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Player: @CapsLockRAGE
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sydney Castle
Known Aliases: Blockade
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: African American
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Base of Operations: Currently, Millennium City
Relatives: Gloria Castle (Mother) Chuck Castle (Father) Antoinette Castle (Sister)
Age: 35
Height: 7'2"
Weight: Variable, Can make it no less then 300.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black (Shaved)
Complexion: Ebony
Physical Build: Tall and broad.
Physical Features: Deep baritone voice.
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 18 years
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Musician, Security work
Education: Naval college
Marital Status: Currently in a relation ship with Sparx
Known Powers and Abilities
Incredible levels of invulnerability. Making him completely invincible to physical damage. Capable of lifting about 10 tons, Able to increase his weight to immovable levels.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Carries a reinforced, weighted chain. And special sunglasses that allow him to see various fields of vision. A utility belt containing a disposable gas mask, cell phone, and his wallet.
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Blockade has Moderate super strength, Capable of lifting 10 tons. But his real powers come from his literal invincibility to physical harm and ability to make himself weigh unliftable amounts by altering his personal gravitational field, making him an immovable object when he activates it.

Blockades powers come from the Meteor that hit him, Which was actually a meteor of Kelvarite. (This is still unknown to him) This is also his greatest weakness, as being around Kelvarite will drain his powers.(Also, unknown to him, he's never encountered it. This is all OOC information and is unknown by the populous at large.)

Blockade cannot be teleported by conventional means. His body is indestructible, Making it impossible to break apart and put back together.

Blockade also still needs to breath, and is susceptible to poisonous gasses and the like. It would take a lot to kill him, but if nothing else, it will knock him out, or stun him for a long period of time. Blockade carries around a disposable gas mask in his utility belt to counter act this.

Weapons and Gadgets

Blockade always carries around a length of chain, made mostly of Kendrium, with a thirty pound weight on the end of it. He uses this to take on fast, ranged enemies.

Cool shades bra!
Blockade is almost never seen without a pair of his special sunglasses, Made for him back in the days when he was 'The Meteor' By a scientist he once saved. The spectacular specs allow him to see in various spectrum. Infra red, Night vision,Binocular and his favorite, Sonar. They also act as a flare detensifier, And are U.V. 400

Gotta make a call?
Blockade always has a cell phone on him. It's usually the latest smart phone that comes out. Nothing real fancy about it.

In case of gas....
Blockade found that he was susceptible to gas attacks early on, when during his fight in the China Lake Navel Weapons Center, Tear gas was used on him. He has always carried a disposable gas mask ever since.

The other stuff.
Blockade also carries around a Swiss army knife ( A large one for the size of his hands) a pair of disposable gloves, and Kleenex.


Forever calm, cool, and collected, There's not much out there that can make him angry or even shake his resolve, but when it does, it usually becomes one of the worst mistakes someone could possibly make. Blockade has a certain 'Cool' vibe about him. Whether it's from his sunglasses that he never takes off, or the leather jackets he's often sporting. People tend to think he's a pretty happening guy at first glance.

Blockade has also made a habit of calling women 'Baby girl' as a sign of endearment. This is often met with mixed results.

Origin of an invincible man

Sydney was fairly lanky as a kid, though very tall. His dad was a blues musician, his mother stayed at home and took care of the kids, They weren't the wealthiest family, but they made enough. He never did much other than help people, even mid high school he'd go out of his way to help fellow students. People came to respect him in his kindness, and would often come to him for aid.

It was late one evening that his life took a completely different turn. After band practice with his dad, he was walking along home, Trumpet slung over his shoulder, when he saw some guys beating on some kid, The then seventeen year old boy charged in to get the boy out of there, and stop the fight. A gun was drawn, a shot was fired, And Sydney felt his blood slick on his hand.

there was a sudden flash in the sky, Sydney looked up, and of all things, a Meteor struck him. The two thugs where killed in the force, but the boy survived. He took the now unconscious Sydney, dragging him away from the crater, and called for the cops.

When he woke up in the hospital, He found himself with incredible strength, Invulnerability, and the ability to increase his own weight to immovable levels. It was then that he instantly decided to be a superhero. He's had several monikers, and has been a super hero for eighteen years. Here's a few of his stories.

