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"Those who can bear all can dare all." -- Marquis de Vauvenargues

First a Bear wrestler and later a General from the Planet Soviet, Sascha fought for years to liberate his home planet from the Capitalist Dog menace. After finally succeeding in his endeavor, he continues to help Earth and anyone in need.

Out of Game Origins: It's a bit hard to pinpoint what went on through my head when making Real Soviet Damage. I can say that the name was inspired by Mike Z's tutorial video for BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, but aside from that? Most likely an obtuse version of the term "bear wrestler" with Zangief (from Street Fighter) being the base template. The character was without a backstory or anything aside from his looks. I wanted to join an RP SG despite that just so I could fake a Russian accent and I happened to run into the Guardians who had quite the demanding application process (from the perspective of someone who's never RP'd in MMOs). So, nothing was planned out and I let the pen guide me while thinking of an improvised backstory. It sat very well with everyone and I got accepted.

As time went by, the character evolved a bit. The main issue was being a parody in a "serious" setting. We all know how that goes thanks to Don Quixote. The parody approach turned into an idealized origin, and the character went through a lot thanks to being surrounded by humans. Aside from that, there isn't much to say about his out of game origins, considering how young CO is and this is the first incarnation of the character.

Slight note when reading: if there are quotes from Sascha in proper English, it is him speaking/writing in Sovietian. If it's broken English, then it's him attempting to speak/write in English. Most of the following information is considered OOC, depending on your own characters (UNTIL access level, origin and so on). Just use common sense and feel free to check with me if you're unsure what your characters would know. Keep in mind that the planet Soviet was pretty isolated even after the Space Age.

Real Soviet Damage
Player: @Sekimen
Rsd pdb.jpg
"Sascha's steps march with echo of army. Sascha's heart beat with strength of nation. Sascha's soul burn with passion of whole race! Prepare for REAL SOVIET DAMAGE!"
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms and Fighting Styles
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sascha Bolshoi
Known Aliases: Real Soviet Damage, Bear, Spacebear, RSD
Gender: Male
Species: Soviet Bear
Ethnicity: Brown Bear
Place of Birth: Sivograd, Planet Soviet
Base of Operations: Planet Soviet, Soviet Embassy on Earth
Relatives: Ivan Menjshev (Uncle, adopted)
Age: 26 (Earth years)
Height: 7'5"
Weight: 485lbs
Eyes: yellow
Hair: brown
Complexion: brown
Physical Build: extremely muscular
Physical Features: red nose, star tattoo on chest and hammer and sickle tattoo on back
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 2010 - present
Citizenship: Sovietian, Canadian and US
Occupation: Wrestler, Soviet Ambassador and General
Education: High School (Soviet)
Marital Status: single
Known Powers and Abilities
super strength, super durability and moderate regeneration.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Advanced R.A.D. Sphere, Soviet vodka
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"Some aliens look more human than others, but the fact is that we'll always be alien. We'll never be human. I don't want us to be human. Not because of some contempt towards humanity, I have nothing against them, but because no-one should forget who they are or where they came from." -- excerpt from Sascha's journal

Sascha Bolshoi was born in the Earth year 1985 on the Planet Soviet. He was the son of a Soviet Bear Wrestler and a housewife. Bear Wrestling was the most popular sport on Soviet, held in higher regard than Soccer in Europe and his father, going by the ring name of "Soviet Damage" was one of the most prominent fighters. Sadly, Sascha was orphaned at an early age when his parents died in a car accident. He was adopted by Soviet Damage's coach and good friend, Ivan Menjshev, whom he always called "Uncle Ivan."

Life on planet Soviet could best be described as "Communism without the human factor". There were no rich or poor, no-one, not even the famous, were wealthier than others. Each owned as much as the other. The lack of religion helped Soviet focus on technological advancement, reaching the space age in less than a few generations (Soviet Bears can live up to 300 years).

Soviet celebrates the Space Age.

After finishing High School, Sascha enlisted in the mandatory military service which lasted three years. Despite no need for war, the Bears were very militaristic, having it reach levels of a racial philosophy. Throughout his life, Sascha practiced to become a Bear Wrestler like his father, and after his service, attempted to realize that dream under the name of Real Soviet Damage. Aware of who he was, the Bear Wrestler League put him up against various stronger opponents. After all, he was the son of the legendary Soviet Damage. Sascha lost his first nine matches, when he finally pulled through in the tenth match, breaking his losing streak and defeating a far superior wrestler.

A neighboring galaxy was home to a far different planet, the planet Capitalism, inhabited by dog-men known as Capitalist Dogs. A planet ruled by money and corporations, dipping their paws in every market they see an opportunity in. One such market was the liquor market, which was under their control until Soviet reached the Space Age, opening their doors to intergalactic trade. The main export of the Bears was Soviet Vodka, an extremely potent drink which knocks out most races with one shot glass, and is fatal to some if drunk in excess. The Dogs attempted to buy the exclusive rights to produce the drink, but all their attempts failed. Finally, their analysts predicted an 0.05% loss in profit during the next decade if they lose the liquor market, which slightly outweighed the cost of a military assault. The decision was made to launch a surprise attack on Soviet.

