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Player: @TheRezz
I secretly kill people, lol!
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank/Melee DPS Hybrid
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science/Mutation
Biographical Data
Real Name: N/A
Known Aliases: N/A
Gender: Male
Species: Homo-superior
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Newport, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Dimitri and Elizabeth Moore (Parents. Deceased)
Age: 26
Height: 8'5
Weight: Approximately 2 tons
Eyes: Lavender
Hair: None
Complexion: Scaled, Black/Red
Physical Build: Muscular, spiky
Physical Features: Numerous skeletal protrusions along his shoulders and arms
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 2009-Present
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Geneticist, Diagnostician at Mercy General Hospital
Education: Extensive
Marital Status: Decidedly Taken
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength, Invulnerability
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Hand Sanitizer, Mask(Complete with air filter and built in Comm. unit)
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While Rezz is indeed a character who is nearly identical in appearance to his counterpart from that other super hero MMO, he has a much different personality. In a strange development, the Rezz of said other MMO, while technically a villain, is much nicer and less prone to violence. Rezz in Champions is much more cynical and much angrier, with much darker motives, despite being a 'hero'. ISN'T IT WEIRD?! Also, forgive me for recycling a bit of information from his old page.

Please keep in mind that the following information is considered OOC.


Rezz is a brilliant, socially awkward, and somewhat pompous mutant geneticist who has experienced the cruelties of mankind first hand. While a sheltered youth, he was still the subject of much ridicule among the ignorant residents of his birth town. The judgmental eyes and words of his peers would shape the young Rezz into a reclusive cynic, which is still apparent in the Rezz of today. If not for his loving parents, gifted tutors, and above all, amazing friends, Rezz would have turned out much... differently.

Rezz is very well mannered, and even though he might be in the process of beating you senseless, he’ll remain a perfect gentleman while doing so. Having been home schooled and sheltered as a child, he somewhat lacks social skills. Rezz suffers from mysophobia (fear of germs), which makes venturing to certain areas, such as sewers, very difficult. Though inconvenient, it makes for some very humorous situations.


Rezz has anger issues.

Built like a tank, the towering, spiked, reptilian monstrosity known as Rezz appears much like a humanoid, winged Ankylosaurus, and is an intimidating sight, to be sure. This, combined with his ability to leap long distances, the ability to take flight, venom that can eat clean through steel, and a brutal, cunning mind and raging temper... Rezz is not your ordinary bookworm. It is most wise to avoid any sort of bullying.


Rezz is strong. Frighteningly strong. The kind of strength nightmares are made of. He can easily lift and toss around jet-planes, tanks, and just about anything else without breaking a sweat. Able to tear through and puncture nearly any type of metal in his way, questionite included, Rezz is a very deadly adversary, or powerful ally to have.


Though not always fun to look at, Rezz’s reptilian appearance yields some advantages. His skin is immensely thick and can repel even the harshest attacks. Point-blank shots from even the most high caliber rifle are laughable, as are most other physical attacks. Rezz's thick hide has yet to be broken or pierced in any way. This isn't to say that Rezz is immune completely. Though his tolerance to it is very high, it is still possible for Rezz to succumb to sheer blunt trauma, though, said trauma would have to be the equivalent of a meteor crashing into him from space. Good luck.


Though not the fastest, or most graceful in the air, it is possible for Rezz's massive wingspan to sustain flight... It's just really funny to watch.

Genius Level IQ

At an astonishing IQ of 190, Rezz is as intimidating intellectually as physically. Labeled early on in life as a child prodigy, Rezz was given access to the finest tutors available, and every chance to succeed. Once unsure of where he would apply his vast intellect, his answer would soon blossom out of his own curiosity with what made him what he was... His mutation. The inner workings of his DNA. The genetics behind it all... It didn't take him long, graduating from college with both a PhD as well as an MD is the various fields of genetics and medical science.

Known Weaknesses

  • As stated, Rezz is mysophobic, and any exposure to dirt, germs, or anything unclean will send him into a panic and cause him to flee.
  • Rezz has trouble breathing without his mask. Prolonged exposure to the unfiltered, polluted air that you lesser beings breathe leaves Rezz sluggish and out of breath, effectively making him useless in combat. He will respond violently if his mask is tampered with in any way.
  • Rezz has two other weaknesses, and shall not be disclosed until uncovered.


Rezz was born a mutant... His skin was comprised of smooth, tough, black scales, tiny appendages on his back, which would later become wings, and a tiny tail. The thick, bone protrusions, which can only be called 'spikes' developed during puberty, much to the relief of his mother. Though surprised at the unique appearance of their one and only son, Rezz's parents would love him, unconditionally.

