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Player: @LKD_
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Overlooking of the Pack hunting grounds
Class Focus: Damage
Power Level: None
Research & Development: None
Personal Data
Real Name: Longeye
Known Aliases: Rashan, Pocket Wolf, Wee one
Species: Wolf
Ethnicity: Arctic
Age: 3 1/2 years
Height: 4 foot
Weight: 100 pounds
Eye Color: Golden
Hair Color: White with yellow roots
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Survivor
Place of Birth: Lac Evans, Quebec, Canada
Base of Operations: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Amazing dexterity, spirit magic, spirit guide, enhanced body strength, slow regeneration
Known Abilities
Ethereal form, claws, bite, lunge
Ancestral amulet and protective Indian semi-precious stone belt

Rashan – also known as Longeye to wolves she calls Kin, is searching for The Hunter Gregori who came and killed all her family while searching for the amulet holding the spirits of her past Wise. The amulet she now wears. Her only goal is to free herself of his threat to return home to northern Quebec to recreate the pack she lost. Longeye quickly found that she can not do this alone and has joined with The Pack under Jean-Luc (Loup Garou) for support and education to track the murderer.


The Pack (Supergroup)

Enemy individuals and groups

Gregori Reicevic AKA: The Hunter (personal Nemesis)

IHA : The Institute for Human Advancement


Longeye is a gruff and short sighted wolf who tries her best to comprehend what is gong on in these civilized areas but is much too young to grasp much beyond her own instincts. Though she fights well for an inexperienced wolf, she is normally quite skittish about anyone.


Rashan is not a name as one might think. It is not a noble title or a blood line for what that matters to those separated from the pack. It is a state of being. Though not of the mind, but simply the body. A need to alter oneself to suit the call.

Longeye was a whelp of a small pack of blooded in the dense forests of the northern Canadian expanse. Third pup of 5 of the Wise two, Bark fur and Skynose. A skittish and reluctant youth who was bayed by the pack as often as she was reprimanded by her siblings for cowardice. A very unhealthy trait in one who needed to be aggressive to weather the cold harsh winters of the endless lakes.

She was seen as least likely to pass the winter's thinning that first year, but an old autumn buck had taken to chance strike a brother, Loller, and killed the male pup. Then later in the whipping winds, another of Longeye's sisters was lost in a break on ice while hunting goose flight in the half frozen lake. The extra food was her grace.

A year passed and the reluctant pup grew to near adult size, as her siblings had in the abundant wild hunts. The added fat and fur built her up enough to survive the winter easier and the hunts of the Wise two had gone well to supply a steady diet to survive. Her courage was more pronounced as the year came and went, severe hunger drive her to strive along side the pack hunt. But still her mind was soft and waxed and waned like the moons that passed.

It was the third year that would break her mind's affliction. A summer chase through the pines and low brush on steep hills had put her with a sibling somewhat away from the pack when the thunderous streak crossed the sky just above the trees, at its head a silver stone with unnatural details that drew a rainless storm cloud behind. It shattered the air and struck dumb the wild as it passed. It was often seen from far high above them these stones leading clouds, The sound so far away that only alert ears would pick up the thunderous warning it emanated. This one was far different and far to close to stand and observe. Her brother, Black tooth, knew they should hide, and called to the blooded once it has passed from sight, but not their ears, to confirm if they recall themselves to the blooded, or melt into the leaves and pines and wait.

A response from the pack across two hill tops replied that they had seen the stone leading the cloud and that it was near them. One of the Wise, Bark fur, was to seek Rashan in fear of the storm and the adults would stand beside him to protect this years young. They were to stay away and wait for the calling. But Black tooth was a daring wolf. He growled at Longeye for her feeling and ran towards the others, not wanting to seem anything but a great force like his blood father. Longeye could only battle her fears and stand still on the hill.

A sound like a hawk in the sky calling rodents to reveal themselves rang out far too loudly. Then another from the same creature. Longeye could only cringe with ignorance at what beast this might be that came from the storm. A few more calls of the hawk sounded, then slivers of smoke drew to the sky. A strange dire call rose from where her den is. A howl of distress and warding from Skynose. She told the pack to flee, that the Wise father as Rashan had fallen.

Her brother closer called in defiance to the pack of his coming in full charge, telling them his bite will strike anything that strikes their blood. Skynose cried such pain in warning to stay back, but the full words were drowned out by that great hawk's cry. Black tooth did not call again to the land, longeye cried in fear there for a long moment as several cries of the hawk echoed through the valleys. She bent on her paws and waited uncertain what she should do. The silent air insulting her and driving her mind to self loathing.

She was unsure how long the sun moved through the sky before her whine and mind left the front of her emotions and drove her to stand. She did so almost reflexively to a voice buried so far that it could not even be heard, but there was enough to drive a mind with no thoughts of its own. She stepped forward towards the den. Tentatively and cautiously. Silently like the stalking of a doe with fawn. She made her way, her mind resolving to see what befell the pack. To know they are care for if they are wounded. She could do that at least.

