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The New Templars
The New Templars, a Supergroup founded by (left to right) Berzerkka, Eternal Reverie, Giga Gal, Smokin Mirrors, and Bow-Slinger.
The Mandate
We aren't here for profit, self gain, or any form of recognition or reward. We aren't here to atone for things we've done or to say we know better than everyone else. We're here to do right for the sake of doing right, to fight for the principle of freedom, the freedom to choose and the freedom to live peacefully. We're here to uphold the law as it was intended to be, free from corruption and red tape. We are not vigilantes; we will not act as judge, jury or executioner. We are not police; we will not allow things like jurisdiction or politics stop us from doing the right thing. Too often heroes get bogged down in semantics, committing themselves to causes for money and power. They choose to let their dreams and actions be dictated by someone who, at the end of the day, views doing the right thing as a job. It is not a job. It is a privilege and a responsibility that should never be put second. We will fight and we will live to protect people. We will fight to root out corruption and make the world a better place. We are the New Templars, and we are here to help. - Giga Gal

addressed to the press on Jan. 20th, 2010

The story so far

Blaaaaaahhh blah blah blah blah blah.


Berzerkka:Blah blah blah blah.

She's got that Boom Boom Pow
Boomshot:The spunky, bow carrying chick of the bunch. Jet black hair and subtle curves always hidden under a jumpsuit of some fashion, she's constantly care-free and fun-loving. Her path as a hero doesn't seem to be a serious one, but she is always quick to help someone in need.

Dexter Montgomery Scott
Bow-Slinger:Blah blah blah blah.

Eternal Reverie: A cheerful sorceress, she's also a founding member. She's honest, she studies hard, and probably cares about others too much. She still has a lot to learn about being a hero, and even about being a good friend. She's determined though, and if there's anything she strives to do, it's fixing her own shortcomings. Sometimes her motivations and goals can be flawed, but in her heart she knows what's right.

The Gigs
Giga Gal:A young woman, lovely of form and face. A hero, strong of body and will. Giga Gal strives to be what everyone needs her to be, often at the cost of her own peace of mind. She is one of the founding members of the New Templars and her no-nonsense attitude, while tempered by a degree of compassion, has brought her no shortage of social and even professional trouble from others who see being a hero as something other than giving it their all without compromise.

He who doesn't shut up
Hunter:A Native American ex-soldier, Hunter is a mutant whose powers surfaced after a near-death experience. Possing great agility and almost limitless energy, Hunter brings both ranged weaponry, and an unflappable good humor to the Templars. The yang to Giga Gal's yin, he is passionate, talkative, but nowhere near as much of a superhuman powerhouse. He is still one of the finest meta-human trackers on the planet. He also never shuts up.

Ixio:The wrong man trying to do the right thing. A reformed convict, Ixio signed on with the New Templars to make a difference without being hounded by his past. He's since gone MIA.

Smokin' Mirrors:Token psychic and medic of the New Templars, Smokin' Mirrors is one of the five founding members of the New Templars. He leaves no part of his body uncovered, from the helmet covering every inch of his head all the way to gloves and boots. He has been seen with various heroes, often assisting them or conversing with them, but he refuses the title of "hero" for himself. His goals and motivations are not public knowledge, but those who know him seem to trust him.

Vann:Youngest member of the Templars, and wielder of various forms of elemental (and some non-elemental) magics. Also well known for his ability to summon powerful beings known as Eidolons. He is one of the two only remaining members of his people, the El'Ai tribe whose origin nowadays is unknown. Vann is cheery, always wanting to help his friends, and never seen out of his green parka. Yes, even when scuba diving. Why? I'unno.

From the players

I've recently joined, and I've come to learn that The Templars are a pretty cool bunch of people. The players really enjoy what they play and it shows - inviting other people to want to get involved, either as a recruiting member or just an entrant into a storyline. I have known many of the players for years and am always happy to play with them. You will be too!

Oh, and don't forget. Everybody in the Temple. Right now. @Xeoved - Player of Vann