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Player: @Reldin
Thinking gets you nowhere.
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank/Melee DPS Hybrid
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science/Inventions
Biographical Data
Real Name: Gabriel Adam Bishop
Known Aliases: Gabe, Mr. Bishop, Big Guy, Gabby, Gigantor, Golden Gladiator, Tech Head
Gender: Male
Species: Homo-superior/Mutant
Ethnicity: Mexican-Caucasian mix
Place of Birth: Newport, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Daniel Bishop (father), Melissa Bishop (sister), Gregory Bishop (brother), Blitzkrieg
Age: 28
Height: 10'8
Weight: 6,345 lbs
Eyes: Forest green
Hair: Shaved
Complexion: Tanned skin, visible veins on his arms and body.
Physical Build: Heavily muscular, extremely tall.
Physical Features: Has a scar from a deep gash on the left side of his forehead.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Publicly Known
Years Active: 2009-Currently active
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Research and Development for Medical Science
Education: Masters in Mechanical Engineering
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength, Invulnerability
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Wears gladiator-like armor that is mostly for looks.
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Personal History

Gabriel Adam Bishop was not always the eleven foot tall giant that everyone knows today. In fact, before he took on the name Azunai, Gabriel had lived a rather normal life. Born February 10th, 1985 and raised in Newport, Rhode Island, Gabriel, or Gabe as most called him, is the son of Daniel and Michelle Bishop and eldest of three children. As a young child, Gabriel was rather curious about every possible thing. How something worked, how something was put together, why something was made to be, these were questions he pondered. His father inspired him greatly as an inventor, but it would take a number of years before the young Gabriel could prove his worth and make a name for himself. One notable invention that he was able to come up with was prosthetic limbs that were capable of regenerating. Of course, Gabriel had not been able to do this alone. His father helped him greatly and supported his son in the development of these self-regenerating prosthetics by using nanite technology that allowed a limb to repair itself if damage to the limb occurs. The prosthetics were not only capable of regenerating, but the prosthetic limbs themselves looked and felt like body parts that one was born with. This was the first major accomplishment that Gabriel had completed at the age of 16.

While he was in high school, Gabe got a reputation for being a tech head. Luckily for him, this got him more respect than what most people would expect. He wasn’t the usual nerdy type one would expect for someone like him to be. Gabe had somewhat of an interest in sports, having played Football, Soccer, and Volleyball (saying he was good at them is another story) while he was in high school. However, instead of attending all four years of high school, his accomplishment for developing the regenerative prosthetics earned him the right to graduate a year early. After graduating, Gabriel enrolled into the University of Rhode Island where he began working towards earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Along the way, three years after he began attending the University, he met the woman that he would fall in love with: Amelia White. The two dated for two years before finally Gabriel proposed, asking Amelia to marry him. Of course, the answer came with a bit of surprising news. At the time of the proposal, Amelia confessed to Gabe that she was pregnant. The confession only made Gabriel want to marry her more, and this resulted in Amelia answering with an excited yes.

However…this was not so much of a happy ending as it would seem. A few months later, Amelia had gone to visit her parents. Gabriel intended to go, as he got along with his fiancé’s parents, but instead, had to remain behind due to work related responsibilities. Instead, a close friend decided to travel with Amelia, offering to drive her. The pair would be traveling for an hour until the horrible incident happened…A tanker had suddenly tipped over on the freeway, which caused a string of vehicle crashes, among them being Amelia’s vehicle. As vehicle after vehicle piled on one another, creating a more devastating crash site, Gabe had no idea it was occurring. It was only until a couple of hours after that he found out, receiving a call from Amelia’s parents, worried that their daughter could be involved with it since she had not answered their calls. It turns out…they were right. Several more hours had passed, much longer than it would have taken Amelia to arrive and left both her parents and Gabriel to believe she was lost in the accident. However, back at the crash site, a number of civilian bodies were missing. It was believed that their bodies were lost within the destruction, but there were very few traces of people actually being involved in the incident.

Birth of a Titan


Six months had passed since Gabriel Bishop's fiance disappeared in the tragic incident she and many others had been involved with. Though at the time, the people involved with the accident were presumed dead, having been gone so long after the accident. It took Gabriel quite a long time before he could pull himself back together and realize that Amelia was never going to return. A lot had changed during those six months. Gabe wasn't quite the same person that he was six months prior. He became more annoyed with people and short tempered, not to mention a little cold towards others. Those were perhaps the toughest six months of his life. That was until he finally decided to dig himself out.

