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Player: @Angelight
America's Finest Little Angel!
Character Build
Class Focus: Support/DPS
Power Level: 17
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Creda Conners
Known Aliases: Angelight
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: New York City
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Allison Conners(Sister, Missing), Roseanna Conners(Mother, Deceased), Milo Conners(Father)
Age: 22
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Confidental
Eyes: Brown(Blind in left Eye)
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Petite
Physical Features: Scar over left eye from a zombie strike that blinded that eye.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Identity Known to the Public
Years Active: Over a year or so
Citizenship: American
Occupation: CEO to a small, wealthy toy company
Education: college graduate
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Celestial Blessing
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Lyre of the Cherubim, Crook of the Vindictive Shepherd
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Angelight is a hero that was inspired by the Celestial power set when they were announced with Blood Moon. She has, since her creation, been revised and updated.


The city life was always for Creda, having grown up in New York City before moving to Millennium City with her father, mother and older sister. While Creda was a popular little lady, her older sister was a book worm. She watched her sister, Allison, and her father work with some company and building something on portals. She never did find out what happened. Her father came back barely alive and her sister was long gone, sucked away into an unstable portal.
He gave up his scientific career for a more joyful hobby - building toys.
Since that mishap, Creda grew up with the popular crowd and didn't care too much for her studies. With the unfortunate passing of her mother in her teenage years, that changed very quickly. With a grieving father breathing down her neck, she felt the urge to make her father proud.
High school was behind her and she enrolled in a local college.
While setting up for a halloween bash for friends, the Blood Moon hit all over the city. The undead had risen and taken out her friends, watching them rise to join Takofanes' army of the dead. One of them managed a hit over Creda's left eye, leaving a nasty scar and permanently blind.
As if everything seemed lost, Creda felt a warm and bright golden light envelop her. It felt warm and comforting and, for a brief moment, she thought she was dead. When the light faded within her form, the zombies were gone. She found a disposed communicator for Respond and Protect on the ground and used it to call help. Heroes were able to get her to a hospital.
For a while, she served as Angelight - a name given to her by different people when she used her strange new powers to heal the injured in the hospital. She wore a black costume and was very shy to the hero community. She figure she could do her best with her bow.
Then, when a hero lied dead from a series of murders from a serial killer working with the Omen Bots, she took a gamble and used her power. It brought the hero back to the land of the living. She earned his praise.
It freaked her the hell out.
It lead her to retreat back, learn more of her powers and what they were capable of. She had to do a bit of soul-searching... and personal training.
Only when did she felt she was ready, only when she felt she could truly take on the name 'Angelight' with pride and dignity did she step up to become America's Finest Little Angel!


Creda has a very big flirtatious personality. She is more then happy to flirt with men and offer a charming smile to other ladies. On first appearances, she could almost be mistaken as a bachelorette only looking out for a good time with the first man she could find.
That couldn't be further from the truth. Despite her flirtatious nature, she is a kind hearted young woman who has devoted her work in her company to charity work for children in Millennium City. When she isn't running her company, she is working first hand to promote different charities and convincing greedy rich men into donating a few extra... with the hopeless idea they may score a one night stand with her.
She is a big traditionalist, no sex until marriage, etc etc. She doesn't mind joking... as Creda. When she dons the Angelight costume, she is anything but super serious at her job. Crime never sleeps and, sometimes, neither does she. It is almost an obsession to clean up the streets of Millennium City. Although her powers allow her to go further and combat super villains, she chooses not to. She knows there will be a need for heroes to clean the streets and that is what Creda plans to do.
She is also afraid of any villain or hero discovering just how capable her real power can be. Being a religious woman as well, she doesn't believe it is her right to choose who should "live or die." She doesn't believe the hero community is ready to know... not yet. Although there are rumors...

Skills & Equipment

Angelight will always carry an assortment of gear to bust street criminals. Even without her tools, she is never defenseless and always relies on this unless forced to use her actual power.

Lyre of the Cherubim

A unique bow that Angelight carries with her. It has unique carvings into the wood that react and glow to her own touch. Once in Angelight's hands, a string of pure celestial energy forms at the ends. She uses normal arrows with it to aim and shoot her arrows when at a distance. It seems to grant her better accuracy then a normal bow.

Crook of the Vindictive Shepherd

To the normal eye, its just the hilt of a golden rapier but lacking the blade itself. It carries similiar unique heavenly markings much like her Lyre. Once Angelight touches the hilt, a blade of pure celestial energy forms from the hilt. By her touch alone will it become a blade to smite her foes with heavenly might. However, this is not the only thing it can do. By her command, it extends and loosens into a celestial whip in which she can lash her foes around or use it for escape traps or just to swing around the city.

Martial Arts

Sometimes, criminals won't take the hint. They may grow desperate enough to knock her weapons away from her. That is when they find out that Angelight is not defenseless without her gear. Although she could never match the biggest brutes in the city, she is very agile and quick on her feet. She is also not above breaking a jaw or a leg if forced to fight hand to hand.


Angelight does not like to reveal her powers. Maybe it was a really bad day or she was unfortunate enough to not be fighting a crime boss but an actual supervillain. Be it the case, it is then and only then will her real powers come to light.

Celestial Blessing

Ever since the first Blood Moon, Angelight was blessed with this heavenly power. She can call upon it in her hands and smite her foes and heal her allies. It seems to be stronger in terms of healing people then it is to hurt them. It is speculated that is the true purpose of the blessing but no one can confirm this.
It is also rumored her blessing can bring back the dead. There are reports or rumors that Angelight had brought a murdered hero back to life. Whether true or not, Angelight hasn't told anyone about it. In truth, to be able to bring anyone back to life is a little... frightening to Creda. Perhaps this is why she would only use her powers as a last resort.


Friends and Allies

Danger Deer: She's met him on several occasions and unknowingly has met him outside of the Danger Deer identity. She is amused at how nervous he appears to get at her appearance and enjoys his wit. She plans to visit him more... unexpectedly, of course.
Mr. Blank: When she first met him, he tried to seduce her for her resources. She saw right through him and the he learnt the hard way how she handles her 'suitors'... still, when that facade faded away, she started to work with him along with his project, The Moonlighters.
Chivalry and SUMMIT: Creda had the pleasure of meeting Chivalry personally in the case of the mad god, Dio, and bits of her family past she'd rather leave behind her. Although she doesn't know the knight well, she does know of SUMMIT because of him and is a happy supporter.



What the People Say

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"I liked her costume, nothin' sexier than a woman in red, white, and blue. And daisy dukes." - Citizen 13

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