic undertones of the group and need for some level of organization. Taking a cue from Biker Clubs, the Blue Family formed an Executive Council, designed to provide direction and leadership to the gang without giving any one person undue influence over the rest of the gang. Due to the fact the positions sounded too "stuffy", the Family uses their own terminology for the Council, although officially the titles still remain.

Currently, the positions are as follows:

President/"The Soul": Numm Due to the fact that his whereabouts are unknown, Numm's responsibilities have fallen upon Spitfyre. However, out of respect for their founder the Family still recognizes Numm as their President.

Vice President/"The Mind": Spitfyre

Treasurer/"The Money": vacant

Secretary/"The Minister": vacant

Sergeant at Arms/"The Muscle": Berzerkka

Road Captain/"The Mouth": Hunter




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