Liberty Kid -Ages 17-20-


Sydney's first Moniker was Liberty Kid. A name he didn't get to pick for himself, but instead was picked by his 'mentor' Mr. Liberty. The older Superhero, although mostly respectful to Sydney, had some underlying racial problems, and would often times take it out on Sydney. He learned a lot from Mr. Liberty however. How to fight for one, Not to mention a slew of 'think before you act' reminders that stuck with him for most of his life. However, Their partnership was short lived. After a snide, incredibly racist remark to Sydney, the two Brick meta's fought. Eventually Sydney won. It took several years for the two to reconcile, but they are now on speaking terms again. Mostly.

The Meteor -Ages 20-25-


Blockades Next Moniker, The Meteor, was an obvious choice. Not only did he tend to attack from the sky with a big BOOM with his super jumping, But with his weight he could cause some serious damage, That, and...well, He got his powers from being hit by a meteor. During this time, he also joined the United states Navy. Having to be careful about where he could show himself to risk giving up his secret identity, he would often times sneak off base to fight crime. It was also this time that he had begun to gain a following in L.A. Becoming a pretty well known superhero.

The Meteor's fame hit high after a terrorist group attempted to take over the China Lake navel weapons center. Stealing several weapons, and a few vehicles, the group intended to use the weapons over seas in a religious war. Sydney intervened, The fight waged on for hours, a force field of some kind keeping other superheroes out. One by one (And sometimes 4 by 5) Blockade took down the entire group of about thirty armed men, The entire fight was caught on camera by local reporters and security cameras, And Meteor shot to the lime light

The fame soon became a hindrance though, as various villains, and some vigilantes, wanted to now test their mettle against the young superhero. His constant wins ended up only serving more purposes, and after long, he was a the name on everyone's lips, some sleazy types making money off of selling things with his name on it, and sports companies wanting him for shoe commercials. It was also about this time, he met Rosaria.</p>Rosaria Mendez, A gorgeous barmaid that worked out of a bar called 'La Luna' in L.A. Flirted, and hit it off well with the young Sidney. Soon, they started dating, and even moved in with one another. After an extremely long night, Meteor came in late, and was met with an angry Rosaria, She had accused him of cheating and tried to hit him with a baseball bat, The pin snapped in two of course, In an attempt to calm her down, He admitted he was Meteor. This only infuriated the spicy Latina even more, and she left. The next day, The whole world knew that The Meteor, Was Sydney Castle. He hit a slight depression after this, and left the Navy, Changed his name, and tried to start over.

Mr. Invincible -Ages 25-32-


Mr. Invincible is probably his most character defining one.Casting aside his 'edgy' Black and gold Meteor uniform for a more Heroic looking tights, he wanted to go for more of a strong, American hero, Someone the kids could look up to. He started fighting all the Add campaigns, getting lawyers involved, and took a job as a Blues radio DJ in LA. The News was Awash with Sydney, talking about his new Name, his clothes, He was voted the most eligible bachelor in Vibe magazine. Despite his fighting of his 'sports star' level fame in LA, It's controversy only served to further his name. His depression spiraled out of control, and he ended up seeing a shrink. Her name was Elizibeth Charles. He started seeing her once a week. As they got to know one another, it was obvious that there was some chemistry between them. Soon, he found himself falling for her head over heels, and asked her out. They started dating. And he was happy, really happy. The fame wasn't getting to him as much, and the couple after dating for about a year had begun talking about the future.

---The Battle in the Barrio--

It was also about this time, that Blockades deadliest foe emerged. The Concussor, A supervillain that used a combination of Bombs and concussive bolts to rob banks, take over buildings, you know, all those villain things. Blockade and him fought several times. The most notable was later known as the battle of the Barrio, which Mr.Invincible and him fought for several hours straight, He had picked a wide, open area to allow him to kite around the towering man. And had several hostages in one of the buildings, the building of course, set to explode if Sydney didn't stop the man.

The battle raged on for hours, But with the man darting around Mr.Invincible, he was in a bad spot. All the explosions and concussive blasts, although unable to hurt Sydney, kept him incredibly disoriented. When it seemed all was lost for the Hero, he snapped back, finding just enough focus to pick up a logging chain that was on the ground. He whipped it around and caught the armored villain around the neck, Took his detonator, and in his stunned stupor beat the man into submission. Arrests where made, And from this point on, Mr. Invincible always carried a long chain under his utility belt.