Of course in order to do that he needed something to change his life. Something drastic. What happened to his fiance was just one problem on his mind. The other? His boss. At the time, Gabriel had been working for a Research and Development company known as Synthesis Technologies. The company itself was dedicated in technological advancements, but the current CEO of SynTech was Alexander Sinclair--the original CEO's son. Before the passing of Albert Sinclair in 2005, SynTech was dedicated in advancements for medical technologies. However, when Alexander had taken over, things had changed quite a bit--and for the worst. Military contracts were made more often than before, switching the focus of medical advancement to weapons and artillery. In essence, it was something that Albert Sinclair had stood against and now his son wanted something more: profit.

Now we must connect the dots. Why was Alexander Sinclair such a hurdle for Gabriel Bishop? One would have to turn back the wheels of time to find out that the two actually had a past relationship. Both Albert Sinclair and Daniel Bishop--the fathers of Gabriel and Alexander--were partners at one point and have remained friends even after branching out to test the waters for themselves. Unlike their fathers, Gabriel and Alexander had never gotten along. In fact, the two were bitter rivals and once Alexander had the opportunity of being the boss of Gabriel, he took advantage.

Thankfully Gabriel had other friends within the company. Doctor Liam Wilson had been one of the most supportive people--and not to mention one of the only people to keep Gabriel from doing something drastic. Wilson was also a close friend to Gabriel's father, as well as one of SynTech's lead Geneticists. Wilson had been developing a Super Soldier serum that would temporarily give its user extraordinary abilities. At the time, it was very experimental, but it had just entered its human trials. Of course when Gabriel found out, he immediately went to Wilson and convinced the Doctor into using him as one of his first human test subjects. What could have possibly gone wrong?

Plenty of things, actually. For one, the experiment could have killed the young man, but thankfully that wasn't the case. Everything had been going smoothly. The chamber that Gabriel had been placed in closed up tight. The tubes that were injected into his limbs and body were placed just right. Everything had been going according to plan up until an unusual power surge had occurred and supercharged the serum that was feeding into Gabriel's body. What was meant to be a very low dosage that would only give Gabriel a temporary boost to his strength, speed, and agility ended up fueling his entire being with incredible power. Not only had his strength increased, but his body and size grew immensely. The chamber he rested in was only so large and before he knew it, his own body was being crushed inside the metal coffin. But was it the chamber crushing him, or him crushing the chamber? He felt no pain as his body grew, nor did his bones snap when they pushed against the edges of the chamber. Not long after he pushed the front of the chamber open, snapping the door of its hinges. The young man pulled himself out of the coffin, emerging from it like some sort of butterfly--though he was actually something much more fierce-some. His heavy footsteps were loud and clunked against the metallic floor of the laboratory he was in. Not yet used to his new size, he collapsed onto his knees as his body continued to expand. The Doctor could only watch in both horror and interest at what was happening to his young friend. Shortly after, Gabriel managed to maintain his composure and slowly rose to his feet once more. Clunk, clunk, the heavy thuds of each foot had made when he planted each one down firmly. Doctor Wilson had to take several steps back. No longer were the two eye to eye. What emerged from that chamber was no ordinary man. No, no ordinary man towered over a human being such as this. What emerged from that chamber...was a titan.


At first glance, Azunai appears to be quite the intimidating man. Most people stand only at waist level while others are lucky enough to stand at chest level. His intimidating stature prevents most people from approaching as most are too afraid in striking up a conversation with the giant man. For those that are brave enough though, they may find that this giant is surprisingly not so scary, unless of course, you approach him the wrong way. Nonetheless, the giant is actually a giant teddy bear.

Most people will find that Azunai is one of the nicest guys they will meet, considering his immense size. Azunai is easy to get along with; humorous, calm, laid back, and tolerant of people that most would find rather intolerable. He is a very caring person, especially towards his friends and will offer as much help as possible to friends that may need it without asking for anything in return. Sometimes he can be a little flirty when he is with the right person but it also depends on how well he gets along with the other person. He also isn’t afraid to make crude jokes when the time is right, especially when he is hanging around with friends he feels comfortable with.

What some people don’t know is that this teddy bear also has a dark side. He represses his anger and when he lets it out, he is capable of doing great harm to those around him. With his amount of strength, Azunai could cause an incredible amount of collateral damage if someone were able to make him angry enough. However, it’s a good thing that he has great control over his anger; otherwise he would just beat anybody he meets into a pulp.

