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Brick House.
Character Build
Player: @D-Rockz
Class Focus: Melee DPS - Brick
Research: Science
Development: Mutation
Level: 40
Biographical Info
Full Name: Dante
Marital Status: Dating Angelight
Known Relatives: Azunai
Age: Less than a year
Place of Birth: UNTIL lab
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Male
Species: Meta-Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Luminous Red
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Complexion: Tan
Height: 8'4" - ??'
Weight: 1956lbs - ??lbs
Build: Muscular


Project Blitzkrieg was a program designed specifically to accommodate the needs of the general public in case the hero Azunai was missing in action. The hero separately set aside an agreement with UNTIL in secret about the creation of the project and it's function in his absence. Using his DNA the scientists were given the task of molding a brother out of a clone. Azunai's powerful strength and constitution were to be implemented with another string of nucleic acids to form the ability of growth. This change also affected the clone's looks and behaviors, rendering him not a copy, but a completely separate person.

When Azunai was lost in the Qliphothic realm the project was initiated, and upon a demonstration in front of a few of Millennium's heroes, Blitzkrieg was born.


Heavily fibered muscle tissue wraps his entire body protecting it with a flexible armor enabling him to lift extreme weight. His strength is currently measured at 126tons, his full potential unkown. His bones are laced with a polysaccharide consisting of units of the amino sugar glucosamine enabling them to be near unbreakable and able to hold up his massive weight.

He also has the ability to control the consistency of his atomic layout. Usually the side effect of raw emotion and anger, he can spread his atoms causing his size to increase. The chemical bonds of his anatomy are also strengthened to deal with the stretch and cause him to not lose his density, in fact his atoms are able to expand and fill in the gaps, causing his density and strength to even increase.


Dante might be super strong, but that doesn't mean by any factor he's invincible. Lacking the ability to breath without oxygen, a good fire could even put him under. Due to his rage, should he lose control, he can become nothing more but a mindless swinging machine if he lets himself go, causing no strategy or technique. He's also susceptible to most illnesses, even being able to catch a common cold, let alone any biological warfare. Psychics can also easily take Dante down, his mind is quite literally an open book, with all the reading he does.


Dante upfront is a powerful and responsible leader and hero. He is able to handle high stress situations and think on his feet, he does exactly what he was made to do, like he was made to do it. A mixture of studying and pre-programmed memory of martial arts makes his heavy swings, in a calculated manner, the most efficient in his striking. Seemingly lighthearted and easy going he is at most times calm and collected.

Under the surface he is very much a child. Still trying to understand and fully control his powers he has issues dealing with heavier things such as love and purpose. Constantly questioning meaning and reason he tends to spend a lot of time zoning off in thought. Recently he's becoming a victim of his anger, battling his urge to act on it.

This being said, Dante has a passion for combat. Seemingly both intrigued and excited about the idea of battling he is persistent to do so as much as he can. So much can be said about his own abilities also, not knowing where is own limits are he is always trying to test them, single-handedly throwing himself into swarms of enemies and monstrous foes. It's hard to tell if Dante himself has no fear, or no worry with his actions though one thing is for sure, he won't settle for not coming out on top. Feeding his battle lust, Dante will go to any lengths he can to ensure he destroys all around him that pose a threat to innocents, deeming it a worthy excuse.

Upon Dante's creation he was given to a hero named Taranis to be mentored. Taranis quickly took to Dante and taught him everything Dante knows. Taranis, being one of the leaders of Respond and Protect vouched for Dante to become one of the members, and eventually a leader, helping to run the ground and train the new members. Through Respond and Protect Dante learned what it was to really be a hero, he learned the tactics he'd require to do his job and how to better interact with people.

This though, was short lived. Due to an increasing issue he was seeing with his duties and the connection of the group Dante soon became uncomfortable with his leadership, questioning his ability. After Dante's run in with Seeker and Stargirl Dante decided it was best to withdraw his position, and leave the group entirely.

Going Awol

Shortly after Dante's leave of R&P he began to hear more stories about Rezz's distaste for him. Fearing for his life at the hands of Rezz's sly tongue, he sought the help of Smokin' Mirrors concerning a kill switch that was implanted in his body during his creation. The kill switch consisted of tiny nano-bots in his body that were set to explode at the flip of a switch, should UNTIL find Dante's actions extreme. Smokin' Mirrors told Dante to meet with Bow-Slinger to ask for help. When Dante saw the man, after a few words he agreed to help Dante out, and shortly after put him through the process of removing the nano-bots.

Rumor has it that UNTIL considers Dante to now be off the grid and gone Awol, not only making him a vigilante, but an asset they are trying to get back, or destroy out of fear of their lost control. Possibly sending R&P after him.


Unknown to Dante, VIPER had been watching him since his birth. They knew more about him than he did, and when the time was right to strike, they did. Taking Dante by surprise they kidnapped him and brought him to one of their facilities out in the Dessert. VIPER's plans were simple, use copious amounts of Draysha on Dante's highly reactive and unstable clone cells, and see what happens. If it's good, they were to take samples of his DNA and re-create the new Dreshya, giving their soldiers that much more of an edge, if it's bad? Kill him and move on.

All was seemingly going according to plan until one of the New Templars, Eternal Reverie discovered Dante missing from a meeting they planned. Frantic, she decided to tell the other Templars, and soon it was known that Dante was missing. Upon investigating a strange German woman named Blitzen handed over some information about Dante's whereabouts she had discovered while also tailing him. The only price for this information was a favor in the future.

Now having the information, the Templars invaded the compound and found Dante. Freeing him, they eventually realized that the Draysha had fused with his cells, permanently effecting him. This gave way to even more strength and growing ability, though with the side effect of huge bursts of anger that Dante fights to control every moment of his life. VIPER, having lost Dante now frantically tries to get him back, routinely attacking him when ever they feel like they have the chance.

Theme Songs
Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home

Audioslave - Show Me How To Live El-P Stepfather Factory Head p.e. - Renegade Jimmy Eat Word - Pain

For lulz
Quotes From Friends and Enemies

"Dee is awesome! He's big and scary to some people I'm sure, but really, when you get down to it, he's super nice. He's still got some growing up to do, but so does everyone else. A great hero, and an awesome friend, Dante has a strong heart. Keep fighting dude!" - Eternal Reverie

"Dante? A fine lad. Precocious little scamp. It's a shame about his situation though. No man should be treated like property no matter what his origins. Whatever the case, he's among the biggest and strongest I've ever seen, both categories respectively. His heart is in the right place, and he can do a lot of good for the city, but I desperately need to teach that boy the art of flirting. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a hissatsu technique to perfect!" - Smokin' Mirrors

"Dante is awesome. He can do anything and is always a really good friend. He's like.. A big brother or something, and is always there to help me out! He sometimes practices against Gaeamat, and I think he can lift anything. Maybe even a car. A really big car!" Vann