Growing up in the town of Newport, Rhode Island would prove to be a challenge for the odd little mutant. He and his family were often the subject of many anti-mutant attacks, including but not limited to: Graffiti, verbal harassment, and even numerous death threats. His parents did everything in their power to shelter their child from the outside world who seemed to hate him... and for a while, they were successful. Though secluded and dreadfully lonely, the only child led a fairly happy and productive childhood. He played, he laughed, and he learned at an alarming rate. Indeed, early on his life, he was diagnosed clinically genius and was put under a rigorous educational program. Rezz was afforded the best education and the finest tutors money could buy, as both his parents and the state payed millions to nurture the childs' brilliant mind. Much to the excitement of his tutors, he would breeze through the course material and was ready to start high school at the tender age of 10.

Rezz, who had grown exceedingly lonely over the years of seclusion, fought to the death for the opportunity to attend a public school. He'd wanted so bad to attend school with normal children. Anything to meet and interact with potential new friends. Rezz's parents knew the risk, but didn't have the heart to tell the poor child no. Against their better judgement, they enrolled their unique son into the local high school and prayed for the best. Their prayers, however, would go unanswered, as from the moment their son set foot into that school, the students would set their sights on the new student, who not only greatly differed from the general populous in appearance, but was so much smarter. Needless to say, they weren't willing to accept him in either regard. They teased him.. Taunted him. They made his life hell. This did little to deter him, at the start. He would lie through his teeth to his parents, claiming he'd been getting along fine, just for the chance to learn with the rest of the children. This only seemed to motivate the bullies further, calling for more drastic measures on their part.

One faithful day, Rezz's life would change forever. A group of much larger teens would surround the poor adolescent, fists clenched, ready to release their misguided hate on the undeserving child prodigy. They dragged him out into the yard after school, to a secluded spot behind one of the schools many janitorial sheds and proceeded to shove him around. Lucky for them, they would never have thrown a single punch. A young girl, the daughter of the local janitor, and years younger than Rezz would step in and easily dispatch of his would be attackers in a beautiful display of heroism. She would introduce herself as Amber, now known as Giga Gal, and thus was the beginning of a long lasting friendship between the two, and eventually, an adolescent crush on Rezz's part. Rezz had made his very first friend.

Not but a few days later, Rezz would find himself in a similar spot of trouble. In one of his many advanced placement classes, the socially inexperienced child would inadvertently insult one of his fellow students. Gabriel, better known today as Azunai, would follow Rezz after school and, for lack of a better word, teach the young genius a bit of humility... Though not with violence. The two of them had a verbal debate... A conflict that would later blossom into yet another friendship. Both would come to respect one another for their minds, and later, their strength.

Needless to say, word would soon reach home of the trouble poor Rezz had gotten into, and he would be pulled from the school not more than a month after enrollment. He would keep in contact with both Gabriel and Amber. Gabriel would often invite himself over and be Rezz's only real contact outside of his parents and tutors, while utilizing the internet to maintain contact with Amber. Soon enough, as Rezz began his college courses, he would lose touch with his friends as he withdrew into his rigorous studies, emerging years later with a number of doctorates in various fields. Gabriel would soon contact Rezz later on in life with a proposition... Thus, The Ministry of Order would be born, and the two would strike out on their own to further their plans... and meet up with an old friend along the way.

Now, their story truly begins.



  • The Ministry of Order - The brainchild of both Rezz and Azunai, collectively. On the surface, the group is dedicated solely to the advancement of varying degrees of medical and scientific discovery, as well as one of many lines of defense against many of the worlds larger, more dangerous threats. Unknown to the public, several of the radical experiments being performed are bordering on the unethical and illegal. Said experiments are, however, in the best interest of mankind. The group collectively believes in capital punishment, and aims to punish those criminals beyond rehabilitation... The murderers, rapists, and psychopaths by dealing with them as they find appropriate.
  • UNITY - While not a registered Super Hero with the top-level organization known as UNITY, Rezz is a contracted researcher, rather than a field agent. He is, as stated in his contract, allowed to accompany and/or lead a team of registered heroes on varying scientific expeditions. In the event that he, or his accompanying team of super-powered 'escorts' are attacked, he is authorized to defend himself and his team by any means necessary to ensure their survival, as well as the success of the mission. The term 'scientific expedition' is used very loosely, as one can learn most anything while out in the field. For example: A group of Gadroon could possibly attack Canada, using a 'suspicious' technology. Rezz, while not acting as a UNITY field agent, could be sent in to investigate and strictly observe this technology for research purposes. Should he be attacked, he can defend himself... thus neutralizing the Gadroon threat, while not breaching his contract.
Rezz, researching the effects his fists have on the faces of criminals for a very important study he's conducting for UNITY.