Azunai can also be argumentative when having to deal with people that have a different ideology than his own. An example of such a thing would be the treatment of machines and how they should be treated as conscious beings. This is one of Azunai’s pet peeves and it drives him up the wall when people believe that machines should be treated on the same level as humans. When it comes to cybernetic beings however, his opinion may differ. If the human side of the cybernetically augmented being is still noticeably alive, he has no qualms with treating the being as human.

Aliens are also on his shit list as most that arrive on his planet seem to be rather arrogant and tend to look down upon the human population which rather annoys Azunai. Vampires are on his list of people he hates on account of them trying to fight for their rights yet using humans as their main source of nourishment. This is something rather unacceptable by Azunai. Of course…this does not mean he despises EVERY vampire or alien being. There are very few vampires that Azunai respects. As for aliens, there are more of them that he can tolerate and some he may even call “friend.”

Powers and Abilities


Super Strength

Azunai possesses an incredible amount of superior strength. He gained his superior strength after undergoing a process to change his genetic structure.
It's unclear just how much strength this man has, but it's certain that this man is a titan. Once able to lift 800 tons, Azunai has been going under severe physical conditioning to further increase his strength, pushing himself to work towards being in the 1000 ton power bracket. Although Azunai has yet to reach an actual limit and his strength is presumed to be limitless. Being this physically strong allows Azunai the opportunity to use many objects as projectiles as it's fairly easy for him to lift a heavy object and throw at his target. This also makes Gabriel a one man wrecking crew, not to mention somebody great to have when you need something moved. However...Gabriel holds back when using his strength as using it to its full potential may cause a great amount of collateral damage.


Of course, what would super strength be without being able to withstand nearly any form of attack? The change to his genetic structure had made Azunai become dense, immensely denser than any human could possibly become. His bone structure became strong enough to be compared to the strongest known metals on Earth. Because of this, his mass is much greater than most beings on Earth, putting him at a little over two tons.
The sheer thickness of his muscle mass makes sure that Azunai is near impenetrable by any form of high velocity attack. In fact, this makes Azunai near invulnerable to ANY form of physical attack. The skin covering his body is thick enough to keep him protected, but also it's fairly difficult to puncture. Of course, this does not mean Azunai is fully indestructible as others in his weight class are capable of causing physical harm to him.

Super Jump

Due to his immense strength, Azunai is capable of launching himself great distances through the use of his leg muscles. It's his new primary use of transportation. Definitely beats having to drive a car!


  • Weak Mental Defenses: Azunai has no protection whatsoever against those with mental abilities. His mind is open to any intruder willing to cause harm to the man.
  • Weakness to Magic: He is also vulnerable to any form of magic type damage, such as those who practice in the dark arts or know of sorcery. Azunai is capable of withstanding the various elements, but prolonged exposure to someone who is able to control them could possibly do harm to him.
  • Fear of the Qliphothic: Azunai has a tremendous fear of the Qliphoth. After being taken into what seemed like Hell by a mysterious enemy, Azunai had never been the same when dealing with the corrupted energy. He makes sure to steer clear of having to deal with anything remotely tied to the Qliphothic.

Inventions & Equipment

Gabriel has a brilliant mind when it comes to technology, having been heavily influenced by his father to work in the same field. Of course, as he grew older, Gabriel branched out and moved away from focusing in the medical field and ended up working in weapons and armor development. A self proclaimed Inventor, Gabe broadened his horizons and now does research and development on a multitude of items, some for personal use, while others he uses for commercial use.

Personal Use

  • Gladiator Armor: Azunai wears a set of gladiator looking armor that he uses for his heroic uniform.
  • Quick Change Device: A small device that is preset with a number of different outfits and costumes. It makes changing clothes a cinch when it's needed right away. The device scans an entire outfit and registers it as an option. When it is used, the device swaps out the current outfit with the newly selected one.
  • Shrink/Growth Suit: A full body suit that Gabe designed. It's capable of shrinking someone down to an inch tall while also being able to grow to roughly 35 feet tall. Gabe usually uses the suit for more delicate situations when working on projects since his hands may be too large when needing to get into cramped spaces.

Limited Supply

  • Quick Change Device: Gabriel offers the Quick Change Device in limited quantities. These devices are made by request for those he considers to be friends and close allies.
  • Shrink Ray: A device that's used to shrink objects to very small sizes. This device is in limited supply and Gabe will only offer one to somebody if the device is an absolute necessity.


