The Pack (Supergroup)

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The Pack
No Wolf is a Lone Wolf
Pack Membership meeting
Leader(s): Loup Garou@WhiteHowl
Base of Operations: above Burial Butte, beneath the bridge in Millenium City, the Zydeco Restaurant (PC created)
Concept: Non-registered Heroes/Vigilantes
Founded: Pre-Beta guild
Website: Click Here
Members: 20+

Pack Mandate and Structure


No wolf is a lone wolf - "Lone wolf" is a misnomer. In the wolf world, the lone wolf is actually a wolf that is looking for a pack after being forced out of its former pack by the alpha. We therefore recognise that everyone is looking for a home and we are willing to provide it, provided members are willing to treat it as a home.

Fights for dominance are common among a pack, but once done, it's done. - Handle your battles, and once done, is done.

Conduct yourself with dignity, and weave your song with our own. - We wear our colours with pride, but are aware that there are those who think there's entirely TOO many ferals in the world. Therefore we have to lead by example and live by the human's rules. No killing unless necessary, and keep a firm hold on your instincts.

The Pack takes care of its own - This means not only do we take care of each other, but we also police ourselves. A wolf who strays from our laws will be dealt with accordingly.



The Pack was originally formed by Jean-Luc as he found himself a stranger in a strange land after coming through from another dimension. The Pack challenge was called forth and met with the original members of the Pack, Arctic Howler, Alumdar, Rashan, Kallian Longblade, Cyberwolf and Ghost Hound. Since then the Pack has twenty members and continues to grow slowly, though it will always stay small due to pressures of the City and the general animosity toward feral characters.

The Pack tries to keep a low profile thanks to the presence of the Institute for Human Advancement as well as several members being escaped experiments from the VIPER facility in Canada. Never entirely accepted everywhere, the Pack tends to stay out of the public eye or tries to keep shifted in a more human form, if possible.


Symbol and Colours of the Pack

Due to the negativity of many people in Millenium City, when the Pack goes out on a hunt or job for Primus, they are obligated to wear identifying symbols (primarily the blade star emblem in silver on a black background). It is the hope that feral characters wearing identifying marks will prevent other heroes from arresting the Pack as public enemies, and (so far) seems to be working.

Enemy Mine

The Nemesis of the Pack are all interwoven into the basic history of the Pack; some are twins, some are hunters hired by the IHA to dispose of the unwanted supernatural/mutated element, and some are just plain mad. Details shall be forthcoming.