---Tragedy strikes---

With this deadly villain put away, Sydney thought he could take it easy for a little while. He went home to his now fiancé And decided to take a week off, with her. They stayed in most of it, but about the fourth day, Mr. Invincible heard of Concussor escaping the prison he was being confined to. Mr. Invincible apologized to his fiance, And left to the escape scene. While there he received a phone call from Beth. Concussor had her. He rushed home, just in time to see his scared betrothed, strapped to the bombs. He rushed to try to get them off, but as before he could even reach them, the bombs went off, instantly killing her. It had all happened so fast, There was nothing he could have done to save her. A broken man, he turned his efforts to revenge.


It was a warm summers day when Mr. Invincible found Concussor again. He was called out by the bomb using villain. He had called him up to the U.S. Bank tower. Mr. Invincible took the stairs. There was nothing but rage in the man as, before Concussor could finish his speech, Blockade caught him upside the head with a 40 pound sledge hammer. His helmet cracked at the unsuspected blow. And Blockade was on top of the man in an instant. Blockade destroyed the mans armor, blow by blow until it was useless. Then slammed the helpless man against a wall. He then yelled. "Why! Why did you kill her!" The villain just grinned. And responded with. " Because I couldn't kill you." Sydney, when just about ready to kill the man had a sudden conscious epiphany. He couldn't kill a man in cold blood...But he could make sure the man never hurt anyone ever again. Mr.Invincible took the hammer, and crushed Concussors hands irreparably. He then saw to every moment of his incarceration. Concussor now is serving multiple life sentences in Stronghold. A broken man without the use of his hands at all. Mr. Invincible didn't recover too fast either. He spent a year as a normal guy. Quitting his radio DJ job. He spent the time with his mom and Dad, playing in his fathers band, trying to get his mind off of it. However, The sirens call of the superhero was too strong for Sydney. But he knew it was time to leave L.A. Behind. So he packed up, and moved to Millennium city. This is when he became his final identity. "Blockade."

Blockade -Ages 33-present-


When Blockade got to Millennium, He didn't know what to think of the place. Flying billboards, Holograms, More superheroes then he had ever seen in one place. He quickly got to work as blockade however, and was quick to make a name for himself among the cities ranks. Between his dealing with westside gangs, The troubles in downtown, and a foundation shaking fight with 'Powercrash' His name was starting to pop up again and again. He didn't know what to do about it. On one hand, he wanted to be a good example for kids, especially the black community, Show them there's more to life then the ghettos of westside, To do good for the community, be its boon, not it's bane. But at the same time, he didn't want a repeat of what happened in L.A.

About two years in to his time in the city, Blockade was approached by a woman named Helen Earth. Who revealed herself to be a Public Relations expert, and wanted to handle Blockades 'fame'. Blockade originally turned her down, he wasn't looking for fame, after all. But a few months later, he gave Helen a call.

They talked, And he explained exactly what he wanted out of his fame. He wanted to be a good example for the kids, someone for people to look up to, A citizen the United states can be proud of, and a human the world could look up to. He didn't want to sell shoes, or be on cereal boxes. He wanted to show there was more to life then fame and fortune. Helen took this job, And the two formed a good business bond.

Sydney found a job in M.I.S.T. (The metahuman investigation and Security Team) As a powered security gaurd for high risk targets, Balancing it out pretty well with his superhero antics. About a year into his employment he was promoted to the head of the HQ's security. He's paid well, and now found himself with enough money to start playing music again, this caught Helens attention, and she began making plans with him to sell the songs he writes, and offered to introduce him to her sister Sam, The heroine known as Sparx who was also a musician.

Blockade met Sam later that evening, in Club Caprice, without Helen having set them up to actually meet. The two hit it off. At this time, Blockade, now 35 years old, Had been actively avoiding women for years. He didn't want a repeat of what happened with Beth. Though Sparx was incredibly persistent with her flirting, and gave Blockade her phone number, although seemingly disinterested at first, he ended up giving her a call after talking to a couple of his friends Damsel and Ink about it. The two went out, and have been a great couple ever since.

----The Blood Monster---

Blockade has been in a number of Millennium city operations, and at least a couple global ones since moving. In Japan, He was a key element in taking down a large monster, made entirely of a thick 'blood' With the help of Zelara Who he hitched a ride from, He lept into the monster, using his 'meteor jump' ability to crash into him with the force one of the space rocks of the same name, he lodged himself into the beast, After a fight within the monster ( Which went on for a while ) He eventually destroyed its 'power core' causing it to stop movement so that his team mates, and the Trismegistus council could destroy it.

