The Ministry of Order

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OOC Note: All of the information on this page is STRICTLY OOC. Please, On the surface, the Ministry of Order is a legit, law abiding organization. DO not just have your character ASSUME he or she knows something about the Ministry and it's business. Do not META GAME. Thank you


The Ministry of Order
Ministry globe.jpg
Leader(s): Rezz, Azunai
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Concept: Revolutionaries
Website: Click Here
Members: 25+
The Ministry works towards the eradication of crime by any means necessary and furthering their intellectual goals.

What is The Ministry of Order?

The Ministry of Order is a group of Revolutionaries (some members may be considered to be anti-villains) dedicated in maintaining the peace for society by any means necessary. They view society as a downward spiral as more and more threats to the peace emerge. These people are intent on exterminating these threats once and for all. Why should a super villain that has murdered over dozens of people be able to live? Why should they only be placed in prison when they deserve the death penalty? These are questions the Ministry ask, and their answer: They shouldn't. They will stop at nothing to make sure these scums of the Earth will never live to see another day. They will continue to work on changing the laws of government, knowing them to be broken. They will bring Order.

The brainchild of both Rezz and Azunai, collectively. On the surface, the group is dedicated solely to the advancement of varying degree's of medical and scientific discovery, as well as one of many lines of defense against many of the worlds larger, more dangerous threats. Unknown to the public, several of the radical experiments being performed are bordering on the unethical and illegal. Said experiments are, however, in the best interest of mankind. The group collectively believes in capital punishment, and aims to punish those criminals beyond rehabilitation... The murderers, rapists, and psychopaths by dealing with them as they find appropriate.

The Application Process

Interested in joining the Ministry? There are two ways the leaders decide on accepting a new member. First is the application that is done through the website at: Interested parties will be judged by the leaders to see if their character fits into the group. This application is usually used as an out-of-character reference.

The second application is done in-character in-game. You will be contacted via in-game to set up an IC interview to get your character into the group. The questions asked by a recruiter may not be the same as the questions asked in the application filled out over the website.

Ranks and Structure of the Ministry

The Ministry is very set on creating order. As such, there is a chain of command to establish the order within the organization. The follow is how the order is structured.

High Minister

The highest rank in the Ministry. The High Minister makes sure things continue to run smoothly while attending to business such as recruiting new members into the Ministry. They also conduct business with other group leaders, working to create alliances or making sure to keep peace among potential enemies.


The Ministers help maintain the same order as the High Ministers.


The Magistrate are considered to be the right hand men of the Ministers (High Ministers included). They are the ones to enforce the will of the Ministry.


The lowest rank of the Ministry. These are the ones that perform the duties requested by the Ministers.

The High Ministers





The Ministers



The Magistrates

Metal Raven


The Cohorts

Nick Phoenix








Allies and Acquaintances of The Ministry

Dark Destiny

Ghost Hound

Enemies of The Ministry