  • Research and Development: As an inventor, Gabriel is willing to take commissions for the development of new equipment and items.
  • Power Armor Development: Gabe is capable of designing a number of different power armor. From underwater to space suits, Gabriel is capable of working on armor for multiple uses.
  • Self Regenerating Prosthetics: Gabriel offers civilians and heroes alike the opportunity to have a second chance if they had lost a limb. May it be from birth, war, or heroic duties, Gabriel is happy to service the people looking to regain their lost arm or leg. These prosthetics are made with nanite technology that allow damaged prosthetics to refurbish themselves. The nanites also allow the prosthetics to grow alongside younger users, doing away with needing to upgrade every so often and making it feel like the prosthetics are their own limbs.
  • Metahuman Workout Equipment: No more troubles with finding a suitable workout routine when you can do everything at home with this specially designed home gym equipment for superhumans. From free weights to weight benches to weight machines, these once standard gym equipment have been upgraded heavily to incorporate anti-gravity technology that allows its user to workout with resistances up to 500 tons and more. The gym equipment requires an anti-gravity field that must be placed in the area where its user will be working out most. If a free weight is taken too close out of range, the weight will automatically drop in resistance before it leaves the anti-gravity field to avoid any damage outside of its perimeter.
  • Sauna Chair: Gabe filed a patent for a Sauna Chair, an idea that was given to him when he met Zoe ( Bounceback ) during a conversation they had. The Sauna Chair is a personalized sauna where the owner may relax in the comfort of their home and have the full enjoyment of a sauna.

Works in Progress

Significant Events

Judgement (2009)

Argent Smash!
Worm Crush!

For nearly 10 years, Gabriel had been working on a device that would allow him to absorb the abilities of other superhumans. For those 10 years he kept this a secret, not even telling his own father what he had been working on. But for what reasons did the young Gabriel have for making such a device? Was it jealousy? Power? His reasons are for him to know, but what he felt made him believe that it was necessary to create such a weapon. What exactly was it that he created? The codename he gave the weapon: Judgement. Judgement is a metallic gauntlet that is placed around the user’s left arm. The device requires the user to inject several needles into their flesh before locking the device in place for use. Three tubes are connected into the wrist of the user while two large tubes are connected into the person’s upper arm, a bit above the bicep. It was not until the summer of 2009 when he finally completed his project that took a decade to finish. His pride and joy was ready to be taken out and tested.

At the time, his friend and colleague, Zen, volunteered to be the first subject for Gabe’s new device. It was a chance for him to see what potential the device had. Lucky for Zen, Gabe was smart enough to include a number of settings on the device as to not cause harm. The device indeed has the ability to strip away a person’s abilities, but the device was also capable of being used to copy another person’s ability and allow the user to gain their abilities. However, when copying abilities, they are not as powerful as the original user the power is copied from. Since Zen is a telepath, Judgement did not work as intended. It was not able to copy Zen’s ability to read thoughts, but gave Gabe the ability to teleport. After further testing, Gabe found out that the gauntlet cannot work during certain situations:

  • Judgement cannot copy a telepath’s mind reading abilities.
  • Judgement cannot be used on people wearing heavy armor.

All was not well when using the device. Gabriel began to develop a dependency on the weapon. Slowly he became something that is termed: a “DNA Vampire.” He found himself becoming weaker after certain periods of time had passed, and even weaker when he used any energy by performing abilities he gained from others, usually from the villains that he brought down. Gabriel needed to drain bits of energy from other people in order to keep himself from becoming too weak. His condition became worse over time. His DNA began to mutate into something that was no longer human. The DNA Gabriel acquired all melded into one another, creating what seemed to be an entirely new species. Not only this, but the mutation also mutated Gabriel’s appearance as well. His skin greyed, spines came from his shoulders, back, and head. He was no longer the Azunai people knew.

Into the Qliphothic (2010)

Underwater battle!
Several months have passed since Azunai mutated into something other than human. The abilities he absorbed from using Judgement morphed his DNA to the point that he could be considered as some sort of mutation. Blood samples were taken from Gabriel and concluded that he was considered no longer human. However, since then, he was able to control what abilities he obtained, including a shape shifting ability that allowed him to appear back in his normal form. He thought he could return to life as normally as possible, but this didn’t last for long. A call over the Champions Respond and Protect communication frequency had gone off and Azunai was close by to respond. A Qliphothic portal had opened in the sky over the City Center near City Hall. Monstrous tentacles were swarming the city, lashing out of the portal and grabbing onto what poor civilians they could grab ahold of, then dragging them upwards into the sky and through the portal.

