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Player: @darkblade98
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There's time enough for everyone, ladies.
Character Build
Class Focus: Sexomancer
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Hot Bods
Biographical Data
Real Name: Saerios
Known Aliases: Apollyon
Gender: Male
Species: Malvan
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Malva, Qeruvo
Base of Operations: Earth, The Moon, Space
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 970
Eyes: Green
Hair: Glorious Malvan Red
Complexion: Golden like the sun
Physical Build: Tall, very athletic
Physical Features: Star tattoo over right eye, tattoos over torso
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Chaotic Neutral

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Identity: Public
Years Active:
Citizenship: Malvan
Occupation: Gladiator/Sometimes Hero
Education: The best teacherbots on Malva
Marital Status: Don't worry, he's single
Known Powers and Abilities
High levels of super strength and endurance, flight, speed, short-mid range energy projection
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Aeternum Belt
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The Malvan

Saerios certainly lives up to Malvan standards, he has a great love for the pleasures in life, whatever they may be, and a deep yearning to relieve boredom and to keep himself entertained in one way or another. As such, he enjoys indulging himself in many things, as Malvans often do, sexual pleasure, music, art, and of course watching the gladiatorial fights. He keeps up with all the Malvan fashions and trends in these regards and like most Malvans, he revels in new and exciting things. This lends a decadent trait to him that is certainly not unique amongst his people, as a race who literally don't need to do anything, they can just dedicate their lives to personal pursuits of pleasure and whatever may please them. And its certainly true that these things do please Saerios, the company of others, alcohol and drugs are something he often partakes of in his leisure time, no matter their strength, size, potency or species, respectively.

As a race, The Malvans are subject to feeling apathy in many aspects of their lives, however, there are the few who seem to be immune, or resistant to this trait that permeates the entire species. Unknown to him though, Saerios is one such individual, he has a great passion and love for many things. He loves people, of all species, whilst he may treat them in a way that comes across rude, he doesn't wish them harm or even ill feeling, he finds them at the very least interesting in all their uniqueness. His somewhat haughty attitude comes from an almost sheltered life, everyone seems very quaint and unusual to Malvans and this is often reflected in how he treats people. Saerios admires beautiful things, people in particular, he finds many species beautiful, of late he has taken a greater interest in Humanity because of this, but what he truly admires is natural beauty, vistas and panoramas, planets and solar systems, he even spent time as an artist painting such things.

Despite all of his loves, interests and "hobbies" Saerios has in some way suffered from this apathy, or so it would seem, he drifted from object of interest, to object of interest in his life, always feeling unfulfilled, it was less that they left him bored, but they left him feeling that they were not what he was meant to do, even those things he enjoyed. He doesn't really understand this himself, and for the longest time it left him rather confused, in more recent times he turned to the arena, and here he found a measure of comfort. He felt alive, and it felt right, but it was there that he started to realize the problem. Like all Malvans he had sought to dedicate his life to some sort of indulgence, but there was no accomplishment, no development and no sense that anything made a difference. He might write a song, or paint a new picture but who did that help, the other Malvans who wanted to indulge themselves?

The Hero?

Since coming to Earth, Saerios' personality seems to have blossomed in new ways. Whilst he still can act arrogant, or uncaring, he has began to take part in heroic activities. He claims this is out of boredom, or as a sort of thrill-seeking but it is actually because he has begun to care about other people, Humans in particular. Whilst this does place him at odds with his usual sensibilities, he has started spending more and more time on Earth, and spending more time in the company of Humans.

As a hero he is not entirely different than he is as a gladiator, a show-boater and an honorable fighter. He likes the attention he gets from fighting crime, but he also enjoys feeling like he is making a difference, and helping people.

Abilities & Powers


  • Super Strength: Saerios through the miracles of Malvan science gained strength far beyond that of a normal Malvan, although not measured, the exact limits of his strength seem to be on par with higher end superhumans on Earth, being able to lift things many times his own weight. He uses this strength to deliver powerful and deadly blows to those he fights. He has a high, measured and trained amount of control over this power, so will not accidentally crush bones when he shakes hands or embraces someone.
  • Energy Projection Saerios has recently added the ability to create blasts of golden energy to his repertoire, after being defeated in a fight with Firewing. These short ranged but quite powerful blasts serve him well with his close ranged fighting style.
  • Flight: Saerios has the ability to defy gravity and fly, this allows him easy and fast travel all over the world, and even through space. He can reach very high speeds, particularly over time, as the further and longer he flies, the faster he gets, this makes interplanetary flight possible, although something he rarely if ever, does.


