Eddi Marks

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Eddi Marks
Player: @Heronator
Class Focus: Tank/Melee DPS
Power Level: 20
Research & Development: Mysticism (Arcana)
Personal Data
Real Name: Edward Marks
Known Aliases: N/A
Species: Animated Skeleton (former Human)
Ethnicity: Osteo-American (former Caucasian)
Age: 24
Weight: 25 lbs
Eye Color: None
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Dedicated Crimefighter
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives:
Known Powers
Supernatural Fury, Qliphothic Travel, Qliphothic Manipulation, Chain Summoning, Undead Toughness
Known Abilities
Mystical Training

((This whole page is still a work in progress))


Edward "Eddi" Marks is a former Cobra Lord, and ran with the gang for most (and technically speaking, until the end of) his life. Three of Eddi's five brothers are also Cobra Lords, which essentially made Eddi's decision to join for him.

Eddi had been captured by DEMON cultists, who were going to sacrifice Eddi's soul, along with those of several other captives, to DEMON's dark masters in the Qliphothic realm. And unfortunately for Eddi, they partially succeeded. While the ritual was stopped by a small team of heroes, Eddi was saved a moment too late, and was slain by the ritual. Luckily for him, one of the heroes was a young russian mystic named Grigori Petrov, who acted quickly and saved Eddi's soul from being consumed by Qliphothic Infernals. However, now with no place to go, Eddi's soul once more came to rest in his body, re-animating his skeleton using his newly forged link to the Qliphothic realm.

In his new state, Eddi was completely unsure of what to do with himself. His experiences dying and becoming undead left him without normal human needs, and his new form had no tactile or olfactory sense, which meant Eddi felt little need for most material goods. Eddi simply wandered Millennium City, haunting the areas where he once lived his life for close to two months, before the Qularr Invasion of Millennium City. With hostile alien forces threatening people on such a large scale, Eddi felt his first need since he had died: a need to help his fellow man. Donning as much concealing clothing he could find, and inspired by the heroism and courage of his own rescuers, Eddi took to the streets, fighting off Qularr and saving citizens wherever he could. And through his emerging mastery over his new supernatural abilities, helped to stop the invasion, and even received a pardon for his former life of crime from the Millennium City Police Department because of it.

Powers & Abilites

Nearly all of Eddi's powers stem from his connection to the Qliphothic realm. First and foremost is his continued animation. As an animated skeleton, Eddi does not sleep, breathe, eat, or drink. He can survive in harsh conditions until it begins to harm him physically. As well, he is physically much tougher than bone normally should be, as his physical form is shielded and strengthened by Qliphothic energies. Eddi can manipulate this link to slip inbetween the normal world and the Qliphothic realm briefly, allowing him to teleport. Finally, Eddi can open his link more fully, creating a conduit of dark energy between him and another, allowing him to drain their life essence.

Eddi has also displayed several other supernatural powers, which do not come directly from his link, but rather from his overall resonance with magic that the link provides. Eddi has shown the ability to summon and command chains, which he calls from an unknown location. This ability, so far, has not been seen to extend to commanding already existing chains. And while Eddi has lost some of his mortal senses, he has gained mystical ones, and can detect various types of paranormal energy, such as Qliphothic, Demonic, and Magical energies. He has also shown a limited ability to speak with the souls of the dead and to project himself onto other planes of existence, such as the Astral plane and the psychic plane.

However, despite these numerous abilities, Eddi's usual combat style involves simply pounding on an opponent until they're unconscious or otherwise no longer a threat. In combat, Eddi shows a tenaciousness and refusal to back down that borders on inhuman. This is a surprisingly effective, if slow, tactic, thanks to Eddi's aforementioned toughness.


Despite his radical transformations, Eddi is, at heart, still the same person he used to be: a wise-cracking smartass whose mouth writes checks the rest of him can't cash. Although he tries to still "fit in" with normal people as best he can, difficulties from his new state often inhibit that, from the awkwardness of being at a meal and not eating to the fact that he can't smell when his outfit needs washing.