A few days have passed since Sascha's victory when the assault on his planet had started. Soviet had not prepared for an attack of that magnitude and scale. Civilians were escorted to escape pods and the main goal was to save as many as possible. Sascha and his Uncle helped direct other Bears to the pods. Sascha told his Uncle to go to the last remaining one, as the Bear wrestler was intent on protecting his planet to the end. Only minutes passed before Sascha heard a cry in the rubble. An injured girl cub without her parents or anyone in sight. Bolshoi grabbed her, hoping to reach the last escape pod and get the girl inside before it takes off. When the shuttle was in sight, the doors were already closing. He only barely made it inside, the doors closing behind him and the spacecraft starting to lift off. Bolshoi couldn't leave without breaking the doors down, which would mean all the survivors in the shuttle wouldn't escape. He had no choice but to abandon his home planet.

After leaving Soviet's orbit, a mercenary of the Capitalist Army managed to shoot the escape pod, destroying the navigational unit and setting it wildly off course.

Arrival on Earth

It is still not certain how Sascha's pod managed to land on Earth. A black hole? Or something else hidden in the depths of the Cosmos? Whatever the cause, the Bears had landed in the Canadian wilderness, swiftly intercepted by UNTIL. After being in custody for a week to determine their origin and intent, UNTIL and the Canadian government offered sanctuary to the fifty-two Bears that landed on Canadian soil. A refugee camp was set up, the Bears educated of Earth history, lore and language, as well as being cared for.

A year had passed and Sascha wished to repay Earth's kindness by helping them fight the superhuman threats he kept hearing of outside the camp. He was granted Canadian and, years later, US citizenship via UNTIL in order to operate without trouble. Having a natural affinity when it came to working with groups, Sascha sought out a larger hero organization rather than working alone, and was directed to the Guardians.

Shortly afterwards, the planet Capitalism became aware of Earth, but not the presence of the Soviet Bears there. They decided to establish one of their corporations and deal with the import of Questionite, as Earth seemed a profitable market.

The Guardians and the Ultimate Guardians

Sascha had served the supergroup of the Guardians for a few months before the fall of the old Tower, and then continued to serve the reformed group, the Ultimate Guardians. He had first served only as a soldier and then taken up the duties of Operations Officer after more than a year of service.

Sascha attends a Guardian meeting.

The Uira Incident

"Maybe old Sascha would approach problems calmer, but Sascha not sure where Old Sascha is now." -- excerpt from Sascha's mail sent to all Guardians

One day, Sascha woke up in a cell. He had no idea how it happened or where. He would soon get an answer to both when a frog-man in an expensive white suit approached his cell. The frog referred to himself as "Da Boss", the owner of the Intergalactic Gladiator Space Station, a place devoted to entertaining various beings by watching gladiator fights in the space colosseum. Sascha was brought there as one of the last remaining Soviet Bear Wrestlers (as he was told), to serve as entertainment to others.

Bolshoi decided to play along, hoping to think of a way to escape in the meantime. Sascha exclusively fought in one-on-one battles, all his opponents losing to the Bear Wrestler. Whenever he was in his cell, Sascha would talk to the person in the cell across his own, Uira. A humanoid resembling Earth's Lemurians, but able to breathe outside of water without any difficulties. He was also forced to fight in the ring, as his family was held hostage by Da Boss, who wished to profit off Uira's renowned skills as a mercenary. The Bear and the Mercenary bonded, becoming friends and sharing tales of lives that seemed so far away. Uira was the first person who Sascha would called a friend, rather than Comrade since leaving Soviet.

After two weeks, Sascha finally learned the reason for his kidnapping. Da Boss ordered him to lose in the next match, or the Bear refugees would regret it. However, Sascha could see through the bluff. He said nothing though until he saw his opponent. When he entered the ring, before him was a Capitalist Dog wrestler. That was the cause, the Dogs wanted to humiliate him and the Soviet Bear race on intergalactic television.

Sascha knocked his opponent out in one hit.

Da Boss was furious and confined Sascha to solitary for a week. He was then summoned to his next match, a deathmatch with Uira. Before the fight started, his friend told him that if the Bear won, Uira's family would be executed. Maybe in other circumstances, Sascha would have thrown himself on Uira's sword, however, for the first time in his life, the Bear was afraid of dying. Not because what he had to lose, but because of the Bears on Earth. He couldn't abandon them. They needed him.

The Guardian All Call in which Sascha announces his departure to find Uira.

Sascha defeated Uira, but couldn't deliver the killing blow despite his friend's pleads. The crowd screamed for blood, but instead, the Bear jumped into the air, trying to break the metal construction separating the crowd and the combatants. Sadly, the pain from the prison collar being activated knocked him out before he could reach the center of the grid.

Another week of solitary confinement.

Sascha was then summoned to an endurance match. Endless waves of opponents until Sascha wasn't left standing. The prize for killing the Bear was freedom. Sascha managed to fend off wave after wave, pulling the punches as to not to kill anyone. The number of opponents per wave grew and the ones knocked out started to wake up. He wouldn't last like this. He went for the metal grid again. The collar activated, but this time, he was prepared, he expected the pain and grit his teeth until he reached the center of the construction, destroying it. Chaos erupted. The station was falling apart, cells were opened, the gladiators, spectators and employees went for the escape pods. Sascha went for Da Boss's office and found the frogman scared and begging for mercy in a corner. Sascha knocked the frog out, grabbed him and turned around only to see his friend, Uira. He claimed he did not blame Sascha for anything, but he wanted the life of the frog. Sascha did not know which decision to make. The Bear did not endorse killing, by his hand or others'. Then again, did Uira deserve any of this? After a long conversation, the context of which nobody knows of to date, Sascha walked away with Da Boss alive, intent on delivering him to whatever authorities he comes across.

