The Prometheus Union

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The Prometheus Union
Leader(s): Azunai
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Concept: Meta/Mutant Superteam
Founded: August 2010
Members: See:Roster

What is the Prometheus Union?

The Prometheus Union is a group inspired by groups such as the X-Men. The Union focuses on creating a sort of “family” aspect to the group while maintaining focus on several overarching story arcs that have been developed for the group. Though, the group has these larger storylines for the group, the other focus is on character-specific stories that help to provide character development. While the group focuses on “mutant” (natural born or mutated) based characters, it welcomes characters of other origins such as science based (experimental and the like), and extraterrestrials.


The Prometheus Union is a mutant based supergroup that was established in the summer of 2010 when people of different backgrounds received letters that were sent by a mysterious person who happened to know specific information about their origins. Each of these people seemed to share one thing in common: they possessed special abilities. Most people would refer these individuals as mutants since most of them received their abilities at birth or later in life through puberty. The letters they received instructed them to meet. Though, some were reluctant to go, they found this meeting to be some sort of calling to do something greater. Others had argued that the entire thing was a trap, considering this unknown person knew information about them and wanted to gather them all in one place. After a lengthy discussion on how to proceed from there, the group made Serenade the group leader and dubbed their band of heroes as the Prometheus Union.

While some were adjusting to being part of a team, others had already been working on their superhero career. However, soon enough, the group found themselves (along with other people of the meta community) a new enemy: the unknown terrorist group dubbed as the “Xeno-terrorists.” These terrorists ran a small squad that went around Millennium City targeting anybody that was not a pureblood human. An introduction of a new virus was brought in by the Xeno-terrorists that was used to shut down a meta’s abilities and return them to “normal.” The virus was able to be reversed and the squad had eventually been eliminated by the heroes…or so they thought.

A year had passed and the Union, as well as the meta community, saw the return of the Xeno-terrorists. This time, however, they returned with a much larger force. Their weapons, their numbers, their boldness had all become greater than before. This new wave of terrorists introduced the “cyborg squads,” groups of terrorists that were actually machines while appearing to be human. This also introduced the new weaponry that was designed to take on the meta community. These weapons were specially made to target a meta’s abilities and shut them down temporarily while causing excruciating pain to the target. The Union fought back along with several of their allies. However…The Union eventually saw a new weapon: the “Meta Hunter.” This prototype was a large robot that was over 8 meters (About 25 feet) in height. The group was able to dismantle the machine, but they knew the terrorists would send more. However…that day is unknown as the organization had gone quiet…waiting to pick the right moment to strike again.

Behind the Name

The Prometheus Union received its name when the first wave of team members gathered for the first time after receiving their letters of introduction. While there was no mention of forming a team within the letter, the gathered metas took it upon themselves to form the team. Next came the decision to name their new team, but what would it be? After taking some time to consider their options, the group finally settled on "The Prometheus Union."

But why "The Prometheus Union?" In Greek mythology, the titan Prometheus is credited for helping with the creation of Man from clay. While Athena is the one responsible for breathing life into Man, Prometheus is the one who defiled the gods and gave fire to the newly born civilization to help push for progress. Of course, Prometheus had been punished for going against the will of the gods and was sentenced to a life of eternal torment. The immortal Prometheus was bound to a rock, where each day an eagle, the emblem of Zeus, was sent to feed on his liver, which would then grow back to be eaten again the next day. Because of his sacrifice, Prometheus was seen as a Champion of Humanity for wanting the newly formed civilization to grow and flourish.

Several members approved of the idea of using Prometheus as an inspriation for the group. He was considered a champion of humanity, and the group of metas considered themselves to be heroes as well. They too would be the ones to help humanity progress, not only for Mankind, but for all mutant and meta kind as well. The emblem they use is the Phoenix, a symbol of the flames of rebirth that helped humanity survive and flourish.


There are a number of ways for someone to become involved with the Prometheus Union. The most basic way is in-character interaction (even if you never considered recruitment!) with the SG members. Developing a relationship with these characters may lead into a formal invitation into the group without the need for an application, creating a very natural way for recruitment. If you are also invited to join the group OOC, you do not need to file an application.

