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Player: @Lordok
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Samuel Bray
Known Aliases: The Bullet Saint, Sam, Sammael, Samwise
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 30
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210 lbs
Eye Color: Red/Black Cybernetic Implants
Hair Color: Purple/Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: UNTIL Agent working with Project Snakecharmer
Place of Birth: Chicago
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: None alive
Known Powers
No super powers but he is quite agile and strong for a human.
Known Abilities
Munitions specialist/Ice manipulation through technology
Various heavy weapons, pistols and assault rifles. Teleportation device, cybernetic eye implants, second-rate nanites in his blood stream, "cryo-gloves", modified VIPER armor and a dirty old t-shirt.

---Work in progress---

Figured id get a page up for Ixio with the only the basics to start things off. Some things may be subject to change, and more background info will be added as soon as i can be bothered writing it up ^_^ As for typos..... VIPER made me do it...


Background summary

Ixio in his casuals.

Sam lived a pretty normal family life. Mother, father, cheerleader girlfriend, he had it all. But shortly after he turned 18 his parents died in a car accident. He ended up moving in with his girlfriend(Brianna Anderson) and her parents, but after a few months he decided it was time for to stand on his own legs. He joined the army and soon found himself in Special Forces training. His army career didn't last long though. After an argument with a superior officer, which led to a fist fight and ended with Sam pointing a loaded weapon at the officer, he was discharged from the army. Feeling sorry for him, his girlfriends family offered to take him in once more untill he could get back on his feet. He refused them, saying; Only the weak need help. Brianna tried to make him change his mind but to no avail. Sam ended up drifting around from city to city untill he ended up in Washington DC. There he met some people who took an interest in him and his military background. It turned out they were planning a bank robbery, and needed someone with weapons experience. Sam saw this as a good opportunity to get himself back on his feet, so he accepted. Unfortunately for him, the job failed and he was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

A year passed and he was let out on parole for good behavior. Atleast thats what the paperwork said. Shortly there after all traces of him seemed to disappear. After VIPER "sprung" him out of prison they recruited him and sent him off to one of their training camps before he was assigned to a nest close to his hometown Chicago. And there he would stay. As his combat experience went up so did his rank and eventually he became a Captain assigned as a Field Commander. About a year after his promotion to Captain heroes made a raid on his nest. It was a hard fought battle and the VIPER forces soon found themselfs trapped in the armory. Sam was among them. They held their ground but were soon defeated and arrested.

Later, when Sam was interrogated by PRIMUS, he lied about his position within the nest. The lies he fed them worked, and since no evidence proving otherwise was found his sentenace was less harsh. After a week or so in jail he heard about an organization called The Prometheus Group who had a prison release program. Sam saw his chance to get out of a jail and signed up.


He's a very crude man. Atleast when it comes to dealing with other people, especially women who often see him as a pervert and a sexist. And they are probably right. He is easy to anger if the right buttons are pushed, but for the most part insults and threats have little effect on him. Despite all this he actively interacts with people he meets, and has even managed to make a friend or two. He does not like weakness, especially in himself. This often leads to him feeling abit useless at times when he's surrounded by people with superpowers, even though his fighting capabilites rivial alot of supers. Magic and magical creatures, such as demons, tend to make him uneasy.

Lately he's been a tad more polite to people he's met. He blames this on the company he keeps.

Equipment and Abilities


His time with VIPER gave him many abilites and armed combat skills. He's an expert with pretty much any firearm you put in his hands, and has a great knowledge about how weapons function. The nest he belonged to aslo specialized in weapons research, and he manged to pick up a thing or to about creating and maintaining weapons he might not be used to. He also knows enough about engines and machines to be able to do field maintenance on vehicles and suits of powerarmor. He is also pretty much Immune to most forms of poison, another trait he picked up from his time with VIPER.


An example of his Cryo-Gloves at work.

He has a wide variety of weapons at his disposal but among his favories are his Twin Desert Eagle .50 AE, an AK-47 and a modified minigun. During his time with VIPER he also made some light modifications to his body. Such as his cybernetic eye implants, which assist in targeting, grant him night vision and thermal vision. He also carries a device that allows him to teleport short distances and a pair of "Cryo-gloves" he constructed based on a blueprint from his old nest. They allow him to freeze or gather the moisture in the air or ground and form sharp objects in his hands to throw or stab with. He can also focus the freeze effect on his target and usually slow them down or lock them in an icy prison. This is highly experimental though, and does not always work as intended. For protection he uses various forms of body armor. His favorite being the costumized VIPER armor, composed of various scavenged and custom made parts. Flowing through his blood stream are also some less effective second-rate nanites. These help him heal mild wounds and keep diseases at bay long enough for him to find proper medical attention.