Two Earth months passed and Sascha still felt guilty over Uira so he decided to venture forth in search of him. After travelling for two weeks, he finally found his friend and just talked to him. Not over the events on the space station, just over mundane things. However, of far greater note is what Sascha saw on his trip. Various Soviet Bear refugees scattered, trying to survive as beggars or mercenaries. He did not tell any of them about the Earth camp in fear they would bring it in danger.

Fall and Rise

Sascha returned to Earth a mess. He had done so many things he never would have, made so many changes in his life and behavior, he wasn't sure what to think of himself or his actions. His return coincided with the arrival of a new threat, Manticore, a Metamal creation of Dr. Moreau. Manticore was amassing a Manimal army and in an operation in Canada, the Guardians failed to protect one of their own, the Manimal Spectra, who had fallen to the monster's control. Sascha decided to take responsibility for the whole incident as he was the one who failed to hold off one of Manticore's officers, Minotaur.

The Bear practically moved to Monster Island, hunting down followers of Manticore, beating them to a pulp until he found out where Manticore was. When he resorted to use violence on two captives held in Father Elk's village, Sascha was denied any further access to New Gornyj.

In the end, the weeks of work bore fruit and Sascha found a cave where injured or pursuit Manimals of Manticore were told to find sanctuary. However, it turned out this place was inhabited by monsters, and the injured soldiers were meant to die because they were deemed "weak" by their leader.

Bolshoi came forth with this information to one of Manticore's officers, Tigerfist. It was then he suspected that Manticore was using supernatural powers to control most of his followers. Tigerfist struggled to maintain control, but failed again and again.

In the meantime, Spectra was found and detained in the Guardians Tower for her own safety. Sascha did not visit her as he still felt guilty over his previous failure to protect his Comrade. After yet another conversation with Tigerfist, one which hurt the Bear greatly, Bolshoi mustered the courage to visit Spectra.

He arrived in the cell and sat there, not knowing what to say. He could hear hate and vitriol from Spectra, still under Manticore's influence, but he could hear a glimpse of the old Spectra there. After a long conversation, he managed to help Spectra find the strength to break away from the influence.

Never give up. Never stand down.

This was only a small victory, however. Sascha still had plenty on his mind, speaking of it only to his friend Friendly Fire and his doctor, Raymond Marlowe. Fire tried to offer advice to help the Bear cope with his troubles, eventually asking Nocran, a Cryon refugee, to talk to Bolshoi. The conversation with the Cryon finally lead Sascha to collapse in sorrow, uncertain of what to do. It was either try and take the role of a leader for his people, bringing them in danger were he to fail, or to hide what he found out in space from them, having them live in ignorance and keep what they have left here on Earth.

He decided to lead them.

Rebuilding Communism

If Sascha were to lead his people to save Soviet, he'd need to gather all the Bears scattered around the Cosmos. UNTIL was not willing to pay for expanding and maintaining new arrivals, so Sascha had to first relocate the refugee camp. After struggling to find a solution, he asked a fellow Guardian, Captain Kip to allow the Bears to settle on his island for some time. Sascha had cleaned the island of dinosaurs that were causing trouble on the Island of Fuchsia and then proceeded to build housing for them in form of a high rise district. The Bears had moved and Uira was given the sign to start gathering Soviet Bears across the Cosmos and bring them to Earth. In the meantime, the Fuchsia settlement produced Soviet vodka and used the profits to pay for the accommodation of the Bears, as well as arming them for the inevitable attempt to regain Soviet.

Saving Soviet

After much preparation, Sascha hired the mercenary army called Flaming Darts and set out to free Soviet together with them and his Guardian Comrades. They took advantage of the information given by Robo Real Soviet Damage and planned a 3-day assault. The goal was to attack targets that would cause the most financial damage: factories, power plants, supply routes and various other complexes they used for upkeep of their own mercenary army on Soviet, as well as their own profit.

Sascha walks into the sunset

With the Bear Resistance movement which had been operating on Soviet ever since the initial assault, the Dogs requested negotiations on Day 3. The negotiations were held between Sascha and CEO Profit. In the end, it was agreed upon that the Dogs and their forces would leave, while the Dogs would get exclusive rights to distribute Soviet Vodka across the whole Universe. The war had ended and Soviet was officially free.

Sascha was given the rank of General and position of Soviet Ambassador on Earth for his deeds and efforts.

The Warmonger

Sascha participated in helping Earth defend against Warmonger's attempt to take it over. Driven not only to help his second home, but also his friend Chivalry, Sascha offered his assistance to the heroes of Earth. Read more about the CORP-wide arc [here].

Fight the Future

With Chivalry finally freed of Warmonger, thanks to the combined efforts of Earth's finest heroes, Sascha was now able to pursue a task that had been eating away at him for a while. Namely, after meeting Multifarian Sascha, who was an older version of the real Sascha Bolshoi, the bear found out that his counterpart had lost Planet Soviet to a second assault a century after the first one. The assault was lead by a warlord by the name of Zshllos, who slowly rose to power before setting out on intergalactic conquest. Not knowing whether this same event would happen in our dimension, and not being something he wished to risk happening, Sascha set out on a journey, using the clues given to him by his Multifarian counterpart.