---Candy Land---

Perhaps one of his more... bizarre adventures. Blockade once found himself in what can only be described as 'Candy land' after examining, and being sucked into an inter dimensional portal, along with a green, eternally hungry girl named Impsblood, and a Spiritual 'Dream spirit' of sorts named Kyle Foster. Everything in the area was made entirely of Candy, this of course made Impsblood very very happy, But kinda annoyed Blockade. Traveling further in, they found the denizens of Candy Land who all looked like children, where being devoured by strange white monsters, After fighting for a while, Blockade was eventually bit my one of these monsters, and it actually managed to bite a chunk out of his shoulder. It was the first time Blockade had felt pain outside of a headache in a long time. The group retreated into the castle of the town, which was the only thing made of stone, and not rock candy. After exploring, they where attacked by an enemy Crab monster. Blockade and the others fought it for a while ( And attacked it's weak point for critical damage)and as the fight raged on, Blockade found himself transported, and working in another dimension, fighting the same crab monster. Eventually they won, and Blockades shoulder mended itself. But he still has a strange, staticky scar from where he was bit.


On two different occasions, Blockade has had to face the Super villain Tech. A powerful Villainess with the ability to control technology of any kind with the use of special signals she sends out through a microchip planted in her brain. The first, was in front of the MCPD precinct in downtown, near the 'Battle of Detroit' Museum. They had brought several tanks against Blockade, who was protecting the Precinct with the help of the MARS team. Eventually, Azunai,and a group of other meta's showed up. With the help of one of the 'hackers' of the group, they found a way to shut off the tanks force fields, and promptly destroyed the tanks.

the other fight was infront of City hall, Where Tech herself, showed up in a indestructible suit of giant, robotic armor. Using similar technology she had before. She managed to keep the heroes, including blockade at bay for a while, Using also her powers, she even managed to turn on of the heroes against Blockade and Ryder. After a long fight, Ella, Wheelman, and Sparrowhawk managed to destroy the generators, and diffuse the bombs she had planted, so Ryder and Blockade could take down the large robot. Tech is now serving time in Stronghold within a hot sleep chamber.

Family Life

Blockade has a loving family, And although he didn't tell them about his superhero ways at first, it was obvious to them that their son was a superhero. They've always been supportive of him. Here's a short bio on his three Immediate relatives.

---Charles Castle---

Sydneys father, Charles 'Charlie boy' Castle was a moderately famous blues musician from ages 20, to 50, and spawned quite a few blues records. Hits like 'Plenty of honey, but no spoon' and 'We got it tough in L.A. too.' Made it pretty high on the blues/R&B charts, but because of crappy management, They never saw a lot of that money. After he retired, he opened 'The Castle' A blues/R&B bar/resturaunt in Millennium city. He still plays in the place, and often has Sydney come in to play with him.

---Gloria Castle---

The mother of Sydney, and possibly his biggest source of inspiration. Never able to turn a blind eye to someone in need, Gloria was always willing to help someone when they needed it. Growing up, whenever Sydney would ask her for advice, she would always answer with "Whatever you do, Do what's right." She works the resturaunt portion of 'The Castle' with her husband.

---Antoinette Castle---

Sydneys sister. There's always that one person in your family that's a black sheep, and in many ways, that's Gloria. She's pretty much living off of her parents, even at 30 years of age. Her goal is to become a singer, but she just doesn't have the talent that Sydney or his father have. Still, The family dynamic looks after there own. So she works (Although reluctantly) at 'The Castle' as a waitress.

Friends and Allies

Helen Earth - Better known as simply Helen Campbell, head of the Campbell Public Relations Firm. As Blockade's publicist, she keeps the media informed of his super heroic exploits and also has a hand in managing his musical career. Aside from their professional relationship, she considers Sydney trusted friend.

Sparx - Blockade's Girlfriend. Or is he her boyfriend? Is there a difference? Whatever, Sydney and Samantha are the definition of a power couple. The two can occasionally be seen performing together at The Castle.

RP hooks

Blockade has been on the news several times, It's not unlikely that your character would have seen him/know of him.

Blockade is a musician, and is currently dating Sparx, who was well known in Brittain as a punk rocker. His father was also fairly famous as a musician. If your character is inclined to know things about music, They might know of Blockade

Despite being tall, broad, and of intimidating stature, he's a very calm person, with a voice that projects that well, He also tends to give off a vibe of a cool customer, and doesn't feel that intimidating to approach.


Tell us what YOU think of Blockade!

"Selfless would be a very good word to describe him. He is very aware of his particular power set and how it functions best in a team setting. Results are what I want in any mission and someone who is that capable is a good ally to have." - Sparrowhawk