  • Martial Arts: Saerios is skilled in the Malvan martial art of Hariju, the 900,000 year old martial art that combines hard and soft elements to create a fluid highly effective fighting style. He studied it when he was in his 100's, and later gained even greater skill learning from Maliaros The Bright and from his ships sentient personality. He uses his skill in junction with his super strength for a fast fighting style with very powerful hits.
  • Other Fighting Styles and Weapon Skills: As a gladiator in the arena, and throughout his life, Saerios has learned many other fighting styles, from wrestling to various other Malvan and alien martial arts. He has also gained great skill with a great number of weapons, including staves, blades, whips, nets and many others that he has used in his time as a gladiator. He trains with these as often as he can, and will use them in appropriate arena battles. His skill and training accompanied with his super strength make him a deadly opponent with such weapons.
  • Miscellaneous: Saerious has lived for nearly 1000 years, and as such over this time has gained various skills, he has honed his skill as an artist, he took a lot of joy in painting vistas and still does to this day. He took several years studying Malvan literature, and from there went on to study the literature of other cultures, as many as he could, including humans, as such he knows more than some about the history of various races and planets. He has a competent knowledge of Malvan technology, and of that of aliens, particularly Humans having lived near Earth for some time. Currently he has been learning how to play the harp, learning an instrument from Earth being a new experience for him.



Aeternum is the ship that Saerios was given nearly 200 years ago, the ships personality itself is far older than that, and if it and the Malvan who gave it as a gift are to be believed, its personality is around 600,000 years old, predating the war with the Elder Worms. If the two were also to be believed, he was originally a Malvan who loved the stars so much that he had his mind transfered into his space ship, so that he could fly through space for the rest of his life and that through time has has moved from ship body to ship body. However, he claims he neither remembers his name nor the name of his first ship, Saerios himself doesn't really believe this, and just thinks that it was just a way to make the gift seem more spectacular, and that the ships personality is just very old and possibly insane.

However, unknown to Saerios, the ships personality was indeed a Malvan, his name and earliest ships forgotten, the first ship he has any memory of was during the Elder Worm war, called Day Of Wrath, he has operated various ships, from battleships to pleasure cruisers, to scouts and single person vessels, he has also moved from owner to owner, often giving sage counsel and wisdom few possess. The ship is indeed old, but his love for the stars and exploration, and new sights has not waned. He still longs to visit new solar systems, engage in new battles and to have a pilot that shares these desires.

Saerios named the ship Aeternum, Latin for Eternity, a name that the ship finds quite pleasing. Unfortunately, beyond this, Saerios and the ship have quite a distant relationship. Saerios seldom uses the ship, having no real need to, when he only needs to move between Earth and the Moon, he does however let the ship explore of its own accord when he can spare it. Alas, Aeternum longs for companionship, and would much prefer Saerios to spend more time with him. Another obstacle is that, Saerios does not heed much of the ships advice or counsel, he treats it as a somewhat delusional personality, whilst not unkind to it, he keeps an emotional and professional distance, using it only as a ship, and never treating Aeternum as a friend.

Eternity Belt

The Eternity Belt! So called because of its connection to Aeternum, the belt contains many nifty pieces of Malvan technology. Primarily it acts as a communication device between pilot and ship but also as a mean of communicating with any other person, including an in-belt hologram projector to keep you entertained during all those lonely moments on the pleasure ship! The belt also includes the oh so useful insta-wardrobe, allowing Saerios to change his clothes at a fingers touch, this allows him quick and easy access to his vast clothing collection, or allows him to get naked really quickly, one or the other! It does include some other practical features, it has the ability to make the wearer invisible to radar, and can scan for life and technology, its crowning feature however is its ability to look amazing on any outfit.


Growing Up On Malva

Saerios entered the world as most Malvans do. Through a birthing machine, to two parents of unremarkable standing, so much so that he certainly had no problems being raised by his loving Nanny-Bot. At least he was thankful for a non natural birth, he had no wish to be a natural born who was raised by their parents, how unnatural! He lived a fabulous life in Qeruvo, wanting for nothing. As he aged he took up many interests, art, music, women, fashion, drugs, Malvan martial arts of Haruji and literature, all as Malvans are wont to do. He spent several hundred years on Malva, or on Malvan colonies, traveling, trying new pursuits, he was a soldier for a short time, a historian, a writer, an artist. It was in fact his interest in art that he pursued for the longest, a deep fascination with the natural beauty of planets and the Galaxy.

But even this was for only a fleeting hundred years, after which he continued to wander from interest to interest, leaving them all with a sense of wrongness, a sense that he was meant to do something else. However, the thing that through his entire life had always interested him, was gladiators. He knew his favorite fighters well, and went out of his way to visit the arenas to see them fight as often as possible. Their lives were so, so un-boring compared to his own! He started to grow somewhat resentful of his life filled with pleasures, luxury, where he could sate any appetite he so wished. But for those hundreds of years, he felt unfulfilled, he had done nothing of note or import.