After traveling for many weeks, Sascha finally found the Planet Ibbothar - the home planet of of Zshllos. He spent a whole month searching for someone bearing the name of the future villain, but in the end only found a single child called that. He couldn't know for sure whether that was who he had been looking for, and even if he did, he could not judge a person for something they had not yet committed. After a week in Zshllos's village, learning more of the culture and people of Ibbothar, Sascha was ready to return home and call his journey a failure.

Before leaving, though, an alarm was raised throughout the village. Slavers were approaching to commence a raid. Sascha quickly mobilized a militia and successfully defended the settlement with no casualties.

Unbeknownst to the Bear, this was the event which would have motivated a young Zshllos to a life of hatred. A future which can no longer be written.


“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” -- Maya Angelou

Sascha has now returned to Earth, continuing his work as an Ambassador of Soviet, as well as a part-time super hero.


"You will achieve nothing. You were never part of the story; you're living in the epilogue of a Soviet tragedy. The big finale is over, nobody cares about you, the Bears, or your sorry little planet. And there's nothing you can do, nothing you can save anymore. So tell me... Why do you refuse to DIE?!" -- CEO Profit
A demon finds an unbearable adversary.

Super Strength

Sascha's strength is not to be underestimated in the slightest. He is able to lift weights up to 500 tons with ease. Many of his sparring partners say that he hits like a freight train, which is troubling since he was trained to hold back his strength to avoid causing serious injuries. It is worth noting that he has yet to willfully use his full strength on a living being.

Super Durability

Sascha can take a lot of punishment. It's far from him being invulnerable. Bullets don't bounce from his chest and he bleeds like most living beings. However, he has trained himself to work through pain. This, together with the improved healing rate of Soviet Bears means he'll rarely fall down unless severely overwhelmed. A lot of his Comrades call him invulnerable. He prefers to call himself stubborn.

Super Stamina and Endurance

Sascha can spend two weeks without sleep, food or water. As with his durability, it is not a matter of him not feeling the drawbacks, only learning to work despite them. More demanding battles will fatigue him, but if he were to have a few consecutive battles which required his all, he would be able to suppress the drawbacks for as long as he needs. The longer he resorts to this method, the worse it will be when he finally falls over. He is also able to withstand extreme cold, heat and moderately toxic environments for prolonged periods of time.

Sascha unleashes the fury.

Bear Wrestling

While not the best Soviet had to offer in terms of wrestling, Sascha is still a good fighter. Bear wrestling uses the advantage of gigantic frames and paws Bears posses. There are clear rules, though: no biting and no scratching. Many consider themselves lucky Sascha plays by the rules.


Bolshoi is, even for Bear standards, insanely determined. Once he sets a goal for himself, he will not give up no matter how many times he falls. He will always stand up. No matter how many soldiers are between him and where he needs to be, he will walk through them. He rarely resorts to fanatical determination, although his one trigger is when his close Comrades are in danger. That is the point where any reasoning with him becomes futile.

Defying Divinity

A trait all Soviet Bears possess is the lack of any religious faith, to the point of this being ingrained in their very being. They deny the concept of Fate, as well as Gods and Deities. Those who would call themselves such, the Soviet Bears would merely label as "a possibly powerful, but arrogant individual". This complete absence of faith enables all Bears, including Sascha, to resist divine influence. A favor of the Gods would mean very little to Sascha. A powerful attack from a divine being would hurt, but be far less effective than expected. An avatar or similar extraplanar entity might find their physical resistances not as strong when getting hit by Sascha. This has a few drawbacks as well. Divine healing and empowerment barely, if at all, work on Bolshoi or Soviet Bears.

This does not apply to entities or powers native to the material plane, or other abilities that are not divine in origin (for example, magic healing would still work as normal). The effectiveness of spiritual powers varies, as it is not synonymous to faith or divine. Soviet Bears do not deny the existence of spirits, but merely view them the same way they would view animals on the material plane. They admit a use for them, but would never worship them for favor.

Military Training

The three year military service and Soviet upbringing was enough for Sascha to learn to handle weapons, basic first aid and survival on the field. He always showed an aptitude for making the right decisions under pressure, but he chose to stay a soldier rather than advance in the military.

Mental Training

After an incident involving the rogue AI, V.I.O.L.E.T. taking control of Sascha via nanites, the bear sought out Ursun to help him improve his mental defenses. After spending time in the Astral plane, training his mind with the shaman, Sascha managed to fortify his already disciplined mind to be more resistant to above average mental attacks.

Sascha salutes Red Winter, thanking them for a good fight!

Tech Savvy

Soviet Bears inherit their predispositions and aptitudes (but not memories) from previous generations via Soviet Bear DNA. As such, Sascha has an inherent understanding of how technology works. Given enough time, Sascha can figure out how a given weapon, vehicle or piece of technology operates. The time he needs depends on the complexity of the object: learning how to operate a firearm would take a few moments, while learning how to operate a power plant would require a few months. This does not work with items that function contrary to reality and logic, like magic items. For example, were Sascha to find a magic sword, he would know how to use the actual sword, but not the magic aspect of it. If he were to find a crystal ball, he would be clueless.