Media Exposure

Recently, it has been made apparent to Rezz that he's been in the newspaper and even on television for his various heroic exploits around the city. People and Heroes alike are recognizing him wherever he seems to go. While not necessarily ashamed of such a thing... Being such a reclusive person for nearly all of his life has given him a deep feeling of embarrassment in light of it all. Fame is the absolute last thing Rezz wished for, but if it were to come, he'd have preferred it be for one of his numerous contributions to the scientific community at large. The socially inept scientist has absolutely no idea how to handle this new found fame and, while not wanting to seem ungrateful, wants only to be left to his work. However, it seems that whether he likes it or not, his ugly mug is being broadcast on television nationwide, and he is quickly becoming a household name.

Blood Moon and Operation Liberation

The rising of the Blood Moon brought with it death and destruction en masse. As Takofanes and his undead minions swept across the city and the world at large, many innocent lives were lost. Rezz was one of many heroes involved in repelling the undead forces, often going days on end without a wink of sleep. For two long, exhausting weeks, he fought to protect the masses. Like so many, he was outnumbered and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of undead. For every citizen and hero alike that would fall, so would Takofanes' army grow. Rezz often found himself forced into uncomfortable situations, as there were simply not enough bodies to save everybody. He would have to make split second decisions... To help one group of survivors as another would be devoured before his eyes. The haunting expression of betrayal and sadness on the faces of those he'd been unable to save still haunt him to this day. Their unforgiving eyes burning a hole into his mind, as if to ask 'Why didn't you save me? Why are you letting me die?!'

Enough was enough. UNTIL had a plan. A final stand against Takofanes and his undead army. Rezz was one of many other heroes recruited in this latch ditch effort. The massive team of super-powered beings was split in to teams and sent to fight the fallen, reanimated heroes of years passed, freeing each of the tortured spirits in hopes of weakening their master and driving him off. The collective efforts of the many heroes was met with much success as Takofanes was sent back to the depths from whence he came, taking with him the millions of dead whose lives he'd taken. It was an experience in which Rezz was both grateful to have been apart of, and humbled, having never stared death in the face before that grueling two weeks.

Operation Liberation after the final battle. Click for larger, much more amazing picture.

How Rezz Views Those Around Him

"...I know he puts up with us only because we were there..." -Vai

These words currently dwell in his mind, despite his best efforts. Words spoken to him from a woman he'd never met, and yet as potent as they are true. It is one of but a few qualities Rezz is ashamed of and works very hard to keep hidden. He has high hopes that one day, this will no longer be the case, and he will finally be able to open up and truly care about those around him, as they care for him. As time goes on, however, he becomes increasingly aware of just how unlikely it is, and it depresses him to no end.

It's not so much that he's cold or uncaring, but rather that he finds it difficult to relate to the everyday man/woman/superhero, and thus, difficult to truly feel for them. This isn't to say that Rezz doesn't care for the very citizens he fights to protects... He doesn't want to see any innocent lives lost, but try as he might, he can't bring himself to truly feel for them.

There are, of course, but a few exceptions to this flaw in his personality. Individuals whom he has either simply grown close to for one reason or another, or who have, despite his best efforts, forced themselves into his life and simply won't accept no for an answer, or simply people he can't help but admire. These select few individuals are few and far between, however, and Rezz can count them on only one hand... maybe two.

Rezz is not amused...

Art©Sephi. Much thanks!

Tragedy Strikes

Rezz, along with his many colleagues in The New Templars had long been stalked by a dark, unseen presence known only to them as 'Tad'. Tad had the uncanny ability to look deep within each of them, to their deepest and darkest thoughts in the depths of their subconscious, and bring them to the surface. Telling them what they wanted to hear, urging them to follow through. Despite their best efforts, there were... incidents. Tempers flared, punches were thrown, but our heroes prevailed, and for a time, it had appeared that Tad had been beaten and that life would return to normal... That is, until a freak accident swapped the Templars with malicious versions of themselves known as, you guessed it, the Dark Templars, with a Qliphothic double of Giga Gal at their helm.

With the New Templars in this dark, alternate reality, these evil doppelgangers took it upon themselves to take this dimension for their own, hoping to construct a portal to bring in reinforcements, but were met with one large problem... They had neither the ability, nor the equipment necessary for such a device. Not a group to be deterred, they sought alternative means to accomplish their task. An attack on the home of a local scientist, our very own Rezz, demanding that he submit to their will and construct their device, or his mother would be killed. Rezz had no choice but to go with the Dark Templars and construct their device, in a cave, with a box of scraps. No, not really. It was more of an abandoned factory than a cave.

