Platinum Fatale

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Platinum Fatale
Player: @Lucianna
Plat Armor.jpg
Platinum Fatale
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Lucianna Addo
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human Mutant/Alien (Demoshian)
Ethnicity: African American
Age: 19
Height: 5'5
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Glowing Green
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero/Spokes model
Place of Birth: Detroit
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father-D'Angelo Addo aka Powertrip (deceased), Mother-Lexus Alexis aka Scarlet Star (deceased)
Known Powers
Super Strength, Super Agility, Invulnerability, Electrical Projection
Known Abilities
Trained in Kung Fu, Jujitsu, gymnastics, light weaponry, infiltration, seduction and espionage. Currently learning Jeet Kun Do.
Small first aid kit, various hidden knives, small explosives


Early Years

Orphaned when her parents, the heroes Powertrip and Scarlet Star, where killed during the Battle of Detroit, Lucianna was taken in (some would say kidnapped) at the age of two by an unknown government black-ops agency she came to refer to as the Others. Trained in armed and unarmed combat, espionage, seduction, and assassination in a facility in Langley, Virginia after 13 years of training Lucianna was given the code name: Platinum Fatale. Sent into the field to capture or kill various target and often retrieve information, Lucianna was a very successful operative. While many of the other young subjects of the program were instilled with strict military discipline, Lucianna's upbringing was more lenient. The program's goal was to have an operative that could more easily fit in with the general population. Luci's handler, Maggie, was the closest thing she had to a parent.

Shatter Spike

Everything changed in May of 2009 when one of the other agents, Jennifer a.k.a. Shatter Spike went rogue. Jennifer and Lucianna were the oldest agents and had been pitted against each other in sparring and training exercises; they had developed a very unhealthy rivalry. A few weeks before Jennifer went rogue she was given an experimental drug prior to a sparring match with Lucianna. Usually the two young women where evenly matched, but on this occasion Jennifer easily and brutally beat Lucianna.

When Shatter Spike went AWOL Platinum Fatale was sent to recapture her. She followed Shatter Spike to Miami and walked right into a trap. At the mercy of a drug-fueled Shatter Spike Platinum Fatale was beaten into a coma and most of her bones were broken; and then she was thrown off the roof of a fifteen story building and left for dead. For three months Lucianna was in a coma in a Miami hospital. During this time there were two attempts on her life by the agency she worked for. Both were tharwted by the FBI, who had taken an interest in the mysterious Jane Doe. When she finally woke, the Others sent her a letter telling her due to her failure they no longer had a use for her. Included with the letter was a check for a very sizable sum of money.


Three days after recovering, homeless and alone, Lucianna left the hospital. As she crossed the street in front of the hospital a very loud shot sounded. Luci dodged out of the way of a sniper's bullet...and the Neutronium bullet demolished the building behind her. Lucianna caught the sniper; one of the instructors from the Others. He told her that the letter and check were meant to make her lower her guard before being assassinated. No one got to leave the agency.

In a fury, Lucianna contacted the FBI agents who had guarded her and told them everything. Flying back to Langley, Luci was determined to make the Others pay and free the other young people they had trained. Unfortunately for the rogue government operation Lucianna knew the methods they would try to neutralize her. Working with her mentor Maggie she able to defeat all the all the agents on site. Some killed themselves to avoid capture, some were victims of Lucianna's anger after Maggie was killed in the battle. When the FBI arrived on the scene, they took in the younger children and began to search the base. All the records had been destroyed. Lucianna set out for Millennium City to search for information about her parents.

The Prometheus Group

Thanks to the check the Others had never thought she would live to spend, Lucianna was able to buy a condo overlooking Ren Center. But without knowing her name, social security number, or any other personal details doing anything was difficult. Eventually she met Lucas Warren a.k.a. Inquest who helped her track down her identity and settle into a more normal life. When Inquest and billionaire inventor Miss Servo formed The Prometheus Group she was the first person to join; hired on as the corporation's spokes model because, to quote Miss Servo, "You're sexier than the rest of us."