Sascha rarely uses equipment, unless forced to (like his anti-Qliphotic armor enhanced with runes, or his scuba gear). Exceptions include his Advanced R.A.D. Sphere and Soviet Vodka which helps him ignore pain easier. And yes, he has a jet pack.


Sascha has no specific item or event that will de-power him. However, he is mortal. Enough punishment will kill him, he can only take more of it than humans. It is also extremely difficult for him to change his beliefs and ways, as these are inherited via Soviet Bear DNA (one of the reasons Communism actually worked with his people) and doing so leaves hard psychological repercussions on a Bear. This can prove troublesome and even hazardous when trying to reason with him.

Friends, Comrades and Allies

"Many a person has held close, throughout their entire lives, two friends that always remained strange to one another, because one of them attracted by virtue of similarity, the other by difference." -- Emil Ludwig

Ever since his arrival on Earth, Sascha has made many friends and allies, both from Earth and beyond. While he tries to treat everyone with the respect he believes they deserve, the bear still makes a clear distinction between friend and "Comrade". What most would consider a friend or ally, Sascha would call Comrade, while his use of "friend" is reserved only for those closest to him.

Sascha with his Guardian Comrades.

Friendly Fire is Sascha's closest friend. The two met in a bar and the bear drank her under the table. Not knowing where to take her (as he had no idea where Fire lived), Sascha took her to the Soviet Refugee Camp in Canada. After helping with Operation Mongoose, Friendly Fire joined the ranks of the Ultimate Guardians and eventually rose to leadership status. She also accompanied the bear in his attempt to free Soviet, despite initially being firmly against such course of action. Fire and Sascha have had their fair share of arguments, but she understands the alien bear on a level very few humans do.

Stag-Bat (or Becky) is also one of Sascha's very close friends. Her "Beacon of Hope," as he calls her. She is sadly away due to health reasons and may not come back. Bolshoi still misses her.

Ursun is yet another good friend of Sascha's. Although both of them being stubborn has lead to a few... misunderstandings.

Many of his Ultimate Guardian Comrades are also there for him whenever he needs help. The bear's convictions and ideals don't always sit well with all members, nor does he approve of the attitude of some, but he still has the utmost respect for anyone carrying the Ultimate Guardian banner.

From outside his super group, Sascha offers his skills and abilities, as well as his drinking company, to many heroes of Earth. Chivalry, Azunai and Thundrax are some of the people he holds in high regard (to name a few).

Enemies and Rivals

CEO Profit

"Tell me, RSD, I can call you that, right? What is it you're fighting for, huh? I know I'm vain, that I like money, but I'm clearly fighting for it tooth and nail and making notable progress. You? You haven't budged one bit. You go around, saving humans and helping everyone, hoping to feel the Soviet soil under your feet once more... But you've achieved nothing. That's your problem, you're too busy helping everyone, because you know you can't help yourself. Cigar?" -- CEO Profit
CEO Profit.

From the Ultimate Guardians database: Bobby Profit is the CEO of Capital Inc. Considering the influence of the corporation, his frequent presence on Earth is highly concerning. Profit claims to be focusing on Earth as it's a "new and aspiring market for Capital Inc," but we have found no evidence of CEOs of the company ever relocating to new planets. Despite legally prosecuting Profit 4 times, the US court was unable to lock Profit and his legal defense managed to get him acquitted during the last trial. Even with being legally prosecuted, he managed to maintain a good reputation thanks to numerous donations (both from the company and personal), good PR and the fact that the company is the sole importer of unobtainium for Earth. Reports of illegal behavior do exist, even if they are void in court. Dealings with VIPER and ARGENT have been confirmed. There are rumors of using middlemen to deal with smalltime gangs of Millennium City and even Vibora Bay, although this has yet to be confirmed. Attempts at taking the life of Ultimate Guardian Real Soviet Damage and his countrymen have also been noted.

Profit's intelligence brought him to the position of CEO at a very young age and he has managed to hold this position for the longest time in the corporation's 640 year history. The origin of his powers regarding manipulation of dark energy and tapping into the Qliphotic realm is unknown, but the magnitude of said powers has been recorded to be enough to take down Real Soviet Damage without much trouble.

We are at a loss as to what the true motives of this Capitalist Dog are at the moment. We are lead to believe that he is not as concerned about the Soviet Bears as he lets on, since it seems he could eradicate them at any given moment. His dealings with various factions aren't producing any immediate consequences and we are not sure whether he is advancing his own agenda or that of Capital Inc. It has been considered that this could all be just one extremely well planned out bluff drawing attention from something we haven't even considered. A direct assault on him, should the need arise, would be manageable with a proper team. This is, of course, disregarding any intergalactic relation problems it could cause, as well as his legal defense. Until his intentions are known, he is to be considered a major threat.

Le Duc De Fourberie

"Greetings, my Dear Ursul Friend! How has life been treating you? I hope you are up to the challenge I have in store for you today!" -- Le Duc De Fourberie

The Duke of Guile is an odd one to say the least. Born a French nobleman, he has had a life of luxury, his own wealth making more wealth for him. This gave way too many quirky hobbies, the most notable being big game hunting. At first, he started with smaller game, but as he became more experienced, he demanded more challenge from his prey. Eventually, the Duke grew bored of hunting Manimals and Lemurians as well. It seemed that he was destined to sit bored at the top tier of hunters until news of Sascha Bolshoi spread across the globe. Fourberie had found the perfect prey: an alien Bear wrestler.