Azunai made the mistake of being first on the scene though. At the time of arrival, he was the only hero responding to the call, which left him open to multiple Qliphothic tentacle attacks. However, these were not the only unknown Qliphothic entities that Azunai had to face. Other monstrosities began to spawn around the area. Other heroes arrived on the scene to help fend off the attack, but Azunai found himself struggling against being dragged into the Qliphothic portal. His allies fought bravely and defended their friend, but eventually, whatever was leading the attack had prevailed. Out of the group of heroes that arrived on the scene to help save the rest of the civilians from being sucked into the portal: Azunai was the only one to be dragged into the Qliphothic. Shortly after disappearing, the portal had closed and the monstrosities that were unleashed had disappeared, leaving the other heroes to ponder the fate of their friend.

What seemed like an eternity had really been only a week that Azunai was stuck inside of the Qliphothic. However, that had been plenty of time for the Qliphothic energy to corrupt the poor hero that was forced to enter the Qliphothic realm. His already mutated body merged with the dark energy that was the Qliphoth and turned him into a monster. Strange rock and crystal formations had formed over his skin. His shoulders, arms, legs, back, and chest all had these strange and glowing formations that definitely made him look less human. While Azunai remained in the Qliphothic, losing his sanity as well as his humanity, his friends were racing to try finding ways to save their friend. By some miracle, another Qliphothic portal had opened and the corrupted Azunai had dropped through the area where his friends were about to attempt a ritual that would open a portal as well. However…none of his friends were able to recognize him.

Now he was one of them: a monster. Without thinking, without hesitation, the corrupted Azunai was quick to attack his allies with full force. The battle didn’t last too long but soon enough, his friends were able to sooth the monster that took over and managed to bring back some of Azunai’s humanity. Even after being brought back, he remained on the verge of a nervous breakdown. His time inside of the Qliphoth left his mental state rather fragile and weak and he was capable of turning on anyone at any time without notice.

Powerless (2010)


Azunai was forced to live as a corrupted Qliphothic monster for nearly two months. He had a difficult time adjusting to life after being exposed to that wretched place. Even if it were only a week, remaining in the dark abyss left a mental scar that Azunai would never forget. Each passing day left Azunai’s sanity to slip away as the haunting memories of what happened kept him from resting properly. Further and further he slipped away until one day he just lost it. The corrupted titan turned its sights on the city and began to cause destruction. Before he finally snapped and caused too much damage, he was able to call out for help over the Champions Respond and Protect frequency which alerted those that knew of his condition to immediately track him down to try helping him. The others were able to track the poor man down and slowly but surely were able to bring Azunai back to his senses. A surprising turn of events had shown the great deal of pain and misery that he had been going through as he simply cried out to help. At the time, the others could not do anything other than trying to comfort the giant.

A week had passed and some close friends had figured out a way to help return Azunai to his normal state. A ritual had been planned to help purge the corruption from Azunai. One of Azunai’s friends was capable of using light based abilities to help burn away the dark corruption that remained merged with Azunai’s body. A magic circle was placed under the corrupted titan to help drain away the dark energy that the light abilities did not burn away. However…there was more done than expected. The purge was successful and did in fact remove all of the Qliphothic energy that merged itself with Azunai, but the purge also drained away the powers that Azunai originally had. In his place was a normal six foot tall man that had no signs of the strength and power that Azunai should possess.

It was quite strange for the young man to be “normal” once again. He was no longer towering over the vast amount of people that lived in the city. He no longer stood out among the rest of the hero population. He was…normal. His life as a hero was no more and thus he ended up retiring the name “Azunai” since he was no longer the man that held the weight of that name. He unregistered and was no longer in the system as a hero since he possessed no powers. Instead, he tried to enjoy his life as a civilian, but he still kept in contact with his friends. He took his position as a moderator for the C.R.P. frequency and helped maintain traffic on the lines. Gabriel tried his hand at using a secret identity and using an experimental power armor suit as a way to get back into the hero business by taking on the name Gallus, but it was not the same for him.

Shattered Memories (2010)

It took some time for Gabriel to readjust, but soon enough, he got back into the routine of living a civilian life. He had a normal job, regular salary, and even got to focus on working on his inventions. Things were smooth sailing for him. Until of course…THEY found him.