Shatter Spike Again

Lucianna believed her past was behind her. That was before Shatter Spike appeared in Millennium City, still under the influence of the experimental drug and backed by an army of thugs. Set on revenge against Luci for destroying the only home she has known, Shatter Spike and her minions attacked Platinum Fatale again and again. Shatter Spike hired several dubious pharmacists to recreate the drug she was on in order to build an army of super soldiers. Lucianna finally came face to face with Shatter Spike with Inquest at her side. While he dealt with the minions, Lucianna pounded her foe into unconsciousness.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the end. Shatter Spike escaped from prison days later and joined up with others super villains. The Prometheus Group was able to break up and arrest most of the coalition but Shatter Spike still eluded them. It wasn't until tracking her to a base abandoned by Telios that Lucianna and Inquest were able to bring to her justice. In the battle Lucianna badly injured her nemesis and may have killed her if not for Inquest's intervention.

The Arabian Affair

In October of 2009, Lucianna was recruited by UNTIL to go undercover in the Middle East. Posing as a potential suicide bomber her mission was to assist another agent in arresting a terrorist leader before he could bomb high profile targets in Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. While undercover Lucianna met another suicide bomber, a young Saudi princess by the name of Zahra. A lesbian trapped in a betrothal to an older prince, she had decided to sacrifice herself instead of marrying. Lucianna was able to talk her out of suicide and helped her come to the United States where she received political asylum. Zahra's father was greatly angered by what he considered the kidnapping of his daughter and enlisted the aid of an elite Moroccan mercenary known as The Unseen Hand.

Twice The Unseen Hand confronted Platinum Fatale. First at a prison break he staged to attract her attention. He did not attack her, but merely watched her handle the other villains present to get a better idea of her abilities. The second time his minions laid a trap. Barrels of a psychotropic drug disguised as toxic waste were at the scene when Lucianna arrived. From a sample of her DNA The Unseen Hand had crafted a drug to specifically attack her mind. Exposed to the drug and attacked by a small army of psychics, Luci's brain shut down. Inquest, Ixio, and Ourobros had arrived on the scene to help defend against the attack and were able to get her to the hospital in time. She made a full recovery.

While Lucianna was hospitalize The Unseen Hand attempted to capture Zahra, but was thwarted by the UNTIL detail assigned to protect her. Zahra has since been moved to a new location, secret even from Luci.

The Unseen Hand continued his attacks on Lucianna. He set a trap where she was exposed to massive amounts of radiation while preventing a nuclear explosion. Later he used a powerful spirit to attack her. While Luci and Inquest thwarted him both times they were uncertain if these were real attempts to kill her or merely more tests of her capabilities. The assassin's attempt to create a clone of Platinum Fatale to kill her proved unsuccessful when mercenary scientists were unable to decipher her Human/Demoshian DNA.

After Platinum Fatale was led into a trap where she was attacked by Mega-Terak,the young heroine and her friends finally came face-to-face with the Unseen Hand and defeated, after dispatching a small army of minions. Though the assassin is in jail Lucianna has yet to decide how to handle Zahra's rich and well connected father.

Self Discovery

While in the hospital testing found that Lucianna was not simply as a mutant as she believed. Half her DNA is alien, a race known as the Demoshians. There was only one other ever known on Earth- her mother. So far Luci has learned nothing about the Demoshians other than the name.

Modeling and Mayhem

In an effort to promote The Prometheus Group Platinum Fatale did a photo shoot for a march appearance in Maxim magazine. Shortly after the photos were email to her for approval. Two days later her email and website were hacked by the super villain Foxbat, who photoshopped himself into the pictures and posted them on Luci's website.

A few weeks later Lucianna was helping her friend Crimson, whose powers had gotten out of control. Crimson created great blasts of flames and seemed to have lost her sense of self. Luci leapt through the flame to get to Crimson...and her clothes were completely incinerated. Nude pictures of her promptly appeared on the internet.

On November 24, 2009 she received the following email:


Per recent leaks and public candid amateur photography, Maxim has decided to bump you from the cover of their March issue. While they still intend to run your interview and shoot, they have decided upon another model, Ms. Rachel Sarto.

My deepest apologies.


Lucianna was very upset by this new turn of events.

Sam and Blue

Blue Bruiser was an odd one. A big man with a love of justice, Luci noticed he had a crush on her right away. Though she was reluctant she agreed to go on a date with. To call it a disaster would be kind. Not only did Blue have no idea what to do on a date, but it ended with him pushing a girl off an observation platform (who unknown to Luci was a friend of Blue's wearing rocket boots). He then announced the date was over, leaving Luci shocked, angry, and confused. Her anger didn't last long as Blue was killed by an assassin the next day. Sam told Luci what happened, flooding her with feeling of guilt over being angry. Lucianna has since found a man who appears to be Blue Bruisers, but he did not recognize her or any of his old associates.