He is after all only human, and as such is a fragile being compaired to some of the supers out there. His "dazzling" personality can also be considered a weakness since it frequently gets him into trouble.

What's going on?

After joining The Prometheus Group his skills was quickly put into good use. And he was assigned to help them on various missions, aswell working as the groups weapons expert. A new threat always seem to be lurking around the corner and he has done his best(?) to assist them with helpful(?) tips and alot of gunfire.

While out drinking one night in Club Caprice he met a girl named Crimson. They got off to abit of a rocky start but soon became good friends. Little did he know that she would soon bring him more trouble than he had wanted, and he soon found himself fighting furiously along side the very heroic King Voodoo to save Crimson from herself and a man named Alex Bars who was planning to use her as a weapon. During these events he developed a strong bond to both King Voodoo and Crimson, and even romantic feelings towards Crimson. In the end Alex plan was stopped, the hero got the girl and Sam walked off alone into the... eh Blood Moon, all emo like.

After these events he started thinking about what it means to be a "hero", what methods to use and what his future might hold. This even made him go as far as to ask The Blue Bruiser for advice. Well, he didn't really ask... Blue sort of forced him into getting a "makeover", teach him how to interact with people, mainly women and do great heroics for SUPREME JUSTICE... Luckily Sam managed to weasel himself out of further "lessons" by flirting with Zion, Blues ex-sidekick and "sister", which made Blue go berzerk for abit untill he finally calmed down. But alas the lessions started again...

Sam as The Bullet Saint together with his "mentor" The Blue Bruiser.

For a few days Sam followed the Blue Bruiser around doing "hero" work. Beating up pimps, stopping some homicidal robots and drinking Orange Soda. Soon Blue even started trusting Sam enough to let him take his "sister" Zion on a date. So Zion and Sam went on a date, mostly to get a rise out of Blue. They didn't get a rise out of Blue, but they did have a pretty good time and formed some sort of bond beyond the mutual interest in angering Blue.

The calm peaceful days did not last long though. Blue soon informed Crimson about a possible mole within Rising Force and asked her to investigate. It turned out to be the Blue Bruisers clone, The Blood Bruiser. Crimson, who seem to have a thing for trouble, and Blue got kidnapped. The search was on. Blue soon returned bruised, beaten and missing an eye. But Crimson was still lost. They had little luck finding clues, but got a lucky break when the Blood Bruiser showed up. Zion and Sam went to fight him and save Crimson. It was a hard fought battle but Zion managed to knock him off the building they were fighting on. In the end Crimson was saved but the Blood Bruiser got away.

During the peaceful days that followed, Sams friend Felroth, constructed a new piece of equipment for Sam. A suit of a what could best be described as power armor. This suit had two purposes. One was to give Sam the super powers he had always wanted. The second was to help Felroth gain better control of his anger. Felroth, being a creature made of pure anger often found himself overflowing with said emotion which would lead to him going berserk and loosing control. The suit he built for Sam uses Felroths anger as its power source. The result is that Sam gains some of Felroths power and at the same time keeps his anger at bay.

Alot has happened since then, The Blue Bruiser was murdered and Sam along with some of his friends started searching for his killer. During this time Sam also left the The Prometheus Group in a not so good way, making him into an escaped convict. In the end he gave himself up and was sent to jail. However, UNTIL found his VIPER background and his will to redeem himself, quite an asset and helped him out of jail under the condition that he worked for them with Project Snakecharmer monitoring VIPER activites. He accepted without hesitation. The Blue Bruisers killer was still out there and he knew that Zion needed what little support he could offer her.

Not long after his release a man who looked like the Blue Bruiser showed up. They soon found out that he was infact the Second Blue Bruiser, a clone, just like the first Bruiser. This did not sit to well with Sam as he admired the First Bruiser and considered him a close friend.

((More to come....))