Over the next week, Rezz would work diligently without rest, building the inter-dimensional portal to save his dear mothers life. Once complete, the Dark Templars found themselves in a hurry to switch it on and continue with their diabolical plan, but not without attracting the attention of a local armada of heroes to their location. Luckily, such a complicated device, built in such a short period of time from such faulty equipment was going to take some time to warm up, buying our heroes much needed time... That, and Rezz had engineered the machine that way and had a few more tricks up his sleeve. As the battle was winding down and the Dark Templars found themselves on the brink of defeat, their only hope of victory, the inter-dimensional portal, would turn out to be their undoing. With the aid of the hero known as Spectre, a man hailing from their own dimension, Rezz's machine was able to send the Dark Templars back home, and returning The New Templars in their stead.

There was a short and heartfelt reunion as the Templars made their triumphant return, and Rezz was reunited with his beloved mother, but after such a long and tiring week, all parties involved were in desperate need of rest. All would seem to return to normal, and Rezz's mother remained in Millennium city, accompanied by her father, for a much needed vacation. All seemed well for the time being, until a bizarre string of grizzly murders began to sweep the city, claiming the lives of seemingly random victims.. Victims that would include Rezz's parents. Rezz was devastated, having never experienced a loss so great in all his years. There would be no rest for him now, as he dedicated every waking moment to tracking down his parents killers, with no success. It was only the beginning.

Rezz never truly recovered from the loss of his parents, but did his best to stay strong and fulfill his duties to Mercy General, and the people of Millennium City... But as the murders continued, so did Rezz's morale wane. The final straw to break the already fragmented psyche was the revelation that Tad, the Qliphothic entity that had so tried to influence Rezz and The New Templars had not only returned, but was living inside Giga Gal from the beginning... and that she had been responsible for the murders. Rezz broke down, unwilling to accept the fact. Tad was in his head once again, attempting to manipulate Rezz to further his goal. The Templars had a plan to put a stop to Tad once and for all, and by extension, kill Giga Gal, as well. It ceased to be about what Tad wanted, and Rezz set out to save the one person he had left. He wouldn't let them take her, not after he'd lost so much, already.

Rezz arrived just as the Templars engaged the rampaging Giga Gal. Tad revealed that the Templars had in their possession a crystal that would be the undoing of both Tad, and Amber, herself. Rezz attacked and promptly defeated the crystals holder, Berzerkka, but was restrained before he could destroy the crystal. The battle raged on, but Rezz could only look on as the Qliphothic Giga Gal fought off her attackers as she attempted to open a Qliphothic rift, summoning a beast within the heart of the Monster Island volcano that sought to destroy all creation as we know it. Things were looking grim for our heroes, and just as the Qliphothic monstrosity began to rear it's ugly head, it would be Hunter who would have to end Amber's life, piercing her heart with the crystal as Rezz lay pinned between two massive volcanic rocks, unable to stop it.

She was gone. Killed by none other than her current lover, and Rezz's most hated and bitter of rivals. He'd lost everything.

Where He Is Now

Rezz has not yet fully recovered and is still in mourning. For a long while, he had locked himself in a lab on Monster Isle, spending much of his time at the spot of Amber's death. He'd ceased any and all communication with anyone he had at once considered a friend. He had also ceased his duties and responsibilities to both the Ministry of Order, and Mercy General Hospital. For all intents and purposes, he'd fallen off the face of the earth.

Months later, he is still somewhat of an emotional train wreck, but is making huge strides in coming out of his funk, and has started making random appearances. Will this trend continue, or will he relapse and return to the depths and safety of his lab? Only time will tell.


  • Rezz can often be seen standing around watching people do what they do. People watching is not only a hobby for him, but it helps him to learn a bit more about human nature, far more than any book ever could, and why they do what they do.
  • Unless he has business with someone, Rezz will never approach another person, or attempt to initiate a conversation, unless it's just to greet a familiar face in passing. Some view it as having a superiority complex, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Rezz is just inexperienced in social situations and making small talk, but is open to making new friends and learning about them. It just takes a little coaxing to get him out of his shell.
  • Only sleeps 1-3 hours a night, if at all.
  • Wears face mask to correct various minor respiratory problems.
  • Can’t stand dirty environments, or the feel of being dirty. Suffers from Mysophobia.
  • Is often called a 'Workaholic'. He denies nothing.
  • Doesn’t wear too many shirts, as his many spikes and massive wings make it more of a hassle than it's worth.
  • Rezz goes commando.
  • Boots are plated with thick questionite. Each boot weighs about 120 pounds.
  • Has never broken a bone in his body, nor had an open flesh wound or even bled.
  • Absolutely loves both Classical Music... and any and all flavors of Metal.
  • Rezz can now lift every weight-class in game!