The Duke had quite a few tries at hunting Sascha, but failed each time, eventually being imprisoned for attempted murder (as Sascha has Canadian citizenship). He managed to use his connections and paid a fine to leave prison after a few months of incarceration. He is currently free and, despite sending a "see you soon" letter to Bolshoi, Fourberie has yet to make his move.


The Ultimate Guardians prepare for Project Mongoose.
"What do you mean he's 'unstoppable'? He's a bear! You're better armed, better trained. You outnumber him five hundred to one! DO. YOUR. JOB!" -- Last transmission to VIPER Nest in Arizona before it fell

Despite being responsible for the fall of the old Guardian Tower, it isn't so much a grudge as the fact that the Ultimate Guardians are often called in when the authorities are dealing with VIPER. Sascha is often on the field and available for the lower profile assaults and interventions, so he has earned his place as one of VIPER's most frequent "annoyances". They often refer to him as the Guardians' Pet Bear and at first didn't consider him much of a threat. But now? They consider him as much of a nuisance as Grond's random attacks in the Desert.

Sascha once had the rotten luck of having the Ripper be in the vicinity of a nest he attacked. The superhuman intercepted the Bear halfway through the assault. The VIPER Supersoldier won and Sascha barely escaped the fight alive. He has yet to fight against the Ripper a second time.

Red Winter

"Congratulations, Comrade! I knew you could do it! Maybe someday, we will celebrate together." -- The Soviet Guard's letter, congratulating Bolshoi on freeing Planet Soviet
Sascha wearing the armband given to him by the Soviet Guard.

Sascha has always maintained that Earth Communism had little to do with Soviet Communism, but that is not entirely true. Bolshoi's biggest gripe were the implementation of Communism on Earth, not the ideology. At heart, those are views similar to his and he respects them. Perhaps this is why there is a hint of sadness whenever Red Winter is brought up. Similar views, but from opposite sides. His encounter with them was in an attempt to stop Red Winter from stealing Qulaar technology from a downed alien shuttle in Canada. He was the first to be able to respond to this and, as such, was alone against the team of six.

At first flabbergasted to see a super team of Communists, Sascha still knew he had to react and make sure the shuttle would end up in the hands of Steelhead. The fight was vastly in favor of Red Winter, but then a third side came onto the stage: VIPER. As neither Sascha, nor the Communist Super-villain Team could fight on two fronts, they joined forces against the Green Menace. There were enough close calls for both Bolshoi and Red Winter and it's still up in the air whether either side would have gotten out of the situation in one piece had they not worked together.

During their retreat, VIPER made sure that no-one got their hands on the shuttle. A squad of VIPER Demolitionists managed to destroy it before either Real Soviet Damage or Red Winter could secure it. As both the Bear and his temporary allies failed at their objective (although Sascha at least managed to stop the ship from falling into the wrong hands), arguments and threats ensued, with Drago of Red Winter insisting it was all Sascha's fault and that they should just kill him there and now. What Sascha lacked in experience, he made up for in raw strength and fighting skill, yet it is still debatable whether he could defeat such a well-trained team on his own.

The Soviet Guard approached Bolshoi and asked him where he was from, not knowing of either Planet Soviet or Soviet Bears. After hearing the Bear's tale, he shook the wrestler's paw and handed him a red armband with a hammer and sickle on it, wishing Sascha luck in retaking his home in the same way Red Winter are trying to rebuild the USSR.

More than a year later, after the news of Soviet being freed spread throughout Earth and beyond, the Soviet Guard sent Sascha a congratulations letter. On May Day 2012, Bolshoi managed to send a box of Soviet Vodka to Red Winter, unbeknownst to any of his colleagues and Comrades, wishing Red Winter the same luck they had wished him. They have fought against each other a few times since their first encounter, but every time they did, one could feel the respect Real Soviet Damage and the Soviet Guard had for one another.

Robo Real Soviet Damage

After Sascha had proven himself enough of a nuisance to the Capitalist Dogs on Earth, the Replica project was initiated. Robotic copies were to be made using Bolshoi's image and skills. The first series was tested against the original and despite using swarm tactics, they failed and the Project was closed to avoid further financial loss.

Robo Real Soviet Damage.

Many months later, another replica appeared. It referred to itself as "Flawless Robo Real Soviet Damage" and, unlike the original grey robots, was coated in a gold layer. Sascha managed to fend off the automaton, but his adversary showed a sense of self-preservation, as opposed to the previous mindless version. The golden robot escaped and Sascha was left wondering what felt so different about it. Later investigation showed that Capital Inc. had no knowledge of the new model.

Time passed and many events in the Ultimate Guardians raised staff tension to boiling point. Sascha decided that he wanted to be left alone for a while and vanished. While the Guardians were following his tracks, hoping to find him despite Sascha's best efforts not to be found, the Bear was looking for the golden replica. He wanted to talk to it.

The Wretched Automaton

"You can shape one after the image of a Bear, but you can only be born with the soul of one. Here lies a Bear, in heart and soul." -- Epitaph on Robo Real Soviet Damage's tombstone, Planet Soviet

After a few days, Sascha found Robo Real Soviet Damage. They talked and it seemed that while Robo harbored an undeniable hate towards Sascha, it was aware it was no match for the original. Strangely, the replica showed no allegiance to anyone but itself. They forged an agreement. Robo would offer Sascha any and all intel on the Capitalist Dogs when Sascha finally decides to take up arms agains them, and in turn, Sascha would leave Robo in peace and let it prepare until it thinks it can defeat Sascha. Of course, under the condition that Robo commits no crimes or endangers anyone else.

