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Typical humanoids, the Malvans have skin tones ranging from dark bronze to light golden. Just above their large eyes Malvans have feathery eyebrows which are part of their sense of smell. Their hair is usually some shade of red or violet, and both genders tend to wear it long and elaborately styled. Cosmetic body modifications, tattoos, and exotic clothing are common. The Malvan birthrate has dropped to almost nothing in the past millennia. All Malvans live to great ages, and most receive immortality treatments.

Some Malvans have visited Earth, the most prominent being Firewing; Kanrok the Acquisitioner; and Tateklys, who oversees a gladiatorial arena on Earth's moon, where fights are broadcast back to Malva.


A very old species, the Malvans have a recorded history nearly a million years long. Although they're not willing to make most of their historical records public knowledge for reasons they won't reveal, they have stated they achieved space flight in 664,332 BC by the Terran calendar, and by approximately 650,000 BC ruled an empire covering about a quarter of the Galaxy. By around 330,000 BC the Malvan Empire had attained its peak, with nearly half of the Galaxy under its control, but thereafter it shrank slowly but steadily. 500,000 years ago they were at war with the Elder Worm, and though they won the war the Worm cast a magical curse on them before going into hiding. Since then they've become lazy and decadent, dependent on their super-advanced technology to maintain and repair itself. The Malvan Empire began to decline due in large part to growing Malvan societal malaise and individual Malvans' focus on personal pleasures and diversions instead of the loftier goals of their ancestors. Subject species rebelled, bored colonists abandoned their worlds to return to Malva, and the Malvan population declined. Today the Malvans "rule" nine star systems, only two of which have inhabited worlds. Most Malvans now live on their home planet Malva. Though few if any Malvans know how to build or maintain their technology by Humanity's rise, their devices — especially their dreaded super-starships, the Ultra-Dreadnaughts — are still of legendary status even by the 31st century. The Malvan's are known for their gladiatorial arenas.

A Phazor ("High King") rules as the absolute, unquestioned monarch of the Malvan civilization. The current Phazor, Dazlav IX, has reigned for 741 years as of 1275. Like his predecessors, Dazlav devotes most of his time and resources to entertainment. He has a large harem with members from almost every oxygen-breathing species in the Galaxy), an unrivaled collection of artwork from a million civilizations, and chefs who can prepare any food he demands. Dazlav especially enjoys the gladiatorial combats in the Arena of Death and Glory. Each day a hundred of the mightiest warriors in the Galaxy do battle in the Arena, and half of them die. For variety, occasional shows pit deadly animals, giant robots, or fully-equipped mercenary units against each other.

The Malvans have a fleet of 30 gargantuan Ultra-Dreadnoughts, plus hundreds of ancient ships in storage near Malva. Each Ultra-Dreadnought can take on a fleet of Terran or Varanyi ships and decimate it singlehandedly. But the fleet is mostly for show; the Malvans have not fought a war for millennia. Few people or governments are stupid enough to take on so powerful an enemy. Moreover, since the planet would be such a prize of advanced technology, none of the major Galactic powers can allow a rival to conquer it, so the Malvans can always find allies willing to protect them.

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