Saerios looked at the gladiators he had so admired, and he was jealous, their lives at least had some meaning, something that whether he realized or not, he needed.

But alas, he was only a great fighter, he had none of the superpowers that made the Malvan gladiators so popular, rich and sought after. Whatever could he do?

The Arenas

The next day Saerios walked into the nearest medical facility and got himself some superpowers. Upon leaving he was far stronger than he had previously been, he could soar through the air, defying gravity. Saerios, rather pleased with his new super powers, almost immediately volunteered himself for the arenas, determined to relieve his boredom and test out his new strength in a battle. As novel as an actual superpowered Malvan Gladiator is, he gained access to the fighting grounds of the Phazarian Arena quickly, within hours in fact. He entered his first battle, facing a terrifying Grenlak Ultra-Falcon, equipped with, as they often are, a force field device. The crowd roared as Saerios made short work of the deadly bird, it's said he then started to pluck each feather off of the creature, gifting them to members of the crowd, declaring them the most beautiful men and women he had ever seen. Saerios left his first battle, very much the crowd pleaser, and with far more women on his arm than when he had entered.

Over the years Saerios rose in the ranks, rubbing elbows and sharing drinks (and beds if rumors are to be believed!) with many of Malvas greatest and most popular gladiators. He fought often at the Phazors on behest. Of course he lost on occasion, but he was ever the good sport, simply put he loved the thrill of the arena, even the simple camaraderie and companionship that the gladiators offered him. As he grew further in popularity however, things started to get that stale tint that his previous hobbies had, he had everything and more, and he certainly still enjoyed the fight, but the roar of the crowd and the combatants he defeated or was defeated by started to get old. Boredom once again started to settle in.

Straight To The Moon!

Saerios found a solution when he was approached by Tateklys The Fashionable One, a Malvan who he had met on several occasions. Tateklys had built The Forum Malvanum on Earths Moon as an Arena where superhumans could fight, and the battles could be broadcast back to Malva. Tateklys approached Saerios with promises of new combatants, a new world, new sensations and new pleasures as one of his gladiators. Saerios settled in very quickly, given his own large quarters he was once again very comfortable. His boredom was again sated, the new locale brought in new combatants, powerful and challenging, new spectators, men and women came from all over the Galaxy to watch the "Lunar Games" and Saerios enjoyed many of the new sensations they too offered him.

He maintained a high standing in the Forum Malvanum, still popular on Malva, to better fit in with the aesthetic of the Malvanum he took the name Apollyon. He became better acquainted with Humans that were brought to battle, learning more of their culture and literature. He decided they were a quite attractive though, primitive species. Tateklys, The "Praetor" of the Malvanum has on occasion asked Saerios to throw a game, and Saerios has grudgingly done so, to save face and his position with the Praetor. The breaking of the unwritten rules leaving a bad taste in his mouth, soon forgotten with the taste of some other intergalactic pleasure, of course.

Eyes Open

"We were just above Malva when the spectacle began, the screens suddenly full of the young, outrageous singer. I can scarcely remember something so scandalous, something so utterly brilliant! Oh she certainly had my attention, and probably my pilots, if not for...other reasons. Oh the song she sang, of the old days, the empire in its prime, it's fall and our peoples follies, in one spectacular show! I only wish the poor girl had made a greater impact, she could see that which others can't, she could see what was wrong with our 'Glorious Empire'. Oh, it would've brought tears to my eyes if that were possible, and Saerios? I can't say how it affected him, did he feel as I did, did this wondrous singer open his eyes? I couldn't say, but he certainly made the effort to obtain all her work afterwards, he seems to make a point of listening to it often. I suppose that can only be a good sign. ~Aeternum

Saerios took in the events of the Sirian Massacre, the powerful political message sung by Aliona The Galactic Siren and the following riots, and no one can really say how it impacted him. If nothing else he would seem to be more aware, but his actions and behavior didn't seem to noticeably change. Unknown to others however he went out of his way to obtain many controversial pieces of music, and even literature after the events took place.

So Down To Earth

During his time on the Moon, Apollyon became somewhat enamored with the idea of visiting Earth, he found its people, and their culture quaint and intriguing. And the time in-between fights could only be filled with so much in the way of women, drugs and drink. So in his his downtime he started flying down to Earth, observing the people, integrating himself, partaking in their own pleasures. As he had previously found out, the Malvan Ariax Thone, now known as Firewing was on Earth, seeking out worthy combatants, Apollyon decided to take on a similar goal, but decided it would be best to stay on the human side of the law. However amusing he found some of their laws. So no when he isn't in the arena, he is often on Earth, fighting its criminals for his own amusement and challenge.