Gabriel’s identity was publically known. He did not hide who he was when he took on the name Azunai as it was very difficult for him to keep his identity secret when he was walking around as a nine foot tall giant. However, this was the perfect time for his enemies to strike. He was defenseless after all and Gabe managed to make some very powerful enemies when he was working as a hero and right now, VIPER set their sights on him. Late one evening a squad of VIPER soldiers, including two draysha infused soldiers, infiltrated Gabriel’s home. An alarm system was triggered while he slept so he was let known infiltrators had forced their way into his home. The only weapon that Gabe had at the time was his portable energy shield, but it was enough to keep him protected until he could get himself down into his basement, all the while trying to fend off his attackers. Once he reached the basement, he was able to make his way into one of the unfinished power armor suits he had been working on to use against his attackers. Sadly, it was not enough. Gabriel fought bravely, but he was outnumbered and out matched. The armor he wore was stripped to pieces and his body lay unconscious at the hands of VIPER’s mercy. Gabe was not their only objective though. VIPER had also caught wind of the device that he worked on, the device that could absorb people’s abilities. The attack squad ransacked Gabe’s entire home and workshop, searching high and low for the Judgement device. They were not successful in locating the device and took Gabe away from his residence.

Deep within a VIPER base that was located in Ghana, Africa, experiments were being conducted on prisoners that VIPER squads taken hold of. Gabriel Bishop was one of these prisoners being experimented on. He was one of several people being used for experimental draysha procedures. Not only was he subjected to this, but he was subjected to inhumane brainwashing techniques and eventually having a mind control device implanted on the side of his forehead. While this was occurring, friends and allies were able to receive a location to Gabe’s whereabouts via a comm link that was in his possession. However, it wasn’t until days later that it gave a signal and it did not give an exact location, but it was close enough for people to head for the VIPER base in Ghana. Two teams were headed for the base, one of which was led by one of Gabe’s closest friends Rezz. Both teams managed to infiltrate two facilities that belonged to VIPER within Ghana. As they continued on, fighting off any VIPER soldiers got in their way; both teams found consoles with data entries indicating that experimental procedures were being conducted. One team managed to find a list of people being experimented on but it was unfinished. The second team managed to find the second half of the list, which included Gabriel Bishop on the list.

What they didn’t know was that the experiments that lived were shipped off to the United States for testing. Both teams were able to piece together information they collected from both facilities and finally realized that these experiments were indeed being sent back to the States, but it was too late for them to find out as the experiments were already approaching their destination. Quickly the teams made it back to the UNTIL jet to take them back to Millennium City before it was too late. Shortly after the experiments were released, the Ghana teams arrived to search and locate the newly infused draysha experiments. People had arrived to take on one of the experiments that were dropped in Millennium City and after a long and difficult battle they were able to identify the experiment as Gabriel Bishop. Rezz and a few others that remained uninjured noticed the device that was attached to Gabriel’s head and without thinking, Rezz went to remove the device. Of course…removing such a device without properly examining it caused some issues. After an incredible shock of pain being sent throughout his body, Gabe awakened to find that a lot of his memories were missing. He could barely recognize the people that were there to help him and even worse, he could not remember who HE was.

Discovery of ATU (2011)

The End is Nigh (2011)

A Moral Decision (2011/2012)


The Ministry of Order - The brainchild of Azunai and Rezz. They are dedicated in exterminating the threats that plague society once and for all.

The Prometheus Union - A group focused on maintaining the safety of all meta-kind. Azunai became one of the Counselors of the group, essentially becoming one of the main leaders to lead the fight against anti-meta organizations.

Friends and Allies


  • Skyraider: Gabe's younger brother. He mentored his younger brother growing up, teaching what their father had taught him.
  • Rezz: Azunai's oldest friend. They became childhood friends after the young Azunai had a disagreement with the young Rezz.
  • Thundrax:
  • Titan:: Another of Gabriel's closest friends. Titan has been the only other hero to be taller than Gabe, often referring to him as the "wee man."
  • Darius Phen: A man who had become a wolf. He trusts Darius greatly and considers him a close friend, having been one of few people he felt could help guide him in life.
  • Blitzkrieg:


The Prometheus Union

Rogues Gallery

Azunai has been a hero for only four years, but during that time, he has made a fair number of enemies. Though not every enemy he has made has been stateside.


Powers and Abilities: Super Strength, Invulnerability, and capable of absorbing energy or electricity to make himself stronger.

Origin: Science

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Powers and Abilities: Super Strength

Origin: Science

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Furious Storm

FS World.png

Powers and Abilities: Capable of using both Fire and Electricity as well as several magical abilities that make his own mutant powers stronger.