Robo Real Soviet Damage Mk III.

This agreement did not sit well with any of the other Guardians, most of them suggesting they just reprogram Robo. Sascha, however, does not approve of such course of action. His reasons are "I gave my word" and "It has a personality, therefor it's a person."

After freeing Soviet, Sascha was true to his word and fought Robo Real Soviet Damage. The Bear Wrestler was victorious, but at what price? You can read the outcome of the battle here.

Robo Real Soviet Damage Mk III

Recently, a new series of robots has emerged, looking far more similar to Sascha than the previous models, but also far more powerful. They are currently appearing at random at various points throughout the world. Their purpose or motivation is unknown, but they do not seem to be the work of the Capitalist Dogs.

The first appearance of these robots was successfully stopped thanks to the efforts of Ultimate Guardians Tremor, Rufus (Sin Reaper), Ursun, Dietrich and Anextiomarus while Sascha was off-world. While both robots that were found self-destruct, enough information was gathered to lead everyone to believe the robots originate from Earth.

So far, it is known that they use swords, cloaking technology, flamethrowers and are made of a durable Kendrium framework.

Personal Interests and Trivia

Sascha posing for the Ultimate Guardians Pinup Charity Calendar.

-Sascha loves a good a drink, but sadly, only Soviet Vodka does it for him. Ursun has promised to deliver some Demon Ale, though;

-Sascha is a big fan of the Red Army Choir and opera. He does not understand the lyrics in either, but it is the emotion that inspires him;

-Sascha has a love for sushi;

-Sascha can out-drink almost anyone. The only drink to date to get him drunk is Soviet Vodka after 8 shot glasses (and knock him out in 14). Otherwise, he can drink almost anything indefinitely;

-All Soviet Bears have four livers. One usually fails during a Bear's lifetime, two if the Bear was a heavy drinker;

-Sascha despises losing, despite knowing the value of it. If you manage to best him in combat, no matter how friendly he is, he is most likely going to make it a personal goal to defeat you in a rematch;

-He doesn't speak Russian, as he is not from Russia;

-All Soviet Bears can taste the colors red and yellow, as if it were an additive to food. Hence them enjoying tomatoes, strawberries, bananas and so on;

-All Soviet Bears have a red nose and yellow eyes;

-Sascha has a shot-glass custom made for his paws. It is engraved with murals of all his Guardian Comrades and was a gift from Friendly Fire;

-Sascha watches too many soap operas.

What Your Characters Might Know

"...And in the end, who cares whether he has a hammer and sickle on his back? I think we should all pay more attention to the two bear paws, because they're fighting for America!" -- Rob Mahoghany
Sascha resists the urge to punch Rob Mahoghany.

Please use this information for in-character interactions, rather than information presented in the "History" section

Sascha is an alien Bear wrestler from the Planet Soviet. He is not a Manimal. He started fighting crime in January 2010 and slowly made a name of himself due to his peculiarity and dedication, as well as constantly being in the public eye as a member of the Guardians. He was at first accused of being a spy and terrorist due to his Communist beliefs, but as he rarely referenced or talked about them (mostly due to an agreement with UNTIL), the media slowly let it go as a "gimmick in bad taste".

Aside from that, he is rarely in the center of drama and pretty forthcoming with interviews. He also likes meeting other heroes and chatting or sparring with them. He is the Head of Operations for the Ultimate Guardians, so he can also talk official business when needed.

He hits like a freight train and is pretty scary in melee combat. People usually portray him as nigh-invincible, and no-one really knows that he's actually just working through pain (not like he minds that misconception).

He also won 2nd place in the 2nd Annual Qularr Invasion Memorial Tournament, Hardcore category.

As far as merchandising goes, Sascha holds the copyright to his own image as he was advised to do. He has publicly stated that he will not legally pursue anyone making merchandise based on him, aside from larger corporations (unless they donate it all to charity). He believes he belongs to everyone, but does not endorse his image becoming a capitalist tool.

Sascha became the Soviet Ambassador to Earth and Soviet General after his efforts during the liberation of Soviet.

He left Earth and Soviet in August 2012 to go on a journey for which he did not disclose the details. He has not yet returned.

Thoughts and Views

Following are various excerpts from interviews and conversations.

On Communism: Sascha not allowed to speak much of Communism because UNTIL say so, but Sascha read about Earth Communism and it nothing like on Soviet. Soviet Bears actually go through with ideal.

On Religion: Sascha told not to speak much of religion, because Sascha make many people mad. So Sascha just say that Sascha and Soviet Bears not fans.

Sascha is able to co-exist with Democracy, despite not liking it.

On Heroes: On Soviet, Bears never call person hero for life. If person called hero for life, then person grow arrogant and be less of hero than could be. When Sascha die, Comrades can say whether Sascha hero or not. Until that happen, Sascha try best Sascha can be.

On Humans: Sascha not get humans.

On Fighting: Sascha enjoy great fight! One time, Sascha exchange blows with Soviet Guard once. Good fight, good fight. Honorable Comrade!