The Forum Malvanum

  • Tateklys The Fashionable One: Saerios has a deep respect for Tateklys, finding him to be a great Malvan, and is very thankful for him bringing him to the Malvanum, where he lives a relatively happy engaging life. They're on friendly terms, and neither are afraid to ask the other for help or a favor. Which unfortunately for Saerios can include less than honourable actions. Saerios disagrees strongly with Tateklys criminal actions, and would prefer not to be included in them, however will not speak up against him as he has no wish to make an enemy of Tateklys who could ruin his reputation and career. Despite this, Saerios still bears no ill feelings to his Praetor, and meets with him for drinks at social occasions.
  • Terala Shain: Saerios is a quiet supporter of Terala Shains movement against the corruption of the arenas, he has met with her several times in secret to show his support, but due to his relatively high standing in the Malvanum, and his friendly status with Tateklys, he can't show his support in a truly open manner, for fear of losing his status and the respect and love of his peers. He will however try to support her in anyway he can to keep the arena, in particular the Malvanum, free from corruption and crime. He finds Shain to be a woman with a very worthy cause, and was even a fan of her circuit as a gladiator, he finds her to be amiable enough and on the occasions they have met, has gotten along well with her.
  • Kovarl: Saerios is no big fan of the Roin’esh Kovarl, he finds the Master of Gladiators to be a brute and a bully, and Saerios has on occasions stood up against his ill treatment of some of the other gladiators. This has created an icy sort of tension between them, in that Kovarl hates Saerios, and Saerios barely acknowledges Kovarl except when they fight. They generally stay out of eachothers way, but if Saerios is present when Korval starts to mistreat or bully someone, he may stand up in their defense. Despite these mutually ill feelings, Saerios does have some respect for the Roin’esh's shapeshifting skill in combat.
  • Frostbite: Despite the fact that Toronec Surl, the gladiator known as Frostbite, was born naturally, Saerios got over his initial waryness and disgust and now has a healthy respect for him, as a comrade and a skilled teammate in the arenas. They often sparred and Saerios has even declared he will try and direct Frostbite to Firewing should he ever encounter him on Earth and allow him to fight him one on one.

Gladiators Of Malva

  • Ironclad: Saerios only fought Ironclad once, and then alongside him twice more, Ironclad beat him soundly in the battle. He proved to be a fine teammate when they fought alongside eachother in a team fight. Saerios has great respect for the Dorvalan and his fighting prowess, and means to seek him out on Earth, despite Ironclads lack of love for the Malvans.
  • Dawnbird: Saerios is something of a fan of the light controlling Human gladiator, he has fought her on various occasions, several of those times he in a gentlemanly manner ceded the victory to her, much to her annoyance. For a while on Malva he tried particularly hard to woo her, although the fruit of his labour is not known.
  • Meliaros The Bright: Saerios is quite good friends with Meliaros, both of them share skill in the Malvan Martial arts of Haruji, and both a flare for showmanship and pleasing the crowd. They spar often and share many a drink. Even when they come to blows in the arena they laugh about it and celebrate afterwards.

Heroes Of Earth

Other Aliens And Acquaintances


Costumes & Appearance

Comments & Opinions Of Others

"I watched him fight in the Arenas on Malva and I have to admit, I was a little smitten with him back then, but really, who wasn't? He knew how to put on a show and he still does, which I find admirable. Am I smitten with him still? Well, he is rather cute and endearing in his own way. Wait, what was that? No, that isn't what I said at all. I didn't imply anything of the sort, stop putting words in my mouth. That's a rumor and nothing more. This interview is over!" ~ Aliona


(Be your own judge on which of these will be known IC! And feel free to add your own!)

  • It's rumored that Saerios has shared a bed with Dawnbird.
  • It's rumored that Saerios in fact never shared a bed with Dawnbird.
  • It's rumored on Malva that Saerios had an affair with a version of himself from an Alternate Dimension.
  • Saerios was originally a woman but woke up one day and decided to spontaneously change genders because tough-as-nails female gladiators had become passé.
  • He once sodomized the legendary Octobeast of Tentalos-V in the arena so that it might know shame and never raise a tentacle to another ever again.
  • He once had a steady, straight, monogamous long term relationship.
  • He kissed a girl, and he was relatively okay with it.
  • It's rumored he starred along in a movie with famous actor, David Bowie.
  • It's believed Apollyon was the inspiration for the show Jersey Shore.
  • It's rumored that Saerios' only pet is Nyancat