The time passed slowly as careful padding brought her closer to the increasing sound of wind whining like it does when strong and split by rock cliff faces. She slipped through tree and brush and shadow to finally see the stone of silver that had broken from it's storm. Huge like a pond, it hovered above the ground like a tree holds leaves above the ground. Its strange sides reflected the forest as a clear pond or still stream does. The she pulled closer to see if the stone was sleeping. It whines and whistled, but did not care to note her drawing near. She looked over to her side and saw what looked like the start of a fire. Like lightning had decided to punish the forest they had called home.

Trees, toppled over and the ground surrounding them, were burned black additionally hollowed in spots deeper then the great woodpeckers who beat after hidden bugs. A reflective stone with four legs, but walking on two, gracefully moved through the aftermath. In one of it's paws was a patch of silver fur, a mate of her pack. She cowered and muffled her own cry of dread. As she watched him from the underbrush well hidden, she saw the stone creature carry her pack mate to the large leaf shaped stone and let him lay underneath. She watched in horror and fear unable to do much else. A sun beam bore from the large stone and drew the wolf into it.

Longeye could not fathom what she should do. Her pack may have been sent to the light, and maybe they would be able to escape. She had to go to the huge stone and ask the sun to shine for her. As the stone creature left to go another place, she sneaked quietly to the large hovering rock. She stood below the same spot her pack mate was left and stared up at the surface. She saw little bits of her in the stone, but there was some strange circular face directly above her. She yipped at it softly hopping that it just needed to be asked, and the the sun light obeyed. She was lifted from the ground by a wind that didn't seem to be able to be felt. The dark circular face of the huge stone did nothing. She tried to cower and press herself flat fearing she would be pressed against the circular surface, but as she got closer, her body just ignored the stone.

When her silent fearful cringing relented a little she saw she was in a cave with no doors. All around her Her pack lay still. She nosed to the mates and they did not stir. She wanted to howl in despair, but the stone thing was still near. If she could use the light, then it could to. Her mind was under someone else's control. Though she thought she could make her own decisions, she feared if she didn't obey the spirits that surely acted through her, she would be forsaken. So she acted without thought. She passed by the fallen pack mates. Each she licked their nose and ears hoping they might stir, but they did not. The smell of death hung heavily in this room.

She finally came to her mother. The silver fur stained with blood. She yelped suddenly, ashamed to have to face the reality of the skies act. She fell to her side and placed her nose under hers. Hoping that the closeness would waken her spirit and give her the will to rise. But she did not. Longeye just lain beside her Wise blooded, crying to the spirits.

Time passed. It was a period that could not be understood in the dark cave lit by long narrow holes in the stone. She was uncertain she even rested, but her body felt sluggish. There was a movement now to the stone. She could hear the whistle of the stone stranger than when it passed over her. She was afraid again, they might be far into the sky, and if she asked the light to take her back, it might not comply. She was uncertain what to do and looked through the pack. She then saw the collar the Wise father still wore. Though he had returned to normal after his death, he was still a wolf one did not come near or offend.

Her head held low, she crawled on her belly to the body of her blooded father and the leader of her pack. She whispered in a series of growls that only another wolf would know. Twitches of her ear and play of her tail completed the plea to him. He did not stir. She placed her nose about his jaw and pushed it slightly and carefully to maybe wake the magic that would not allow one to fall to anyone. He did not stir, but the yellow stone collar fell to the floor before her. She pulled back in fear of the item that was a gift of the land to them. It had been used for many seasons against bear and devastation. Against storms that would white everything before their nose, and bring them meat when they had none for much of a moon.

There was nothing occurring around her. She expected the stone to growl at her and snap with the old Wise's jaws. But stillness was all that surrounded. She slipped closer and came a breath from the collar. Maybe the Old Wise are telling her to use it. Take it's power and destroy the stone one that ended their entire pack. Longeye could only feel she was not the one that needed to, but there was no one else. She had to be Black tooth. She had to think as the others. To bite and claw at the world and reclaim the ones who had been taken from her.

Longeye slipped her nose under the large gold stone that held a circular green stone and let it fall onto her mane with some difficulty. Nothing happened. She feared that she had defiled the will of the old Wise spirits by taking the collar, but then it struck her. The Wise came to her and filled her. Giving her their best strength, their fastest limbs. She could not manage to cry in joy as the old came to her and dwelled in her. She began to stand tall and proud that they would welcome her even as she was so afraid. But the old were not the only who came to her, there was one other. A creature who stood on two like a bear but with thinness that told little conceivable to her knowledge of the woods. The strange thing spoke to her in not growls but thoughts and strange noises that could be neither wolf, nor bird, nor any animal that has even spoken loud enough to make it to her ears. She did not understand at all but stored the sounds in her mind. Another old one helped her there too.

She felt her hands take a different form. As she looked at them, they were changed. She had never seen what a Rashan was, but the story from Skynose said that they Rashan would stand on two when needed to fight like a cat, or run on four when needed to chase. They could use their paws like a raccoon. She stared at the change in shock but overwhelmed by the strength. Her hands could hold things not just press against the ground. Her hind legs could balance her better than if she braced against tree to snap upwards. She turned on the room renewed and slashed at the walls of the stone to measure her strength against it. They dug into the surface and revealed how fragile they were. She growled enthralled, the stone creature would pay for taking her blooded.