Origin: Mutant

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Furious Storm has proved to be a fierce foe in the past. Azunai's first encounter with Furious Storm nearly left the entire state of the world in turmoil. Thankfully, Azunai and over a dozen other heroes from Millennium City were able to stop the villain from turning every normal human being on the planet into one of his Forgiven minions.


Powers and Abilities:

Origin: Mutant

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Powers and Abilities: Skilled assassin and mercenary that excels in stealth.

Origin: Human

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Powers and Abilities:

Origin: Mutant

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Powers and Abilities:

Origin: Magic

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Organization: PURGE

Organization: VIPER

One of the most notorious organizations in the world. VIPER managed to get their hands on Azunai when he was most vulnerable during his time as a powerless civilian. They were able to capture him and use experimental Dreysha on him, unleashing him into Millennium City after installing a mind control device, sending him out to fight some of his closest allies and friends. Ever since, Gabriel has had a strong hatred towards VIPER as they have nearly cost him his life.

Opinions About Azunai

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"Quite a nice Earthican." ~Marah Khan

"Gabriel is the sweetest man I’ve ever met. He took me in when I was ready to drink myself to death and he gave me something more precious than life itself – hope. He accepted me for what I was, faults, monstrosities, and all. There are no words to describe him, not for me…Except for maybe I love him, but even that seems too mundane." - Destiny Certo

"Gabe's my only real family, the closest thing I have to a brother, and he's made it very apparent many times. One of the few people I know I can always count on." - Blitzkrieg

"Gabe's got a bit of a rough exterior at times, but I like him and respect him a lot. Definitely a good guy to have at your back, although I worry about how much crap happens to him." - Thundrax

"Ah...Gabriel. I think of what has happened to him as of recent, and what I see are all these atrocious things that no man should ever experience. Yet, even through experiencing all of that, he's had my back when I needed help. I've done the same for him on multiple occasions, but Gabriel is one of the few I know that is willing to take the extra mile for people, no matter what he goes through. With his recent loss of memory, he has been consistently told he was and is a good person, but he still has his doubts. I told him that he would know in time. You can't teach the kind of integrity that Gabriel has, nor can you lose it." - Darius Phen

"Gabe is a gentle and sweet mountain of a man. I have spent hours sitting on his shoulder watching the world and basking in the comfort of his kindness. I treasure every moment I get a chance to spend with him and always hope there will be more." - Muse (@MallyBurns)

"Gabe is a bad-ass dude. I still remember sitting on the roof of my first real lab and drinking beer with him after a troubling day. Talked about a lot of shit, and had a good time. That's the sort of guy he is, always around to help out, and when I say around I mean AROUND. He's bigger than my suit!" - Silver Eagle

"Good Comrade to drink and dance with. Sascha hope to go punch villains with Comrade soon." -Real Soviet Damage

"Mr. Bishop, w-well, he's pretty nice from what I've seen. I've talked with him a couple times, a-and honestly, it was strangely easy for me to do so. That might be because he's open to talk with people, at least, from what I know." -Tomonari

"Lets see, he is as big as a mountain, looks like he can punch a hole in anyone who pisses him off, and he can take down his drinks. Despite his scary stature I believe that we can get along and hopefully work together. Who wouldn't want backup like him?" -The Reaper

"After what I been through I don't fully trust him. Probably ain't fair, but it's how it is. Regardless, I'm workin' with him right now to do what's right so I guess we'll see how it all turns out." ~General Freedom

"Decent guy honestly. Kinda cute, but real cool. Someone I wouldn't mind at my back if the legions of Hades were trying to off me..." -Persephone

"He's kind of a jerk really, Y'know? Real sketchy guy. --Really though he's a'ight. I've usually enjoyed any time I spend with him, so I can safely say he's a good guy. Fun, to make fun of sometimes, but mostly In general. I really wish he would start using lab labels.." Impale

"He's one big guy, that's for sure. Not often I run across a guy that makes me feel like a midget. I've worked with him twice. Each time he's made himself a pretty worthwhile ally." -Blockade

"Gabe's useful on the battlefield. I've talked to him about a few things off of it, as well. We've been through our fair share of life-or-death situations - yet, there's still something about him that keeps me from trusting him one-hundred percent." - Riptide

"Mr. Bishop is a very nice person. He's been rather supportive of me and he encourages me to work on things for the team, which is something I enjoy doing!." -Doll

"I'm yet to meet Azunai. He seems like a big deal, literally. Why does everyone say he's fat?" -Stitch

Opinions About...