The second option in becoming involved with the Union is to file an application here on the forums and using provided information about the group and finding ways of in-character interaction with the Union members and recruiters. This is more of a formal process if you haven't had a chance to meet any of the SG members in-character before gathering interest in joining.

A third option for recruitment would be the combination of the two with the addition of additional questions. Would your character be known enough for recruiters to take notice? If so, it may be possible to work the OOC application into the IC interaction/interview in real time. A recruiter may ask questions that may be involved in the application thread OOC to figure out scenarios for you to meet with a recruiter. However, this method would usually be used with people that are familiar with members of the group and the recruiters are already aware of an applicants RP style.

Whichever method you choose will always lead into a test of seeing how well you roleplay, get first hand at your RP style, and get a chance to know you a little more.

The application may be found here:



The Counselors are essentially the "officers" of the Prometheus Union. They are the ones that people can turn to for guidance and advice. The Counselors are also dedicated members that have provided resources in the past and present to upkeep the Prometheus Union's tower.

  • Azunai - The hero known as Azunai joined the Union after discovering that an anti-meta organization (now known as PURGE) had been trying to frame him by placing his signature over the technology they manufactured. Azunai vowed to help the Union strike back against this organization and joined them shortly after. After being with the Union for over a year, he has taken over as the group's leader.


The Prometheans are the current members of the Union, from both past and present recruitment.

  • Doll - As an android with a constantly adapting AI and an interest in superheroes, Doll was naturally very open to becoming part of the team. She applied and joined with a handful of other applicants during a busy period and has stuck with the team since to provide firepower and technical support. She has become quite attached to the team and is very loyal to its members, especially since her AI upgrades and the death of her 'father', seeing them as her family.
  • General Freedom - A hero with over a decade of experience under his belt and a number of impressive metahuman battles to his name, General Freedom originally joined because of his distrust of Azunai's motives. He has relaxed somewhat since being part of the team, but still has a reputation for being something of a killjoy.
  • Operator - Monty Harrison, the Operator, after a long carreer as a researcher, mechanic and manufacturer of advanced technology, decided to affiliate himself to the Union only lately. He hadn't thought much about affiliating himself until he realised that he needs more control over where his inventions come to use, and that was why he sought to join the Union, as well as continuing his freelance work in the superhero community.
  • Savage -
  • Sidra Izarre - Sidra's an extraterrestrial priestess, and a mutant in her own right. Possessing considerable healing abilities, as well as some shielding and energy projection, she's a useful addition to the battlefield. Despite her seemingly prickly personality, she'll never turn away a team member in need of her help.
  • Stellar - Stellar's always been a bit of a lone wolf. Not because she chooses to be, but mostly because the situation for her to play in a team was never presented to her. She attributes it to the fact that she can be incredibly obnoxious at times, but it's more to do with the fact that there are no super teams in her home town. When Azunai offered her a place in the Union mere weeks after she arrived to Millennium City, she was shocked to say the least. She's still getting used to the whole 'team' thing, but her prowess as a lone hero is what got her into the team to begin with.
  • Whiplash - Cole Schaffer is a street tough turned motorcycle club member, turned metahuman, turned unlikely hero. He'd initially joined the Union as a means for shelter and safety, completely comfortable in fulfilling his want for the slacker lifestyle while conceiving and building what he calls "industrial art." However, it hasn't taken long for him to develop a taste for the rush and thrill of hero work.
  • Zkeb Spidergut - A goblin sapper with great skill in the works and ways of dirt and digging. While she has some endearing, almost dog-like traits, she's often repulsive to her own teammates. When not helping out in the field, she acts as a maintenance worker in the Tower and dwells deep in the basement.


Allies of the Prometheus Union are inactive or former group members that have found other groups to work with. They are still considered to be part of the Union.


Jeeves is the Prometheus Union's AI. Jeeves is responsible for upkeeping the Tower's defenses and providing intel when the Tower may be in danger.