Opinions From Friends and Enemies Alike

((Feel free to add your characters opinion of Rezz here.))

  • "I'm most fond of any brilliant mind coupled with raw physical power and a handsome face, doubly so when such an individual allows me to reshelve, recatalogue, rearrange, and repair every inch of their personal library." - Ryna
  • "He is a man of remarkable intellect and potential so great that I doubt even he has realized it. I look forward to the day that he steps forth and decisively acts on his vision of the future, it will be a glorious thing to behold, glorious, or terrible." Praetora
  • "Rezz? He's thunderously brilliant. His is a mind unconstrained by the limitations of petty politics and conventional thought. Sure, some of his philosophic ideas seem radical and I'll grant you he might be a touch more idealistic than is practical, but the only reason science advances in this world is because there are people like Rezz pushing the boundaries of our thought." David Smith, aka Psionistar
  • "A credit to his species, his intellect is only matched by his ferocity and his temper. I do not foresee coming to blows with him, but if I was ever forced, I would dread the day of its coming." Zen
  • "Rezz? That ass? I love him like I love no other. He’s got that wonderful habit of the best intentions paving the way to hell or whatever the expression is… We may fight, I may cry, but I know deep down that there’s no going back, not now. He’s fucking brilliant, though alas, he knows it, which can be kinda grating sometimes…But that’s how all brothers are, right? Anyways, touch him and you answer to me. And I’m the not nice one in this relationship." Destiny Certo
  • "Yeah, well, I still say he's a dragon." Shjade
  • "It's hard to explain what I really think of Rezz, he's complicated. I hear all this bad stuff all the time and it's's hard to believe it. He's always been so nice to me and he's pretty much always been there for me when I needed it. Despite what other people might say, he's one of the few people I would -really- trust with my life. And I hope we'll always be friends." Eternal Reverie
  • "I thought I could trust that his desire to create a better world would drive him to better himself. I was wrong." Giga Gal
  • "Rezz is a big fat /meeaaaannnyy/. Not lettin' me plant gardens in his home and what not. So rude. But he is kinda sexy, in that monsterous, scaley, should be unattractive sense. Just, you know, don't tell him I said that. He gets all shy and blushes." Abi Normal
  • "Rezz is a genius, but what I perceive as a Nietzchean streak, added to his opinion on life, and the treatment of the people under him, leaves me colder than the Frost Tomb. We can be civil, especially if he does not hurt Sarah, but I cannot imagine us ever being friends again. In some ways, it makes me angry that so many hold him in such high regard, I worry they set themselves up for a fall. Sure he's brilliant -- but brilliance and arrogance are a dangerous mix in our business." Thundrax
  • "It's difficult for me to exactly pinpoint what I know about Rezz. Often, he keeps to himself, rarely speaking. ...not that I have anything against that, considering I do the same. But the times I have met him have left me with a rather bitter taste in my mouth. The way he views others around him makes me feel that he sees them as nothing more than a nuisance that he's learned to deal with. Because of that though, I can't help but feel sorry for him. That kind of view on the world leaves one especially lonely. With the recent passing of his parents, I am...unsure what his intentions are right now. But, that will not stop me from helping him when he needs it. I've extended my hand to him; I hope that he will realize that he isn't alone." Darius Phen
  • "When I look at him I see his insecurity and my own regret." The Emissary
  • "If only he would leave his lab more often. I believe the world could be blessed by what he has to offer it. My lonely workaholic friend... I should probibly visit him again." Muse (@MallyBurns)
  • "Never met the man. But...when I look at the guy, there's something up with him. He has that look in his eyes like I do, sometimes - that feeling of grief, depression, sadness, like a tranquil anger. I'd give him a chance to talk, for him to let his grief out, if ever came out of his bloody lab. Poor guy." Snowtalon.

Theme Songs

All The World Is Mad by Thrice -

Nemesis by VNV Nation -

Be Human by Scott Matthew -

The End Complete by Coheed and Cambria -

RP Hooks

  • Rezz is.. Well, a genius, obviously. A master of all things science, particularly genetics. Does your character have a problem that can be resolved with such things? Well, Rezz is very easy to get in contact with. FOR SCIENCE!
  • Rezz is honestly a great scapegoat character. Need a cure for something? Whether your character is suffering from some sort of disease, genetic deficiency, or if you just need something smashed... Rezz is more than capable of doing just that.