((Azunai's opinions about certain people or certain groups of people.))
  • Humans: Having been one himself both before he gained his powers AND after losing them for the first time, Azunai feels that these poor civilians that get caught up in warzones caused by metas and villains need to be protected. To him, most are frail and weak by comparison and would stop at nothing to help the innocent. Of course...the scumbags of the world's population he really could care less for, because to him, the human race is a rather disgusting race at times. That of course, does not mean he feels superior to the human race. It mostly has to do with the fact that some humans need to be dealt with a heavy hand and perhaps be rid of their existance.
  • Mutants and Metas: Having become one, he feels most mutants and metas are rather...dangerous. He can get along just fine, as he feels included in the population, but the fact that some possess even more dangerous abilities than he scares him at times.
  • Aliens: To him, most aliens are jerks. He's bumped into far too many alien creatures wanting to destroy or conquer Earth that he can't get out of the mindset of them being terrible beings. Of course, his opinion about certain alien people he has met have changed when he got to know them better, but it doesn't change the fact that some alien beings are just as dangerous as the meta population on Earth.
  • Magic Users: Azunai hasn't met that many magic users in person, but his opinion about them is a mixed one. Some of these people can be rather friendly, though some can also be downright obnoxious. He has met his fair share to make him believe that magic users are capable of having a split personality and would use their abilities on someone that double crosses them.
  • Cyborgs & Androids: Cybernetics are what make up of at least 75% of Azunai's workload and those with cybernetic implants or augments are people he can get along with just fine. He has helped plenty of normal citizens that have lost limbs during some sort of accident and gave them a second chance at living a normal life. Androids on the other hand...He sometimes has difficulty adjusting to the idea that some feel and act more human than humans themselves. In the past, he has always felt that machines are the tools of humanity and should be treated as such. Before gaining a better understanding, he used to hate the idea of people treating machines and androids as people, but now, he's not so sure about that.
  • Were-Creatures: Another mixed bag. Azunai has met quite a few were-people during his stay in Millennium City and most have been excellent people to become friends with. Of course during certain events such as the Bloodmoon, he fears that these were-people will do harm to innocent people and would hate to have to take down someone that has become close to him.
  • Vampires: Douchebags. That is probably the only word he needs to use if he were asked about his opinion on Vampires.
  • Villains in General: The blight of society. He feels that these people are monsters and should be treated as such. Not only should they be harshly punished, but they should suffer for the evil deeds they have done. When given the chance, Azunai would actually be willing to execute a villain he has fought one on one with to end the possibility of them doing any further harm.

Gallery and Fanart

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Miscellaneous, Groups, & Versus

Facts and Trivia

  • Azunai is a character based on my old main from City of Heroes/Villains, Soulless Titan. He is the spiritual continuation of the City of character, meaning the personality and character are the same, but the background information and history is completely new. After all, new game means new universe. There are many similarities between the two, one being the powers and abilities the two have and a similar appearance when he is out of armor. You can check out Soulles Titan here:
  • Hardly introduces himself by using his full name.
  • Has a great dislike for spiders.
  • Is terrified of bats.
  • Has learned how to play the piano, guitar and violin. He mostly keeps these talents to himself--only because he believes he isn't very good at them.
  • Has somewhat of an addictive personality.
  • Wears a size 46 shoe.
  • Sometimes goes commando.

Rumor Central

  • Rumored to have fallen into a volcano and lived.
  • Rumored to have filed for bankruptcy.
  • Rumored to have eaten a baby.
  • Rumored to be working for a secret government agency.
  • Rumored to be supplying weapons to terrorists.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Works alongside the Prometheus Union--a pro-meta superteam that also helps other metas and aliens in need, usually offering a home to those that seek sanctuary.
  • Is a member of the United Meta Foundation--A pro-meta organization that fights for metahuman rights.
  • Does not mind requests for devices/inventions from friends/allies.
  • Develops power armor for others.
  • Has created prosthetic limbs for people who need them.
  • Can provide routine maintenance for people who use power armor and/or for mechanical beings.
  • Is your character interested in having someone do Research and Development for them? Azunai may be able to help!
  • Has your character heard about a particular invention Azunai has created? They could potentially contact him to work out a deal.
  • Is always looking for investors.
  • Invented "Judgement." A powerful device in his possession that can be used to strip away and steal other people's powers and abilities.