The Promethean Tower

The Lobby

The main entrance to the Promethean Tower leads into a two leveled lobby. The main level of the lobby contains a library that surrounds the entire room and also has a number of chairs and couches for people to relax on. The main level also contains staircases that lead into the sub-level of the lobby that leads into an area that has a bar for people to enjoy and relax and also an area where more chairs are set around a fireplace.

Though it is not seen, the main floor of the building also contains a kitchen and a pantry, both large enough for community use. It's common to see residents of the building cooking with one another and having large dinners for both residents and Union members.

There are also elevators that lead into the apartments, gym, indoor pools, underground parking garage, underground apartments, underground meta-gym, training room, escape tunnels, and laboratories located on the main floor of the lobby. However, only Union members may have access into the underground laboratories.


The Parking Garage

There are two entrances that lead into the underground parking garage. Each entrance is located on each side of the building. Both residents and Union members are required to show identification and retina scans in order to gain entrance into the parking garage, which is also protected by the Tower's defenses.

The Gym and Meta-Gym

There are two gyms created for both residents and Union members.

The first gym is located on the second floor of the Tower. This gym is designed for every day use of regular strength residents and Union members. Equipment that is located inside of the gym are usually up to date.

The second gym is located several floors beneath the Tower. This gym is designed for metas with unusual physical strengths and kept further away from residents for safety reasons. The entire meta-gym is surrounded by a gravity barrier that prevents unusually heavy weights from breaking through the floors due to the heaviness of the weights. The meta-weights are capable of reaching capacities beyond human comprehension, going into the record numbers of 1000 tons of resistance.

The Indoor Pools

The third floor of the Tower contains the indoor pools. There are several pools for community use, going from depths of three feet to depths of 25 feet.

The Upstairs Apartments

The apartments located beyond the third floor are rather large and roomy enough for families to live in. Each apartment comes unfurnished, but usually contain 2-3 rooms with 2 bathrooms, a large enough kitchen and dining room with a pantry, and also has a sizeable living room. Most upstairs apartments are two stories, having the bedrooms on the second floor of the apartment.


The Downstairs Apartments

Fewer in number, there are three floors of basement apartments that are located further below the parking garage. These apartments are also smaller in size but are usually kept for people who enjoy smaller living spaces. They are also protected from any noise that might be made from above (the parking garage) and below (the meta-gym and training room).


The Training Room

The training room is a high tech area that allows Union members to train in a number of different scenarios. The training room is also capable of emulating both climate and sceneries to enhance an authentic feel when entering a training scenario. Union members may use voice commands to change any settings or someone may use the console to make changes to any sceneries in use. It is also possible for the Training Room to feel as small as a bedroom to as large as an entire continent.


The Laboratories

Deep underground are the laboratories that Union members may only have access to. These are kept for the scientifically inclined members of the Union should they need a place to work.

(The Inventions Workshop or Harmon Labs instances may be used as references to the Union's labs. The Inventions Workshop is located right above the Dynamic Technologies marker in Millennium City and the Harmon Labs instance is located at the very start of the Resistance Adventure Pack.)


Promethean Nemeses

Being a pro-meta team, the Prometheus Union comes across numerous anti-meta groups and individuals while also facing off against pro-meta extremeists.

  • Furious Storm - A mutant extremist that several members of the Prometheus Union have already encountered.
  • Phantom - A mercenary that was hired to trail several members of the Prometheus Union. Only speculation about his reasons for targeting the Union can be made about him. Was he simply hired to assassinate them, or was he an anti-meta extremist?
  • PURGE - An anti-meta organization that shown up in the summer of 2010. When they first shown themselves in Millennium City, it began as a squad of four and over time, those numbers grew when more people joined their forces. However, it is speculated PURGE had disbanded in 2013 after a failed attempt at 'cleansing' several cities with meta populations within the United States. There are rumors that another organization has surfaced which involve PURGE extremists. Others that did not agree with PURGE's more extreme methods have gone off to create their own organization.