Samuel Bray was the first person Lucianna interviewed. He was also the first participant in the Prometheus Group work release program. Despite his abrasive and chauvinistic nature, Luci liked him, seeing that his background was similar to hers. Inquest and Sam did not get along at along. Sam's bad attitude and lack of respect angered Inquest and the leader Prometheus felt that Sam wasn't making a real effort to reform-he was using the group to stay out of Stronghold. Lucianna defended Sam on several occasions; having seen him with his 'girlfriend' Zion, Luci thought he had a motivation to make himself better.

On December 10th 2009, Sam proved her wrong. Disabling his tracking device and leaving his quarters, Sam escaped Prometheus custody. At first Luci was worried something had happened to him. She called his cell phone and Sam told he was 'done playing this game.' Lucianna vowed to track him down, feeling extremely betray. Three days later Sam turned himself to Luci. Now he's working for the anti-VIPER division of UNTIL. Luci is keeping tracking of his movements and watching for any slip ups.

It Falls Apart

On January 4, 2010 The Prometheus Group was officially shut down. With the CEO Inquest overwhelmed by his duties and funding not coming in fast enough, the decision was made to close the company. Lucianna is currently working as the bodyguard for Union-East Bank CEO Grayson Rutherford. She suspects he chose her for her appearance and not her abilities.

A Fresh Start, a Strange Visitor

Less than three weeks after the dissolution Lucianna applied to and was excepted as recruit with the superteam The Guardians. Things seemed to be going well as made friends with her new teammates, especially Scar, Bolt Thrower and Jack. Her job as a body guard was interesting even with it's unpredictable hours.

Unknown to Lucianna, an alien from Demoshet had tracked her mother's ship to Earth and had secretly been monitoring Luci for weeks. While Luci was having lunch with her friend Gerald White, the alien attacked Gerald with a bolt of electricity. Luci saved his life, but the attacker escaped while she was performing CPR. Lucianna searched for the individual she called 'the woman in gold armor'; a few days later a tip from a friend in the MCPC led Luci to her strange opponent-and right into a trap.

An explosion knocked out a support pillar at the office building Luci was investigating. Stuck holding up the building so the workers could escape Lucianna was unable to defend herself when the alien, calling her self Trisligh, attacked. Trisligh referred to Luci as a half-breed while repeatedly electrocuting her. Thanks the quick thinking of the MCPD officer, the villain was driven off, but the confrontation left Lucianna shaken.

With the knowledge that Trisligh was from her mother's planet, Lucianna contacted an expert on extra-terrestrial communications. He was able to trace messages going to the system Demoshet was believed to be in and gave Luci a possible location for Trisligh. The alien was there-with a large group of villains. But Platinum Fatale had arrived with backup from the Guardians and the heroes routed the assembled villains. Trisligh escaped in the confusion. Lucianna still has no idea what her plans are.

Character and Appearance

Like many young heroines, Lucianna is extremely physically fit, working out for several hours a day. She has the figure similar to a professional athlete or fitness instructor. She is an exhibitionist and absolutely loves attention and any opportunity to show off, especially wearing revealing outfits. Her combat style is extremely confidant and flashy, incorporating flips, somersaults, spins and cool poses and taking advantage of any chance to make her opponent look silly.

Despite everything she's been through Lucianna is generally a very up beat person, though recent events and suddenly being on her own has shaken her confidence in her own decisions. Luci hates anything she believes is cruel or unfair, though some things that bother her are seen as trivial by others. Since coming to Millennium City she's latched on to the few friends she'd made and has become very loyal to them.

Her sexuality is best described as bisexual. She doesn't label herself, finding companionship in whoever interests her at the moment. Lately she has preferred the company of women, specifically Cinder and Zahra.

Her hair is a shiny white color, somewhat curly in it's natural state though she take great care to keep it straight. The pupils of her eyes are entirely green and glow brightly. Both of these features are signs of her Demoshian heritage; Luci is not yet aware of this.

Powers, Abilities, Unique Characteristics

Most of her powers Lucianna has since birth, but the Demoshian half of her DNA continues to provide new surprises.

Super Strength

Plat Lift.jpg

So far no upper limit to her strength has been found. She easily tosses around semi-trucks, giant robots, and super dense villains. She's capable of plowing through solid rock and ripping apart steel with ease. Her strength has increased as she grown older and this shows no signs of changing.


Not actually flying. Really.

Not actually capable of flying, Lucianna's leaps are powerful enough to escape the pull of Earth's gravity for a time. She's still getting the hang of this, but has learned to land without devastating the surrounding area.