Friends, Allies and Others

Ixio sporting his "hero" costume during the zombie invasion in Millennium CIty.

Friends and Others

Platinum Fatale - Lucianna. She's beautiful, sexy, can snap his spine in two and totally not interested in him. Even though they might not seem to get along all that well sometimes the two are good friends and Sam knows he can trust her to do the right thing. She might not feel the same way however..

Crimson - She brings out the hero in Sam, when she not telling him his eyes are freaky! Crimson is probably the person Sam trusts most. He'd even go as far as calling her his best friend. He'd do anything for her if she asked him to. Also, she's totally hot.

The First Blue Bruiser - The Pillar of Justice! Leader of Rising Force! Together they talk about whats important in life such as beards, being carried up the stairs by a woman and of course Justice. Atleast the used to, Blue is now dead. A great loss to the heroic community.

The Second Blue Bruiser - Or simply Dennis as Sam rather calls him. Sam does not like Dennis, not because he is a bad guy, but because he carries the face of his dead friend, The First Bruiser.

Zion - Alisa is The First Blue Bruisers ex-sidekick/"Sister". When they first met Sam and her used to do some harmless flirting to get a rise out of Blue. But as time passed the two grew closer. Sam holds her in very high regard as she is one of the few who likes him for who he is. She has never tried to change him, even though she knows Sam isn't a very emotional guy,and she's always stood by his decisions. A guy couldn't ask for a better girl. Oh, and shes also FRIKKIN' hot!

Felroth - A manifestation of all the anger in the world... Or simply a "thingy". Fel is sort of weird yet sort of intelligent. Sam has dubbed him his sidekick/pet, though Fel would hardly agree. He also likes chillinuts.

Throwdown - "Throwy" was a friend of the First Blue Bruiser and a member of the Rising Force. Sam doesn't know him all that well but he finds him to be a trustworthy guy.

Hu'Szsersvn - A.k.a "Hugs". A small hyperactive space bee(?) who enjoys parkour and machine guns. She also gave him his alias "Agent Broadsheat of the MIB"

Zarek Nightwood - Zarek, the not-blind-anymore zombie killing cowboy. Atleast thats what Sam thinks of him. They can sometimes be found in Caprice shooting their mouths off at each other. Sam loves to hate Zarek and will take any chance he can get to land Zarek in trouble. But when push comes to shove Sam wont hesitate to help Z out... Though he might whine about it.

Sam and Frank in the heat of battle.

Others on Ixio?

(Feel free to post you characters opinions or comments, good or bad, about Ixio here! Preferably in character ^_^)

"Heroic Vibe, but he tries to be all dark and mysterious. That ain't him. He just needs a little JUSTICE injected into his life! ... SUPREME JUSTICE, EVEN!!" - The First Blue Bruiser

"Don't be fooled by his looks or demeanor. He is truly one of the most kind hearted and heroic people out there. Love you Sam!" - Crimson

"Lavenderhead is a good guy who tries to be all brooding and badass. He went throu much, and i couldnt wish for a better man standing at my side when the fate of the world is on the edge... But his hair still looks stupid." - King Voodoo

"Ixiooooo - what can I say, he's devilishly good looking. He's doing a very good job making up for the darker parts of his life, And I think he'll make a great Cape someday." - Zion

"Samwise, Sammael. I'm not content with his regular name. Too bland and ordinary for the guy! He's a real pervert but I don't think there's anyone I'm closer friends with. A great guy, really. What's with the purple hair though? - Felroth

"He's cool, yeah. I think he still owes me five bucks, though... I can't remember." - Samhain

"Sam? He stinks... yeah... he stinks. Literally." - Zarek Nightwood

Theme songs and stuff!

Main Theme - Machinae Supremacy - Need For Steve - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LqorxrFyvE - \,,/, >_< ,\,,/

Personality Theme 1 - Scissor Sisters - I Can't Decide - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFKUnfwBPTU - Not a very "cool" song, but it fits him like a charm!

Personality Theme 2 - Richard Cheese - People = Shit - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmWK6xHjByE& - Contains bad language, so you know... Don't listen to it if your a wuss.

Ending Credits Theme(xD) - Machinae Supremacy - Super Steve - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rIr7gwk3-4


  • He used to be part of VIPER and served with them for 10 years.
  • He currently works for UNTIL with Project Snakecharmer.