On Using Lethal Force: Only in war.

On Role-Models: Sascha honored if role-model! But Sascha told that Earth have drinking age, so Sascha not allowed to support children drinking. Sascha told it impede growth. That never happen with Soviet Bear cubs! Oh, right, role-model. Well, Sascha's role-model Sascha's father. Sascha hope Sascha making father proud. Sascha not sure if Sascha good role-model, but if any Comrades show faith in Sascha, then Sascha do best to live up to expectations.

On Torture: It not right.

On Other Types of Superhumans: Sascha meet many kinds super persons. Sascha not understand humans and plenty of races beyond Earth. Sascha find Comrades who share core beliefs same as Sascha, that enough for Sascha. If Sascha shun Comrades who not agree with Sascha or who Sascha not agree with, then Sascha would end up alone.

On Magic: It all nice and good, but Sascha rather apply fist to face than toad to bat eye.

On English: It not make sense.

We Stand as One

Below is the transcript of Sascha Bolshoi's speech the day after Soviet was freed and he was given the rank of general.

General Bolshoi talks about his experience in the documentary "How We Saved Communism".

"Friends, family and, most of all, Comrades. We stand here among the rubble of what we once had and then lost. A paradise we built with our own two paws, a world many races without a doubt envy, destroyed. There is land that we can plow, there are holes we can fill and there are walls we can rebuild, but those we lost can only live on in our memories.

"And to honor this memory, we need to rise proud and unflinching. We need to plant ourselves before the Galaxy and say 'We stand united. We shall not fall'. And most of all, we need to learn. We need to learn that beyond the red sky we all love, there are worlds that see blue, green, purple or maybe even nothing at all when they look up. We need to learn that our ideal is others' fault. That our faults are others' ideals. And that is alright.

"May they revere money, idols, gods or fate, it does not concern us. We know where we stand and we know what we love. That is what we shall do our best to protect. And protecting it won't happen through ignorance, not even through tolerance, but something in-between: accepting the existence of something we know is wrong, but still existing ourselves despite it.

"We will need to open to trade, tourism, alliances and acceptance of a world beyond our skies. Not because that world will hurt us otherwise, but because we will stumble through the dark otherwise. We need to show the Cosmos that we will not only catch up to them, but surpass them in every way. We need to show them that we are the ideal, not because the bonds between us are strong, but because we do not need them. In each of us burns the soul of an entire race."

RP Hooks

Sascha is the Ambassador of Planet Soviet and has the rank of General.

Sascha is always up for a sparring match!

Sascha is always up for a drinking contest!

Sascha is always willing to meet Bear Manimals, Werebears, Bearbears and so on.

Sascha is always up for a nice conversation, even if his English is broken.

What Other Heroes Think of Him

To be filled out by other heroes. Leave your thoughts here!

"The Glorious Bear of Planet Soviet! He doth demonstrate that, even with his controversial image, he may verily stomp forth and crush villains! The land of America may not truly understand what he doth stand for, but I know he is not standing for politics. He doth stand for JUSTICE!" - Chivalry

"Sascha hits like a damn freight train, and that's when he's pulling his damn punches. But he's a good ma... bear behind those paws, my closest friend, and an honour to fight alongside." - Friendly Fire

"A great and wonderful bear with courage and conviction. I do hope that his home planet will be liberated one day." - Winter Lily

"Guid Bear. Guid Vodka. Ah wish him all th'happiness he deserves." - Amadhan

"Sascha is Strength and Honor personified. Though I can never bring myself to tell him, I truly respect him more than any other I can name. Do I fear him? Certainly, in manner of speaking. He is very intimidating, but he does not command my respect for that. No. He commands my utmost respect because he deserves no less. I would follow him to the ends of the Abyss without hesitation if he were to ask it of me, however, I also know that he could not. Yes, he certainly deserves my respect and admiration." - Litha Al'Lanore

"Red is the very worst colour. It makes him look fat. And evil." - Mr. Blank

"How to describe Sascha... well, aside from him being a bear. I never did care about things from a political standpoint, and it's a good thing I didn't, otherwise I wouldn't know how great of a person Sascha really is! He's someone I can place trust in, and my heart knows it." - Tomonari

"Soviet has heard of Sascha, Soviet thinks Sascha is friend, even though Soviet has not met him, don't judge Soviet, Soviet will seek Sacsha out someday. That is it, Stop talking to Soviet, Before Soviet crushes you." - Soviet

"Politics aside..Sascha, is the only Soviet Alien Bear I want covering my back..." - Schematic

"My goodness! He's huge, isn't he?~ I didn't even know they had bears in space." - Ada Clover

"Why the hell does everyone think I hate communists? Long as he ain't runnin' around biting people or startin' armed revolutions I couldn't care less 'bout his politics." - General Freedom

"The Anthari and the Soviet Bears have more in common, I think, that most people would guess at first glance, in both history and lifeways. I look forward to working with Ambassador- I mean, Sacha in the future." - Zelara

"A Walking Russian tank, Hopefully I can meet him soon." - Skull

Further Listening

Songs that capture the feel Real Soviet Damage.

[1] - Closest to what would be Sascha's theme song.

[2] - How the world felt behind Robo Real Soviet Damage Mk II's eyes.

[3] - Pretty much how Sascha feels whenever he's walking through a city.

[4] - Action montage.