Speed and Agility

A gymnastics demonstration a split second before a kick to the head

One of the first thing most people notice about Lucianna is the way she moves. Her balance is perfect and every moment is almost ethereally graceful. She never trips or stumbles and only falls if thrown or hit with powerful force. She seems to be very sensitive to changes in pressure. While not as fast as most super speedsters, Lucianna is much much faster than the average human. She's capable of acts of slight of hand that go unnoticed except by the very observant.


Nothing she's experience has been able to break her skin and it takes an incredibly powerful individual to bruise her or break her bones. Most forms of energy, including radiation, have very little effect on her. Her immune system is super efficient and powerful; she's never been sick, but chemicals that do have an effect on her take effect sooner and pass from her system faster.

Energy Projection

A recently discovered ability she is still mastering, Lucianna has the ability to project arcs of electricity from her body.


Lucianna is able to pick up new physical skills very quickly. Lucianna trained in Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Caporia, some Ninjitsu and is currently teaching herself Jeet Kun Do. Gymnastics and acrobatics were the part of her training she most enjoyed are still a part of her daily workout routine. She also trained in light weaponry, infiltration, seduction and espionage while under government care. Lucianna can easily pick standard locks if there's a need for a stealthy infiltration and can hack through basic computer security. Breaking into more complex systems is behind her ability.


While almost completely impervious to physical harm, Lucianna can be hurt in other ways. She is vulnerable to psychic attacks; they seemed to be far more effective than anything else. She can be hurt by sonic attacks, though they fail to throw her off balance. Magical energy, weapons, and creatures can hurt her. Any psychological or fear based attacks effect her as they would a normal person.

Media and Rumors

Platinum Fatale dressed for the Hero Games

The Prometheus Group has pushed Lucianna into the spotlight in a strategic attempt to raise her profile and by association the Group as a whole.

Photos of Lucianna in her skimpy costumes have appeared in the National Inquisitor and other tabloids.

She was her own website and a few burgeoning fan sites.

Lucianna is scheduled to appear in the March issue of Maxim.

During her first two weeks in Millennium City she worked as a dancer at the Incubus Club.

Her action figure is the first in the line of Prometheus Group action figures.

The two times Luci has tried to compete in a bikini contest they were canceled. Once due to a villain attack and once because of Takofanes zombie army.

Lucianna clothes were destroyed while trying to help Crimson, whose fire powers had out of control. The accident happen in Ren Center and bystander photos appearance all over the internet.

Friends and Allies

Whisper Stalker- A shaman of sorts, Luci is not quite sure what to make of Whisper, the native America woman is always there when she's needed.

Inquest- Her former boss, her friend and the guy who helped put her life back together. He has feeling for her, but it's not mutual. She tries very hard not to hurt him. When he was head of The Prometheus Group Lucianna was never afraid to tell him what she thought, including telling him he was wrong. The break up of Prometheus has strained their friendship.

Cinder- Fun and very flirtatious. A friend and possibly more. Cinder crashed with Luci during the zombie invasion.

Zion- Sam's girlfriend. Lucianna thinks she's good for Sam and hopes Zion will help keep him out of trouble.

Crimson- Though she and Luci don't know each other too well, Luci walked through a blazing inferno to save her. There's something about Crimson she likes, probably her down to earth demeanor in the face of the craziness.

Scar-A member of Night Force Alpha, Luci and Jennie have formed a fast friendship based on mutual respect and trading smart-ass remarks

Bolt Thrower-A member of Night Force Alpha, Bolt is an android who has become more human than he realizes. A good friend and teammate

Gerald White- An old friend of her parents, helping her learn the family history

Zahra- Arabian princess seeking political asylum in the US. Friend with benefits. Currently in protective custody.


Shatter Spike- Raised together, Shatter Spike is a life-long rival of Platinum Fatale and has tried to kill the young heroine multiple times. In jail at the moment

The Unseen Hand- An assassin sent hired by Saudi royals to kill Luci in revenge for taking their daughter

Sheik Marzuq- Father of Zahra, who believes Lucianna kidnapped his daughter

Foxbat! who recently hacked her email and website, inserting himself into most of Luci's photos

Ixio- Sam, bad guy turned good guy turned bad guy again. Lucianna made the first person in Prometheus work release program. His escape from custody left her feeling betrayed. Sam turned himself into Luci shortly after his escape. She's still not sure how to feel about all of it.