She tore through the stone cave walls with her claws again and the stone in response screamed in pain. It was not like a cry that a wolf or deer would make, but one like a bird who had its full attention placed on her. It cried again and again with such sound that her body shook. She splayed her ears to focus on someplace that it was quieter, but that could not avoid the call. She must kill the stone in order to silence it. Wherever they were in the sky, it would not matter in the end if the stone died along with her.

She tore into the sides of the stone and found she could make holes into it and gain leverage to pull even more of its insides from their proper place. Her jaws dug into the hole she was making and found what might be intestines and clamped on them to sever them. She received a painful slap against her body, and she was not surprised that the stone was magic.

Her claws and teeth found weakness under the hard skin of the stone and pull at its vitals despite the pounding of sound from the stone's crying. Finally she grabs hold of something important enough to threaten the life of the stone and it bucks. From a side of the stone a wall opens up and the stone creature on two legs like she is now enters in and screams out in anger with sounds that seemed similar how the two legged spirit had. She backed off from the creature, knowing that her father had fallen to this magical thing, and that she is far less as capable a fighter.

The stone creature on two legs pulled a stick from his back and pointed it at her. She stared uncertainly. The act was so strange, she had never seen a stick pointed in a direction threaten, but it was in his posture. She drew low and was about to spring on him as an offense seemed a better idea then finding out what the stick meant. But the huge stone shuttered so violently that they were literally hurled against it's walls. Longeye cried in pain as her body bounced off the sides of the stone and put her onto the top and held her there with such great force.

The stone creature on two legs was equally thrown about like her, and likewise was pinned to the top of the stone cave. She laughed grimly to herself thinking that the creature was no longer welcome inside the stone as she was. The creature called to her in its strange sounds defiantly she thought, and she in return howled back at him in vengeance for all the blooded in her pack that died because of this thing.

The stone cave was suddenly wracked so violently that all she could process at the instant it happened was that a loud crack like lightning striking all around her went off, but she fell into darkness the moment that instance happened.

She awoke to a strange scene through eyes that wouldn't part enough to see clearly. It was a cave like the other cold stone one. But a white one this time, and she was laying on her back on a bed of soft hairless fur with a thin hairless fur pelt over top. She was still Rashan gratefully, Longeye confirmed by testing her clawed paw when the sight of someone like the stone creature who she fought last she recalled was approaching by two legs. It arrived by her side and touched her forehead warmly. She tried to flinch away but the blackness came again with her strained howl of panic.

Abridged hospital recovery:

She was in a crude hospital for some time in that small Canadian Indian center. She didn't know time but it was a month of recovery. The collar she wore was incapable of being removed so she was allowed to keep it as they performed medical procedures on her to reset bones and sew up open gashes. Though her form healed quickly, some things like her broken body needed help or would have killed her. She grew stronger over the weeks and was slowly taught to speak English by the TV in the room, the nurses, and doctor who maintained the facility. Her Rashan state gave her a crude ability to mimic the now comprehended human species and with her Wise spirit guiding, she learned far faster then possible for a wolf. She realized too that the creature that killed her pack was a human of sorts too.

When she was finally able to ask by repeating what the stone cave told her, they explained that The Hunter is a name, not a type of human. And a well known human. That the ship, not flying stone, she was found entangled in the wreckage of, belonged to him. He had left the Indian territory without his ship and the cleanup had created enough animosity, they took the effort to learn the owners whereabouts. She asked to be taken to this man, telling how he had killed her kin, but they were in no position to offer her anything but some basic directions and a map if she wished to head to America. They explained they could take her to Steelhead, a outpost that has constant transport to Millennium city.

She protested and almost attacked the hospital staff to be taken to a true stone cave, but her spirits guided her in the crucial moments to curb her anger and she instead left the hospital as soon as she could walk. She was in far better shape than any one who had been though a similar situation of surviving a plane crash. Her winter coat and magically enhanced body started the long trek southwards towards Steelhead on foot.

She asked the spirits and, though they explained that she would be granted more abilities by proving herself responsible as the Wise of her future pack, they granted her access to their plane of existence. Longeye drew power from the magic collar and suddenly was more than a wolf, more than Rashan, she was a part of everything, and she willed herself towards Steelhead and where The Hunter could be tracked from. The ground passed below her and the world was murky and near non existent to her sense, but she could make some sense of the sights and sounds that she traveled over. The Two leg hunting grounds came quickly, she would find this Hunter, this murderer, and have her vengeance.


The IHA is posing the only threat to Longeye's future once she has dealt with The Hunter. This concern of hers is that the IHA may see fit to exact retribution for interfering with their business, especially a member of their higher ranking. For now, she ignores this to do what she intended in hunting down her pack murderer Gregori, letting consideration of the implications of IHA connections along with Viper support when that problem faces her literally.

Primary Powers

Bestial Fury, Bite, Lunge, Resurgence, Enrage, Ethereal travel (Teleportation), Shadow Embrace, Shadow Shroud, Lightning reflexes.

Non RP Powers

Life drain, Beatdown, Retaliation